Meeting Megan

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Meeting MeganWe originally met online and over a few years had got to know each other quite well . We would swap emails and text messages, both comfortable in each other’s cyber company. We’d even occasionally swap the odd photo, sometimes suggestive and naughty and other times just of things that we knew would be of interest to the other. We both agreed it would be fun to meet up even if it was just for a chat over coffee. We had not gone as far as having cyber sex.Somehow we decided early on that it really wasn’t that kind of relationship. My job involved a fair amount of traveling and eventually I was sent for a series of meetings to her home town. I couldn’t resist and pinged off a text. “Hey Megan, guess what? I’ll be in town next week. How about finally meeting up and having that coffee?”It didn’t take long for the reply to come back. “Hey handsome! That would be wonderful. Let me know where and when.”Being a business trip I ended up staying in one of those decent hotel chains, with a comfortable room overlooking the city. We arranged to meet that evening at a new bar not far from my hotel.Seeing that Meg lived on the far side of the city, she asked if it would be cool if she crashed in my room. She explained that transport was rubbish in the city after midnight, and that although she could drive, she’d have to stay sober for the evening.“That isn’t an issue with me. There is a spare bed in the room, so it works out. Just letting you know early on, I’m not looking for anything more than a chat and a laugh… No hanky panky okay?”“That’s cool with me” I replied thinking ah well, you win some, you lose some. It was great to meet up. We spent the night chatting away about all sorts, eventually the topic of sex came up. We discussed a little of what we liked and what turned us on. Meg had a wonderfully cheeky, sexy smile. Which made me think that under that relaxed manner of hers there was something smoldering . We bar hopped and chatted, the evening going way too quickly. Eventually we headed back to the hotel where we had a nightcap before heading upstairs.Once in the room I had to answer the call of nature, the downside of drinking too much beer. Back in the room Meg said she needed the bathroom, so I pointed out the spare towels and set about making up the spare bed. I heard Meg come back from the bathroom, so I turned around to ask if she was okay. Before I got the chance, she took my face in her hands and kissed me full on the lips. I must admit that did catch me a little by surprise. I stood my ground and we embraced for what seemed quite a long time.Eventually we pulled back a little and I whispered, erzurum escort “Guess we won’t need the spare bed then.”“Guess not,” she whispered in her sultry voice. With that we kissed again. This time our hands began exploring each other’s bodies.I wrapped my arms around Meg, feeling her curvy body close against mine. It felt amazing just to hold her as we kissed. I felt her hands tracing the outline of my hardening cock through my jeans, rubbing along its length. Her hands swiftly removing my belt and fly buttons. Her soft hand slipped inside my pants. It felt breathtaking to have her hand wrapped around my hard shaft. My own hands were now inside her jeans and smoothing over her ass.Meg pushed me back onto the bed and pulled my jeans and shorts off in one swift tug. My cock sprang free from its cotton prison. I pulled my shirt off and Meg straddled me, kissing my bare chest. She slowly worked her way down my body until her lips brushed the swollen head of my cock. I closed my eyes and moaned as she took my head into her mouth. Slowly sucking, licking and gently biting my cock. Meg had me as hard as I had been in ages. Her mouth felt wonderful and she took me in all the way to the back of her throat.I don’t know how long after she began, the pleasure overtaking me far too much, she stood up and pulled off own clothing, leaving just her top on. She revealed a neatly trimmed pussy, mouthwatering was my first thought. I couldn’t help but think how sexy she looked as she straddled me. She took hold of my cock and used it to tease her clit. I could tell she was soaking wet. I could feel her juices coating my hard head. Her lips felt wonderfully warm as they brushed over my cock. It wasn’t long before she held me at the opening of her pussy. Looking into her eyes I slowly thrust my hips forward entering her tight wet pussy.Meg fell forward and we kissed again, our tongues wrestling together, as we held each other tightly. We lay there for a minute or so, her impaled on my thick, hard shaft. Eventually Megan began to move her hips and we began to fuck. Slowly at first, then faster and harder. My hands on her ass pulling her closer, she ground her pussy onto my cock. It wasn’t long before Megan began to pant and feeling her pussy contracting, I knew she was about to cum. With one hand teasing her ass, I reached under and began to rub her clit with my other hand. This tipped her over the edge and her body began to shake as she came hard.She rolled off me and lay still for a moment with a big grin on her face. It was my turn to straddle her. I took hold of the bottom of her t shirt and pulled eskişehir escort it up and over her head revealing her large, beautiful breasts. Her nipples were large, and quite swollen. I bent down and took one on my mouth, biting it gently. This made Megan squirm slightly and moan. I spent several minutes sucking and licking her nipple, as I rolled and pinched the other. All the while my still hard cock leaking my pre-cum over her belly.I kissed her breasts, then slowly down her soft belly, tasting my own sweetness. I licked the spot where my cock had dribbled its own nectar. I kissed over her mound, over her neatly trimmed bush and down her lips. Meg responded by moaning and opening her legs wide. I lapped at her wet pussy tasting her for the first time. It was such a turn on to feel her warm juices tingling in my mouth. My tongue danced over her clit and lips, sucking them into my mouth. Megan’s hands were in my hair, pushing my face harder onto her. My tongue fucked her hot hole making her even wetter.Then without warning, Meg rolled over and thrust her ass in the air. Without hesitating I stood behind her and slid my cock into her gaping pussy and began to fuck her doggy style. Meg’s juices and my saliva coating her lips and ass, making my cock glisten as I pumped her tight hole. I couldn’t resist, with the index finger of my left hand began to tease her tight little ass. Lubricating it with her wetness, Meg gave a gasp as I slide my finger in, up pass the first knuckle.“Do you like that?” I whispered.“Oh yes,” Meg whispered back.I slowed my pace down and continued to slowly fuck Meg as I slipped my finger deeper into her.“Oh god yes,” she whimpered.Then I couldn’t help myself. I pulled my cock from her wonderfully warm tight pussy and presented the head against her ass. I slowly edged it into her until the tip was inside.“Oh fuck, my ass!” exclaimed Meg. “Gently, gently,” she whispered as I slid in deeper.Her juices lubricating my entry. I eventually felt my cock head slip deep her tight ass. I held it there for a while, for both of us to get used to the feeling. Then slowly, gently began to fuck her ass. Knowing this was a new sensation for her as well as for me. I didn’t want to push it for too long. So eventually pulled back from her ass, and slipped into her hot pussy again.Very soon Meg collapse in a heap as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy coating my cock with her juices as shuddered and moaned. Still panting from her orgasm she turned and bent down taking my cock into her mouth. Sucking hard on my head, she took my hand and with her hand we together escort bayan wanked the shaft of my cock. Until I could hold out no longer.I felt my cock tense then explode in Meg’s mouth. Several hard spurts of hot sticky cum filled her mouth. The sensation from my groin was making me light headed. This was the best fuck I have ever had. Such an amazing mixture of sensations.Without warning Meg sat up, and took my face in her hands, and kissed me. Her mouth, still full of my cum, met mine and we drank our combined juices as we kissed. The taste and sensation was amazing and very sensual if not a little shocking as that was not what I was expecting.We both collapsed onto the bed and wrapped in a tight embrace we fell asleep.***The next morning, I woke wrapped around the lovely, warm body of Megan. I was sporting a nice, semi hard cock. Which was nestled between her ass cheeks. I began to rub her warm soft skin. Eventually Megan stirred and taking hold of my hand, she moved it up to her ample tits. I could feel she was turned on as her nipples were once again hard, they felt great as I massaged her tits. My other hand strayed down to her pussy. Sure enough, Meg was once again wet, allowing my fingers to easily slip between her lips and dance over her swelling clit.After several minutes of teasing her, kissing her neck and pushing my now hard cock into the small of her back, Meg lifted her knee and I reached for my cock which slipped easily into her pussy. We lay there slowly fucking and kissing, a lovely, warm comfortable feeling. As we picked up the pace I could feel that familiar feeling of my cock getting close to exploding.“I’m going to cum deep inside you,” I whispered in Meg’s ear. I pounded my cock into her.“Yes fuck me, cum inside me,” she gasped back.After several hard thrusts I could feel the walls of her pussy contract around my cock and that was enough to trigger a wonderfully hard orgasm. My balls emptying their hot spunk deep inside her. I continued to rub her clit. Until I could feel her body shudder as her orgasm built up to a climax.“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Meg gasped as wave after wave ripped through her. My fingers once again coated in her warm silky juices. “ Mmm , I love early morning lazy sex, ”Meg Whispered with a big smile on her face. We both once again collapsed back onto the bed in a tight embrace. We continued to kiss and hold each other.“I can’t believe you took my ass” Megan whispered.“Yeah me too…” I replied. “Somehow just felt so right to do. It’s a bit late to ask, but I assume you are okay with that?” I asked.“It’s a bit late now, but yeah I am. It was interesting, and kind of nice too so I guess so,” she replied with a smile.I wish I could have spent the rest of the day with her in bed… falling back asleep wrapped in each other’s arms. Sadly my work called, and I was soon standing under a hot shower, smiling, as I recalled our night and morning of passion.

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