Meeting at the Manor House Ch. 01


For indeed the day had gone well at the Manor House. The master of the house, Lord Roger de Couverley, had received Sir Thomas de Montfort and his retinue, who had brought good news from King Edward that the fair Princess Anne was to be betrothed to Lord Roger’s son Richard. Sir Thomas de Montfort owned rich lands in the neighbouring county, and could provide finance for Lord Roger’s army if they joined forces. There had been much feasting, dancing and playing of music that day, good food had been served, and good wine partaken of. Lord Roger was pleased.

By midnight all were replete with good food and wine, retiring to their respective chambers within the Manor House as the night sky descended and the moon and stars held sway. The Princess Anne, still in her rich gown, looked out through the panelled glass window, with its latticework panes worked in lead, and surveyed the garden, taking in the maze, the enclosed flower beds, the herb garden and the turf seats.

There he was! Princess Anne had seen Richard walking in the garden the previous night at this time, as if he were looking for someone or something. From the bodice of her gown she brought out the decorated wooden charm in the shape of a mouse, which he had given to her during tonight’s entertainment with a slight smile and courteous incline of the head, but saying nothing. She looked at it in the moonlight, turning it over, then hid it safely in a box with other treasures. This man Richard was to be her husband, and she had met him in person for the first time only yesterday. Neither of them was under any illusion that this was to be anything but a marriage arranged for political reasons, but nevertheless she found him handsome, and felt that such a marriage was more tolerable than with an elderly, rich bachelor from one of the neighbouring estates.

Anne watched Richard retreat in the moonlight, and out of curiosity crept along her landing and down the stone western staircase, pulling carefully to the heavy door to the outside. A lackey was sitting asleep, and she did not wake him as she walked silently by. A few rapid steps Ataköy escort around the edge of the lawn, so as not to be seen from the house, and she was just a few yards behind him, creeping behind the trees so that he did not see her. As the garden opened out to the grassy dell which preceded the meadow, so Richard stopped, and looked all around him, then back at the house, as if waiting for something. His right hand went down to his loins, and closed around the heated parts. His eyes closed, and his breath slowed.

Anne had not learned anything from her mother about the ways of men, but her lady in waiting had told her a few things. Being of high birth, she had not seen some of the bawdy sights which the lower classes regarded as commonplace. She had however discovered that her loins when held and rubbed caused a delightful feeling, which she had explored once her servants had retired and she was alone behind the bed-curtains. As she watched Richard in his private pleasuring, she could feel this sensation start again of itself in her, and she reached under the layered skirts of her gown to the moist cleft, and with two fingers gently stirred up the feelings.

Anne had been told what was to happen upon her marriage, and she wanted the consummation to be now, in this grassy dell. The feelings were overwhelming her, and, caution deserting her, she emerged from the shadows and walked up to Richard. He was startled to see her, and stopped his actions immediately. They stood facing each other, looking, feasting, and in their present arousal, longing to know the communion for which they were destined.

Silently Anne undid one by one the fastenings on her robe. As she loosed the first one or two, Richard could feel the burning begin in his manhood. He could see her fine cotton lawn shift, with the pointed tips of her breasts protruding plainly in the moonlight. She continued to unfasten the remaining three fastenings, loosed the gown downwards to the ground, and stepped out of it. Her nipples hardened still more in the slight chill of the night. Richard felt his manhood Ataköy escort bayan swell beyond what he had known before, feeling constricted in his divided woollen hose, with linen braies underneath, and with his hand he smoothed and adjusted his member, which demanded to be liberated.

Anne slipped off her fine leather shoes, and stood clad only in her fine shift. She stooped as her right hand took the ankle-length hem, and drew it slowly upwards as far as her knees, revealing slim ankles and shapely calves. She stopped thus for a moment and looked at Richard, who nodded. Thus encouraged, Anne drew the hem still further upwards, revealing soft white thigh, and on revealing a glimpse of fine brown curls, she stopped again. Richard could not prevent himself resuming his rubbing, as he anticipated the sight which would follow. Slowly and shyly, Anne lifted the hem still further, to reveal her groin and her belly. In the moonlight Richard could discern the small amount of wispy curls, the perfect V-shape, the slight plumpness of her mound, and below among the curls, hints of delicate fleshy pinkness, beginning to be swollen and proud.

Her desire heightening at the knowledge that she was giving pleasure to Richard, with her free hand Anne touched and stroked for a moment her brown curls, inserting one finger between the pinkness to the small firmness of pleasure which was half-hidden within, encircling it with the finger, and drawing her finger out, traced a line of her moisture upwards to her belly. Silently she then took with her other hand also the hem of the gown, and slowly lifted it further until she had just uncovered her breasts. They were small and white, but with dark aureolae and prominent nipple buttons. With one hand she pinched a nipple to cause it to point even more at her touch, and cupped the breast in one hand. Richard was now struggling to restrain himself within the linen folds of his braies, but knew he must for a little longer yet.

Anne loosed her breast, once again took up the hem of her shift with both hands, and quickly removed the escort Ataköy shift over her head, and cast it behind her, so that she stood naked in the moonlight. She felt shy and exposed thus, but she knew that in her feminine power, she now had Richard in thrall. Richard stepped forward and kneeled before Anne, and taking her hand, kissed the back of her wrist. Unable to contain himself any more, he leaned forward, took her hips, gently drew her towards him, and kissed the brown curls so lightly it was like the touch of a bird’s feather.

Anne gasped at the unfamiliar sensation, and Richard groaned with anticipated pleasure as he leaned his face closer, and gently inserted his tongue between the pink folds of skin. These parted reluctantly, as becomes a young virgin such as she, but as he pressed a little more firmly, they began to yield the juices within. Richard tasted of Anne’s juices hungrily, plunging his tongue deep within and drawing it out slowly, to press on the swollen firmness at the gateway to her sex. Anne found it most pleasant to be worshipped so, and pushed her groin forward so as better to receive it.

After a short time, Richard could wait no more, and, standing back from her, deftly removed his divided hose and his braies, so as to reveal his swollen, erect member, which was letting go a copious liquid in its rapture of expected satisfaction. He also removed his fine woollen jerkin, his linen chemise and his chapeau, so that he too stood naked and aroused before Anne.

Anne had not seen the uncovered form of a man before, and although she was slightly troubled to see his exposed, upstanding manhood, she was also excited as she observed his strong chest, the fine dark hair on his chest and stomach, the thicker hair around his shaft, and his rounded appendages, tight in their dark containment. Richard took Anne’s hand, and wrapped it around his shaft near the bulbous head, and showed her how he wished it. As under her one hand she felt the texture of smooth skin over ridged texture, with the other Anne explored again the slippery wetness of her own cavern, especially the engorged firmness which greeted her at its entrance.

He loosed himself from her for a moment, then taking her hand in his, Richard led Anne to the cool, damp grass further into the dell, where the moonlight illuminated the scene, the scene where they might lay together…

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