MIss Piggy goes to the Adult Bookstore

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MIss Piggy goes to the Adult BookstoreI took my first trip to an adult bookstore with a married couple from my swinger group. At first it was kind of strange, but looking at all of the porn kind of turned me on, so I relaxed a bit. I kind of wondered away from Lance and Lisa over to the DVD section. I was wearing a short yellow sundress and flip flops, I never wear panties and wasn’t wearing a bra. Anyway, I kind of got absorbed in looking at all the DVDs, When I realized that I was by myself with four men who were definitely aware of my presence, lol. The first guy struck up a conversation by saying “you have to pardon us, we don’t see many women in here.” I laughed and said, yes I kind of figured that. he looked at the section of DVDs that I was looking at, the gangbang section and smiled. I blushed, but somehow him seeing that turned me on, so I just kept looking. The others were also aware of what section we were in. The first guy kept making small talk as I browsed the DVDs, when he picked one up and said this is a good one, I looked at it, the title was “Fatties first gangbang”, I started to get mad at the reference to my weight but something inside was turned on, so, I just said really? and took it from him, and started porno hikaye reading the cover. He said yes, fatty, I think you would like watching it. Again, I started to get mad, but, again some part of me was turned on. He said, we can go into the theater and watch it if you like? My first reaction was to politely decline, but, again, something said “do it”. So I said sure, lets go. We walked into the theater, there were a few guys sitting around the room, he led me to a seat in the middle and we sat down. I noticed that the other three guys from outside had followed us in. He said, are you comfy fatty? I said yes I am. He said, good. We started watching the movie. I was getting very wet by now. He put his hand on my bare thigh, I kind of moved my big thighs apart, and he started to rub the inside of my thigh. He said, I love those big fat thighs of yours. and continued to rub. The other guys sat real close to us, and were watching every move. He laughed, you guys wanna see some fat pussy? They all laughed and said of course we do. he laughed and pulled up my sundress exposing my bald, pantiles pussy. They all made comments on how fat and pretty it was, as he started to slowly slip a finger inside. The others watched as he fingered my seks hikayeleri wet twat. One of the others reached over and pulled my nipple through the thing fabric of my sundress. MMMMMM my pussy was wetter than ever. They both continued to play with me ads the other two watched, and I soon realized that they were stroking their cocks. I reached over and stroked the first guys (Carl} hard cock, as I soon felt another pair of hands on my thighs. I opened my thighs more as Carl opened the buttons on my sundress. and began to slip it off, oh my, I was embarrassed because I was enjoying the attention soooo much. Soon he had me stand up as he finished removing the sundress. Here I was standing in an adult theater, completely naked in front of several men. Several of them were stroking their cocks and I could here some very crude comments, but I was sooooo turned on I was loving it. I stood there and did as Carl told me to do. He said turn around fatty, so everyone gets a look at those saggy tits and fat pussy, I did as he ordered. I heard more comments about my jiggly fat ass and saggy tits. He then said, walk up and sown the aisle fatty, so we can watch that ass jiggle and shake. I did, as I heard the guys commenting on my fat ass and erotik hikayeler belly. He then told me to bend over the back of one of the seats, as he walked over and slapped my ass HARD. I yelped at the surprise but then let out a moan. He slapped my jiggling ass again and again, oh my, my fat pussy was even wetter now. He then started to rub his hard cock on my ass, I moaned again. He then slid it inside my wet, inviting twat and started to fuck me as the others let their hands roam around my body. He started to fuck me harder and deeper as he told me “take this hard cock you fat pig” the others laughed as they pulled on my saggy tits. He then slid out and pushed his cock into my asshole, I yelped as he entered, he grabbed my hair and pushed in deeper as he said you know you love that fat cow ass fucked, don’t you bitch? I muttered yes sir. He said, well moo for us fatty. I blushed, but I was soooo wet and horny that, I mooooooooooood, very loud, they all laughed as he kept plowing my fat ass, he then pulled out and shot hot cum all over my wide ass, the others took his cue and started to shoot cum on my face, tits, and ass. He then helped me clean up and handed me my sundress, I dressed and as I started to walk out I noticed, Lance and Lisa in the back, they had watched the whole thing, I blushed, but smiled at them, as they giggled. We left and went to their house where they used me all over again. It was a very good night for fatty.

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