Milking Time B2 Chapter 5 Ebony & Jordan Part


Milking Time B2 Chapter 5 Ebony & Jordan PartChapter 5: Ebony & Jordan Part 4The onslaught from Ebony continued throughout the afternoon. Jordan lost track of how many times her ass, her pussy and her throat had been violated by Ebony.Sometimes Ebony would talk to and tease Jordan as she fucked her steadily and powerfully. Other times, Ebony was a raging b**st with no thought for anything but her own pleasure and release. The only thing that remained constant was the incredible and almost unceasing pounding that Ebony exerted on Jordan’s body.Jordan felt like a water balloon that had been filled up and emptied too many times. By now, Jordan’s body ached to the point that she felt she it might never return to normal again.Jordan lay sprawled on her back on the mats after Ebony’s latest assault on her pussy. By now, Tiffany and Dee Dee’s instructions to Jordan were a thing of the distant past to Jordan. It felt like weeks since Jordan had spoken with the other two amazons, and not just earlier today.Ebony leaned forward with her hands on the edge of the pile of mats. Ebony’s monster cock was still at nearly full erection, stretching out an inhuman three feet from her crotch. Ebony relaxed her mental control over her cock, so that it came down from its upward pointing position, and now faced straight out from her crotch. Ebony let her heavy shaft land on Jordan’s tummy and abdomen. Jordan’s figure was coated with sweat and cum from Ebony’s earlier orgasms. The sound of Ebony’s cock hitting Jordan’s body made a loud, sticking and slapping sound.Ebony nudged her cock forward, forcing it between Jordan’s breasts, and pushing them to the sides of her chest. Ebony’s cock stretched from between Jordan’s legs, all the way to her chin. Ebony gently pushed her cock against Jordan’s chin, like a puppy wanting to play.”Wakey, wakey,” teased Ebony, “we’re not finished just yet.” Jordan tried to hide the despair and fear she felt at hearing Ebony’s words. Jordan reluctantly opened her eyes to meet Ebony’s gaze.”Still with us, huh?” asked Ebony. “I’ve got good news and bad news, Jordan.””The good news,” continued Ebony, “is that we’re almost done here. You’ve been a real trooper, girl. I’ve been impressed at the way you knuckled down and took me inside of you so far. Everybody I’ve ever done it to has squealed, so don’t think anything less of yourself for letting go earlier. I’d be worried if you didn’t.””I’m almost afraid to ask what the bad news is,” replied Jordan. “The bad news is I’ve got one last test for you Jordan,” said Ebony. “One more fuck from me, and you’ve made it through stage one. But the way I’m gonna fuck you this time may just push you over the edge, girl.”Jordan summoned up all the courage and determination she could. “After what I’ve just went through with you so far,” said Jordan, “I’ve come way too far to turn back now. Let’s do it!””All right, girl,” said Ebony. “Here we go.”Ebony exerted her control over her cock again, so that it pointed straight up towards the ceiling. Ebony had a penis size more than equivalent to her mass. As thick as one of Jordan’s arms, it was three feet in length. Curved slightly like a banana, it was pointing skywards in erection.Ebony reached down where Jordan lay on her back, and hooked her hands around Jordan’s legs, just under her ass, and easily hoisted her into the air. Jordan gasped with surprise at the ease with which Ebony lifted her off the ground. She was no small girl, being five foot, eight inches tall, but the incredible Ebony was over a foot taller than Jordan, and lifted her as if she were a c***d. Ebony’s muscular arms easily held Jordan’s entire body weight.Ebony flexed her arms and lifted Jordan upwards. Behind the shaft of Ebony’s cock, her flat muscular stomach passed before Jordan’s eyes. Ebony’s massive testicles were now swollen larger than two softballs from all the previous activity. The thick shaft of Ebony’s cock was like a dark, flesh-colored telephone pole as Jordan was lifted higher and higher. Then Jordan was dangled in the air with her face level with the mushroom-shaped cockhead. Jordan’s feet treaded air above the gym flooring. Thick precum ooze was leaking out of Ebony’s dick, beginning slowly to run down the underside of the head of her prick. Ebony’s eyes met Jordan’s as the two girls gazed at each other over the massive head of Ebony’s cock.”All right, Jordan. Final exam time. It’s time to see if you’ve really got what it takes,” said Ebony. “Do you think you’re ready?””I’ll do whatever it takes, Ebony. You know you can count on me.”The dark-hued Ebony lifter Jordan even higher, and then lowered Jordan downward towards her cock until Jordan felt the massive cockhead sarıyer escort brushing against her pussy lips. It was monstrously long, and corded with bulges along its length. Jordan thought she saw her life flash before her eyes, and the only thought that came to her mind was of old cartoon characters in a ‘flagpole sitting’ situation.”Ok, girl. Get ready. Because I’m going to put my cock inside you one last time today,” said Ebony. The bulbous head pressed against Jordan’s vagina. Ebony pressed against her, and her hard abdominal muscles tensed and clenched, as did her massive arms that were holding Jordan’s flailing body in place. Ebony released her grip on Jordan without warning, letting Jordan’s own body weight force her onto her fuckpole heavily. Jordan fell like a lead weight onto Ebony’s rock-hard cock. Several inches of black cock rammed its way inside Jordan without mercy.”Holy fucking shit!” yelled Jordan. Jordan had no experience to describe the feelings that were happening to her now. Part of her was awed and amazed by the size and heat and hardness of Ebony’s cock inside her, and she couldn’t get enough of it. Another part of her was actually frightened by the incredible size and power of Ebony’s cock, and the fear of what it could do to her in this position.Ebony began to slowly impale Jordan on her monster cock, pushing into her, distending Jordan’s body as it moved itself up through her pussy. After so many brutal invasions of her pussy by Ebony’s ramrod, Jordan was almost numb to what was happening to her. Once Ebony’s cockhead passed all the way into Jordan’s pussy, and Ebony began her thrusting in earnest, the agony was rekindled anew.Jordan began heaving and panting like a marathon runner, trying to maintain some type of control or composure over her body. The frantic heaving caused Jordan’s tits to bounce in a pleasing display, and the desperate noises of her struggling respiration were also pleasing to Ebony’s ears. Deeper Ebony plunged, stopping at twelve inches of penetration. Stopping only so Ebony could begin the fucking process to Jordan again.By now, Jordan had screamed her lungs raw, from Ebony’s earlier invasions of her body. Jordan’s throat was so sore, just talking normally was an effort. Jordan could only manage a series of rasping grunts and groans.Thrusting heavily, Ebony’s cock speared like a missile up between Jordan’s legs. Ebony’s cock plundered deep into Jordan’s pussy. Jordan felt each cord and bulge and knot of Ebony’s dick as it stretched her pussy wide and deep. Ebony lifted Jordan with her hands just under her armpits with her arms, and Jordan was pulled back up the long cock. Then Ebony let Jordan drop back down on it, letting her own body weight force more and more of her cock into her pussy. In this manner Jordan’s pussy was pounded at by Ebony.Ebony was ramming over one third her of length into Jordan. Feeling inside Jordan’s body with her prick. So delightful. Grunting now with pleasure, as Jordan tried to find the strength to scream more. Ebony was grunting like an a****l with each inward push. Feeling her crown and shaft harden inside of Jordan.Ebony was ramming her deepest yet, lusting to fire yet another of her loads into the core of Jordan. Fifteen inches went into Jordan. Then eighteen inches between her legs. Up inside. Pumping Jordan. Fucking her like a tiny doll.Now Jordan had almost two feet of Ebony’s cock rammed inside of her, stretching her pussy to limits that she thought were not humanly possible.Ebony forced Jordan up and down on her mammoth cock like a monkey on a stick for over ten minutes, lusting in the incredible pleasure it brought to her, and her total dominance over Jordan.Jordan washed in and out of consciousness as the pain from Ebony’s assault threatened to overcome her. After what seemed like an eternity to Jordan, she felt the awful pounding from Ebony stop. As Jordan’s head cleared, she met Ebony’s gaze through a mist of pain.Ebony still had a look of sexual hunger and desire for Jordan, but the fierce, berserker rage had passed. Jordan was no longer afraid of Ebony as she balanced there, suspended on her cock. Jordan pushed a lock of hair away from her mouth, as Ebony reached out to her and kissed her. Jordan trembled as Ebony’s mouth enveloped hers but instead of pulling away she parted her lips and felt the other woman’s hot tongue stab between them. “Mmm,” Jordan moaned, as Ebony put her hands on her neck, turning her head slightly as she passionately rolled her tongue in her mouth. Jordan responded in turn by sucking on Ebony’s tongue, slipping her own hot pink probe into her mouth. esenyurt escort Ebony released her lips from Jordan’s, and Jordan pulled away from the kiss for a moment, her own breath ragged and uneven. “You’re holding up better than I ever thought you would, Jordan,” said Ebony. “Since you’ve made it this far, I thought I’d give you a bit of a reward. I like the way that you’ve been staring at my tits all afternoon, especially during the workout class.””Suck on my tits and play with them, girl. You’ve earned it,” continued Ebony.Jordan found Ebony’s big brown puffy nipples and twisted them between her slender fingers, tugging them into even harder nubs. Playing with Ebony’s massive breasts was like heaven to Jordan. It was like trying to manage two flesh-colored volleyballs in her hands. Yet at the same time Ebony’s breasts were soft and pliable. Jordan pressed her face into Ebony’s huge mounds, and lost herself in the warm sensuous softness of Ebony’s flesh. Jordan soon found one of Ebony’s thick, protruding nipples, and began eagerly sucking on it. Ebony’s nipples were so large and thick, it was like sucking on her little finger.After a moment, Jordan received a shock when Ebony’s nipple began squirting liquid into her mouth. It wasn’t milk, but it was a warm, sweet nectar that tasted delicious as it ran down Jordan’s throat. Ebony saw Jordan’s eyes widen in surprise as she suckled on her breasts. “I told you that you deserved a break, Jordan,” said Ebony. “I thought I’d let the ‘milk’ we can produce here on the Island be a surprise to you. By the way, don’t forget about the other one. You’re making it jealous.”Jordan blushed a little bit, and turned her attention to Ebony’s other tit, and began giving the other nipple the same attention. Jordan found that the liquid from Ebony’s breasts was actually having a revitalizing effect on her. Jordan’s throat quickly felt nearly normal again, so that she could speak clearly again, and she thought she could even shout again if she had to. Jordan’s body also began to feel energized and renewed. It would be a while before she recovered completely from her session with Ebony, but Jordan definitely felt better than at any time since before the sex had started, hours ago.Ebony could sense Jordan’s strength returning, as she sat straighter on her cock, and some of the color returned to her face. Ebony gently lifted Jordan’s mouth off of her breast, and Jordan sat straight up, meeting Ebony’s gaze again.”I told you it’d be worth the wait for you to get your hands on my tits, girl,” said Ebony.Now Ebony slid her hands up, pushing her black hands onto Jordan’s ample breasts. It felt good to Jordan to have an amazon touching her like this. Jordan moaned quietly as Ebony squeezed her breasts. Ebony kissed Jordan again, as her hands slid over her huge soft, tanned globes. Ebony’s mouth slid off Jordan’s, suckling her neck and then down to suck wetly over her right breast. Ebony sucked on Jordan’s tweaked nipple, biting it gently as she pulled and twisted at the other to keep it hard. “Oh God,” she moaned as Ebony sucked on her left nipple now, playing with the right in her fingers. “You’re almost home, girl. I shoot my load into you one more time, and then you’ve made it through this part of the test.””If I’ve been able to take everything that you’ve dished out to me so far, I guess I can survive whatever else you got in mind for me,” said Jordan.”Glad to hear you say that, girl,” said Ebony. “Because here we go again. The home stretch.”Over two feet of Ebony’s cockmeat pounded into Jordan, fucking her body in a violent thrust. Ebony quickened her pace. The massive prick of Ebony was a blur ramming into Jordan. As Jordan absorbed the relentless battering, she was determined to give Ebony one last thing to remember her by.Ebony had her hands on Jordan’s shoulders, holding her in place, as she rammed her cock in and out of her pussy like a jackhammer. Jordan had no idea just how much cock Ebony had shoved inside her, but she knew it was an almost inhuman amount.Jordan was sitting low enough on Ebony’s cock that when she extended her arms, she could brush them against Ebony’s thighs. Jordan summoned her courage, remembering Tiffany and Dee Dee’s warnings about angering Ebony. After everything Jordan had been subjected to so far today, she threw caution to the wind and went ahead with her idea.Jordan reached down and found Ebony’s balls swaying below the base of her cock. Each of Ebony’s nuts had swollen so that it was larger than a softball, and Jordan could barely grip one in each hand.After all the activity throughout the afternoon, Ebony’s scrotal sac had swollen and loosened avrupa yakası escort considerably. When they had first started, Ebony’s nuts were riding high and firm, directly beneath the shaft of her cock. Now they each hung down several inches, and swung freely in time to Ebony’s thrusting.Jordan grabbed each of Ebony’s balls in one hand, and pulled them upwards. Ebony’s scrotal sac was now pulled up and wrapped around the shaft of her cock, like a blanket d****d around a log. Then Jordan twisted one testicle around the other, almost like tying a knot, and began rhythmically squeezing Ebony’s nuts in time to her thrusting. Jordan’s work on Ebony had an instant effect on her, almost like a cock ring on her shaft and balls.”Oh, fuck, yes!” shouted Ebony. “Squeeze those nuts harder, girl! Don’t stop until I tell you to stop.”Ebony intensified her thrusting into Jordan. Ebony’s cock had already been well primed and nearly ready to shoot a few moments ago, before she stopped to let Jordan sample her breasts.Within moments, Jordan sensed the beginnings of vibrations inside Ebony, that were transmitted throughout her body also. Ebony unleashed her most powerful orgasm of the day into Jordan. Ebony screamed like a wild b**st as she began to empty her seed into Jordan, and Jordan shrieked in ecstasy as well as her throat would allow.With her teeth clenched, Ebony’s cum rocketed into Jordan. Ebony’s dick rammed and jammed the cum shots into Jordan’s womb. Spurt after spurt like hose blasts pounded thick, syrupy sperm into Jordan’s deepest insides. Jordan’s face was flushed, veins pulsing on her forehead. Ebony pounded her cock into Jordan harder as she thrust her cum seed between her legs.Ebony began lifting Jordan higher in her thrusting strokes. This caused Ebony’s balls to stretch even further in their sac, and combined with Jordan’s squeezing hands on them, made Ebony’s cum jet out even faster into Jordan.Ebony’s hot load erupted like a volcano. Surging like a molten river. Hosing Jordan’s insides with the thick syrupy goop. Ebony watched Jordan’s mouth, half-expecting some of it to wash out the other end of her. The first cum load hit Jordan’s insides like a tidal wave. Then Jordan felt the next wave of cum pound into her. Jordan’s wet pussy lips smacking around Ebony’s shaft with each thrust, her small tight body coaxing cum, and more cum out of Ebony. Ebony was shaking in joy. Tremors of purest pleasure flowing through her dick in as she orgasmed. Jordan felt the cum inside her, inflating her like a balloon. Excess sperm poured back out of Jordan’s pussy, adding to the slippery wetness of the fucking. Ebony’s legs were soon coated with her own thick white semen. Streams of jism landed loudly on the floor, as they fell from several feet above.When Ebony’s load was finally spent, and the final thundering orgasm had passed, Ebony gently lowered Jordan back to the pile of mats, and laid her on her back again. Ebony pulled out of Jordan as gently as she could, with her cock making a popping sound, as the huge head left Jordan’s cunt for the final time that day.Ebony was coated with sweat, and her cock was still dripping with sperm and Jordan’s own sweat and juices. Pushed to the point of exhaustion, Ebony sprawled out on her back on the mats next to Jordan. Jordan felt a warm glowing feeling in her stomach, and knew that the pill was doing its work, dissolving the tremendous amount of Ebony’s sperm still inside her.Ebony rolled over on her side and gazed at Jordan. “That was incredible, girl,” said Ebony. “So far, no one has ever had the brains or the guts to do that to me while I’m fucking them.””I think you’re gonna do OK here, Jordan,” continued Ebony with a wicked smile. “Just relax here for a few minutes until your stomach settles back to it’s normal shape. After that, take a shower and clean up. Then report back to Tiffany and Dee Dee for the next stage.”Tiffany and Dee Dee watched Ebony and Jordan finish the last intercourse through the closed circuit monitor. When it was finally over, Tiffany shuddered and turned to Dee Dee.”I wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but Ebony’s gotten even bigger and more uncontrollable than before,” said Tiffany.”You can say that again,” said Dee Dee. “I was almost certain that she was going to push Jordan completely over the brink any number of times this afternoon.””How long was Jordan in there anyway?” asked Tiffany.”Let’s see,” said Dee Dee. “Exercise class was over at one o’clock. And it’s now just past six. My god. Jordan must feel like she’s been put through the wringer.””To say the least,” replied Tiffany. “But you’ll notice that she still had enough spunk in her to make it through the session, as well as tempting fate by grabbing Ebony’s balls like that at the end.””And she looked like she still would’ve taken more from Ebony, if she’d made her do it,” added Dee Dee. “We’ve gotta be careful with Jordan if she sticks around, Tiffany. We may wind up creating a monster.””I think we already have,” said Tiffany.

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