Mike, Dawn and ‘Raven’



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Mike, Dawn and ‘Raven’

Mike was a bachelor of long standing. He enjoyed sex, moreso as a recreation than anything else. Since he was eighteen he had managed to persuade many females into his bed. His ability to charm their panties off them was due in part to him selecting girls who clearly enjoyed sex, ones that liked a good licking followed by a good fucking. Now though, in his late thirties, he was feeling that he had played the field for long enough. His appetite for sex had not diminished but he felt that it was probably time to settle down.

Dawn was much younger than Mike. At almost nineteen years old she had a wonderful figure with a slim waist and shapely breasts. Her dark hair cascaded onto her shoulders. Brown eyes gave her a softened face that made guys sigh with their appeal. She dressed conservatively and still lived at home with her parents. There had been boyfriends but nothing had become serious with any of them.

Mike met Dawn by chance. They were both in the same store and were queuing in the Coffee Shop. It was busy and they ended up sharing a table. Mike had felt an instant attraction and he turned on his charms. Dawn was flattered by his obvious interest, mainly because she felt attracted to the smartly dressed guy with quite a fit physique, steely blue eyes and square jaw. He was a great conversationalist, drawing her into it with ease and he bought her some more coffee to prolong their chat – which quite suited her.

As the encounter edged towards a logical conclusion, Mike took a chance and asked Dawn if she would like to go to dinner some time. The teenager jumped at the invitation even though by now she was well aware of their age difference. They set a date for that coming weekend.

On the Saturday evening, Mike drew up outside the address that Dawn had given him. Before he could get out of the car, he saw Dawn skip down the driveway towards him. She jumped into the passenger seat and as the car’s interior light began to fade Mike took in her pretty face, lovely hair and those eyes again. It confirmed his initial assessment and reminded him why he had asked her out.

He took her to his favourite ‘seduction’ restaurant. The one where the waiters made such a fuss of the ladies that they felt they were so special. It usually got the ladies into the good frame of mind that made them receptive to his charms – and overtures – and subtle sexual advances.

Dawn was certainly receptive to his charms, loving every moment of them. She was quite receptive to his overtures about seeing her again and going to a show or for another meal out. The sexual advances though, fell on stony ground. Nothing took hold or it got plainly rebuffed. It was as though she did not understand what the advances were.

Mike did not let his lack of progress affect or deter him. Many girls held off on the first date. She’d be one of those, he reckoned. He gazed into her cleavage, which was quite revealing and he took it as a positive sign for future prospects. They stayed at the restaurant until nearly closing time, rapt in their conversation. Mike had ceased the plays for sex on the basis that it was going to be at least a second date before sex would occur. They took a taxi as they had drank wine with the meal. Dropping Dawn off, Mike received a kiss on the cheek.

Mike phoned her the next day, realising already that this girl was getting to him. He found her adorable and there was no sign of the age gap being an issue for either of them. The chatted for ages on the phone and arranged a cinema date for a few days later. Before that day arrived Mike was thrilled to receive a chatty call from Dawn. It was a promising sign and he began to speculate more as to what Dawn would be like in bed.

They enjoyed the film and Mike drove towards Dawn’s home. He suggested that they stopped for a drink and Dawn agreed. She had a glass of Chardonnay while he stuck to mineral water. Again, the subtle sexual advances went unnoticed. In the car, outside her house she at least kissed him on the lips but just once and only briefly.

The weekend brought another dinner date. Again, Dawn güvenilir bahis looked sensational. They had a great time together and then, to Mike’s relief, Dawn accepted the invitation to have coffee at his place. Now he thought that bed was on the cards. He did actually make coffee and sat beside her on the sofa. With the usual dimmed lights and suitable music, he moved in for that important kiss.

Their lips met gently. The kiss took a few seconds to ignite then suddenly Dawn was ravenous for his mouth. She kissed him animatedly and with force. He followed her lead, growing in confidence that tonight he would get to know Dawn intimately. Her kissing aroused him and he felt himself stiffening. He purred inwardly that soon Dawn would be feeling that stiffness. His hand moved over her ribs and up towards her breast, still on the outside of her dress. As it began to trespass onto her soft flesh, Dawn gently took hold of it and moved it to a more acceptable position.

Thinking Dawn was playing hard to get, Mike tried again getting the same result. By now Dawn was panting with passion from the kissing. Mike placed a hand on her knee, only for it to be removed gently. Mike tried one more time with a hand to Dawn’s breast only to be rebuffed once more. “Hey mister. Let’s just kiss for now.” said Dawn in a disarming, gentle way that implied hope for more at some point.

Yet there was little more than the sensational kissing over the next few months. Mike had eventually asked Dawn about sex and she had told him lovingly that she wasn’t ready yet. She did not tell him when she would be ready.

Despite the limited intimacy, Mike found himself falling heavily for Dawn. She was beautiful, a lovely personality, a great body, not that he had seen it properly – and the age gap was not a problem. Some months after meeting Dawn, Mike asked her to marry him.

Dawn accepted, thrilled at the prospect of being his wife. They set a date for just a few months off. There was no need to wait long as Mike was earning enough to provide for them – and pay for the wedding. He thought that the engagement ring would unlock Dawn’s legs but it quickly became apparent that it wouldn’t. In a tender heart-to-heart moment, Dawn confessed her virginity and her ambition to be a virgin bride. Though it came as a bit of a surprise to him that there were any virgins of Dawn’s age these days, Mike also felt a thrill from the prospect of taking that virginity.

Mike had not been entirely faithful to Dawn in the months that they were together. Once it was clear that he was going to have to wait for sex with her, he had called in a couple of favours to get some no-strings mercy fucks from available former lovers. He confided the cause of his need which the various women found intriguing, adorable or humorous.

The wedding day came and an excited couple exchanged their rings and made their vows. Mike and Dawn flew off on their honeymoon straight from the reception so it was not until they were settling in their suite at the classy hotel in the Seychelles that sex became a possibility.

The honeymoon suite was incredible. It was a lodge set in the grounds of the hotel, amongst giant boulders and towering palm trees, just yards from the lapping waves on the golden beach. The split level room had a huge bedroom at the lower level with the bed facing huge French windows which looked onto the Indian Ocean. Half a level above, the bathroom too looked out over the ocean if the blinds were opened so that with careful positioning of blinds and curtains it was possible to bath or shower with the sea breeze wafting through open French windows.

Mike resisted the temptation to jump onto Dawn’s bones at the first real opportunity. They got settled into the room, refreshed in the exotic bathroom, dressed smartly and walked through the gardens to the best restaurant in the hotel. They were several to choose from. After a romantic dinner during which they watched the moon rise out of the ocean, the couple walked hand in hand back to their room. Hotel staff had been in to turn the bed down and leave a chilled bottle of champagne.

On their own now and well aware what was to happen next, Dawn slipped into the bathroom to change while Mike undressed and put on a robe. Dawn emerged looking sensational in an incredible white negligee. Mike felt his loins stir as he gazed at more of Dawn’s cleavage than he had ever seen before. The sheer negligee was almost see-through and he could see a very sexy pair of panties were underneath.

Mike opened the champagne and they toasted each other before they began some fervent kissing. Mike soon guided Dawn onto the huge bed and he then dimmed the lights right down before opening the curtains and French windows. Moonlight softly lit the room whilst the sound of the waves and the gentle breeze added to the atmosphere.

After a lot more of the kissing that had so far been Mike’s only sexual connection with Dawn, he dared to slip the negligee off her body. türkçe bahis Dawn did not demur. She lay there in a sexy bra and matching panties. She looked fabulous. Beautiful, sexy, alluring and virginal. Again, deep animated kissing and Mike touched Dawn’s breast over her bra cup. She let him do it and he soon reached behind her to unfasten the awkward garment. Dawn raised her arms to assist in its removal. Slowly two delightful orbs of flesh crowned with pinky brown areolae were revealed. Mike softly kissed and nibbled them, much to Dawn’s delight. Some minutes of this passed, interspersed with more kissing. Both of them knew it was time to go further. While staring into his new wife’s eyes, Mike took hold of the waistband of her panties with both hands. As he began to ease them off her, she arched her back in an unintentional sexy move which allowed him to make her naked.

As the waves gently threw themselves onto the golden sand and the moonlight created a million reflections on the water, Mike laid his eyes where Dawn’s shapely toned thighs met. He gasped almost audibly as he saw her womanhood for the first time. To his surprise, Dawn’s most intimate place was swathed in a huge bush. Her dark pubes crowned her pussy lips and reached far up her abdomen like spreading roots growing upwards not down. He felt a strange burst of exhilaration as he drank in this vista, made sexier by the moonbeams.

Raised up on his knees, Mike opened his robe to reveal his aroused penis to Dawn for the first time. He was not huge but had never received complaints. His six and a half inches included a sizeable cock head which had penetrated many pairs of pussy lips. Now he would penetrate Dawn for the first time.

When Dawn saw Mike’s cock she inhaled sharply but not loud enough for Mike to hear. Well aware of what was required of her now, she whispered loudly but very sexily “Take me, I’m yours!” With that, Dawn drew her legs up and apart. Her dark bush hid her large pussy lips from his eyes.

Mike positioned himself over Dawn and brought his cock up to take Dawn’s virginity. He eased into contact with her and her hairs tickled his cock head. It seeped pre-come onto her bush. He pushed further and his years of sexual experience told him where to press. He found her pussy lips with ease and pressed between them. Dawn was drenched with her juices. With his cock head fully between her lips, Mike pushed firmly. He felt a moment of resistance and her heard Dawn gasp as he ruthlessly powered through it. Dawn had gasped, but only lightly, as her virginity was torn aside in their desires and lust.

Yet, no sooner had Mike broken his wife in as a sex partner, he gasped himself as he realised that his virginal wife had a huge vagina, massive in fact. It was bigger than anything he had experienced – and he had experienced plenty. To his further surprise, he felt a huge elation. His wife’s huge pussy thrilled him. As Dawn lay there, almost still, Mike began to fuck her with gusto.

His experience as a bed partner meant that Mike could stave off a climax for quite some time. Despite the extra excitement of the deflowering of his bride, the huge arena he now played in helped him last longer still. Whilst there was more fervent kissing, Dawn did not get into a rhythm of moves or counter thrusts. She lay there, taking his powerful thrusts into her substantial pussy.

Mike decided that he did not know if Dawn would climax now – or ever – but he gave her his fullest possible attention before he released his control. He heard another slight gasp as he delivered a substantial amount of hot creamy semen into his wife. He groaned as her lay still on her lovely body. She held him to her.

“Darling, I’ll make you another vow.” said Dawn. “My body is always there for your manly needs. I’ll never refuse you sex. Of course, if it’s my time of the month I’ll look after you by hand but my body is yours to take whenever you want.” It was a vow that Dawn’s mother told her to make and keep in some quaint old fashioned notion of keeping menfolk faithful.

“Thank you Darling!” gasped Mike. “That means so much to me. And when you want me, I’ll be there for you too!” He knew that his vow was the easier to keep. He rolled off Dawn and in the moonlight he saw the small bloody mark on the bed sheet which confirmed Dawn’s old status and new.

They snuggled up together and before long they fell asleep. Mike woke in the early hours sporting a stiff erection. He wasn’t even thinking about Dawn’s vow when he pulled her legs apart. He wanted to fuck her again. She had woken with his opening her for his desires. As he mounted her and penetrated, she lay there immobile as he thrust into her.

Mike thought about her sizeable pussy and realised that as a virgin, Dawn would probably have no idea that she was so cavernous. As for her bush, either she preferred it natural like that or none of her girlfriends had talked about trimming and shaving down there. He also thought about her being so still güvenilir bahis siteleri as he fucked her and he concluded that it was due to her sexual inexperience. She’ll soon get lively, he thought, after all she gets so frenzied just kissing. Dawn held him close to her as he ejaculated into her for the second time. They resumed their sleep.

As sunshine lit the room, Mike woke and gazed upon his naked wife. Her body was gorgeous. Her tits were lovely and quite plump but firm. Her thighs were slightly parted and looked very horny. He moved off the bed and stood by the windows, feeling the breeze on his naked body. The beach looked wonderful and the ocean was a beautiful blue. He turned to look at Dawn. Her thighs were further apart now. He stared at her dark patch and saw the crimson gash of intimate flesh. His desire rose again but it was a slightly different yet equally intimate desire. He returned to their bed and pulled her legs further apart in order to bury his face in her bush.

Morning-after cunnilingus turned Mike on. In fact, some of his ex’s had insisted on it, finding the musky odours and erotic tastes very compelling. His tongue was quickly between her long pussy lips. Her bush tickled his face. He tasted their lustful juices which had lain inside Dawn for a few hours. It was horny erotic stuff and he loved it. Dawn gasped as she realised what was happening to her. She had no idea that people really did things like this and, yes, it felt nice but it was so dirty, so rude. She remembered her vow and slowly widened her thighs to improve his access to her pussy. It did feel nice, she guiltily admitted to herself.

Mike feasted on her for ten minutes or more. He had her big pussy spread over his face like an oxygen mask. He licked the erotic cocktail off her clitoris which caused Dawn to squirm and moan. Then he moved up her body, plunged his cock into her huge sex hole again before kissing her avidly. For the first time in her life Dawn tasted pussy juices and semen mixed – and a few hours old. The musky odours and strange tastes were not instantly to her liking and she realised that sex was involving things she was not necessarily comfortable with but she would go along with it for her husband if it was what he needed.

Later that day after their room had been serviced, Dawn found a small posy of red flowers on their bed in the position where the room staff had found her blood on the sheet. It made her smile and realise that her loss was known by others.

Throughout their honeymoon Mike was frequently wanting sex with his young wife. When he tried to get her into different positions, she found a way to gently resist but she never refused him his fuck. She would say things like “I like it like this.” or “Can’t we do it the usual way.” to get Mike to stop his attempts for doggy style and other positions he had in mind. He did succeed in taking her from behind occasionally by getting into her when she slept on her side. When this occurred, Dawn lay still as usual while he powered his cock into her enormous vulva while grasping her breast. Despite Mike’s frustrations over the limited variety of their positions, he was finding the excitement from her largeness giving him good satisfying sex. Dawn resisted his attempts to get her to suck his cock by saying that she wasn’t ready for that yet.

The honeymoon was joyous in its idyllic surroundings and they were both thrilled from the location and their intimate time together. Dawn did get anxious with Mike one morning as he mounted her for the usual morning fuck. The windows and curtains were open so that the sea breeze and sunshine came in. As he pushed his stiff cock in and out of her stilled body, Dawn noticed two of the hotel staff passing by and gazing straight at their love-making. However, she did not comment to Mike until he had reached his climax.

One day they found themselves on a stretch of beach all on their own. Mike urged Dawn to strip off. She reluctantly removed her bikini top to expose her tits to the sun. Mike wanted her naked so that they could fuck. He coaxed her until she agreed to go naked but only by the trees on the edge of the beach. He lay a towel down under a large palm and got Dawn to lay on her back. “I’m calling on your vow!” he said slightly cruelly. Dawn opened her thighs wide and her pussy gaped in the bright sunshine. Mike’s tongue soon filled her hole. As Dean stared at the azure sky through the palm leaves, her husband licked her juices as though they were a tropical cocktail. She stared into the leaves still as he pushed his stiff cock into her plentiful pussy.

“Will you always let me fuck you whenever I want?” he asked after he had emptied his ball into his wife.

“Of course, Darling. I’ll never refuse you sex. You’re my man. I love you and you must use my body for your pleasures whenever you want.” Dawn told him. Mike knew that he had an incredible woman.

Back home after the honeymoon, the couple moved into a new house. Their life together was loving and fulfilling with Mike getting all of the sex he wanted from Dawn. She, however, was still not ready for an active role in it and she continued to lay there contentedly while her husband used her body for his pleasures.

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