Meeting NK Ch. 02


I was out celebrating a girlfriend’s birthday with her one weekend. It was a Friday night and we’d booked into a hotel in town and decided to catch up over some wines in the hotel and go to the pub for a feed if we got hungry. We poured ourselves a glass of wine and began chatting. After a few wines, we both began sharing some secrets and stories that we hadn’t shared with each other before. I sort of knew her relationship was a bit rocky – I shared some details of mine and turns out we were both in similar situations. What I didn’t know is that the weekend before this she had slept with a guy we both worked with. I was shocked! I was not expecting her to share this with me. After she filled me in on all the details, I began telling her about a guy I was seeing / sleeping with on and off for about 12 months or more before I got with my partner – NK. He was by far the most attractive male I had ever laid my eyes on. He made me instantly weak, and we had some of the best sex I had ever had. I admitted to her that I still often thought about him, and that I’d give anything to be with him just once more.

We decided to dress up and head out to the local pub for a drink and a game of pool. We arrived at the pub and had a few more drinks and some games of pool. We were joined by a local guy who we had some fun flirting with, although it was nothing serious and was not going to lead to anything. My girlfriend and I got chatting again about our past loves and experiences. I went to the bathroom and on the way out caught myself looking in the mirror at myself wearing a black low cut top – showing a lot of cleavage and some tight black jeans. I took a snapchat selfie, and decided to send it to NK. Unsure if he had still even used his snapchat account as he was known for etimesgut escort changing his phone number more than he changed his underwear.

I went back to the table and sat with my friend. Before long, I felt my phone buzz in my bag. I picked it up to see that not only had NK opened my snap, but replayed and screenshot the photo. I told my girlfriend what had happened and we had a little giggle. Shortly after, he began messaging me. We exchanged a few “how are you’s” and before I knew it, I was telling him that I missed him and would give anything to be with him just once more. Through a few exchanges – it was discovered that he felt the same way.

We headed back to the hotel as my friend was feeling tired. We had one more glass of wine and she decided to go to bed. We were sharing a double bed that night. As I was still receiving messages from NK, I decided to sit up on the lounge and continue messaging him. After some erotic messages and teasing back and forth, I made the bold move of inviting him to my hotel room. After some back and forth working out the logistics, it was around 4am and we decided it wasn’t going to be a good idea. However I was now extremely turned on from his messages and photos he had been sending. I knew this was not going to end well.

The following night we ended up at a local pub near home. We had a few drinks and ran into an old family friend of mine – he’d just recently bought a house and invited us there for drinks. After some more drinks, I was dared to jump in the pool. It was the middle of winter, and absolutely freezing – but I’m not one to turn down a dare. I jumped in the pool instantly my nipples hardened and my body froze. The water was so cold I couldn’t breathe. I jumped out etimesgut escort bayan and went into the bathroom to put my clothes back on. While I was gone, my girlfriend and my family friend seemed to be getting rather close, so I decided to head into the kitchen and sent a message to NK. I was surprised at the quick response from him. We agreed to meet up. He was heading over to pick me up and was about 10 minutes away. I went outside to say goodbye to my friends, and left them alone making out on the deck. I waited out the front of the house, and saw him pull up. I walked down the driveway and got into the car.

He reached over and kissed me on the cheek and asked me how I was, we made a little small talk – and it was a little awkward, given that we hadn’t seen each other in about 3 years. He reached over and put his hand on my thigh as he was driving slowly rubbing my thigh with his thumb very gently. We pulled up at the local cricket pitch – it was dark and no one was around. We spoke a little more, and he asked me “are you still in a relationship?”

I replied “I am, does that bother you?”

After a brief moment of silence he responded “Not at all. I know you. I know you are not the type of person to do this sort of thing unless something is going on – so no it doesn’t bother me” as he reached over and began rubbing my inner thigh while kissing me – hard. I instantly melted. Things heated up between us very quickly. Before I knew it, he was pushing my seat back as far as it would go, and got on the floor in front of me – pulling my jeans down very quickly. He began spreading my lips and licking my clit and pussy. The feeling of his soft but firm, warm tongue pressing against me with all this pressure built escort etimesgut up was indescribable. He then slipped in 2 fingers into my pussy and began fingering me – in and out – becoming harder and rougher with each movement. I could feel his fingers edging past different layers of my hymen going deeper and deeper. He tried adding in a 3rd finger and I could feel him stretching me so much it felt almost like a vibration as he pushed deeper and deeper. I was surprised I felt no pain, only pleasure. I’d never felt anything like this before in my life. Normally 2 fingers was too much for me – but I was past the point of being turned on. I needed him.

We soon moved into the back seat where he sat in the middle. I maneuvered over the center console and before I knew it he was grabbing me and pulling me onto his lap – lowering me down onto his raging thick hard cock. I felt myself stretch to accommodate his thick cock as he pushed me down onto him as far as I could go. I began riding his dick while he grabbed my ass and thighs to help pull me up and push me down onto him faster and harder. At this stage the car was bouncing, the windows were fogging and we were both sweaty and moaning. He quickly slowed and asked me if I wanted to get off before he came – I did not. I pushed myself back down onto him hard as I could feel my own orgasm start to build. I could feel his soft skin against mine, as he pulled me in tighter to his chest.

I had my hands on his muscly shoulders helping me bounce up and down on him, while he held and squeezed my ass and pulled me closer. I began to cum as my pussy tightened around his cock. He kept pounding me through my orgasm as he began to cum himself. We kept fucking through the orgasms as mine grew stronger and stronger. It had been a long time coming. After we were finished we both sat in the back seat together naked cooling off with the windows down. He agreed to drop me home. I knew that what I had done wasn’t right – but it felt so right. I knew from this moment that it was the start of something bad. Oh so amazingly good, but bad.

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