Melissa in Quarantine Pt. 02


Melissa was the picture of a sultry, well-satisfied woman as she reclined in repose on my bed. Loosely wrapped in the tangled bed sheets, she looked at me contentedly as she sipped her wine and idly played with my plump, half hard, equally satiated cock.

When she tipped up her glass to finish her wine, I fondly observed her long graceful neck, where I had been planting kisses among other places over the last couple of hours. The skin over her breasts was flushed with exertion following our spectacular love making only moments ago.

“Our bath is ready when you are,” I said.

She responded with a smile and nod, handed me the glass and leaned in to give first me, then my cock one more kiss, saying, “Mmm.” Then she bounded to her feet, leaving the bed sheets behind, and added, “Lead the way!” Another déjà vu, I thought. Those were the same words she had said when I invited her into my house earlier that day.

I rose from the bed and offered my hand to lead her into my spacious bathroom. As I guided her to the tub, I noted to myself that this was why I had upgraded the bathroom as I had. The over-sized, sunken bathtub beckoned, steaming and frothed with fragrant bubbles. I helped her glide into the warm water.

“Ooh,” she remarked as she descended into the bath. “Just right! Hot, but not too hot.” With heavy sighs of contentment she seemed to melt into the water. “Oh my God, Sam, this feels magnificent.”

“Fit for a queen,” I replied. “Be right back.”

“Hurry, baby!”

I could hear her humming a pleasant tune from the kitchen while I refilled our wine glasses and, checking my fridge to see what I had and what I could make for dinner, I returned to the tub and descended into the warm water with her. Accepting her glass from me, her eyes seemed fixed on my member. Her tune turned to a “Mmm, mmm,” as she watched me. I settled down across from her and, setting down my own glass, I pulled her feet onto my lap. She squirmed in delight and sipped her wine as I began to massage her feet. I gave attention to each toe and watched her as she relaxed and enjoy the pleasure I was providing. With her heels wriggling against my groin under the water, she slowly moved them up and down the length of my plump shaft.

“That feels so good, Sam,” she purred through closed eyes.

While I soothed her with a tender foot massage, I asked, “Would you join me for dinner tonight?”

“I’d love to,” she replied. “I’m famished!”

“Me, too.” I said, then added. “I wonder why?” We both laughed.

While I rubbed her feet under the hot water, we talked about the menu, what she liked most and what she stayed away from. It turned out that her tastes were very similar to my own. A nice evening was on the menu. As we talked and she shared more about her life as a health care worker, she scooted back pulling her feet from my lap. Leaning forward she reached down to find my manhood, plump but not hard. She gazed into my eyes, smiling as she gently pulled on my member, like she was pulling on a rope, hand over hand under the warm water. Her long gentle strokes slid over and over my growing cock, and soon had me lengthening and thickening within her small hands.

She cooed, “Mmm, somebody is getting all nice and hard again, and so soon after he just came inside me! Wow, you have one big beautiful cock, Sam.” Then she called out to no one in particular, “Give this man a hot juicy steak and a steaming baked potato slathered with melting butter and he’ll be ready to rock and roll again – all night long!” I gazed back at her, smiling, slowly nodding in assent, knowing she was right.

Melissa lingered in the bathtub after I got out and toweled off. She giggled with glee at the sight of my hard on bobbing out in front of me. “My God,” she güvenilir bahis whispered more to herself as I wrapped myself in a towel and my love muscle disappeared from her sight. Towel clad, I returned to refill her glass.

“Enjoying yourself? I asked.

“Immensely,” she responded.

“You just stay here and soak as long as you’d like. I’m going to go start the grill.”

“What should I wear for dinner when I come out?” she asked. “My clothes from today are all sweaty.”

Opening my closet, I grabbed my favorite cotton flannel shirt, hung it next to her towel, and said, “This should do, it’s my favorite. Enjoy!”

I left her basking in the water and could hear her humming again from the kitchen while I pulled out the ingredients for our meal. Letting the coals warm up in the grill, I prepared our feast. The menu consisted of rib eye steaks, baked potatoes and veggie kabobs. I had just thrown on some flannel pajama bottoms and a t-shirt, and put the potatoes on the coals when Melissa appeared in the kitchen doorway. Her hair in sexy disarray, piled high on her head, she was wearing nothing but my flannel, which fit her like a short robe. She had taken the liberty to find one of my ties that somewhat matched the pattern. At least they were both in the red family. Her creamy skin and red hair, clad in red with a red silk tie around her slim waist was a sight to behold.

“Oh my God,” I breathed. “Can you be any sexier?”

“You make me feel sexy,” she responded. “I’ll pick up around here while you cook.”

Soon, I had prepared a meal fit for a king and queen. While I was grilling, she had made the bed, put our dirty clothes from that day into the laundry, and started a nice, warm fire.

“Wow,” I exclaimed as I walked in carrying the piping hot food. “Glad to see you’re making yourself at home.”

“I like it here,” she said shyly.

“I like you here,” I replied. “Let’s eat!”

We savored the juicy red meat and steaming vegetables at a leisurely pace. Chewing each bite thoroughly, we gazed into each other’s eyes and washed down each bite with a sip of rich red wine. She particularly enjoyed my veggie kabob medley of grilled zucchini, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms.

“Mmm,” she exclaimed as she ate one. “These tomatoes shoot hot juice into your mouth when you eat them!”

“That’ll happen,” I winked and she giggled.

“Mmm, mmm, so good,” she said as she popped another grilled cherry tomato into her mouth. “I like.”

After the main course, I delighted her with ice cream drizzled in caramel topping for dessert. After that, I offered to make us an after dinner drink specialty of mine called Toasted Almond. While I made them, she whisked sway the dishes and quickly cleaned up before I even had them ready. Drinks in hand, we moved to the couch in front of the fireplace. I once again admired her sweet shape underneath her short robe when she bent to add a few more logs to the blaze. She returned and snuggled into my arms on the couch, sinking into me.

“You do enjoy good hardwood, don’t you.” I observed.

“I sure do,” she replied, rubbing my groin. “Especially when it burns so long and so hot, like yours.”

“You started the fire, baby,” I added. “Good luck putting it out now.”

“You kiddin’ me?” she laughed. “I want to fan those flames, mister!”

With the fire crackling, its light casting warm colored patterns on her skin, she sipped her drink and said, “Yum, these are delicious.”

I lifted her chin and gave her a long and gentle kiss, tasting her drink and all the delicious foods we had eaten. I probed and explored her mouth with my tongue and she did the same. Pulling away from her lips, she gave a slight gasp and whispered, “Your mouth is delicious.” We alternated türkçe bahis between sipping our refreshing but intoxicating drinks and sharing deep, passionate kisses. As out tongues intertwined and I caressed her supple body, her hand delved down to my crotch. Beneath my pajama bottoms, she felt my cock growing again.

“Here let me help you with that,” she said as she slid from the couch to the floor. Kneeling in front of me, she tugged on my pants. Seeing her silhouette against the blazing fire, I was reminded of the very first time I had seen her step off of her motor home. Now, here she was in my house, silhouetted by the fire in my hearth, about to lower her mouth over my straining cock. I lifted my butt to allow her to pull off my pajama bottoms and cast them aside. My erect cock sprung up between us and she descended upon my manhood. Drawing it slowly into her mouth while lolling her tongue around every part she could reach, she caused me to grow to fully stretched hardness in no time. Holding my shaft with both hands, she proceeded to focus on the swollen head and the sensitive rim of my helmet. Murmuring her pleasure and humming while she loved on my stiff rod made me think that this must be where the term “hummer” came from.

I had never had a girl sing while sucking my cock before, but this girl’s tune was music to my ears. The vibrations of her soft humming, and the sounds of her licking and sucking me, had my member pulsing inside her mouth.

She released me for a moment to say, “Mmm, tastes just as good freshly bathed as it did earlier, soaked in your sweat. God, I love your man scent.” I could only stroke her soft hair and purr myself, while she slathered my outstretched cock with her saliva and sucked on the head slowly and tortuously. “I’m gonna need this in me again pretty soon,” she purred.

“Soon,” I promised.

Her mouth and tongue had my cock stretched and straining. I remembered from earlier that day, how hot, wet and tight her pussy felt. I wanted it. After a while of exquisite cock sucking, I pleaded quietly, “Can I please fuck you now, baby?”

“Soon,” she replied and continued her humming, licking and sucking. I involuntarily bucked and knew that she could make me unload again easily, just using her mouth. When I was just about to cum, I gently pulled her off my cock for relief and raised her back up to a kneeling position before me. I pulled off the sash she had made from my tie and cast it aside. Then I slipped the unbuttoned shirt off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor behind her. Holding her under her arms, I eased her beautiful naked body up toward me. Facing me, straddling my lap, her nipples grazing my chest, my aching cock pressed against her steaming box, we shared a deep kiss.

“Now,” she whispered into my ear. “I need to feel that hard bone inside my slick pussy.” She raised her bottom up slightly. My cock stretched upward and waited at the entrance to her moist opening. Holding me around my neck, she kissed me deeply and pressed her glorious breasts against my chest. She gasped at the feeling as she slowly and haltingly lowered her tight love hole over my pulsing rod.

Inch by inch she descended over my shaft, her smooth, wet folds embracing each new section as I penetrated her. Once she was fully impaled on my hardness, she began a slow back and forth bucking motion that pulled on my cock and caused it reach her depths when she slammed her pubis back into mine.

“Oh baby,” I whispered encouragingly. “Your pussy feels so good. So hot, so wet. You turn me on so much!”

She increased her pumping rhythm and made me stiffen in my seat, doing everything I could to hold back the impending flood. I focused on the fire behind her to pace myself, but was unable to ignore the feel güvenilir bahis siteleri of her hot pussy gliding smoothly up and down over my hard cock. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Thankfully, her pelvic thrusts were soon joined by her guttural moans of ecstasy. I began to buck up inside her, adding to the pressure her thrusts were causing and the incredible sensations our sex gave us.

Her grunts became pleas for release. “Oh yeah, Sam, bury it so deep in me. Yeah that’s it! Oh, how I love the feeling of your cock deep inside me! I’m gonna cum all over you like this, okay?”

“Yeah, Melissa,” I encouraged. “Cum for me, baby! Cum all over my cock.”

Her words were soon replaced by unintelligible syllables like, “Ungh,” and “Aaah” and similar moans of pleasure. She drew her dripping pussy up the length of my shaft, then slid down to base, over and over, the heat building. Then she froze at the top of a long upward stroke and tensed. With just my engorged head inside her, she let out a satisfied moan and drove downward again, burying me in her depths. She vibrated, shivered and trembled in my arms.

After her tremors subsided and her panting breath slowed, she opened her eyes and beamed a beautiful smile. I bucked up slightly, reminding her that I still needed to finish and she grinned wider and ground her pussy on my meat.

“Ooh, that was sooo nice,” she purred.

“Here, let me move you closer to the warm fire,” I said softly as I guided her back to the floor. I turned her around to face the fire. “Enjoy the blaze, baby,” I said as I gently moved her to all fours on the bison fur rug I kept there, and kneeled behind her. Grasping her hips, I eased my hardness into her welcoming depths, ever so slowly, feeling her wetness, gaging her readiness.

“Mmm,” she encouraged. “I love it like this. The warm fire on my face, soft fur under my hands and knees, and your hot, hard cock in my pussy. Oh, do me, baby.”

Fully aroused, I started with long, slow strokes. She moved backward into my thrusts and started to pant, urging me on. “Oh yeah, fuck me so good, baby, just like that. Mmm, so hard.” I thrust into her at an increasing pace, reveling in the sound of our slapping flesh. It didn’t take long before I felt the load build behind my balls.

“Oh, baby,” I began. “Your pussy is so hot. YOU are so hot, Melissa. Ready for me, baby?”

“Yes, Sam!” she cried. “You fuck me so good. Cum deep inside me, baby!”

I savored the exquisite pleasure of my building release. Nothing feels as good as the sensation of being about to cum, trying to hold back the inevitable, then finally letting it go.

“So good, baby,” I whispered hoarsely and pulled her by her hips onto my throbbing cock and erupted deep inside her. Pump after pump, I emptied my hot seed into her deepest recesses. She squirmed beneath me with delight, feeling the hot fluid ooze into her and out of her and down my shaft.

When my own involuntary bucking stopped, she crawled around to face me. She licked my deflating cock clean of every trace of our combined cum and pussy juice. She seemed to really enjoy the taste of our mixed arousal. When I was all cleaned off, she added more logs to the fire and crawled back into my arms, murmuring, “Yeah, baby, nothing burns as hot or as long as good hardwood. Mmm, mmm.”

There on the fur rug, our naked bodies pressed together, we snuggled, caressed, and kissed some more. I covered us with a fleece blanket and we fell into a quiet trance before the flames.

I opened my eyes after a while to see that the fire had burned down low. Melissa stirred awake, too, and said, “Wow, we must have dozed off. What time is it?”

“Not sure,” I replied, pulling her close. “But it feels late. Do you have to work tomorrow?”

“No,” she smiled. “I have the whole day off. Can we play some more?”

“We sure can. Do you want to stay with me tonight, Melissa?”

“Yes, please” she responded softly and snuggled back into my chest, purring.

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