MILF’s Night Out


You aren’t exactly sure how you ended up in this situation; this college boy pressing you against the car as you try to stand unsteadily in your five inch heels. You aren’t sure how you ended up with his hand up your skirt and his tongue in your mouth. You only know that your body is responding in a way that you had not expected when the evening began. You can feel the moisture between your legs and you are sure he can feel it through your thong as you fight the urge to slide it aside and give him access to the source of that wetness. You can feel his large erection pressing against your leg as he presses against your short leather skirt that covers very little of your thigh. You can feel your hard nipples pressing against your lace bra and the thin cover up that really doesn’t live up to its name. You can also feel where your body wants this to go.

It all had started innocently enough. Kim had called and you had planned a girl’s night out since Bill was out at the lake, fixing up the cabin for your weekend away from the kids. You had spent the afternoon by the pool, sharing stories like friends do and drinking wine. It was unbearably hot as it had been for weeks and you were enjoying the wine and the time with Kim by the pool at her apartment complex. The small black suit you were wearing was actually more string than fabric and your body had developed a glean of sweat during the afternoon. But it was Bill’s favorite and you enjoyed wearing it and thinking of the child free weekend to come. Kim even caught you absent mindedly running your fingers along the barely visible fabric covering your pussy while you were thinking about the fun to come once you got to the lake. She had to stop you since the guys across the pool were staring.

It was finally time to head out so you jumped into Kim’s shower to clean up. You couldn’t help but touch yourself. Your fingers roamed across your breasts, stopping to tickle your nipples. With one breast cupped in your palm, your other hand slid between your thighs and found your pussy even wetter than the water running across your back. You knew where to touch yourself and it didn’t take long for your body to shudder with a release of the tension that the wine and anticipation had built up during the day.

When it was time to go, you took a quick look in the mirror. Your knew your short black skirt looked flirty, almost like a cheerleader skirt, and enjoyed the thought of the looks you would probably be getting. Your black lace bra surrounded but did not really contain your breasts. The cover up was black, but sheer enough that you bra was clearly visible through the material. You sat on the bed, realizing that your skirt was short enough that each time you did this it would flash a bit of the black thong underneath. You slipped on your favorite footwear, your 5 inch black heels. You had worn these for Bill, along with black thigh highs and nothing else, on more than one occasion and they always made you feel sexy. You stood and turned, looking in the mirror over your shoulder. Not bad for a mom of two heading out for a night on the town.

You hopped in Kim’s car and headed to the Oldtown area. It was an active place, especially on Friday night. As Kim parked in the lot, you noticed the crowds on the street. It was only a short walk to the restaurant but the wait was about 30 minutes until your table was ready. You and Kim killed time at the bar, where you didn’t have to pay for any of the drinks you had courtesy of various males that were trying hard to get your attention. You were finally shown to your table, where the waiter just about spilled his water pitcher as he was filling your glasses while he was busy staring into your lap at the thong that was exposed when you were seated. Kim mentioned that he seemed a bit distracted and you just smiled.

After dinner and a few more glasses of wine, you stepped out onto the street. The coolness of the night air after the warmth of the restaurant caused your nipples to become erect. You could feel them pressing against the tight material of your top. You could hear the noise of the music from the club down the street and Kim steered you both to the entrance. Being near the college, Oldtown was known for its nightclubs and the place was crowded when you entered. You found a table near the wall. It was one of the taller ones, with the stools to sit on and when you settled in you were sure that you were flashing anyone who was looking. You could barely feel gaziantep grup escort bayan any skirt against the cool leather seat of the stool. You might normally have been worried about your panties being so visible but the heat and the wine had combined to lower your inhibitions.

In no time, you two were asked to dance. The boys didn’t look that much older than your two sons but you were eager to dance so readily accepted. As the music pumped through the building, you shook your body and fell into the rhythm. As your turned and spun, you partner grabbed your waist while you were facing away from him. He pulled your hips closer to his. As he pressed against you, you could feel his excitement through your skirt. He pressed harder and you bent forward, pressing back against him. The feeling changed and you knew that your skirt had ridden up your waist and that he was now pressing his slacks against the flesh of your ass. You couldn’t resist the desire to tease him a bit and wiggled your behind against him before standing back up and turning to face him. You could see his stunned look of amazement and a glance down showed you what you had felt against your ass moments before. When you looked over at Kim dancing, you could see her smiling as her partner had pulled her against him with his hand caressing her ass. He started to bunch the skirt she was wearing up to her waist and as her ass became visible she reached back and lightly slapped his hand.

After an hour or so of dancing and exciting most every man in the place, you both decided to walk down the street to another club. The cool air was a welcome relief, although it was still plenty warm outside. You were both giggling and comparing notes about the aggression and sexiness of your various dance partners along with some estimates of how endowed each of them might have been. As you started to cross the street you found out there is an issue involved in trying to walk across cobblestone streets in high heels, especially after two bottles of wine and an hour of dry humping dance partners. Kim condition didn’t put her in a position to help.

A small group of boys came over to ask you if you needed help. You smiled and tried to explain the problem but they seemed to already know. Once of them, you found out later his name was Nick, stepped beside you and slipped his arm around your waist. He was tall, with dark hair and blue eyes and he looked at you with a smile as he lifted you slightly. As he guided you to the sidewalk, you look beside you to see Kim supported between two young blond boys with a huge smile on her face. They had their arms around her upper back as they supported her and both had reached far enough to get a cheap feel of her breasts as they supported her.

The next club was even more crowded than the first. You ended up with the boys, standing next to the wall and talking between dances. Nick was pleasant and attentive and as you talked and he told you how beautiful and sexy you were, you had no feeling of being a mom or a wife; just of being a woman who was attractive and wanted. While Kim chose to dance with a lot of different partners, you and Nick ended up dancing most of your dances together. During the faster song, you would move and spin and smile while trying to talk over the music. During the few slow dances, Nick would wrap is arm around your waist and hold you close as you placed your head on his shoulder. You could almost here him inhaling; taking in your scent. Every so often, you could hear yourself let out a soft moan of satisfaction and feel him pull you into him tighter. When you pulled your head from his shoulder to look into his eyes, you could see his blue eyes glisten in the club lights as he stared back at you.

Time went too quickly and before you all realized it the club was making last call. After a last glass of wine, you, Kim, Kim’s new companion and Nick all headed out the door toward the car lot. You found yourself holding Nick’s hand, a school girl custom that felt flirty yet safe until he pulled your hand up to his mouth and kissed the back of it. The shiver you felt was different than anything you had felt with Bill. After a short walk, with you carrying your shoes this time, you all ended up at the car.

Kim and her companion stopped near the front. Being recently divorced, Kim was busy getting to know him better and exchanging cell phone numbers. güneyşehir escort bayan You and Nick walked to back of the car and you turned to lean against the back driver’s side window. Nick reached for your hands and held them both as you looked into each other’s eyes. Your brain was flooded with conflicting ideas of what to do next. The wife and mother in you knew you needed to say goodnight and head home so you could get your kids oriented and head out to meet Bill the next day. But the woman in you wanted more from this evening. While your brain whirled in confusion, Nick’s voice broke the silence.

“I would love to kiss you goodnight Megan, if that would be okay,” his voice whispered.

Your problem had been solved as you closed your eyes and leaned slightly forward toward him. His warm, moist lips gently touched yours and your knees suddenly went weak. He could almost taste the moan that escaped your throat. Despite the distant noises of people leaving the clubs and starting their cars, your world was just the two of you as you leaned in tighter and pressed your lips firmly against his.

He pulled away and looked into your eyes. There was a different look in them than he had seen all evening. The playfulness was gone and had been replaced with a look of hunger and passion. He placed his hand behind your head and pulled you tightly into his face and kissed you deeply. You lips willingly parted and allowed his tongue to explore you. His weight pressed you back against the car and you could feel his erection easily against your thigh. As you moaned, you felt his hands slide along your thigh and up your skirt.

So here you were, this hungry young man kissing you with a passion you had not felt for some time; the passion of a new lover. His hand was trying desperately to explore you, to find the source of the heat and wetness he was feeling through the material of your thong. Your hand had followed his, stopping him from reaching inside but your body was responding with excitement to his touch, almost begging your brain to let him continue.

Then he did it. He slid his lips from yours and leaned to the side, kissing that spot on your neck just below your ear. You had not told him what that spot did to you when it was kissed but he seemed to know as he lingered there. His warm lips left moist spots and his tongue swirled small circles there as your released a low guttural growl. You body gave an involuntary shiver.

That was it. Your hand released his wrist that was beneath your skirt and you reached to slide the material aside. While he continued to kiss your neck and moved to your earlobe, his fingers moved across your slick, wet opening until his palm covered you like your thong had moments before. You felt your hips press into his hand, feeling the heat of his hand against you pulsing slit. As he nibbled at your neck, you felt his hand slide up toward your belly and two of his fingers open your lips. As you spread your thighs to ease his access, his middle finger moved slowly and deeply inside you. Your groan was audible but you had no inhibition left as he slowly moved his finger in and out of your warm pussy. You tipped your head back, laying it against the roof of the car as his finger reached our depths over and over. He paused momentarily and when he resumed you felt a second and third finger join the first. You pressed your hips back against his hand, taking him deeply inside. The force was almost lifting you from the ground but did not feel rough; just amazing. As you moaned loudly, the pace of his fingers increased.

With a deep groan you felt your body release all of the tension that had build up during the day. Your kneed bent slightly and your thighs tensed. Your orgasm coated his fingers with your juices and spilled over onto the palm of his hand as you released your passion. You had just let a stranger fuck you in public with his fingers in front of your best friend but you didn’t care. You just wanted more. As your orgasm subsided and you finally found your voice, you spoke your first words since you had gotten to the parking lot.

“Fuck me Nick. Make me cum on you cock. I want you inside me.” He smiled at you and licked his fingers, tasting you on them.

You walked around the car, leaned forward and moved your weight onto your elbows. You looked over your shoulder at him as he followed you. You could feel the coolness of the air as islahiye escort bayan he raised your short skirt to your waist You felt his fingers loop in the waistband of your panties as he pulled them down to your ankles, leaving them in place.

You never got a look at his hard cock as you heard his zipper and them the sound of his slacks hitting the ground behind you. You never reached back to guide him as you felt him easily find the opening that was yearning to be filled. But you did feel him slide slowly but completely inside you as his hands felt your hips; touching as deep as anyone had ever been before. As impossible as it seemed, when you pushed back against him his cock moved even more deeply inside you. You had never been filled like that before.

His hips rocked as he fucked you; almost completely withdrawing then refilling your wet pussy. With every thrust you pushed back against him; your hips slapping against his. You knew it was wrong but you didn’t’ care. You loved being wanted by him; feeling like a woman not mother. You took each stroke and your body still wanted more. You looked over your shoulder.

“Fuck me harder.”

He grabbed your hips roughly and increased his pace until it almost felt like you were pushing the car forward. Your breasts rubbed against the surface; your nipple rubbing the cool paint through your top and thin lace bra. With each stroke, you heard yourself saying his name. There was no family, no husband; just the two of you.

And then it happened again. A wave of heat starting at your face and rushing through your body as another orgasm washed through every nerve in your body. You could feel yourself gushing fluids over his cock as he continued to stroke inside you. You heard the sound of a fist pound against the trunk and knew it was you. Sounds of sex and orgasm filled the air as your body once again released the excitment that had built up during the day.

You felt his hands tighten further against your hips. His groans signaled that he was not going to hold on much longer and he pressed his hips tightly against yours. A moment of panic struck you, unsure of taking his cum inside you.

You pushed back hard then moved away; turning and dropping to your knees. The head of his slick cock was in your sights as you opened your lips and wrapped them around him. His hips continued to move at the pace they had when he was inside your pussy and you pushed forward with each thrust; taking him deeply to the back of your throat. Using only your mouth, you squeezed around his cock as he fucked your mouth like he had just fucked your pussy. He placed his hands on your head, not guiding you but steadying himself. When you looked up at him and smiled around his cock, he knew he was done.

With the first pulse of his cock, you moved your lips so they were locked around the head; allowing yourself room for his cum to enter you. Each pulse satisfied your hunger as he released himself time and again inside your mouth. As the pulsing ceased, you wrapped your hand around his shaft and pulled it forward; milking the last drops of his passion into you. You looked up to see his exhausted smile.

As you raised from your knees, you kicked your panties from around your ankles and picked them up. Your throat pulsed as you looked into his eyes and swallowed what he had given you, then wrapped your panties around his still erect cock and wiped him clean.

As you both returned to the reality of the location, you heard soft moaning and turned to look at the front of the car. Kim was on the hood, her dress pulled up to her chest and her companion’s face buried between her thighs. As Nick pulled up his pants and you adjusted your skirt, you reached out and gave his cock a final squeeze through the material as you moved beside him. The two of you stood in silence, hand in hand, as Kim raised her knees and wrapped her legs around her companion’s head and reached her fingers down into his hair. As she pulled him against her, her body shook and her orgasm was evident as her hips raised up off the hood. As she came, she looked at you two standing there. No recognition crossed her eyes, just lust and passion.

As Kim slid off the car and she and her friend settled down and got their clothing rearranged, you smiled at Nick and told him it was time to go. It was a soft gentle kiss that you shared this time; a kiss of thanks and understanding. He put his number in your cell phone but you knew you had to delete it before you got home. The temptations would be too great.

It was time to return to that world with your loving husband and children. But the memory of this night would be helpful when satisfying those longings that crept into you when you were alone. You handed him your thong and he gave you a thankful smile. The boys were still standing there as Kim pulled the car away.

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