Melissa And Daddy Ch. 03


Melissa’s satin pink panties caressed the front of Eric’s cock, teasing it to a full erection. He sighed from the soft, silky touch. His hips involuntarily jerked, pressing into the fabric.

“Do you like that Daddy?”

“God you know I do…” Eric gasped. He strained, silently wishing for more friction. Wishing his daughter would wrap her wispy underpants around his shaft. Around his balls. Eric’s pulse increased and his scrotum tightened. Her touch was like a feather and he was to the point of begging.

“Please baby. Please. I need to cum…” And Eric awoke. His bulging prick slithered against the thin, top sheet and seconds away from a wet dream ejaculation. It was so real. He could smell his daughter nearby. Her nightshirt on the pillow, that was it.

A few quick strokes would have had him spewing sperm but the aching need to pee overrode that instinct. Embracing the morning sunrise, Eric stretched and reluctantly headed for the toilet. Some dreams come true, right?

He liked his coffee strong and made it that way but couldn’t remember if Melissa was a tea drinker like her mother. After a bagel and some fresh fruit, Eric donned his Speed-o and began morning laps at the pool. The clear water was invigorating and he finished the exerting routine satisfactorily.

“Coffee’s good Daddy.” Perched on the pool’s edging, Eric whirled to view Melissa, wearing a blue terrycloth robe, near the open patio door. “Better than the weak stuff that they serve at school that’s for sure…”

He grabbed the large towel off the lounge chair and kissed her forehead. “Glad you like it. Sleep well?”

“Oh yeah. Like a log.” She looked slyly over the mug, “Of course you had…something to do with that.” flashing a brighter smile.

“Guess we should…umm…talk about that.” Eric stated while drying himself off. “I mean…last night…”

“Daddy. Everything’s cool. I love you more than ever.”

“I know that. It’s just that…well it’ll have to be our secret. Very private secret. And I love you so much.” His hand feathered the back of Melissa’s hair and Eric closed his lips over his daughter’s full mouth. His tongue probed eagerly, tasting the coffee. His cock stirred deliciously in the damp Speed-o.

“What would you like to do today?” He asked, catching his breath and staring into Melissa’s lovely, deep green eyes.

“I don’t know. I have some laundry to catch up on. Just sorta relax. The pool looks great but I definitely need a new swimsuit! My boobs have grown in case you didn’t notice.” Melissa giggled, touching her father’s biceps.

“Oh. I…err…have noticed. They’re…you’re gorgeous.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” Melissa teased.

“Well, if you’re up for it…let’s go to the mall. I’d love to buy you a few things and have lunch and…”

“Don’t need to tempt this girl!”

With the top down, Eric’s sleek şirinevler escort BMW sped along the hot, shimmering Arizona highway, tousling their hair freely. At the traffic light the bright sun’s rays glared off his shades and Eric glanced over at his daughter. Melissa’s short, white skirt exposed a healthy amount of smooth leg and brown, platform sandals. A dainty, silver necklace adorned her neck, accentuating the short-sleeve peach blouse. He touched her bare knee.

“You look beautiful.”

“Thank you Daddy. I feel beautiful today.”

They crossed the Mall’s gleaming polished tiles, loving the cool air conditioning and strode past immaculate store fronts laden with the latest fashions. Melissa darted in and out of several, giddy with all the choices. Near the Romanesque, tinkling fountain Eric and his daughter entered the women’s swim wear store. Racks of varied items were displayed: one piece, two piece, teeny bikinis, thongs and competitive suits.

“What do you think Daddy?” Melissa held up a rose colored halter top with matching Daisy duke styled bottoms.

“Yeah, that’s you.”

“Can I get two? I’d like this one…you know the practical type but I’d like one just for sunbathing also.”

Eric smiled at his daughter’s exuberance, “Of course. If that’s what you want.”

The establishment had done much to make the Italian restaurant look and feel like the real thing, even down to the red checkered tablecloth and bread sticks. Eric chose iced tea and Melissa demurely asked for a glass of wine. They ate heartily and clinked glasses several times over heartfelt conversation.

“Be right back Daddy…got to pee-pee.” During her absence, Eric quietly checked for voicemail and was hardly aware that their waitress stood nearby.

“Would your wife like more wine?” She smiled politely. Eric smiled back thinking either his daughter looked more mature than ever or…even better…he looked younger. He felt that way.

“No thank you. Just the check please.”

Sliding back into her seat Melissa asked, “What are you grinning about?”

“Oh…nothing. Nice to spend time and have you all to myself I guess.”


Melissa pirouetted by the pool, displaying the new suit. The top had thick straps and hid her nipples well whereas the denim bottom tightly hugged his daughter’s sumptuous derriere and mons. Eric silently ogled from his chaise until the nymph knifed into the pool, hardly creating a ripple. He watched her effortlessly doing laps; the familiar bulge in his crotch began.

In his office, Eric diligently answered e-mails and composed a brief letter to one of his better paying clients. Work, work, work he mumbled aloud and realized the sun was already setting. Where does the time go?

“Hey Daddy. Sorry to interrupt your work. Do you want to play a board game? Parcheesi?” şerifali escort Melissa stood in the doorway wearing a very short tee-shirt and blue panties. Those lovely nipples were clearly on display this evening. He knew that was one of her favorite games. I’d much rather play in the bedroom sweet daughter of mine! He lewdly thought.

She easily won four games in a row. Eric silently claimed foul play due to the distraction of her huge smile and jiggling breasts. He yawned.

“Think I’m going to read in bed for awhile. You’re on your own.” The bedroom was quiet except for the soft whir of the ceiling fan. Eric flicked on the reading lamp, turned down the top cover and stripped to briefs. The new, hardcover book was a mystery who-done-it but had many romantic interludes.

An hour or so had passed and another welcoming interlude stood in the doorway. His first, rather silly reaction was to cover up. Eric had become used to being alone. Eyeing his sexy daughter, he liked being politely pursued.

“Want some company?”

“Of course.” Eric put his book away and patted the sheet. Melissa sauntered over and lay down, snuggling under his outstretched arm on the king sized bed. He inhaled his daughter’s fragrant shampoo. Melissa’s fingers crept into the hair on Eric’s chest.

“Jeez I’d forgotten how huge this bed is!”

“It’s better now that you’re here.”

“Daddy.” Melissa sighed, “Sometimes I get so worried. Worried that I’m going to lose you. Like Mom.”

“Oh baby. Don’t ever think that. What happened was so…unexpected…but life goes on. Know that I love you deeply. And don’t you ever leave me.” He stroked her hair lovingly.

“Oh Daddy.” Melissa whispered, reaching up to kiss her father. Her lips were soft and inviting. Eric crushed his lips hungrily, pushing his tongue inside and tasting her saliva. She welcomed the advance. Their tongues dueled erotically. Melissa moaned, pressing her body against his. Eric cupped his daughter’s fleshy butt, wriggling large fingers under the lacy elastic. She felt his hard meat pressing. They gasped, breaking the lip lock.

“Wow. Who turned up the heat?” Melissa giggled slipping out of her tee shirt. Eric stared at the exposed nubs and eagerly kissed each tip before suckling them. His daughter sighed and reached to fondle the outline of his erection.

“Mmm. Love how hard you get.” Their mouths sought wetness again and kissed deeply. Melissa palmed Eric’s muscled arms and backside. Dry humping and pressing his hardon against her warm crotch. She suckled his tongue and dug her fingernails into her father’s butt.

Eric toyed with her erect nipples and moved his hand to Melissa’s damp panties. She moaned from the delicate touch.

“Daddy…Daddy…take my undies off. Please.”

Kneeling between her outstretched legs, Eric slowly grasped the waistband şişli escort while Melissa lifted her hips. He purposely made the journey slow and drawn out. Kissing her hipbone and kneecap. She undulated as the fabric smoothed past her ankles. Her womanly scent permeated the small garment.

Eric stared at his lovely daughter, “Mmm baby…you look good enough to eat…” he whispered, bending closer to taste the moist flower before him.

“Daddy. I…I want you inside me.”

“Are you sure?” He thought, this was a hell of a time to be analytical but, “It…will change us…somewhat…”

“I know. Daddy…I need you inside me.”

Eric stripped out of his briefs and reached into the nightstand. His hands shook excitedly but efficiently sheathed the condom over his tall erection. He moved between the lovely creature’s legs realizing with great passion he was about to fuck his daughter.

He kissed her quivering mouth. Melissa’s fingers quickly found his shaft and guided the prick into her soaked quim. Eric hissed as the first few inches eased into her slickness. Using short strokes, he carefully pushed his pulsating rod and entered deeper. Melissa gasped as he filled her. Their pubic hairs were soon kissing; the thickened base of Eric’s cock pleasurably opened his daughter’s petals wider.

Sweat rolled off the duo as they pitched and found a rhythm, building their excitement. Eric slowed his fucking movement, grinding his hips, titillating her mons.

“Nng. Nng…fuck me Daddy. Harder. Fill me-e…” Eric’s muscular arms were pinned near her shoulders and he felt Melissa’s strong ankles wrap around his calves.

“So wet. So tight…gawd…” Eric groaned pistoning his cock into her squelching tunnel. He viciously tweaked a nipple and Melissa’s vaginal muscles gripped and spasmed.

“Oh God! Oh God Daddy…I’m cumm-mm-mm-ingggg!” He watched her sweet release, her head rolling from side to side. His daughter’s nails digging further into his flesh.

“EEE-ee-ee! Fuck…oh fuck…yess-ss-ss!”

Eric’s orgasm, not surprisingly, quickly crested, He

stabbed his spewing cock into the cushiony depths of Melissa’s cunt. Groaning unselfishly, an enormous load of sperm filled the reservoir’s tip. Each sweet stroke in and out was pure heaven.

They writhed on the bed through incredible ecstasy.

Tightly wound in one another’s arms, tasting the delicious fruits of intercourse, they gasped and crushed their bodies together.

Dazzled in the land of twilight, Eric finally succumbed and slowly rolled to the side, catching his breath.

“So sweet. So beautiful.” He whispered to his quieted daughter. He watched the swell of her bosom rising and falling. Eric closed his eyes and drifted.

Christ, did he fall asleep already? He was having a pleasant dream…or was it? Eric opened his eyes to the whirling ceiling fan and Melissa kneeling between his spread legs. Her delicate fingers were masturbating his rising penis and she smiled at him.

“Again Daddy?”

Oh my lucky stars Eric thought. She is just like her mother. Once she gets started! He moaned, the blood rushing into his stiffening glans.

“Oh yes.”

~To Be Continued~

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