Michele all tied up

Michele all tied upmy sister in law michele is living in our home in the spare bedroom on the second floor of our home. we (being my wife and i) know she is a freak and always fucking. my wife had told me that she went into her room to get her dirty clothes one day and somehow snooped a little to much and found alot of sex toys including dick rings and bondage material and so forth. i told her to let it be and hopefully she will. well one day i came home a little earlier then usual and for me that is rare. i got home around 2 and the wife and k**s dont get home till after 4 from work and school. i thought michele had to work but apperently not. i walked in the house through the garage which meant she didnt hear me come in. i heard alot of sex noises and so forth so i was going to wait in the kitchen till the dude left and then i would announce myself. i was sitting in the kitchen and all of a suddeen my neighbor came running in the kitchen laughing and carring on and ran into me. he was freaking out and i told him to settle down and to just go home and his wife will never hear it from me. i promised him. he then told me to tell michele and i should go check on çorum escort her. he left and i headed upstairs and i could hear her mumbling and calling chads name the best she could. when i opened the door a little i was very suprised and shocked. there was michele hands bound to the bed post and gag ball in her mouth. she also had a mask over her eyes that looked solid black. i walked to her and ran my fingers up her leg and across her stomach over one of her big tits and up to the ball. i relised the ball and she started yelling that she needed my cock now please fuck her and screaming. she didnt know i was me and chad was gone. i couldnt resist i reached out and grabbed one of her tits and squeezed real hard and she started bucking. i leaned down and sucked her dark brown pancake size areola with thick giant nipples. i then started getting real hard. i quickly undid my fly and dropped my pants and shorts then took off my shirt. i got close to her mouth and was going to just let her suck it. i slid my cock deep in her throat and fucked her face real hard.i was fucking her face so hard she almost stopped breathing. i then started jacking off over her face and escort çorum then she said please fuck me please. it was at this point she said i need your fat brother in law cock inside me. i froze. she then slid her hands out and lifted the mask. it was black on one side and you could see through the inside. it was for her safty. she said i heard you ccome in and told chad to go get the whipped cream because i knew you woulod do the right thing. she said this as i stood there with a half hard cock and staring at her. she reached up and grip;ped my cock and started stroking it. i just stood there. she then said i wont tell if you dont. she reached over and grabbed a remote and started a movie. it looked real familiar and thats because it was my wife and i fucking. she said i masterbate to you all the time now i can have it for real. my favorite part she said i looked and it had me cumming inside my wifes ass and it running out all over the place. i looked at her and grabbed her arms and strapped her tight in the cuffs. she was cumming almost instantly. i grabbed her legs and got btween them and slowly put the head of my cock against her cuny. i went in deep çorum escort bayan and hard one thrust. i started fucking her so hard i lost it. i was grabbing her fat tits and pounding her tight pussy and she was begging for more. i flipped her over and tied her back up and said was going to fuck her ass. she was begging. i kept pumping her pussy while i worked 3 fingers in her butt. i pulled my cock out and it slid right in her ass. i started fucking nice and quick but not to fast till she started begging for my cum. i then started fucking nice and hard and she said and screamed she was cumming and i was going to as well. she was real surprised though when i started to cum and yanked out my cock and shoved deep in her pussy and started to flood her cunt. she started screaming that she was cumming and squirted all over my crotch. i got the thrill of a life time with that day. the next morning she sat across from me at the breakfast table and my wife next to me. michele had her foot in my robe and rubbing my cock. i told my wife she should go have a mani and pedi and michele said she had to go to work. they both left and 5 minutes later michele was back with my cock in her mouth. wierd though my wife came back about 5 minutes after that and my cock was in micheles hot fucking pussy bent over the couch facing the door. cant hide this but it turns out great. stay tuned for that story….

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