Memory Loss Ch. 06


Welcome back! All characters are 18+, no characters resemble real people, please enjoy the fiction.


I woke up an hour later, still naked and sticky. I took a quick shower, got dressed, and then straightened up my bed so it didn’t look obvious that hot, father-daughter sex had just occurred there.

I went downstairs and didn’t see anyone, but found a note on the kitchen counter. “Dad, Kimmy and I went to the grocery store for food tonight. Text me if you want anything. Love Katie.” Underneath her name she wrote two hearts. I wondered if they symbolized the two daughters who were gone, or the two orgasms I’d just given her.

That left Kennedi unaccounted for, so I assumed she was still home somewhere. I searched the downstairs, but she wasn’t anywhere there, or out by the pool. I was going to check upstairs, when I heard a shower turn on above my head, answering my question for me.

I watched some TV for a few minutes, but about 10 minutes in, I heard a crashing thud from upstairs, followed by a loud “OWWW!”

I raced upstairs to investigate. Katie had her own shower (a perk of being the oldest), while Kennedi and Kim shared one that was off the hallway. I put my ear to the door and called to her, “Kenni? Are you okay? What was that crash?”

“I’m okay, I just fell in the shower.” A brief pause, then “Ow! Oh! Ow! Okay, I’m less okay than I thought. I think I sprained my ankle.”

“Do you need help?”

“No, I… well yes. I can’t get up. Not without hurting myself. Can you… can you just help me stand up?”

I cracked the door open, thankful that it wasn’t locked. “Okay, I’m coming in.” I stepped inside, and spotted her on the floor of the tub. She was trying to keep some modesty by covering her crotch with one hand, and her nipples with her other arm, though I’d already seen her topless.

I took in the situation. The water was still running, spraying her body, so I turned that off. “Give me your hand, I’ll help you up.” She uncovered her breasts, showing them to me again, and I took her hand and lifted her up a bit. My other arm went behind her back to help lift.

She kept her left foot on the floor of the tub, but her right leg was lifted, indicating that was the one that she hurt. “What a pair we make, huh?” I asked as I set her upright. “Me tripping on my bathroom rug, you falling in the tub. You didn’t lose your memory too, did you?”

A smile appeared on her face. “Ha ha. Not that I know of. But I guess clumsy is hereditary.”

“You bet.” Now that she was up, she put her arms on the handles inside, turning away slightly so I couldn’t see her front, but I saw her cute butt in its fullness. Then I spotted a pink plastic thing on the tub floor. “What’s that?” I said, picking it up.

“No! That’s nothing!” she yelped, grabbing it from my hand. “It’s nothing, I’m fine now.”

Her naked body had turned towards me when she grabbed it, and her face and neck were now blushing beet red. Based on her embarrassment, I realized what it was. “Oh. Okay. Well, do you want help getting out?”

She put the plastic item on the small shelf, and said, “Yes, please,” with her head down.

I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her, then took her arm and helped her out of the tub. She planted her left foot back on the floor, and sat on the closed lid of the toilet. “Thanks Dad.”

“Let me take a look at your ankle.” She held her foot out for me, and I kneeled down to look it over. No obvious scratches or bleeding, but a good bruise was starting to bloom under the skin. “Hmm. You’re going to need this wrapped. And iced. But you’ll be fine in a couple days.”

I rubbed her ankle and looked up at her face, but in between my eye caught a glimpse of what was hiding under her towel. Her neat pussy lips, framed by a small landing strip of fine blonde hair, was just barely visible. “How’d you fall?”

She hesitated, not wanting to tell me. “You know how I fell.”

I nodded, “I’m guessing. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t guessing wrong.”

“I was using my toy,” she admitted, confirming my suspicions. “My legs got wobbly when I, you know, and I fell.” She was beet red from her face to her shoulders.

I briefly thought about her doing that, naked in the shower, using her vibrator between her legs. I tried to push the thought away and keep my composure. “I’ll let you finish up in here. Where do we keep medical supplies?”

“Downstairs, in the kitchen, left of the fridge there’s a first aid kit.”

I went to find it. When I returned, she was now dressed in a robe and had her towel around her hair. Her pink plastic friend was gone, but I thought I saw it hiding in the robe’s pocket. She sat and let me wrap her ankle tightly in an Ace bandage. Then I helped her to her feet, and down the hall back to her room.

“I’ll let you get dressed, sweetie. I’ll be just down the hall in my office if you need me.”

“Thanks Dad. And Dad?” she asked, before I could walk away.


“Could you not tell Katie and Kim about, Escort bayan you know, what I was doing?”

“Sure, Kenni. It’s our secret.”

I was still in the office staring at my locked computer screen when Kennedi hobbled into the doorway. She was now wearing a blue tanktop, with a white bra strap visible on her shoulder, and loose-fitting black shorts. “Dad, can you give me a hand getting down the stairs?”

“Absolutely.” I stood up and got to her side, helping her down the hall.

“This is your fault, you know,” she said, while trying to put weight on her right foot.

“My fault?”

“I heard you,” she said, not looking at me at first, then she turned and our eyes met. “You and Katie. I heard you.”

I was busted again. “You heard us.”

“I came inside, and heard Katie in your room. She’s not exactly quiet, Dad.”

“Ah. Well, things got carried away. We shouldn’t have done that.”

“I didn’t say that,” she said, as we reached the top of the stairs. “I don’t know if she told you, but Katie’s first time was a really bad experience.”

I nodded. “She told me, yes.”

“It’s nice that she got to have a good experience for a change. And who better than with a man that loves her and cares about her? I know you’ll never hurt her.”

“So, you’re okay with it?”

“I guess so. Now, how do we get down the stairs?”

I picked her up in my arms, but she was heavier than Kim, and I too was afraid of dropping her. So I got her to climb on my back, and I descended the stairs slowly, carrying her piggy-back.

When we got to the bottom, I set her down. “I’m glad you’re not super appalled.” I told her. “But you haven’t told me how your injury is my fault.”

“Well, when I heard you and Katie, I listened for a minute. Then that minute turned into a few minutes.” She was blushing again.

I figured it out. “You got turned on.”

“Yeah. And, well, I haven’t gotten myself any action since David moved away.”

I measured my next question very carefully before I asked it. “Does it turn you on knowing your dad was having sex with your sister?”

She hesitated, but eventually said, “Yeah. Is that weird?”

I laughed. “No, not at all.” I kissed her forehead.

She smiled, but then said, “We probably shouldn’t tell Kim about any of this, though. I’m not sure how she would react.”

I knew she’d probably be okay with it, but for Kennedi’s sake, I agreed. “Right, she doesn’t need to know.”

I had just gotten Kennedi settled on the sofa with an icepack on her ankle, when I heard the door open in the kitchen. Katie and Kim were carrying in grocery bags. As they set the bags down, Katie spotted the icepack. “What happened to you?”

“I fell. Dad had to carry me downstairs,” Kennedi replied sheepishly.

I added, “It looks like a sprain. She’ll be fine in a couple days.” I patted her shoulder. “I don’t fancy any more hospital visits right now, do you?”

She shook her head. “Not for me.”

I helped the other two girls with the groceries. They had bought some steaks and other things for tonight, including some beer. Kimmy said she’d put together the side dishes while I grilled the meat. When Kim had gone to sit with Kennedi, I pulled Katie aside and talked in a hushed tone. “Hey, about earlier…”

She grinned, “Are you asking to go again?”

I hadn’t anticipated that, and it made me stutter. “Again? No. Well, maybe, but that’s not what I was going to say.” I gained my composure, then said, “If there’s a next time, you’ll need to be quieter.”

She looked confused, then realized my implication. “They heard us?”

“Kenni did. I haven’t talked to Kimmy.”

“What did she say?”

“She heard you being loud in my room. Her words. But she didn’t seem too disturbed. She just wanted to make sure Kim didn’t find out.”

Katie nodded in agreement. “Yeah, that might be weird. Thanks for the heads up. And thanks again for before.”

I playfully pinched her cute butt, making her squirm. “No, thank you.”

That afternoon, Kim went full homemaker mode, knowing that Pete was coming over for dinner. She cleaned the kitchen thoroughly, and vacuumed the entire first floor, despite me saying Pete wouldn’t care.

I was comfortable on the couch, keeping Kennedi company. Kim came over and kissed me on the forehead. “I’m going out,” she declared.


“I’m getting some flowers. For our dinner table.” She grabbed her keys and left.

“Don’t bother arguing, Dad. She gets that way sometimes,” Kennedi told me.

“She doesn’t have to go through the trouble.”

“But she wants to. She wants to cook, clean, and entertain guests. She’d be great in the hospitality industry. Or entertainment, like party planning.” Kennedi squirmed herself closer to me, and I wrapped an arm around her.

“Have you seen Katie?”

“She’s on a work call. She’ll be upstairs for a while, those calls always take over an hour.” She looked at me. “Why?”

“I feel bad about making you fall,” Bayan escort I simply said. “Is there some way I can make it up to you?” I left it open to her interpretation.

She understood what I meant. “Well, since I fell, I didn’t really get to… you know, finish?”

“Ah. And perhaps a gentleman like me can assist with such a task?”

“A true gentleman would.”

“I’d be honored,” I said, making a small seated bow, and she giggled. I took her face in my hand, gently bringing it to mine. Our lips met. I think it was awkward for her at first, but only for a half-second, because she put her arm around my neck and kissed me back.

I put my hand on her tummy, finding my way under her shirt, and left it on her bare skin, as we continued kissing. She didn’t stop me, so I left it drift downward, until my fingers slipped under her shorts but over her panties. My long third finger found her warm spot, and she opened her legs to allow me easier access. She moaned into my mouth as I rubbed her clit through the cotton material.

I saw that as a sign she was ready for more, but I wanted to hear it from her. I broke our kiss to ask her, “Do you want my fingers inside you?”


I kissed her neck, and kept rubbing her through her panties, feeling them start to soak up her dampness. “I want to hear you say it.”

“I want your fingers in me. I want my Daddy to finger me.”

I withdrew my hand and slipped it in again, this time inside her panties. I found her spot again quickly, so wet for me. I rubbed her lips up and down, coating my fingers, before I slipped my middle finger inside. She gasped, “Yes! Like that!”

I worked my finger in and out of her pussy. She was biting her lip trying not to make a lot of noise. I moved my mouth back to hers, kissing her to muffle her sound. Then I worked a second finger inside. She made a squealing noise, and another when my thumb grazed her sensitive clit. I kept my mouth on hers, keeping her quiet, as I manipulated her insides. I picked up speed gradually, going faster and faster, feeling her breathing and moaning increase, and eventually, she clenched up in my arms. I felt her pussy grip my fingers three, four, five times, before she was passed the peak and winding down.

I withdrew my hand, and licked one of my fingers. “I like this flavor.” She giggled. “It’s delicious.”

“Oh my God, Daddy,” she said, still breathing heavily. “That was fantastic.” Then she looked down at herself. “Now I’m soaked. Could you run to my room and grab me a fresh pair of panties?”

“Anything for you, sweet Kenni.” I kissed her again, then dashed up the stairs, before Katie could come down and catch us. When I returned, Kennedi had successfully gotten her shorts off, and was working on her underwear. I helped her pull them off her ankles, then put the fresh pair on. She was just pulling up her shorts when we heard Katie coming down the stairs. I stuffed Kennedi’s wet underwear in my pocket.

“What are you guys watching?” Katie asked, seeing us both on the couch.

“A movie,” replied Kennedi. “Come join us.”

“Actually, I’m going to head upstairs. You two enjoy,” I said, getting up from the couch, trying to hide my erection. Kennedi smiled at me as I left, and so did Katie, for different reasons. Once upstairs, I dropped Kennedi’s panties in her hamper. That had been too close.

Pete showed up right on time. He greeted all three of the girls warmly. From what I knew, Pete was like an uncle to them. That’s why Kim had been so repulsed by the thought of dating his son; he was like a cousin. I thought about the irony in that concept – Kim was more than willing to sleep with her father, but not with a boy who was her own age and not a blood relative.

Pete pulled me in for a hug. Apparently I had just seen him Monday, in the office, but I felt like I hadn’t seen him in person in years. It was good having my best friend around again. He and I chatted outside while I grilled the steaks. Kennedi sat close by, listening to our conversation, and laughing at our good-natured ribbing of each other. Kim worked in the kitchen, putting together the rest of the food, while Katie was up and about, going back and forth between grill and kitchen.

Over dinner, the girls asked Pete to tell us stories about how I first got together with their mother. “I remember most of that part,” I said, “he doesn’t need to do that.”

“It’s better coming from him,” said Kennedi, and the others agreed.

So Pete told them about how I was pretty oblivious at first, as she flirted with me. Apparently the three of us had been working on her website for over a month before I finally took the hint and asked her out. “She could’ve just asked him, but she wanted him to make the move,” recalled Pete. “It was cute at first, but it got frustrating to watch. If he didn’t ask her soon, I was gonna just tell him to.”

He took a sip of beer and continued. “After a few weeks of them dating, he came into the office – our tiny starter office back then – with biggest shit-eating Escort grin plastered on his face. I knew they’d spent the night together.”

I choked on my beer. “They don’t need to hear about that, Pete.”

“Sure they do!” He motioned to the girls, who were clearly all interested in the story. “I was honestly surprised it wasn’t sooner, considering her career. But she had to break down your dad’s walls a bit.”

I put my face in my hands, but all three girls were grinning at me. I’d slept with two of them in the last 24 hours, and seen the third mostly naked. This was awkward for me but I knew they were loving every naughty detail.

“One time,” Pete recalled, “I walked into the office and found them doing it on his desk.”

Katie and Kennedi were shocked, and shouted in unison, “No way!” Kim just gave me a knowing smile.

“Yes way! They thought they could get in a quickie before I arrived, but I showed up early that morning. Your mom was bent over the desk like…”

I cut him off. “That’s enough! Okay. Let’s change the subject.”

“Awww,” came from all three girls at once.

“You three don’t need to hear the, ahem,” I looked at Pete, “SORDID details like that. But I appreciate the story-telling, Pete.”

After dinner, Kim cleared the dishes and Kim helped Kennedi back to the couch. Pete suggested that he and I talk in private. I led him to my office, and closed the door, trying to ready myself for a big conversation.

I sat on one of the nice chairs, and instead of sitting in the other, he surprised me by going to the small liquor cabinet I had in a bookshelf. It was so well camouflaged, I didn’t know it was there. He poured just a bit of whiskey into one glass, then set it on the table in front of me.

“What’s this for?”

“You’ll want it later. Trust me.” He finally sat, and looked plainly at my face. “What do you remember about the car accident?”

I told him what details I could recall, then added what Kennedi had found from her research. “But the police report doesn’t say what I know to be true. That other car intentionally hit us.”

Pete waited for me to finish. Then he silently nodded. “You’re right. It did.”

I felt vindicated, but saddened too. “Why would anyone try to kill me?”

“Not you. Kasidy.”

That didn’t make sense. “But still, who’d want to kill her?”

He continued to look at me. “Who do you think?”

I wracked my brain, trying to think of who would have some kind of vendetta against my wife. Then I realized the truth. “Bobby Sleaze.” It made sense. The fancy black sedan, the license plate ‘BB69SLZ’. I could see know that the driver had slicked-back hair. It was him.

Pete nodded. “Yes. He lost everything when we came along. First Kasidy, then our web services. Then Kasidy lured more of his talent away to her production company. She was a much better manager than he could ever be. After that, he got desperate and bitter.”

He looked down, trying to recall what he knew. “From what we could piece together, he must have seen you and Kasidy that day, and decided to take you both out. But it backfired when you swerved a bit, and he died instead.”

“But the police report didn’t say it was him.”

“The body was burned, and the car was registered to his company. They guessed it might have been him, but they couldn’t prove it. And they didn’t want to print his name on the report if they couldn’t prove it. Just like how they couldn’t prove he intentionally hit you, so they called it an accident.”

That made sense, but when I looked at Pete, I sensed there was more. After a long silence, I finally asked, “What else happened? After?”

He hesitated, facing away, then looked at me again. “Kasidy was really shook up. I mean, very disturbed, for a while. She went to therapy for a long time after that. But that wasn’t the worst of it.”

“There’s worse? This is already pretty bad.”

“When you took Kasidy for her next doctor’s appointment, they did the ultrasound.” I saw the beginnings of a tear in one of his eyes. “Jimmy, they found two babies, not one.”


“Kasidy was pregnant with twin girls. But one was already gone. Stillborn.”

That news hit me like a ton of bricks. Pete’s tear ran down his cheek, and I felt my eyes start leaking too. I grabbed the whiskey and shot it down in one gulp. Then I sat for a long time digesting both the liquor and the news, in silence.

Finally, I spoke up. “What happened?”

“They said that the emotional trauma to Kasidy, from the accident, caused one of the babies to die.”

“So Katie was supposed to have a twin.” I thought about the implications of it, and realized why Pete wanted this level of privacy. “She doesn’t know, does she? None of the girls know?”

“No one knows. You and Kasidy told me because I was your best friend, and because you needed to tell someone. You even decided not to tell your mother, you said it would break her heart.”

It would have, I knew. It would have killed my mother to know one of her grandbabies died. “So what happened to the baby?”

“When Kasidy gave birth, she delivered Katie and… and the other baby. The two of you had a private funeral for her.” Pete wiped his face. “You even named her. Karoline.”

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