Michelle’s Big Surprise Part 2 (repost)

Michelle’s Big Surprise Part 2 (repost)Michelle’s Big Surprise part 2We then laid back down and he put his arms around me and we both went back to sleep. Here is what happens next in my dream it continues from when I get back home from the taxi. When I got home Mark was already asleep so I crawled in the bed quickly and quietly after I stripped off my dress and removed my bra. I awoke to my cellphone ringing it was Claudia. ”Hola lovely Michelle it’s Claudia I really enjoyed making love to you last night. I talked to my two girlfriends and they too wanna make love to you. I told them how gorgeous you are and they are interested in gang banging you. They are both like me except their cocks are not as big as mine” Claudia tells me.“That sounds great to me. Mark just left for practice so you all can come to my place” I replied to her. I gave Claudia my address. She replied that she would pick up her two friends and would be there in a hour and a half. I hung up the phone and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I picked out my favorite Teddy Kelly green matching panties and garters. I put on my perfume Calvin Klein Obsession. The door bell rang at 10 am. I looked through the peephole and there was Claudia with a big blonde and a red head. I let them all in. I took their coats. Claudia came over to me and kissed me deeply on my lips. Then Claudia introduced me to her to friends. “The Blonde her name is Francine. She has a 10 inch cock and 36D breasts. Jasmine she is a natural read head she has 34 C breasts and a 8 inch cock”Claudia tells me. “Wow awesome have a seat and I will bring you all some coffee I just made a fresh pot” I say to them. Claudia looked so sexy in her blue dress, as did Francine in her hot pink dress and matching garters. Jasmine looked incredible in her black leather pants and a white halter top. I came back in the living room with the pot of coffee and milk and sugar and 4 cups with saucers and 4 teaspoons inside them.” Can I have half and half or creamer and sweet and low please?”Jasmine asks. “Sorry I don’t have half and half or creamer.” I replied. I went in the kitchen and got Jasmine sweet and low as I did have that. I returned and handed the sweet and low to Jasmine.” This is good Coffee Michelle” Claudia proclaims. Jasmine and Francine both nod in agreement. Francine finished her coffee then stood up and came over to me she. She removed her dress and then her panties. Claudia was right her Francine had a big one. My pussy started getting very wet. Jasmine got up and removed her halter top. She has a lot of freckles on upper chest above her breasts and on her shoulders and upper arms. She removed her pants and her panties. I took both Jasmine and Francine by their cocks and led them to my bedroom with Claudia still dressed following behind. I opened the door and we all entered. Claudia removed her dress and had no underwear on and her massive 13 inch cock was fully erect. Francine and Jasmine sat on my bed next to each other. Claudia removed my robe then she removed my panties, but left my garter and teddy on.”Michelle do you want me to remove the teddy it might get damaged from illegal bahis all of us cumming on you” Claudia suggested. I nodded yes and she helped me remove it. I removed the garter and stockings as well. Claudia laid down on back on my bed. I went over to her and started sucking her cock. Francine came behind me and started licking my pussy. She spread my ass with her hands and started licking my ass too. Jasmine sat on the chair next to my bed and started stroking her 8 inch cock. While it was not as big as Francine or Claudia it was very pretty thick too. Her cock had a little bit more girth than Francine did. “Where are your condoms Michelle I want you to fuck you from behind” Francine asked. I stopped sucking Claudia’s massive monster and pointed at the bed side table. Claudia reached inside the draw and found a box full of Magnum xl. She tossed one to Francine and she opened it and rolled it down her cock. She spit on her hand and rubbed her cock till it was slick and she slowly fed her cock in my wet soaking pussy. She fucked me hard and slow. It took a few thrusts to get her huge she-cock to the hilt in my pussy. It didn’t take long for me to have a orgasm I gushed all over Francine’s big cock. Francine pulled out of my pussy and took off the rubber and shot a massive load all over my ass and back some of it landed in my hair which I have in a ponytail. Shot after shot my backside was now covered white from Francine’s massive load. Jasmine took a rubber out of the box and opened it and rolled it on her cock,She handed a condom to Claudia I took it from her and opened it and put it on her cock for her. I rolled it down her humongous cock and then I got up and slowly lowered my tight pussy down Claudia’s monster tool. I rode slowly till that massive rod fully stretched my pussy. Claudia handed Jasmine a bottle of astroglide and she squirted it all over my asshole and on her cock and she then put some on her fingers and penetrated my ass. First one finger then two. She fingered my ass as Francine came over and stood over Claudia’s head and put her massive cock in my mouth. I now have all my holes filled up. Just then the phone rang I had Claudia hand me the phone I stopped sucking Francine and told them all to be quiet as it was My boyfriend Mark. He called to see how I was since I Was so out of it the night before. I hung up the phone and Francine inserted her huge cock back in my mouth just as Jasmine entered my ass with her big tool. She spanked my ass hard causing me to gag as I tried to yelp. The sensation of being of being double penetrated by these two gorgeous she cocks made me have orgasms like I never imagined possible I came so hard that I almost passed out. Jasmine pulled out and came all over my ass and back her cum covered me as much as Francine’s did. I got off of Claudia’s monster as Francine laid down on her back. I lowered my ass down her cock reverse cowgirl. The phone rang again this time it was my best friend Nancy I told her to come on over that there is a surprise here for her and to use her spare keys. Nancy is 35 Korean and she has black hair with brown eyes 5’2 illegal bahis siteleri 110 34 b breasts. She is very sexy and looks like she is in her twenties. Claudia took the phone from my hand and placed it back on the base so it stays charged. She then put on a condom and slowly entered my wet pussy with her monster. It hurt but it felt really good. Here I am getting fucked by theses three sexy shemales as Nancy walked in my bedroom. Her face turned bright red in shock. Jasmine went over to her and started taking off Nancy’s clothing. Nancy was now fully naked. “Wow you are so very sexy Nancy. Can’t wait to enter your tight little pussy and ass with my big cock”Jasmine says. Nancy got on her Knees and started licking and sucking Jasmine’s cock while I was getting double stuffed hard and deep. Jasmine laid down on the bed and rolled a new rubber on her cock. Nancy lowered her tight pussy down Jasmine’s big cock. Nancy shrieked loudly in pain as that big cock stretched her pussy like it never has been before. Her husband is Korean too and he has a very small dick. I know because Nancy and I fucked him on his birthday this past summer. Nancy took all of Jamine’s cock deep in her pussy riding her harder and faster. While I was getting the fuck of a lifetime Nancy leaned towards me and kissed me deeply. Jasmine then pulled her head closer to her and stuck her tongue deep in her mouth kissing her deeply as she bucked her 9 inch monster inside Nancy’s tight pussy. Nancy started to howl and scream as she had a tremendous orgasm squirting all over Jasmine and the bed. Claudia couldn’t hold out any longer from fucking my tight pussy.” Lay flat on top of Francine and close your eyes and open your mouth” Claudia orders me. I did as she told me she removed the rubber and came and squatted over my chest below my breasts. She started stroking her monster and in 5 seconds a blast of cum splashed on my lips and mouth then a second shot hit my nose and the third and fourth she covered my nipples completely. She still wasn’t done as she came all over my chin and my cheek. Still hard she put the rubber back on and ordered Nancy to get off of Jasmine and lower her asshole down her monster. Reluctantly Nancy got off of Jasmine’s cock. Jasmine still slick from Nancy’s pussy juices entered her cock in my pussy taking Claudia’s place. Claudia lubed up her cock and slowly spread Nancy’s tight little asshole. She cried as it slowly went deeper and deeper in her tight little asshole being stretched beyond what it’s normally stretched to. Francine fucked my ass harder. I then had another explosive gushing orgasm. I got off of Francine’s cock. She told me to lay down on my back right next to Nancy. She moved the pillows to the chair next to my bed so I moved closer to Nancy. Francine removed her rubber and put her huge cock in my mouth. I sucked it deep till she was ready to explode. Francine took her cock and stroked it she squatted over my chest and shot her massive load all over my breasts. It was such a massive amount that it covered my neck and belly too. Nancy had another orgasm as Claudia and Jasmine fucked canlı bahis siteleri her pussy and ass like they did mine. Claudia pulled out of Nancy’s ass and told her to lay down on the bed. She got off of Jasmine’s cock . Claudia and Jasmine both stood over Nancy stroking their cocks. Claudia came first. The first shot hit Nancy on her forehead the second and third landed on her cheeks and the last two all over her lips and chin. Jasmine shot her load all over Nancy’s breasts and the last shot hit her in her chin. I got a towel wiped off my face then went over to Nancy and licked the cum off of her lips and breasts. Claudia and Jasmine kissed me deeply and thanked me as Francine was getting dressed then Claudia and Jasmine got dressed. Francine kissed Nancy and I deeply then got dressed. “Thank you that was even more amazing than last night and your friends are awesome too” I said too all three of them.”You were amazing too Jasmine and I are very pleased that Claudia invited us over to party with you and your friend Nancy”Francine says to Nancy and I. I threw on my robe and walked them all to the door. We all hugged and said our good byes and then they left. I locked the door behind them and then Nancy and I took a shower and got cleaned up. ‘Wow that was so hot but it hurt a lot my ass hurts so much right now Michelle. I can’t believe you could take those humongous cocks in your pussy and ass. I didn’t know trannies had such big cocks specially Claudia.”Nancy says to me. “Well Claudia fucked the shit out of me last night. So it wasn’t that painful to handle. And besides I love a little pain now and then it makes me feel alive. Also I have 2 sons so I know whats its like to experience pain.” I replied. It was now 1:45 pm I had to pick up my son from school So I took my shower first. Then I got dressed While Nancy got all fresh and clean she even douched her pussy and her ass. She came out of the bathroom and got dressed. I let her use some of my Calvin Klein Obsession perfume. She kissed me deeply on my lips and thanked me for inviting her over. She left. That is when I woke up in a sweat again.I felt pressure in my ass it was Mark fucking me while I was dreaming. He pulled out and came on my right ass cheek and gently rubbed it in. I turned around still half asleep and looked at him and said ”What the fuck are you doing baby”.“You were having another sex dream and woke me up I was stroking my cock for a little while but I couldn’t resist fucking you in your sexy ass I am sorry if you didn’t like that ”He replies with a sad tone. I looked at him and replied “Baby it’s okay you just surprised me is all. You wouldn’t believe how amazing the sex was in that dream. This time Claudia called to see if I was available to hang out and she invited two friends just like her, and while we had sex My friend Nancy called and I invited her to join me and they fucked her too”.“Wow I always wanted to fuck Nancy She is very hot I never have fucked an Asian Girl before” Mark replies. “Yeah well maybe sometime we can her hubby has such a small dick she sure would love your big 10 inches. We better get dressed you gotta get up and go to practice and I need to get a shower and get my sons up. I gotta make breakfast and get them ready for school” I replied. What a crazy ass night of Wild sex dreams. Sometime soon I will write about Nancy and I having a threesome with Mark.The end

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