I started writing about Michael because of Fallen. He was and is a part of my life story. I just don’t know how much I will tell…



Chapter 1.

I was having a rough time working the embezzlement case I was on. The Firms client was not working with me, not giving me all the facts I needed to defend him. I was getting stressed out with the long meetings. There was a good case against him and I knew if I could get him off, I could get my name out there to further my career. He was a jerk though. I would in time be glad to get rid of him.

My goal someday was to be a District Attorney and go after jerks like him. Right now though I was stuck with him and his fucking case and I hated it. He was giving me ulcers. Not only that but whenever we were alone sitting at a table in the client meeting room, he would try to run his hands up under my skirt. Other times he would make sexual remarks and try to fondle me. I was never alone with him after I got tired of that and tried to keep someone between him and me or at least an empty chair.

Around the office, I was getting very hard to live with hence the blond bitch nickname. It was beginning to stick too. People were starting to avoid me, even my assistant paralegal.

I finally got tired of meeting with him in the office and tried having client meetings during lunch at a small restaurant down the street from the office. It wasn’t far, just a short walk. The walk made me feel better, cleared my mind somewhat before I met with him.

This was the second such meeting. I liked to look at people as I walked, wondering what their lives were like and because of this I noticed this guy for the second time watching me as I walked down the street. He was leaning against his car, a baby blue Mustang. Good looking with light brown hair, around 5’10”, 150lbs and in very good shape. MMMM, if I think about him, maybe this meeting will go a little better I thought. He wasn’t my type though. I preferred older married men, someone who wouldn’t be clingy. You know, the no strings attached, got to get home to my wife type.

He smiled at me as I walked past. I smiled back and continued walking occasionally glancing back over my shoulder. Sure enough, he kept on watching me. He wasn’t the only one though, there were other eyes looking. I was used to it. My light wool dress was the body hugging type, it showed off my slender shape. I’m in my 20’s, slim at 106 lbs, 5’4″, blond and blue eyed. Guys were always trying to pick me up although I always shut them down. I wasn’t really interested in most of them. The young single guys mostly. They only tried once.

I met my client there and we sat towards the back of the restaurant. My paralegal caught up with us and sat between us to take notes. I liked her, reminded me of myself when I was starting out. She was aggressive and blunt just like me. I was glad I asked her to come and take notes. I was already tired of the jerk and we had just begun. It was a short time later that I observed the watcher a few tables away from us watching. He smiled again when he saw he caught my eye. I smiled back and turned my attention back to the job at hand. We ordered lunch and discussed his defense. My mind kept wandering away and I discovered I kept glancing back to where my watcher was sitting. When I finally got tired of my client and told him we were through and he got up and left me and my assistant alone, I told her I needed to go pee and for her to wait for me. We had more to discuss. I walked by his table on my way to the restroom. He smiled at me again. I wondered who he was and why did he seem to be following me. I was curious.

I did my thing and applied a little lip gloss after I washed up. Before I left the room, I did something I had never done before. I slipped back into one of the stalls and slipped my panties off and wadded them up into my fist. I was going to have some fun and drop them on the seat beside my watcher as I walked past. I was curious to know what he would do. I walked back by where he had been sitting and discovered him gone. Disappointed, I went back to my table and sat and started discussing the client and facts of the case with my assistant. I had slipped my panties unnoticed into my purse and forgot about my watcher.

I didn’t notice he had moved and sat at the table behind us. He was hidden by the partition although he was close enough to hear what I was saying. I issued my instructions for my assistant, wanting her to write up the notes and prepare for the trial in the coming weeks. I was going to leave this afternoon for my hideaway for much needed rest and relaxation. I still needed to go home and finish packing. I wanted to be on the road by 2:00 and that was just a half hour away. I told her where I would be just in case she needed to get hold of me in an emergency. Shorty after that I got up and left.

I rushed home and finished packing and hit the road. The little town I was going to was hidden in the mountains Rize Escort and forest 3 hours away. There was a lodge I had heard about. It was beautiful place to hide and relax. I had 3 days to unwind. I thought I might spend 4 days if I needed to. It was a beautiful little old town filled with antique shops. I loved to spend time wandering and buying. My house was filled with things I have picked up. Anyway my stay was confirmed for 3 days and possibly 4.

Its 5:00pm when I arrive, the lady at the desk gets me checked in and directs me upstairs, last door on the right. The room is cozy; with a corner Jacuzzi tub in the bath with a beautiful view of the mountains and forest through windows on each side that could be opened if one wanted. It’s a warm evening and I open the windows for a breeze, the gentle sounds of the forest creep in as I run a hot relaxing bath. I quickly strip, dropping my clothes on the floor and slip into the hot relaxing water.

It feels very good as I lean back and soak in the heat, the cooling air from the windows washing over me. The lavender candle I brought fills the room with sweet smells and relaxes me even more. I hadn’t realized I had been so uptight and tense as my fingers wander to my woman hood and I relax deeper as I bring myself to a much needed release.

I lay there for some time groggy from the heat of the water and my release until I feel the water cooling and finally pull the plug and let the water drain out. I reached up and grab the large towel as I stand up and step from the tub, admiring my body in the large mirror. I’ve always liked my looks, my slim figure, the smoothness of my stomach and my small but nice breasts. I towel myself off as I turn this way and that watching myself in the mirror while admiring my body. The trimmed small patch of blond hair guarding my mound was glistening in the light. I was glad I had inherited the slim figure of my mother although I knew working out and running that I had the habit of doing every day would keep me slimmer much longer. My mother eventually lost her slimness through the raising of a large family, something I didn’t intend to let happen. I didn’t intend to do any work outs or running this weekend. I just wanted to pamper myself, eat lots of dark chocolate, sip good wine, eat good food and totally relax.

With the towel draped around me I move into the bedroom to the bed. It is an old antique black cast iron headboard with footboard, kind of unusual but I thought neat for the room.

With just the night stand light on; I drop the towel and slip between the sheets wearing nothing. The sheets feel so good on my body, cool, and soft and with just a hint of lavender. I open the book I brought, a love novel, and loose myself in the pages of romance. I drift from page to page, sipping the good wine I brought, feeling the story build, not just within the pages but the feeling it causes within me. I slowly feel myself sliding further away from my stress and entering into this love story, and the effect it has on my body. My fingers wander as I read.

He arrived later, this stranger, there has been a lot going on for several weeks that excited him. The nice looking woman he had been watching for several weeks now was close by and he assumed alone. She had never mentioned anyone else to her associate at the restaurant. He was calm when he checked in and somewhat excited by the prospects of a very good weekend.

The woman at the desk had offered him something to drink when he checked in as it was too late for dinner and he told her he would be back down after he had cleaned up and changed. She said she would keep the bar open for him.

He settled in to his room and hit the shower, slipped into a clean t-shirt and some sweat pants with no underwear and heads back downstairs. Some information is what he’s really after.

He sits at the bar and orders a scotch and engages in small talk quizzing the woman behind the bar, the same one whom checked him in. He asks her the history of the town and how long she has lived there eventually bringing the conversation around to the lodge’s guests. He brings up the subject of a slender blond woman that may have checked in today and finds out her room is across the hall from his. He has a few more drinks chatting casually and was glad a few other patrons showed up distracting the bar tender. He finishes his drink and heads back upstairs.

Wow what an exciting day he thinks as he reaches his door and starts to open it. He pauses, turns around and looks at the door across the hall. He steps over to it and tests the doorknob turning it slightly. He is surprised it is unlocked. He pauses again thinking to himself, should he open it and peak inside? He slowly and very quietly opens the door peaking around it and takes 2 steps inside. He freezes as he sees me looking back at him. I had heard the faint noise of the door opening and in shock I watched him enter.

Without realizing it he just stands and Rize Escort Bayan stares and I stare back at him, my mind going blank not even thinking of screaming or anything. I can see his, what I thought was his embarrassment as his face flushes red and a smile eventually creases his mouth. He becomes aware of his swelling manhood and sees me looking there as it is now almost sticking straight out, straining to be released.

The color of his face deepens further in his acted out embarrassment as he returns to the moment, blinks and turns away as he stammers, “I’m so sorry, what have I done” and starts to walk out. He has noticed I am alone.

I had gotten so involved with drinking the wine and reading the story, I wasn’t thinking clearly; the wine and the heat between my legs had me in this fog and I wasn’t really aware of what I was saying or doing.

I said, “Wait, come back.” Thinking to myself all the while, this is the guy that had been watching me. What am I doing?

He stops and slowly turns just his head around and looks at me. I motion for him to come back into the room. He turns closing and locking the door behind him and walks back in. He stands there looking at me, acting somewhat foolish; his hardness had not lessoned and was straining at his sweats. I beckon him over to me and pat the bed and tell him to sit. He is still acting somewhat foolish yet obedient and sits on the bed where I indicated beside me. There is only the sheet covering me and he sees this, causing him to swell even more, he knows that something very good is likely going to happen.

He’s very fit and smells so good, like he just got out of the shower and I think to myself that I was sorry to have missed that.

That’s when it really hits me, I want him, need him and close my eyes and take in a breath and draw in his essence, such a clean light scent, and it sends a rush thru me. I turn my head to tell him and without hesitation, he kisses me. He places his left hand behind my neck and gently pulls at the hair at the base of my head. It’s a passionate deep kiss and I feel his strong back as I reach to hold him. He takes his right hand and pulls down on the sheet and traces my hip and thigh with his hand and stops just below my knee where he leaves the sheet. It feels so good, the touch of his hand, him tracing my curves. There is no need for talking, I feel myself wanting him even more as the heat flushes within me. My need for him is building, I feel the intense heat in my groin and my skin flushes. I ache for him to enter me.

The changes that are happening in my body feels good as he runs his hands over me. He draws his hand from below my knee up my inner thigh so slowly it seems like a minute, and then turns his hand to lay his palm across my mound and touches me there with his fingers. Using two fingers, he slowly and gently begins stroking my slit, searching for my clit while continuing his nibbling and biting at my neck, working his way down to the shoulder and back up. My breathing has become more noticeable, slower and deeper. He can feel the warm, wetness on his fingers as my moisture seeps where his fingers are. I let out a small sigh as he moves his hand away and slides it down the inside of one thigh and up the other.

He moves his mouth to one of my erect nipples sending shivers through me. I tremble as he slowly begins running his tongue around the areola and occasionally just barely biting and suckling at the nipple.

His breathing has now become deeper. He gets up and moves to the blinds and pulls them up and moves back over to me and turns out the light. The moonlight turns the room into a cascade of shadow and illumination. He takes my hands in his and lifts me up to my feet on the bed leaning me back against the headboard and wall completely exposing my nakedness to him. He quickly strips and positions himself on the bed in front of me on his knees and grasps my hips and pulls me to him as I reach back for the headboard to steady myself and lean against it to tilt my hips towards him, exposing more of me to him.

I am fully and completely exposed to him now, my shaved and trimmed pussy hot and swollen, with my moisture seeping from me. The lips guarding it are swollen and pulled back from my dark cave exposing its opening, it craving for him. He leans in and inhales my lust, his nose placed at my mound and I thought he was going to plunge his tongue into my heat and I pushed myself into him. He suddenly stands in front of me, pulling my mouth to his and kisses me deeply and passionately while pushing me against the wall and headboard. His engorged love muscle is pressed between us poking me in the stomach. I reach for it and as I grasp it he brushes my hand away.

He leaves me breathless as he slowly kisses his way down me, starting again at my mouth with a deep passionate kiss, moving down my neck working across my breasts, down to my navel, kissing across my smooth flat stomach, across it to both hips Escort Rize and down to my inner thighs. Once he gets there my breathing changes to very deep, almost gasping breaths and I lean back on to the wall and grasp the headboard. He kisses and sucks his way oh so slowly towards my wet pussy and I thrust myself out to him spreading my legs for him. He can smell my lust and wants so badly to taste me. I can see it in his eyes and face and the hardness of his love muscle, the tip escaping from the confines of his fore skin, the head turning a light purple it is so engorged.

As he inches his face closer he can feel the heat of my pussy and I can feel his hot breath. “Sara, you taste so very good,” he says as he starts slowly on my clit with the lightest circular touches he can manage with his tongue. I’m moaning now as I can see the tip of his tongue gliding back and forth across my swollen clit and see it disappear as he plunges it into me. The tingling grows and envelopes my body to the point I feel weakened and he can feel I’m almost to the point of being unable to stay upright.

He holds me by my hips and helps me down onto the bed and lays me flat on my back, he is on his knees between my legs and I spread them wide to accommodate him. He lifts my legs upward and outward and leans down and slides his tongue into me as deep as he can and fucks me with it. He listens to my breathing and the movement of my hips and my own thrusting to him and times his tongues thrusts with it; he can tell I’m just on the edge of starting to cum as I whimper and my body stiffens and begins to spasm.

My release sends hot fluid to his eagerly waiting mouth yet he never changes pace. I can feel and hear the sucking sounds of his tongue driving into me as he tries to capture my entire flood. I can’t believe how good it feels, wave after wave of spasms passes thru my body as I slowly drop my legs down onto his shoulders. He’s timed his motions completely with my heavy breathing and I feel like I’m riding a wave on the ocean, as my body seems to float, rising and falling in one long continuous orgasm. He stays at it until he feels my legs trembling and knows I am now so sensitive that I’ll need a little time to recover.

He lies down beside me and pulls me to him and we embrace tightly and kiss deeply. I can taste myself on him, liking it and whisper to him, “hold me tight and give me time to recover.” I can feel his engorged manhood pressing into my stomach as we hold each other tight. I was wondering why he had not entered me for his own release. I lie there in his arms thinking of what I will do for him in return as my hands move down and hold him. I discover he is very thick; my fingers can not quite reach around him.

I recover rather quickly. Although my release had been hard and deep, I had not had a man do something like that to me in a long time. He was still beside me, holding me against him, his hardness hot between us in my hands; he had not softened but seemed to be harder still. I knew what I had to do, need to do for him and me as I rolled over on top of him, kissing him deeply. I look into his eyes and smile the twinkling in my blue eyes an indication of what was to come. I sit up and slid myself up onto his chest and in placing my knees beside his head I positioned my pussy at his mouth. He quickly with out any hesitation lifts his mouth to meet me and dives in, his hands grasping my hips holding me.

I discover I am still sensitive from his earlier activity there and know I won’t last long with him doing that and quickly back away from his mouth with his mouth trying to follow and his hands trying to hold me there. I knew what I wanted to do and slowly slid myself down his chest leaving a streak of my moisture as I slide lower down to his stomach. I lean down and again kiss him deeply, savoring the taste of me on his lips. I follow the wet streak of my moisture down his chest with my tongue, stopping at each of his nipples to suck on them, hardening them in their own way. I was working my way to his navel and discover as I slid my pussy downward, I was blocked by his stiff hardness against my backside. I lift myself up and in grasping it, start rubbing the swollen head between my own swollen lips. He stiffens further in anticipation as he thinks I am going to position him and sit down upon him. He thrust upwards into me when he feels himself at my opening. I was not anticipating his thrust and stopped it by lifting myself up as his engorged head enters me.

“Not yet lover,” I said as I quickly twirled around and sit down on his chest, my back facing his head. He now can’t see what I am doing as I have him pinned to the bed by my weight on his chest.

I notice there is a little precum on the head of his cock mixed with my own moisture from him trying to enter me and bend down and lick it off, digging my tongue into his sensitive opening. He stiffens even more at my touch. My hands play with him as I slide his foreskin up over his swollen head several times as I stroke him.

I suck the head of his cock into my mouth and suck hard as I stroke him. He moans in surprise and eagerness at my sucking. He might have thought I would never do this, but I was determined to give him my all.

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