Memories of Kissing You


Memories of Kissing YouMemories…your hands held high above your headanchoring youcrushing you against the large blue doorhiding from the street lightskissing you like there’s no tomorrowtongues tango, breaths quickenknee pressed ‘tween your thighs feeling your heatfeeling you grind against mearousal heightened by the possibilityof getting caughtlateryou tease with a slow reveal that I’m not allowed to touchbut my eyes soak you invideotape mentally for futur personal enjoymentthe sweet curves of your bodythose wiggling hipsthat kissable assthat soft furry strip that beckons like a beaconpert breasts with those enticing bullet nipplesthat I know are so sensitivethat they harden as I watchone good tease deserves another -I stroke myself for youyour eyes wide, tongue licking ruby lipsI know you love to watch meslowly squeezing, hard and proudfingering lightly, moaning softly’Stop. Join me,’ you plead. I lick your ear lobesyou sigh through your deep breathsI nibble, then lick down bursa escort your neckover your strong pulse, hands stroking your skinyour sides, stomach, arms, legsyour eyes roll in your headas I kiss your collar bone, your throatfeeling the vibrations from your moanwe kiss hard, passion near boiling overI move back, our eyes connectand you watch me move down your bodyslowlystopping in past those wonderful breaststo play and suck on those mesmerising nipplesthat excite me almost as much as they excite youyour head whips backI stop until our eyes meet again and then continueholding your gazeyour breathing desperateI stroke myself again – making sure you seeyou bite your bottom lipBso fucking sexyI move down, kissing your stomachlicking the flesh inside your hip bonecloser to the goal I moveI rub the outside of your thighsand you open them for meentrusting yourself to my appetitemy hands glide up the insideas my mouth moves ever closeryou quiver when my tongue caressessliding bursa escort bayan upwards, parting youtasting your innermost essencewe moan in unison and sigh in replyyour eyes close as your body shakesbut this time I don’t stopallowing you to revel in your ecstasyas my tongue circles your precious pearland my finger follows where my tongue ledyour wetness welcomes fingers,one, then two, twisting slowlyas my tongue dances around your glowing pinknesssucking, licking, probingnibbling on your sweet lipsmy spare hand finds employmentstroking your body, feeling the heatteasing your nipplespulling them, twisting themfirm but gentleyour body bucks, and bucks again,forcing yourself onto my hand and faceamid your entreat not to stopdon’t stopdon’t…. Ohhhhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhhhas I lap up your sweet nectarand you squeeze my head tight with those beautiful thighsyou collapse, gigglingas the tremors subsidesimmering on my occasional kissor lick, or rubsetting off small tsunamiI work escort bursa my way back up, kissing you all the wayyour soft purrs, moans and tremorsa delight to hear’Give me a minute to get my breath back,’you begmy cock strokes youteasing past your invitationeliciting a whimperI straddle your chest, pinning your arms with my kneesyou look up, deep into my eyesa grin of ecstasy spreads across your pretty red lipsas I rub my hardness on those sensitive nippleswhich harden instantlyMmmmmmmmm you moan as I take myself in handyou’ve taught me what you cravehow you like to see me up close and very personalone hand strokes me as the other hand moves behindand strokes and teases youI use your juices to lubricate myselfand allow you to lick my fingersbefore I return to the task at handyou gasp as you see me tightenand my strokes increaseyour warmth leaks over my fingersas I pulse and pulse and pulseand we explode togethera look of surprise on your face as my hot seed erupts on youyour chest, your neck, your lipswhich you lick eagerlybefore we both start shakingcatching our breath, side by sidecooling from the heatyou whisper in my ear’I want to feel you – deep inside me.’I feel a twinge… and grin like the Cheshire Cat

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