Miami Night Ch. 01

Anal Sex

Miami Night, before the Cruise…

“Stand up.” He said. I did. He pulled me towards him and then moved over to the bed. He sat down and pulled me down onto his lap. He bent me over his knees and started rubbing my ass cheeks. “Are you going to be my naughty girl today?” He asked. “Will you do what I say?” I nodded my head. “I didn’t hear you.” He said firmly and slapped my ass hard.

“YES! YES, whatever you say!” I said as I wriggled around on his crotch. I could feel his cock getting hard again.

“That’s very good, you be a good girl and I will make it very special.” He said. “But naughty girls must be punished, do you understand?”

I thought about it for a moment…hmmm well I kinda like the discipline thing. I smiled to myself. As I felt him slap my ass again harder. “I didn’t hear you!” He said. My ass was on fire.

“I understand.” I said submissively. I’m not too sure about this. I like being in control, but I enjoy the feeling of being controlled too. I felt comfortable with him so I guess it couldn’t hurt to play along.

“Good, good.” He said. He stood me up and sat me back down on his lap. His cock was hard again and he slid it between my legs as I sat in his lap. It was sticking out in front of me and I started to slide my pussy up and down the length of it, my pussy getting wet. Elliot reached around with both hands and began playing with my tits as I masturbated against his cock. I was getting off, just by sliding up and down his big dick. He pinched my nipples hard, “That’s it, ride that stick baby.” He said. “Slide on my cock, make yourself cum.”

“I want it inside me.” I begged. “I want you to fuck me.”

“No, just like this, this is all you are going to get right now, you better use it.” He ordered me.

So I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and sat down firmly on his hard cock. I reached down and massaged my clit as I rode his shaft. He kissed my neck and bit my back. He rubbed and pinched my tits as he started to gyrate under me. I rubbed my clit faster as I rode him faster. I leaned forward and arched my back causing his cock to slide back to my asshole as I rode him.

Elliot leaned back and grabbed my ass, spreading my cheeks open. I slid up and down, harder and faster against his cock. I wanted it inside me so badly! I began to get off. “Elliot, Elliot…oh God…here I cum baby!” I was sweating. “Oh baby, rub my asshole, please.” I was begging him. I rubbed my clit against his cock as I felt him put a finger against my hole. “Oh baby, that’s it…that’s so good.” I cried. “Here I cum baby, don’t stop, I am going to cum all over your cock, baby.”

“Ohhhh…mmmmm…God baby….mmmmmmmmm…yeah” I was moaning. “OH YES!” I soaked his cock. My juices ran between my legs and his, soaking the bed. I grabbed his cock and to my surprise he was cumming too. We were both making a mess, soaking through to the sheets.

“Mmmm” he just sighed

I slid off his lap and turned and kneeled in front of him. I licked his cum once again. I was licking our juices from his dick. I cleaned it all up as he leaned back, propped up on his hands, watching. “You are so beautiful.” He said.

I stood again and leaned over in front of him, “Will you clean me up?” I asked.

He leaned into me and began to lick my asshole and pussy. He licked the insides of my thighs and my ass cheeks. It felt amazing. At this rate we were never going to leave the room! He then bit my ass cheek, slapped it playfully and said, “Alright! Alright we need to get out of here!”

I walked away and took a deep breath. He stood up and sighed as well.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but there can’t be anything out there that would be any more interesting than what is right in here.” I told him.

“Oh you just wait baby, I have big plans for you.” He smiled walked past me and into the bathroom.

I had no idea what his plans were, but I didn’t care. I could stay here, I could go out, I could go on the cruise or not. I didn’t care…as long as we were together, anything goes.

Elliot turned on the water and started to clean himself up a little. He then went to his bags and opened one. He was going through his clothes and found what he was looking for. He got dressed as I proceeded to clean myself up as well. “Should I change? I really didn’t get much of a chance to show off my beautiful dress.” I said, “I think I will keep it on. Fine by you?”

“Sure babe.” He answered. “I love the way you look in it and I love the easy access.”

“I just smiled and slid the dress back on. I straightened my hair and wiped my face. My face had been flushed all day, feeling kind of warm and feverish.

Finally we were both ready to head out. It was getting to be late afternoon and I was starving! “Are you gonna feed me today?” I said sarcastically.

He turned around quickly and raised his hand, as if to spank me, “Are you being naughty?” He joked.

“What if I am?” I said childlike.

“OOOO, you are just asking for it.” He said sternly as he grabbed my hand and spun me around. He escort otel slapped my ass sharply and the material made a sharp sound against my ass. It made my ass sting. “Hmmm, that was kinda nice, let’s do that again!” He said.

I pulled away and ran around the room rubbing my ass, “NO! NO!”

He laughed and said, “Let’s go you.” And opened the door. I ran past him covering my ass with my hands. He closed the door and trotted down the hall behind me. He caught up to me and we walked hand in hand towards the elevator.

The doors opened and there were three guys inside. They were all clean cut, I would say two of them were in their thirties and one a bit older. They were dressed in suit shirts and slacks. They were all pretty drunk. They had been talking when the doors opened, but became quiet as soon as we entered. We stepped inside. One of them asked if we were going down. “Well she probably will a little later.” Elliot said. They got real quiet and all looked at me, I blushed and slapped Elliot’s arm.

“Niiiice!” One of the guys said. And pushed the down button. We had been on the twelfth floor and started to ride the elevator down. Elliot pulled me towards him and held me against him as he backed against the wall. He then pulled the top of my dress down, exposing my tan breasts to all the guys in the elevator.

The look on their faces was priceless. Elliot began to rub my tits and pinch my nipples making them stand out. “Wanna feel?” He asked the guys. As he held my tits in his hands, presenting them to the men.

One of them walked forward and rubbed his finger around my nipple. He then used both hands and started to massage them. “Oh yeah dude, those are nice.” He said. “You gotta feel these,” He said over his shoulder to his friends.

Another one stepped forward and began to fondle me. He agreed that they were nice. I just stood there watching their faces. They couldn’t believe it. “Let me try dudes!” the last guy said. They were all huddled around us and I was excited by all the attention. The last guy was playing with my tits when he asked Elliot, “Dude, can I taste them?”

“No way!” The other guys said.

“Sure buddy, have at it.” Elliot told him.

The guy started to lick my hard nipples then sucking them. He squeezed my tits hard as he sucked them. I couldn’t help but moan out loud and arch my back, pushing them out even farther. “Dude, she’s liking it!” They were chanting, very excited. “Hey man, what’s she got under there?” One guy asked.

“Oh, would you like to see?” Elliot was enjoying this.

“FUCK YES!” They chimed out together.

“Take the dress off.” He ordered me. One of the guys stopped the elevator.

I slid the dress down and let it slide down to my feet. There I stood, completely naked, completely vulnerable in an elevator full of drunken men! And it excited me.

“Go ahead, touch her.” Elliot said. “But that’s all.”

The three men walked towards me as if in a trance. They all began to touch me, rubbing my legs and tummy and sliding their hands between my legs rubbing my pussy. I noticed them rubbing their own crotches. Their cocks were hard and becoming uncomfortable.

Elliot led me away from the wall, out into the center of the elevator. Once there, the guys surrounded me. Their hands were all over me and I was so wet. I began to moan. “Mmmmm.” And it made them more aggressive. One of the men was grabbing at my ass and another was standing up against me, facing me rubbing my pussy. I began to move. I was rubbing my clit as he fingered me.

The guys were loving it. The guy behind me was right up against my back and I could feel his dick as he rubbed it against my ass. I reached down and rubbed my hand against his dick. He stuck a finger in my asshole and began to move it around. “OOOOooo…ummmm” I was into it. Elliot was standing there grinning. I didn’t know how many hands were on me. I just closed my eyes and let them play. I could feel them breathing hard against me. One was sucking my tit and squeezing the other. I was being fingered in my cunt and ass by two other strangers. I spread my legs wide and one of the guys was down on his knees in front of me. His face was right at my wet, hot cunt as he fingered it.

“Niiiice man!” He shouted out. “This bitch has a wet cunt.” “Dude. Come on, quit teasing us.” He said to Elliot. “I gotta put my tongue in it!”

“You want to lick my little pussy?” I said teasingly. “All of you want a little taste?”

“OH yeah!” “Come on man, I am so fucking hard.” One of them said.

“Ok.” Elliot said. “Come over here.” He ordered me. I walked towards him. “But you will have to get down on your knees boys and drop those drawers.” They undid their pants like they were hypnotized. “One at a time boys, one at a time.”

One of the guys dropped down to his knees. “Bend over and grab your ankles.” Elliot told me. I did as he said. The three guys let out a sound of approval. There I was, ass in the air, holding my ankles. Elliot was standing, facing me with his hands on my back. Elliot escort gecelik began rubbing my back and ass; he spread my cheeks apart and slid his hand down to my asshole.

The three guys were standing around me with their pants down, yanking at their cocks. The first guy crawled over behind me. I could see his cock in his hand from between my legs. “How’s that look?” Elliot asked him.

“Fucking tasty.” The guy said.

“Stick your face in it, see how it tastes and smells.” Elliot was instructing him.

He stuck his tongue in my wet snatch and licked it, burying his face in my cunt. “Mmmmmm” he moaned inside me. He was licking my pussy and stroking his cock. He raised back and took a breath and dove back in. He was slurping at my juices as I pushed backwards into his face. Elliot was holding my ass cheeks apart, looking down at him as he ate my pussy

“Aarrrgghhhh…mmmmm” He was slurping and sucking as he started to cum. He stood up quickly and tried to keep from making a mess. His cum had ran all over the front of his pants. “Fuck, fuck!” “That’s some good ass pussy!” He screamed. “Fuck yes!”

Before I thought about it, there was another mouth on my cunt. This guy started licking my ass and sucked at it. I moved one of my hands and rubbed my pussy lips, spreading them open. “Fuck yeah baby, you like my tongue in that ass don’t you?” He was saying. “How’d you like this in that tight ass.” He asked and showed me his huge cock. It had to be 10 inches and very thick.

“Mmmmm.” I said as I pushed my ass into his face. He grabbed my ass with both hands and shoved his long, hard tongue into my tight hole. He started to tongue fuck it. It felt pretty fucking good. He then ran his long tongue up and down the length of my asshole to my cunt. He spread my cunt lips wide and I held my ass up as far as I could, bending my knees slightly. He slipped my clit between his teeth and sucked it hard. “OOOO!” I moaned as he ate me out.

He stood up and grabbed his cock; he shot his hot load all over my ass and made it run down between my ass cheeks. He then rubbed his cock between my cheeks as he finished his load. He had an extremely nice cock and I thought to myself how nice it would feel fucking me. I wondered if I could find his room number, perhaps Elliot and I could have a little playtime later. I became even more aroused by the thought of this.

Then the third guy was behind me. He didn’t seem to mind his buddies cum in my crack. He slurped at my asshole and rubbed his finger up and down my crack. He continued rubbing my asshole as he stuck his tongue into my pussy. I felt him slip a finger into my cunt and tongue fuck it. I was so horny. I wanted to cum but was holding back. I had a little surprise for my crowd. The third guy was stroking away at his cock with one hand and fingering my cunt with the other, when he started to explode. He took the finger from my cunt and used both hands to jack off his cock.

He had his face buried in my pussy, sucking hard at my clit, moaning and groaning. He stood up and backed away, still stroking his cock, cum dripping everywhere. Elliot was almost laughing.

“May I finish baby?” I pleaded in an innocent voice.

“Of course my love let them watch you.” Elliot said quietly.

The three guys stood there, clothes all rumpled, glazed looks on their faces staring at me. I turned to face them and sat down on the floor. I raised my knees and spread my legs open wide. I leaned back and started to rub my pussy. I talked to them, talked dirty. “You like that little pussy, boys?” “Did you like tasting my sweet cunt juices?” I said teasingly. They just stood there watching me as I fingered my wet pussy, nodding their heads. I started to slide two fingers deep inside and then raised my ass from the floor and began to finger my ass.

I held on leg up and let them get a good look. The second guy, the one with the big dick sat down on the floor and scooted closer. I looked right into his eyes as I fucked my asshole and my pussy with my fingers. “Ooooo, yeah, you like to watch don’t you? You like to suck my cunt don’t you…mmmmm.” I was moaning and panting. I kept fucking my asshole as I rubbed my clit harder and harder. “Are you watching boys? You want to see, you want to see me cum….ooooo…Oh God.”

They were captivated. I was so aroused. I had always wanted to do a show for a crowd. I rubbed my clit to orgasm. “Ahhhhh! Oh shit, here it cums, here it cums oh yes.” I screamed. I took the finger from my ass and spread my cunt wide. I started to squirt. I was squirting as I used my lips to massage my clit! I must have really enjoyed this. The thought of being with strangers. I had held back and now I was exploding for my fans. “Oh yeah, oh yeah.” I sighed as I finished cumming.

“You are so FUCKING HOT!” The guy on the floor yelled. “Fuck dude this bitch fucking rocks.” He scooted forward a bit and stuck his finger in my pussy. He rammed it inside several times and then took it out and licked it. He leaned over and gently lapped the juices from my cunt. escort türbanlı Suddenly it felt as if we were the only two in the elevator. His tongue was so good as he licked me clean, softly and slowly.

Finally he had finished and I just lay there on the floor. Elliot gave me his hand and helped me to my feet. The men just stared, silently. One of them handed me my dress. I walked over to him and took the dress. Elliot motioned for me to come to him and I did. He took the dress and held it out for me as I stepped into it. He slid the dress up slowly as my guys watched.

“We should probably get the elevator moving huh?” Elliot asked

“Oh shit!” One guy said and hit the button for the elevator to start moving again. We all stood there silently as we continued down to the lobby. The men stopped the elevator at the third floor. They all glanced in our direction. The man with the big cock looked directly into my eyes, licking his lips as if he were going to say something. The doors started to close and he stuck his hand between them and they opened again. He stepped out and stood watching me as the doors slowly closed.

Elliot began to laugh. “Did you see them?” He said, “Damn it was like they were in a trance, we had complete control over them.” “Was that something you enjoyed?” He continued. “It was so fucking hot. I love our time together and wouldn’t think of sharing you with another man, but that was extremely sexy.”

“It was very erotic, very arousing.” I told him. “I had though about different scenarios like this in the past, but had never acted on them.” “With you here, I felt safe and protected, ready to explore.”

“I was hoping you were into it. I hadn’t planned that, but I thought I would start and see what happened. It seemed to work out well.” He said. “I thought you were enjoying yourself.”

“I wanted to do what ever you wanted me to.” I told him. “I am yours, baby. You may use me.”

“Beautiful, damn, you are so beautiful.” He said as he grabbed me by the back of my head and kissed me.

We had reached the lobby and the doors opened. There was a crowd of people waiting to enter as we hurried past them. I thought about how the small room had to smell like sex! We smiled at each other and left the hotel walking out into the warm sunny day.

I was a little weak; I had had quite a bit of excitement and hadn’t even left the hotel yet. I was starving.

“So,” Elliot said, “We need to find a nice seafood restaurant, don’t we?”

“That shouldn’t be too hard, since we are um close to the ocean!” I joked.

“I know the perfect place, should we walk or grab a cab?” He asked.

“I am fine to walk if it isn’t too far.” I told him.

“Great, let’s go, it’s not too far and besides you may want to check out some of the shops as we walk.” He told me.

We walked, enjoying the warm day. I was feeling a little fuzzy. Mt knees were shaky and I felt feverish. I hoped the restaurant wasn’t much further. Soon we had arrived. It was a nice place, of course. The entire front was glass doors that were opened to the sidewalk. We went inside and were seated at a nice table.

The dinner was pretty uneventful. We ordered and ate, I needed refueling. I felt much better after stuffing my face! We sat for quite a while, just watching people up and down the street, sipping on cocktails. It was pleasant and relaxing. I moved my chair close to Elliot and put my hand on his thigh, squeezing it firmly. I kissed him on the cheek I slid my dress up above my knees and moved his hand down under the table and between my legs. I squeezed my legs together trapping his hand there as I kissed his mouth.

“I want your cock inside me.” I whispered into his ear. “So many people have had me today but I want you, I need you.” “When will I feel you again?”

He put his free hand on the side of my face and whispered into my ear, “Soon baby, very soon.” He said. We kissed some more and I released his hand.

“So, now what?” I questioned him.

“Let’s go.” He said and I stood up to straighten my dress as we left the restaurant. We walked a little while longer and then turned around a corner, between two buildings. After passing between the buildings we were headed down a small path. There were a few people coming and going on the path and finally we reached a clearing. We were on the beach!

It was stunning. The sun was low now and gleaming off the water. There were boats floating on the horizon. There were a lot of people walking along the water line. I squeezed Elliot’s hand. It was so exciting! I held his hand as I lifted my feet one at a time to take my shoes off, he was smiling at me. We walked hand in hand towards the ocean. The sand was warm and felt so good under my feet. We walk to the edge of the water and stood there as the waves washed up across our feet.

I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. It was so romantic. We stood there for a moment and then continued along the beach. We talked and stopped to kiss and held each other, it was so wonderful. It was beginning to get close to sundown and there was a chill in the air. I didn’t know how far we had gone but it was quite a way. “We can walk up to the street and grab a cab whenever you are ready.” Elliot told me.

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