Me,Nigel, Andrew, Stephen & Uncle Brian


Me,Nigel, Andrew, Stephen & Uncle BrianNigel, Andrew, Stephen and I were downstairs in Nigel’s house, we sat in the garden smoking and drinking Cokes all in our underwear, laughing and talking, it was warm outside, and what we had just done was awesome. It was turning out to be a really good day. Suddenly there was a knock on the front door, Nigel looked at his brother, then at us, then Andrew went to the door and standing behind it he opened it slightly.“Uncle Brian” Andrew said astonished, “I promised your mum and dad that I’d check up on you two, making sure you didn’t burn the house down” he said laughing, as he pushed past Andrew and into the lounge. All three of us were stood there as he came in. “Who are these” he said to Nigel, as both he and Andrew introduced us. Then he looked inquisitively and said, “Why are you all in your underpants?” Nigel looked shocked as Uncle Brian repeated the question.Nigel stuttered and mumbled words that didn’t make sense, obviously he couldn’t answer properly. ‘Uncle Brian’ stood there in trousers and a red T shirt, he looked around 35, as he stood there waiting patiently, then Stephen broke the tension. “We’ve just had an orgy” Brian laughed and said, “What did I miss”, Stephen walked over to him and cupped his cheeks in his hands, he leaned towards him and kissed him.Brian güvenilir bahis surprised everyone by NOT pulling away, as Stephen kissed him again working his tongue into his mouth, Brian’s arm came over Stephen’s shoulders, as kissing turned into snogging. I looked at Nigel and he shrugged his shoulders. After a few minutes of watching I moved closer and knelt in front of Brian, running my hand over his cock he was hard, he groaned. I glance to the left and rolled my finger over the outline in Stephen’s underpants as I did the same to Brian.Concentrating on ‘Uncle Brian’ I unbuttoned his trousers as Stephen pulled his T shirt off over his head as I pulled his pants down, even though he was hard he looked small, maybe about 4”, I stroked him in his undies as I heard him gasp. I glanced up and Stephen was pinching his nipples as I pulled his undies down. Then I pulled back his foreskin and licked his helmet. “Oh my God” he moaned out aloud. Stephen moved round behind him as Nigel moved forward and kissed him.Licking his shaft, fondling his balls as Nigel snogged him and Stephen was doing whatever, it turned out he was running his finger over his bum hole as he kissed his shoulders. Deep throating Brian with my tongue flickering over his helmet I heard Stephen say to Nigel “Get the condoms”, as he scuttled güvenilir bahis siteleri away Stephen snogged him again. Then I felt Andrew’s hand rubbing my bum through my pants as he kissed my shoulders, it felt good.It did not last too long when Brian announced “I’m Coming” as I continued to do what I was doing. Stephen was licking his neck, he moved down and licked his nipples, Nigel had his hand in the back of Stephen’s underpants as Andrew had his finger rubbing my anal opening, it was awesome. Unexpectedly Brian groaned really loud and I felt him give a thrust forward and then he exploded in my mouth, I swallowed his sticky cum as fast as he gave it to me.I stood up and Stephen said “Brian on the floor on your back” he got down and Stephen already had a condom on his 5” cock, he was covering it in gel, then opening Brian’s legs he put his tip at the front of his bum and inched in, Brian groaned very loud. Andrew had his cock out and Brian was wanking him off as Nigel knelt at the opposite side and was rubbing him over Brian’s lips, who was moaning continuously, I came up behind Nigel and kissed his shoulders as I fingered his bum.Then Andrew groaned and shot his teenage spunk over Brian’s cheek, Stephen was also groaning. He pulled out as I was putting a condom on ready to fuck Nigel, iddaa siteleri so instead I fucked Brian. Pushing my 6” deep inside his bum he groaned again, Stephen whipped off the condom and turned Brian’s head towards him, “Open your mouth” he ordered, as he did Stephen rammed his cock in, and as Brian wanked him it wasn’t long before he was coming himself, his groaning told us that.Nigel crouched over Brian’s face as he 69ed him as my cock was fucking Brian. Brian sucked him as Nigel concentrated on Brian, it was a hell of a sight. Stephen licked and fingered Nigel as he was being sucked and from experience, I knew he was close, as was I. Then Nigel and Brian groaned together and Nigel took his mouth off him and as he wanked his cock he spurted all over his body, this was enough for me as I pulled out and pulled the condom off as quickly as I could.Nigel came and shot his load over Brian’s chest as Stephen wanked me off, I was coming in gallons over Brian’s stomach, it was fucking awesome. As we all sat there catching our breath, Brian stood up and was soon mopping up with his hanky. “Please don’t tell anyone” he said as he got dressed. We all nodded and put our underpants on, he was soon out of the door as we returned to the outside area with drinks and cigarettes. It WAS an AMAZING Afternoon.As it happens I wouldn’t see Nigel or Andrew for some time, I would never see Stephen again, I later heard that he’d died a few years later. I never saw Brian either. But I saw Ellen, Nigel’s sister, a couple of weeks later but that’s another story………………………….

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