Mia’s Late Awakening Ch. 03


Mia woke up in her bed, flat on her back with Daddy’s lips surrounding her nipple. He was sucking and the now-familiar jolts of pleasure were shooting straight to her pussy. The tank top she’d fallen asleep in was shoved up over the tops of her breasts and her legs were spread slightly. She wondered how long he’d been here with her but guessed not too long as her body didn’t feel like it was quivering uncontrollably. He’d been in an edgy sort of mood earlier this evening and she’d wondered if he might visit her tonight. He shifted and pressed against her hip. She felt his erection rubbing against her and not for the first time wondered how his dick would feel if she were allowed to touch it. He always felt so hard when he rubbed it against her. She stopped wondering about it when he used his hand to gently squeeze her other breast and then move his mouth to flick his tongue back and forth over that nipple. She tried really hard to keep her breathing normal even as her heart rate kicked into high gear. The last time he’d touched her she knew she’d given away the fact that she was awake. It couldn’t be helped though because she’d had her first ever orgasm. She’d had to look it up on the internet afterward because she hadn’t known the name for it. However, now that she not only knew what to call it but knew exactly how her body felt when having one, she couldn’t wait to have another orgasm. She hoped it was going to be now.

As he continued to lick and suck at her sensitive nipples her pussy began to throb. Hoping to make her movement seem normal within sleep she rearranged her body so that she rubbed her hip against his erection. She heard his sharp intake of breath and fought the need to smile in satisfaction. She hoped she made him feel as good as he did her. He rolled away from her and she wanted to smack herself for driving him off. He didn’t leave though. Instead, she heard him moving around and she wondered what the hell he was doing. She got her answer soon enough though because when he got back into bed with her she felt his hot skin against her own.

He was naked. Oh, holy hell, that was exciting and terrifying at the same time. As curious as she was about everything he did to her she was also scared of doing too much. He put his hand on her hip and rolled her so that she was facing away from him on her side. Her heart was really hammering now. What was he going to do? Would she like it? Had she gone too far? Did he know she was awake? Was he going to hurt her? What he did was press his erection against her butt and rub. That actually felt pretty good and she could hear his breathing become choppier. So that had to mean he liked it. That in itself made her happy. Now she felt the need to rub against him again but she held still because she just wasn’t sure if she should. Thankfully she was able to stop worrying about that when he wrapped his arm around her again and rolled her nipple between his fingers again. He kissed her shoulder and then sucked the same spot.

After playing with her nipples until they were both stiff and her pussy was throbbing he shifted her to her back again. He moved down the bed and started kissing her tummy while running his fingers back and forth at the waistband of her panties. Oh yeah, he was going to touch her pussy again. It seemed to be taking him a long time to get to it, though. He just kept running his fingers over her ribs, over her nipples again and even up and down her legs. It made her feel restless and hot and squirmy. God, she was hot! She had to move and adjusted her legs in an attempt to get more comfortable. She hoped it looked like she were simply being restless in her sleep rather than trying to alleviate some of the pressure on her vagina or even make herself come. Once she was still again he continued to lightly run is fingers over her body. When she thought she might scream he finally moved his hand down between her legs and rubbed over her panties. He chuckled and whispered, “So wet.”

Mia barely managed to hold in a gasp. Why was it so exciting to hear his voice in conjunction with her arousal? He pushed her legs open further and continued to stroke her through her panties. Every so often he would stop at her clit and apply a little more pressure but it wasn’t giving her the orgasm she so desperately wanted. If only she wasn’t afraid of what would happen if he knew for sure she was awake. Then she might ask him to put his hand inside her panties as he had before or even better have him put his mouth on her and lick her until she came. God, how she had loved that. Maybe she wouldn’t say anything at all but just take his big warm hand and push it inside her panties on her own. When he pushed down on her clit again her hips jolted esenyurt escort up on their own and her stomach quivered, too.

Daddy groaned and said, “You want to come, don’t you, baby?”

Yes! Yes, she wanted to come but just couldn’t bring herself to say that out loud.

“Me too,” he grunted and rubbed his erection against her hip once more. He started rubbing more insistently and she could feel the silky skin that covered the hard steel and had to wonder if it hurt him. How exactly did a man come? She understood the mechanics of it but had never actually witnessed it. Strangely enough, she wanted to see what he looked like when he had an orgasm. He stopped moving and his breathing was heavy, labored and a little harsh. He moved up so that he was full length beside her again. He kissed and licked her nipples while kneading her breasts. He took each of her nipples between both of his thumbs and forefingers then applied pressure. That felt kind of good she thought and realized she was automatically arching her chest toward his hands He pinched a little harder and rolled her nipples. She moaned and tossed her head on her pillow. He continued to play with her nipples and her pussy throbbed with what she now knew was a pending orgasm. She’d read something on the internet about some women being able to come from nipple play but had scoffed at the idea. Apparently, gauging from her own reaction, it wasn’t so ludicrous after all. He stopped playing with her nipples and ran his hands down to her hips. He turned her body so that they were facing one another and draped her leg over his so that his erection was now pressing against her pussy but over her panties. He moved his hands to cup her ass and pushed her against him as he rocked his hips against her. She liked that a lot. It seemed okay to be rubbing against one another with her panties on. She knew they probably shouldn’t be doing this but it wasn’t really hurting anyone. At least she didn’t think so because they were both obviously enjoying it. His breath was hot and uneven against her neck and she was openly, if also unevenly, breathing through her mouth now. She also realized that she was rocking her hips against his cock. She didn’t stop though because it just felt so incredibly good. Then he kissed and nibbled on her neck the way she liked. He moved his mouth up near her ear and whispered, “I’d like to fuck your tight little pussy”

No! She screamed it inside her head and her body stiffened, as well. But at the same time she wondered how it would feel to have him gently part her labia and slide his hard cock into her little hole. It scared her. It excited her. What the hell was wrong with her?

“No,” he whispered even as he pressed and ground against pussy. “I know you’re not ready for that, baby girl.”

Daddy was speaking to her as if he knew she was awake. She still didn’t let him know that she was, though. She did her best to keep her breathing normal even though her heart was hammering in her chest.

“Don’t worry,” he said and moved down to dart his tongue over her nipple. “I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to show you how good your body can feel.” He gently rolled her to her back and settled himself between her legs. He pressed his cock against the crotch of her panties again and another zing of pleasure made her pussy tighten. He reached down and pressed her thighs closed then rocked harder against her. He shifted and wasn’t rubbing her clit, though. And as good as all of this felt she had come to realize that she needed stimulation right there in order to come. A couple of minutes later he stilled and grunted, “Not yet.”

Not yet? She nearly wept with frustration. Then he was on his knees between her legs and pulling her panties off of her.

Yes, finally! Now he would run his fingers over her pussy and rub or lick her clit until she came. She felt her lips curling up with a satisfied smile and had to clamp her lips closed to prevent it.

“Such a pretty little pussy,” he said and ran his index finger over her lips and chuckled. “Even wetter than I thought,” he said and removed his


Ugh! She opened her eyes the tiniest slit in the hopes that she could see him and was rewarded with the fact that she could. He was still on his knees between her legs and he had his hand wrapped around his cock. It looked as if he was looking between her legs and then he pulled his hand up the length of himself. She wanted to see better and wished there was a light on in her bedroom. He seemed to like working his hand up and down himself because his hips jerked like hers did when she was excited. Then he moved his hand to the tip and looked like he squeezed gebze escort it hard. “Have to taste,” he muttered.

Her heart leapt in her chest again. She figured he meant to touch her again and gather some of her wetness to stick in his mouth. What did that taste like? She’d have to find out one night when she was alone. She’d play with her body until she was excited then run her fingers over her pussy and gather that sticky wetness to put in her mouth.

Daddy moved so that he was lying between her legs with his head pillowed on her stomach. Her legs were spread wide and he had his arms under them and reached up her body to cup her breasts. He ran his fingers lightly over her nipples and they puckered to attention again. Oh, well, that felt good. And she liked it when he kissed her tummy and ran his tongue in circles around her belly button. She almost giggled when he stuck the tip of his tongue into her belly button which was a deep innie. He groaned and she puzzled over the fact that he apparently liked that. Then he moved on to lick and kiss her pelvis and she wondered how much lower he was going to take his mouth. As if answering her unspoken question he moved his head between her thighs and took a deep audible breath. “Fucking sexy,” he said and his voice was raspy.

He smelled her and liked it? Before she could wrap her mind around that fact she felt his tongue touch the base of her pussy’s opening and then lick all the way up to her clit which he flicked once. She gasped and her hips shot up toward his face. It felt so great! He chuckled and muttered, “Like that, do you?”

Oh hell, she’d given herself away but she still didn’t want to cop to the fact that she was awake. What if he wanted more? It scared and excited her that he might. And worse, if he knew she was awake would he stop what he was doing? For damn certain she didn’t want that. Thankfully he licked her slit again. And again and again. He kept licking, slowly, from the bottom to the top and each time he firmed up his tongue and flicked her clit. It was making her absolutely insane and every part of her body was tight with wanting but it wasn’t enough. It was exciting and she could feel the wetness dripping down her thighs and even into her butt crack but it wasn’t quite the same as when he used his fingers to play with her. Then he did touch her with his middle finger and she nearly screamed hallelujah. He moved his face slightly and ran that finger along her slit, over her clit, which he rubbed circles around, then down to her opening where he slipped that middle finger into her body. She was so excited by the feel of having him inside of her sensitive pussy that she automatically clamped down on his finger.

“So fucking tight,” he groaned and pulled his finger out then shoved it back in. “Even so wet and turned on you’re a vise, sweet girl.”

She was breathing through her mouth now, hard and audibly, but couldn’t help herself. She was hot and lightheaded and sure to pass out if she didn’t gulp greedy, gasping breaths through her mouth while he continued to slide that finger in and out of her pussy, faster and faster. More, she thought. She wanted more even if she was kind of afraid of it. He pulled his finger out and she shook her head on the pillow in frustration. Please, please, he couldn’t stop now! He used his other hand to open her pussy lips and then stuck not only the middle but also the forefinger of his other hand back into her pussy. The moan escaped her mouth because it felt so freaking good to be stretched by his two fingers. He pulled them almost all the way out and rammed them back in several times. She caught his rhythm and instinctively began to lift her hips to meet his fingers as they went back into her. “Yeah,” he grunted. “Yeah baby, fuck my fingers with your sweet little cunt.”

So this was fucking. If this is what would happen with his cock inside of her then she definitely wanted to try that.

“Your pretty titties are shaking,” he said and she could feel that they were. “I’m going to come all over them.”

Whoa, what? The idea intrigued and excited her and her pussy clamped down on his fingers yet again.

“Have to come now,” he said and she couldn’t have agreed more. He kept fucking her with his fingers then once again spread her lips with his other hand. Then he wrapped his lips over her clit and sucked it into his mouth. He sucked it hard, like it was a piece of candy and light exploded in her head as her orgasm blasted through her. She rocked her hips rapidly against his mouth and felt his fingers ramming into her with her thrusts. She felt a scream climbing up her throat and bit into her bottom lip to control it. kartal escort She tasted blood and didn’t care.

When her orgasm was finished but she was still breathing hard he moved from her pussy to sit on his knees between her legs again. She opened her eyes and there was enough light coming through her window for her to see him. He wasn’t looking at her face but at her body. He had his hand wrapped around his dick and was once again stroking it. He was doing it faster this time though and it seemed rougher, too. His breathing was harsh, as hers had been, and the concentrated expression on his face was so sexy to her.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he groaned and her eyes darted back down to his cock. She saw white cream shoot from him in long streams that made her think of silly string. She almost giggled but then it hit her breasts and she gasped instead. It was really warm and kind of thick. What did it taste like? She was looking down at it sitting on her nipples and a wave of desire washed over her again. How was it possible that she could want to start all over while her body was still shaking with little tremors from what they’d just done together? Without thinking about it Mia ran her fingers through the cream coating her tits and brought them to her mouth. She sucked his cum from her fingers and moaned at the salty, slightly sour taste that exploded on her tongue.

He groaned and her eyes shot up to meet his as her heart beat wildly in her chest. Would he be mad at her for being awake? She didn’t really think so because she thought he’d actually been aware that she’d been awake. Would he be mad at her for spoiling that part of the illusion? She kept her blue eyes latched to his and finished sucking his cream from her fingers. He didn’t say anything but she did hear him suck in his breath harshly when she slowly drew her fingers back out of her mouth and swallowed a little nervously and audibly. Then he moved to lie beside her and grabbed her face in his hands. He kissed her and pushed his tongue into her mouth to wrap around her own. She kissed him back and placed her hand on his strong shoulder. Mia could taste a sweetness on his tongue and wondered if that was her pussy juice. He moved one hand to rub some of his come into her breast and pinch her nipple. She jerked against him and realized that yeah, she was definitely ready to go again. He released her mouth and gave a short chuckle. Then he tilted her face up to look into her eyes. There was no denying that she was awake and he knew it. “I love you, Mia. I love your sexy little body.”

“I love you, too, Daddy. And thank you,” she whispered, not knowing what else to say. Can we do it again? While that may be what she wanted she was still a little scared and unsure of what to do. She looked at his throat and waited.

“Look at me, baby.”

She did and he kissed her again. When he pulled back he said, “What I just did to you is called finger fucking and pussy eating. I’m sure you can tell which was which.”

She felt her eyes grow wide and her cheeks burn with heat even as her heart thudded. She nodded her head yes. “Good,” he said then pinched and rolled her nipples until she was gasping and rubbing her thighs together. “We’ll do those things again. I like your sweet little pussy and definitely want to eat it again.”

“What about?” she began but had to swallow. “You know,” she finished shyly even while she was running her hand over his chest. She liked the soft, dark hair he had on his chest. And God, he was strong and fit and had muscles that the boys her age didn’t have. She leaned forward and ran her tongue over his nipple to see if he liked it. He groaned, so she figured he did.

Then he slid his hands into her hair and tilted her head back so they were looking at one another again. “What do you want to know, Mia?”

“Will you, will we? I mean,” she trailed off again. She was shaking with nerves and excitement but looked at his throat as she whispered, “Can I put your cock in my mouth? Can I taste it like you did me? Will you put it inside of me? Will we have sex?”

“Do you want all of that?”

She forced her eyes back to his and said softly, “Yes.”

His eyes gleamed with satisfaction and he kissed her once more. Then he replied, “Good girl. I like your honesty. Yes, I’ll fuck your tight pussy with my cock. I’ll also fuck your mouth.”

“Really?” she asked and her eyes grew wide. “When?”

“Soon,” he said and chuckled. He looked serious as he said, “Baby, you know we have to keep this between us.”

“I know,” she replied at once and hugged him. “I like it that way.”

“Me too,” he said and ran his hand down her back to squeeze her butt. She rubbed against him and he groaned which made her smile and feel powerful. Then he left her bed, came back with a towel and helped her clean herself up. They shared one more long, tongue-swirling kiss and he dressed before leaving her room for the night. She wondered when he would be back to visit and whether he’d fuck her the next time.

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