Milked by a Stranger


It is a gorgeous Saturday afternoon at the local gallery showing. My photography of portraits is being featured and a decent size crowd has assembled to view my work. Shortly, the gallery will close for the day. I specialize in women’s faces, focusing my lens on the varied joyous expressions I see on them in crowded gatherings such as outdoor music festivals. Dozens of my portraits hang for viewing.

From across the gallery, I spot an elegant redhead deeply engaged with one of my pictures hanging on the wall before her. She is captivated and does not realize I am practically staring at her. Her sensuality readily visible in the way she looks at the photo, her green eyes so very expressive. Her subtle smile reveals her approval of the portrait before her.

I take a moment to absorb the beauty of her big full breasts and her luscious body, so very curvy. My mind starts to wander to the things I would like to do to her. She catches me looking, and I divert my stare, blushing from my embarrassment and lust…

“Hello, my name is Lora and I am going to milk your cock.” You tell me this quietly as you lean in close, looking me square in the eye in all seriousness. You have approached me without me noticing. Still güvenilir bahis embarrassed for staring at you and utterly shocked, my face turns red immediately and I don’t know how to respond.

It has been two years since my heartbreak and I have not been with a woman since. Your sudden and explicit declaration to me has paralyzed me right on the spot and you walk away from me, down the hallway as suddenly as you appeared. My eyes follow you closely as your delicious body sways down the hall. You turn to me and with your finger, give me the ‘come hither’ signal as you enter an unlocked door in the hall.

An erection quickly forming in my pants, I walk down the hall and follow you into the unlocked conference room. You greet me with such a look that my heart melts as quickly as I harden.

I try to say a word, but you place your finger to my lips, “shhh.” You have me against the wall, my back to it and you are right up close, looking me right in the face. I am breathing hard and fast as warm rushes fill my body, my cock becoming fully engorged in my pants.

Somehow you are able to tell I have not been with a woman in a very long time and have managed to take complete control of me as you pin me to the wall, türkçe bahis grabbing and rubbing me through my pants, never once taking your eyes from mine. I am bright red, aroused beyond description and at your mercy, in total disbelief of what is happening.

You undo my pants and they drop to my ankles exposing my cock which dances and pulses at you and your proximity. Your scent fills my mind and I extend my hands to touch your ample chest. I feel your big full breasts through your shirt as you watch my cock responding with twitches and spasms. I feel your nipples stiffen from my touch.

I am now moaning and nearly hyperventilating, so aroused and helpless against the wall. You haven’t even touched my naked cock, yet it is about to explode. As I stand fully erect, fondling your amazing tits, blushing and moaning, you extend your tongue and plunge deep in my mouth with such a sensual kiss, your warm wet lips melting into mine.

You have absolute and total control of me, since I haven’t had sex in 2 years. My heart pounds in my chest and the intensity of your sexual domination has me quivering in anticipation.

Still paralyzed and pinned to the wall, you whisper to me in the most sultry tone, “cum baby, cum” güvenilir bahis siteleri as your eyes once again meet mine with that dangerous erotic glare. Gripping my stiffness with both of your hands and holding me tight, my body begins to hump your grip with slow deliberate strokes, my back arching, my entire body moving like a snake as your hands hold still. My legs are shuddering and I can hardly stand up as my body bucks uncontrollably, my nuts so tight and ready to pop.

Your face inches from mine, with direct eye contact, i release a deep moan and several powerful thick jets of hot cum spatter your legs as you stand in front of me. The blast so intense that I let out a whimper, nearly collapsing as my legs quiver in ecstasy. You are giving me that seductive look right in my eye as I spurt all over you, cum running down your legs in hot drips. Your tight grip draining every drop, holding your grip as I shudder and squeal.

I try to speak again, but you silence me yet again. I stand there in total shock at what just took place as you bend down, and quickly pull my underwear from around my ankles, using them to wipe off your cum drenched legs. You wad them up and place them in your pocket and exit the room as fast as you entered it, leaving me standing in total disbelief, absolutely spent.

Seconds pass before I can get my mind back and I pull my pants up as fast as I can to try to catch you back in the gallery, but you are already gone…

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