Meeting A Fan 2016

Anal Drill

Meeting A Fan 2016″ Hello there!” A voice shouted behind me as I strolled hand in hand with my husband, Simon, on Blackpool’s Central Pier, I turned, a man in his mid 40s,around 6ft tall with thinning dark hair slimly built, he spoke again, “Hi, pardon me but aren’t you A.J. from Tumblr? I love your blog,” I felt myself redden slightly, a reaction I always tended to undergo whenever somebody recognised me from my online blog posts, ” Yes I am, how are you?” I offered him my hand which he shook vigourously, ” nice to meet you, this is my husband Simon,” the man shook my husband’s hand firmly,” I’m John. I cannot believe that it is actually you. I honestly thought you were not a real person , thought all your pics and sexy tales were just from a fake model type, but here you are more beautiful in real life than on your blog!” Simon interrupted the man’s gushing excitement, ” So John, what brings you to Blackpool?””Work,” answered John , I’m a plumber from Chorley, got a big B & B job on, so am staying nearby in a hotel on St Chad’s Road, means I cancrack on early and stay later if I must.” He looked at me shaking his head,I still cannot believe I’m stood actually talking to A.J., A.J. her bloody self!” I smiled again marvelling at his obvious excitement in just meeting me, ” Look,” he continued, bursa escort ” I have to get back now, was just having a stroll in this lovely weather, but can we get a drink together tonight?”” Yes of course John, we’d love to. Say The Dutton’s Arms on the front at 8.30pm?” I smiled again as he took my hand ,nearly shaking it off at the wrist,” God I’d love that, my A.J. you look so fucking hot, pardon my French, you look gorgeous!” I looked down at myself, I was wearing a bright orange vest top and a pair of blushing pink cut-offs, ” Hardly hot John, not in my “scruffs”,” He carried on gushing with praise for me, ” You look wonderful, gorgeous, that’s what you are!” John made to give me a peck on my cheek then shook Simon warmly by the hand, ” 8.30 tonight then, I cannot wait!” He waved as he hurried away still chunnering away to himself as he went. ” Seems like a nice chap. Very pleased to see you that’s for sure!” Simon proferred, ” bit ditzy though, then again you seem to drive most guys nuts,” I punched him hard in his arm as we moved off down the pier together.The afternoon passed pleasurably, we had a drink in the Foxhall Pub with a sandwich, then mooched around the shops and markets before heading back to our hotel just off Bond Street. I undressed and headed into the shower, bursa escort bayan almost immediately being joined by Simon to enjoy some mutual washing and stroking culminating in me leaning forward and having him fuck me doggy-style as the warm water hit our skin.We left the room at 6.30pm, headed for a nearby restaurant where we ate, then headed for The Duttons. Reaching there it was impossible to miss John, he was sat at a table waving wildly at us both, a pint, half drunk before him, ” Hee-hee wasn’t sure you’d turn up, my you look gorgeous tonight,” he looked me up and down, I was wearing my new zip-fronted, pastel-flowered top and aq knee length khaki skirt with a split to the side and sheer stockings with a broad stripe, ” Now what’ll you have to drink?” Simon asked for a fruit cider whilst I asked if I could be cheeky and have a cocktail, ” ‘Course you can, anything you want, so what is you want? Sex on the Beach perhaps?” he laughed as he went on, ” then again guess you two have already ticked that off your bucket list,” Simon forced a weak smile and I asked for a Long Island Tea, ” It’ll probably be cheaper if you get a jug,” I said helpfully, ” No problemo!” he said disappearing inside, ” God was this wise?” I turned to Simon vocalising my doubts, Simon took my hand, escort bursa squeezing it gently, ” You’ll be good babe, you always are, ” he lent across and kissed me gently.John reappeared carrying a tray containing our drinks, ” Cheers guys, bottoms up! And if it’s as lovely as A.J.’s all the better!” Simon smiled weakly and joined the toast as John downed his remaining pint in one gulp. ” Still cannot believe I’m sitting here with A.J., fucking marvellous!”We sat chatting and drinking for the next hour, over this time John seemed to calm down somewhat and was actually quite good company with some great anecdotes to share, after another half hour his mood had changed and his constant compliments to me on my appearance and looks grew evermore. “Why John I do believe you are flirting with my wife!” I laughed, turned to John and continued ” Now tell me again how lovely I am, flattery will get you everywhere,” John spluttered into his beer,”No I mean yes,er well what hot, blooded male wouldn’t, you are a very lucky man Simon, so effin lucky!” I took hold of Simon’s hand, ” He tells me so every morning ,” John glanced at his watch, ” Have to be making tracks soon, early start tomorrow,” he finished his pint as I sipped my last glass, ” Tell you what, why not join me for a quick nightcap, I’ve a couple of bottles of spirits, ” Simon said, ” We don’t want to keep you up?”” Just the one , I’ll be OK,” so saying we finished our drinks and followed him off the pub’s frontage. Ten minutes later we were being ushered into John’s room.

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