Michael Ch. 01


At 38, she wakes up to endless sexual possibilities.

It was the penultimate day of a holiday in Spain that my life and outlook changed forever. That was the day I met Michael.

My name is Louisa. I was 38 years old at the time of the first encounter, single and adequately sexually experienced. I’d had about 14/15 partners including three fairly serious relationships varying from 18 months to three years in length. Nevertheless, as I embarked on this summer break, I’d not had sex for nearly two years. Not that I particularly expected this holiday to provide any answers. It was an all-inclusive week in a 4 star hotel and neither Chris nor I were hopeful of any good looking single males being on offer. I was to find out I was wrong towards the end of the week.

I wasn’t a bad catch if I say so myself. Five feet five inches, about 130 pounds (a little on the plump side but curvy enough to carry it), long auburn hair and a true hour glass figure. Comparatively tiny waist, curvy hips and boobs that defied gravity. If I wanted to, I could stop traffic with my tits. 38F and not really at all saggy given my advancing years. I hadn’t had children – I guess that helped. Problem was, my confidence had taken a bit of a downer in recent months and I wasn’t generally projecting the confident sexiness that I had been able to in the past. Even in the blazing sunshine, I was encasing my form in serviceable, black one-piece swimsuits and long sarongs.

That all changed on the evening in question. I went from being a fairly open-minded but also somewhat conservative, ordinary woman who enjoyed sex well enough but had always been able to live without it to being a try anything, do anything slut who wanted sex most of the time.

There was nothing to suggest this was going to happen as Chris and I sat down at a table with a couple of drinks on the hotel terrace that evening. Chris wandered into the hotel to go to the loo and a few seconds later a sexy American voice asked, “Can I have that seat?” I glanced up to see one of the best looking men I had ever come across.

“Sure,” I replied nonchalantly, assuming he was going to pull the chair over to another table which he was no doubt sharing with his wife/girlfriend. This did not happen.

“I’m Michael,” he continued as he sat down next to me giving a frank and appreciative glance at my impressive cleavage as he did so, “And I hope you won’t mind it if I tell you that you are one of the sexiest women I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe ever.”

I gulped. I had no idea how to respond. I wasn’t sure if I was pleased or frustrated when Chris joined us seconds later. “Oh hello,” she smiled looking at me knowingly, “Christine Gardner.”

“Michael Lake,” Michael smiled back, rising slightly from his seat. How the conversation would have progressed with the three of us there sitting somewhat stiltedly I don’t know but fortunately the ice was broken with the arrival of Michael’s friend Rob who joined us at that point. He was socially at ease and made the atmosphere convivial. Not that Michael was gauche at all but the vibes he was giving off were that he was solely interested in me and that Chris was an awkward necessity to be negotiated. I was becoming increasingly aware that I wanted something to happen with Michael but wasn’t at all sure how I could stage manage it without excluding Chris. Things were about to be taken out of my hands however. Firstly, while Rob and Michael were getting drinks, Chris more or less gave me carte ataşehir escort bayan blanche to go off with Michael.

“He’s gorgeous and he wants you,” she stated succinctly. “Go for it – you need a good seeing to.” Secondly, shortly after the guys returned, Michael took my hand and told me he wanted to talk to me. Both Chris and Rob grinned, basically said “Don’t mind us” and waved us off.

We walked slowly out of the bar area and Michael steered me towards the lift. I was taken aback. Surely this could only mean one thing? “I thought you wanted to talk to me,” I mumbled.

“I do,” Michael replied, “And what I wanted to say was,” he leaned in close to me and lowered his voice, “I think you’ve got a bit of a naughty side deep down. I can always tell with women. I’d like to help bring it out.”

I was shocked I admit it. But I was also extremely excited. Here was possibly the most attractive man I’d ever met openly telling me he basically wanted to have sex with me. And probably not just straightforward sex either. I’ll be honest – my sexual relationships had been pretty conventional. Sure we’d done a few different positions, once even tried it in public and I was a dab hand at oral sex if that’s not a contradiction in terms but that was about as far as my adventurousness went. If I looked into my own psyche, Michael was right. There was a woman who was desperate to try something more. How much more would later shock me to the core but I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

“I… I’m not sure what you mean.” I murmured back. “I’m not a prude but I haven’t particularly got a wild sex history.” I surprised myself with my frankness.

Michael laughed. “Well I can’t change your history but how about I have a go at making the present a bit different?” he asked nodding at the lift which had just arrived.

“Okay,” I whispered surprising myself again, “But I warn you, I haven’t done this in quite some time.”

“A born again virgin,” he smiled leading me into the lift and pressing the button for the ninth floor. “Fabulous.”

Once the lift door had closed Michael bent down and kissed me. Softly, tenderly at first then with increasing passion. It took my breath away. I was sorry that the lift arrived at its destination so quickly. Michael’s kiss had awoken stirrings in my nether regions that hadn’t properly been aroused for months.

Michael led me out of the lift and towards his room door. He put his key card in the lock, opened the door and drew me inside. Once in he became masterful. “I think that dress should come off,” he instructed, “Now!”

I had no thought of baulking at the suggestion. I gently tugged the dress over my head and placed it on a nearby chair. Now I was standing in uplift bra and knickers. They matched but they weren’t the sexiest set I owned. They could have been a hell of a lot worse though I reflected, thinking that the knickers were at least high leg and flattering and that the bra, while it wasn’t sheer lace or half cup, pushed my very large breasts up so that they were almost being presented on a platter. Which in retrospect, they were. “Oh yes,” murmured Michael, “I am so, so right about you. Hot as hell. Look at those tits. No woman with man-attracting missiles like those could ever truly be a prim miss. I’m going to show you just how hot you really are.” And with that he scooped me up in his arms and deposited me in the middle of the king sized bed.

I had no idea what to expect next. I only knew escort kadıköy that there was an increasing wetness bubbling up in my vagina that would soon be seeping through my knickers. I wanted Michael to touch me but I was somewhat afraid that I would respond too enthusiastically, too desperately. Fortunately, Michael had no such qualms. His first action was to swiftly hook his fingers down both sides of my knickers and tug them down my thighs, causing me to involuntarily lift my bottom as he did so. He slid them off and cast them carelessly to one side before looking down at the sight he had created. Me, flat on the bed clad in only a black bra that by now was only just encasing my heaving breasts with legs slightly parted and a totally shaved pussy that if you looked closely (and Michael was) was clearly soaking wet.

“You are really turned on aren’t you,” Michael muttered as he stared down at my dripping pussy. “I’ve done nothing but kiss you once in the lift and you’re running like the River Nile down there. I wonder how long it’d take you to come. Shall we see?”

I couldn’t answer him. Not with words. I looked at him pleadingly and twitched my pussy upwards. Or that might have happened involuntarily – I don’t know. Michael moved his hand towards my labia, stopping before he touched me to observe, “Your clit’s really swollen too. Look babe, it’s pushing out from your pussy lips.” I glanced down. He was right. I could see the tip of my clitoris protruding from my labia – I couldn’t remember ever seeing that before but then I couldn’t remember ever being so turned on before. Right now though this wasn’t the most pressing of my concerns.

“Please…” I begged quietly as Michael’s hand hovered above my sex. “Please…”

“What do you want?” he asked, “Tell me.”

“Please touch me,” I pleaded.

“Touch you?” he asked again wickedly.

“Touch my pussy. Make me come.” He did. He rested his thumb on my clitoris and inserted forefinger and middle finger into my vagina. I gasped. He stopped. I moaned, partly in ecstasy, partly in frustration. He moved his fingers inside me and pressed down with his thumb. I had never felt anything like it. I dived headlong into the quickest, most intense climax I had ever had moaning, gasping and crying out. I never wanted it to end. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” was all I could utter.

“That’s as good a word as any,” Michael chuckled throatily looking down into my flushed, post-orgasmic face. “I’d make that about a minute, what do you say?” I looked confused. A minute, what? “The time it took you to come,” he chuckled again. “Are you starting to believe me? That you are one hot, sexy, naughty girl and you need seeing to?” I nodded. I would have agreed to just about anything at this point. “You agree?” Michael asked, “What are you?”

“I’m a hot, sexy, naughty girl,” I breathed.

“And?” Michael encouraged, “What do you need?”

“I need seeing to,” I confirmed. And I did. The fingering to climax was only the start. I was still on fire between my legs and still dripping juice. Another climax was bubbling under the surface, literally and metaphorically.

“You need to come again,” Michael said. It was a statement not a question or a suggestion. “I wonder…” he smiled then began to move down the bed. Soon his dark head was between my legs. “Wow,” he breathed, “You really are gushing fluid down here. You so need this you sexy bitch.” He parted my vulval lips and flicked at my clit with his tongue. I gasped. bostancı escort He nibbled gently before sucking it between his lips causing me to moan more loudly. “Careful,” he laughed, “You’ll drown me down here.” I knew my vagina was pulsing juice and I could no more stop it than fly. Months or possibly years of frustration were manifesting themselves in liquid form between my thighs. Michael was right. I was a naughty girl and I needed seeing to. I needed seeing to badly and for some time. I pushed my vulva up to Michael’s questing tongue. He knew what was needed and plunged his tongue deep into my pussy. I was aware that I was groaning loudly. Those in the next room would wonder… well they’d know what was going on I reflected but they’d also know what a horny bitch I was. The thought didn’t perturb me. In fact it turned me on more than ever. Michael doubled his efforts at my cunt, licking, sucking, tonguing, nipping. It was enough. Minutes after my first huge climax, I experience another even more intense. I cried out again, soaking Michael with my orgasm as I gushed over him. “Oh fuck…” I cried again as my pussy juddered and twitched around Michael’s tongue.

“Fabulous,” murmured Michael from the depths of my sex. “You’re so fucking hot.” He pulled himself up the bed and kissed me, transferring my juices from his lips to mine. “Don’t you taste fantastic?” he asked me. I smiled lustfully. “Now… I think it’s time you got fucked.” I moaned my acquiescence. “You want that?” Michael questioned. “Good, cause I can’t wait another second to be inside you.”

I don’t know if I was expecting something less conventional but that first fuck was straightforward, uncomplicated sex. Michael covered my body with his, slid on a condom and plunged his long, hard cock straight into my vagina. I was reduced to making animalistic noises at this point. Whimpering, mewling, growling – anything at all to express my ecstasy. He had me body and soul at this point and I would do anything for what he was giving me. The fuck didn’t last very long. It didn’t need to. I was a mass of libidinous jelly and was coming almost as soon as Michael entered me. The orgasm wasn’t as intense as the previous two but it lasted longer. I was coming for a good three minutes constantly and in the middle of my climax, I felt Michael come too with a loud groan of pleasure. “Fuck that was good.” he growled as he lay on top of me afterwards still with his cock buried deep inside me. “Sometimes straightforward sex is just what you need.” I was aware of being slightly uncomfortable and it dawned on me that I was still wearing my bra which was now really struggling to contain my huge, heaving tits. I reached behind me to unhook it only to find Michael’s hands stopping me.

“What?” I asked puzzled. “Why can’t I take it off? I need to – it’s uncomfortable.” I smirked up at him. “I promise you’ll like what’s underneath.”

Michael laughed sexily. “That I know,” he grinned “But I don’t want you to take it off.”

“Then you do it,” I pleaded urgently, “Just get the fucking thing off.”

“Not me either,” Michael said teasingly, “That would be a waste.”

“What the hell do you mean?” I was getting slightly annoyed now. “What’s a waste?”

Just then, there was a knock at the door. “Who’s that?” I asked nervously.

“Don’t worry,” Michael replied reassuringly. “You’ll be fine. If you don’t like it we won’t do it. But I think you need it.” I had no idea what he was talking about. He hopped off the bed and went to the door.

“Michael..” I warned him urgently, “I’m practically naked here.”

“Me too,” he grinned wickedly and opened the bedroom door. Rob was standing in the doorway. “Well,” Michael looked quizzically at me. “Does he come in or not?”

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