Misty Mountains Ch.3 Once A Soldier….


****Many Years Ago****

The fog had settled in from the north covering the trees to where one could not see but a few feet in front of them. It was too quiet in the woods, a kind of darkness had seemed to settle over them and had driven the animals from the forest. It was something they feared would make things difficult for Erebor and the Mirkwood home to the elves.

The dwarves had been allies with the elves for many years at this point and as a sign of good will the neice to King Thranduil had sworn herself to the service of the dwarf king Thrain. She was young for an elf girl and had already accomplished much for her people, she had set herself apart as a warrior. He trusted her with his life and he knew so long as she was at his side he need not fear, he had fathered a son already and was ensured his line would endure.

They were marching quietly through the fog with his elven allies hoping to search out the source of the fog, it was magical in nature they were sure. The dark feeling of pressing hatred was almost choking as they walked into the fog.

“Arnial anything?” Thrain called tugging at his black beard.

“Nothing yet my king.” she said softly her eyes never leaving the edge of the fog. “I will scout ahead by your leave King Thrain.”

“I’ll allow it but be safe.” Thrain said with a gentle smile to the she elf.

She had been a part of his family for a few years now and even though she was an elf he felt that she was part of his house. Thrain looked up and watched as the she elf vanished into the fog the other soldiers at his side seeming to tense when she could no longer be seen.

The party there with him was made up of Five elves, their King, seven of his dwarves, Arnial, and himself. he felt that the best of both families would be able to handle whatever came for them from the fog. King Thrain had asked that all of the best warriors would be allowed to make the trips with them into the woods.

They were walking slowly behind the she elf who had not yet returned and that was when they heard it. The sounds of swords clashing in loud report was heard ahead of them. They heard the yells and angry shouts of the she elf that had went ahead of them.

“Arnial!” Thrain yelled into the fog.

Thrain shoved past the other dwarves and even the elves rushing forward into the fog. He could see the battle ahead of him as he made his way into the fog, what he saw shocked him for it was a rare sight. He saw his elven bodyguard standing against a large number of orcs turning her body in quick dodges to evade the swords. He could see that most of the orcs were holding back from the attack against the woman.

He saw her look up at him and he saw the look of distress on her face.

“My king no! It’s a trap turn back!” she yelled kicking one orc away from him.

She turned to keep herself between the king and the orcs running towards them with loud yells. The orcs were seven feet tall at the least, there skin was sickly gray colored, the eyes were a pale white color, and the black slime oozing from their mouths made a horrible stinch.

Arnial kept one of her hands behind her trying her best to keep the dwarf king back from danger.

“Please my king return to Erebor.” she begged as the other soldiers lined up beside her.

“I will not leave any of you behind while I sit in safety.” Thrain said sternly.

The orcs all formed up in a tight circle and then began to advance on their people. They started moving towards them and those defending the king all lined up armed heavily. The orcs attacked them with force crashing into them hard, the defenders lifted their shields and began to shove the attacking orcs back towards the other end of the trees.

Thrain was calling encouragement to the soldiers and leading them by example. His sword was the finest dwarvish metal forged by his father’s father who had been a master blacksmith to their people. He had handed down the blade from generation to generation with the sword never losing it’s sharpness. He had carried the blade proudly for years and as time had went on he planned to pass it down to his son.

Thrain was looking up at the elves when suddenly his eyes were drawn to the treeline behind the orcs. From those trees he saw a large orc walking towards them. It was the largest orc he had ever laid eyes on it stood at least nine feet tall, eyes bluer then he had imagined, and it’s skin was a plae white color. He saw it shoving the others out of the way and it even slung it’s hammer into them crippling some of the smaller ones.

“Arnial, Thranduil the giant pale orc is coming,watch out.” Thrain said sharply moving towards the front quickly.

The two elves looked up at the approaching orc and he began to shove his way to the front of the line.

“Arnial, Thranduil take the sides.” he yelled running towards the orc as he men started to make a way for him.

He planned to take the orc head on while his elf companions took the side hopefully taking the beast man down. He ran towards the beast and he leaped up towards him swipping his sword in an arc as the beast stepped into range of him. He caught the orc across the chest and it roared angrily swipping it’s own hammer out towards him. Thrain jumped back and he looked up at the orc as it’s eyes filled with hatred, he saw the orc turn suddenly towards Thranduil.

The orc slammed his fist into the elf king knocking him back into the nearest tree and he slid down to the ground groaning loudly. He tried to stand back up and almost immediately collapsed back to the ground. The orc turned towards the dwarf king again and swung the hammer much quicker then he had thought it would. The hammer was coming towards him faster then he would be able to get out of the way, he knew he was about to die.

Suddenly Thrain was hit but not by the orc’s hammer, he was hit from the side by Arnial his elf bodyguard. She knocked him down to the ground out of the way of the coming hammer, Sex hikayeleri he saw the she elf leap onto the hammer itself to balance there. She ran up the hammer and leapt onto the shoulders of the orc toppling them both backwards.

The orc landed on his back and she tried to leap from him but the elf grabbed her ankle slinging her hard into the nearest tree. She yelped and fell to the ground onto her stomach, she looked up as the orc started to get back onto his feet. She looked towards the dwarf king and got to her feet running back to his side.

The orc slung his hammer once more towards the dwarven king and as he watched unable to stop the events unfolding before him. He saw the elf put herself between him and the hammer, his heart skipped a beat as he saw the sharp edge of the hammer slash across her chest. He saw the blood and a torn flash hanging open in her chest.

“Arnial!” he yelled standing and running towards the collapsing elf.

She didn’t stop there though but rose to her feet holding her sword tightly in her hand. The orc kept coming towards the she elf and with blood dripping down her armor she walked to meet him. The orc swung once more and she rolled under the blow coming up to slash her sword hard across the throat. Blood spurted from the wound and the orc dropped the hammer holding onto the wound as it bled out.

Thrain saw Arnial fall to her knees as the elves rushed to catch her before she could hit the ground. They laid her down gently as Thranduil rushed to his neice cheking her wound.

“She needs to be healed now.” Thranduil said sternly to the closest elven healer.

“Thranduil how is she?” Thrain yelled running towards the fallen she elf.

Thranduil grabbed the dwarf pushing him and his people back away from the healers. He looked the dwarf king right in the eyes and started to speak but then paused looking over at his neice.

“Listen to me we will return her to Erebor when she is well again right now you have a son to return too as do I.” he said “She will either heal or she will die in peace under the healing care of the elvish healers. She will feel no pain either way.”

Thrain looked at the fallen elf woman as her eyes stared blankly around for a few minutes before looking towards Thrain’s voice.

“Ni’m sorrime mime tar. Apsene-me.” she said softly.

Translation: I’m sorry my king. Forgive me.

Thrain moved to the side of the woman and leaned down taking her hand gently in his, he could see they were already packing the wound to keep her from bleeding out on the way there. Thrain gently took her hand and gave it a squeeze.

“You have nothing to ask forgiveness for my friend. I will see you when you have healed, travel well Arnial.” he said softly.

He laid her hand gently onto her stomach and stood back so the others could lift her into the arms of Thranduil who craddled her like a child against his chest. The elves turned homewards and began to run following along after their king.

“King Thrain?” one of the dwarves asked softly. “Orders sire?”

Thrain looked at the faces of the worried dwarves around him and sighed deeply.

“Let’s go home.”


Thorin looked at the elf as she finished her tale and she said “He was killed before I could return, my wounds took a very long time to heal because of how deep.”

“For what it’s worth Arnial Stormblade,” Thorin said softly. “He wrote about you in the hall of records. He was deeply saddened by your injury he blamed himself for what happened. He felt as if you even as an elf were part of the house of Durin.”

“Thank you King Under the Mountain, that means a great deal to me.”

Thorin smiled to himself and then he looked down at the elf. She looked up at him with a gentle smile and his breath caught in his throat, her eyes were emerald green. Thorin had never seen eyes that green before and as he stared at them he saw them soften, becoming even greener.

“Your eyes are more beautiful then the gems of Erebor.” Thorin said then he coughed embarressed. “I’ve never seen eyes that green.”

“Thank you.” she said quietly “Your eyes are like storm cloud before the rain falls.”

His smile was slightly embarressed and from the look on his face he was a little startled by the compliment. Thorin chuckled slightly and looked to the woman offering his hand after a brief pause to think this movement through carefully. Thorin smiled to her when she reached out slowly to take his hand.

Despite her years of service as a warrior her hands were smooth and warm, he thought they were a little comforting in his hand.

“I would be honored if you would sit at my side for the last meal tonight.” Thorin said “To properly thank you for the services you’ve given the line of Durin.”

“The honor would be mine. Till dinner then.” Arnial said bowing her head as he walked her to Thranduil handing her off to her uncle.

Legolas,Thranduil, and Bard stood from their chairs bowing to the king, the interviews were over for the day. They exited the room followed by Dwalin and Balin who closed the doors behind there four guests. They turned back to their king and walked towards him, Balin smiled brightly as if laughing at a personal joke.

“That went well I was surprised you had such a connection with the elf.” Balin said, chuckling.

“I was polite nothing more.” Thorin protested crossly.

“I don’t know Thorin, you two were,” Bilbo said with a smile. “You two were something else. Not at all like you were with the other brides.”

“I was honoring a friend to the family line nothing more. She is an elf!” Thorin growled.

“That may be but you’ve offered her the seat at your side tonight, that makes her the favored bride.” Balin said with a nod.

“Would it be so bad to marry an elf?” Kili asked, with sadness in his voice.

“She is a kind person I have spoken to her in the halls.” Fili said hobbling forward. “I don’t think I’ve Sikiş hikayeleri been spoken to with such respect outside of our family.”

Fili’s eyes were sad at first but his brother Kili took his arm gently, they exchanged knowing looks as they turned to walk towards the lower halls stairway. They paused to look at Thorin before going down the stairs to the lower halls.

Gandalf began to fill his pipe as he walked towards the king saying “I think the two of you would make quite the match. She has more spice to her then even you have seen Oakenshield.”

Thorin grunted as the wizard moved past him to the same staircase calling Bilbo after him, leaving the three older dwarves.

“If you won’t seriously consider the elf then who?” Balin asked him with a huff.

“What of the dwarf from the Iron Hills, the lass called…” Thorin paused eyes squinting as he tried to recall her name.

“You can’t even remember the girls name, and let’s not forget to us, she is just a girl. She’s young, spoiled, and has never had a real trouble to worry her pretty head.” Balin said frowning. “Her name by the way is Dithinia.”

Thorin frowned deeply “So the elf has had battle experience that does not make her a queen.”

Dwalin exchanged a look with his brother then turned to the king with a deep sigh.

“He is right about the young girl there are more mature ladies here to choose from I would consider them as well.” Dwalin said bowing his head respectfully. “But if you are wanting nothing more then someone to mother heirs well the young ones are the best choice.”

“If for no other reason then they are more likely to have a healthy birth.” Balin said softly. “I know very little of elf breeding habits but the older a human or dwarf woman gets the less likely she’ll survive.”

Thorin sighed then took a seat at the throne, steepling his fingers in deep thought. He was in deep thought for a moment before dismissing the other two asking to be alone. He wanted to think more about the problem put before him by these brides.


Arnial was seated to the right of the head of the table, the seat of honor she had been told by the dwarves serving the meal. The only thing missing was the King, she had not seen him since they spoke earlier that afternoon. His nephews were there, as was the rest of the company that had retaken the mountain, plus the brides and their escorts. She wasn’t deaf, she could hear the other brides laughing at the disrespect being shown by Thorin Oakenshield.

She could see the anger in her uncle’s eyes not to mention the disgust of their treatment clear on the face of her cousin. Arnial didn’t think she could soothe the bad feelings over right now, she knew their feelings were very similiar to her own. She was angry and hurt by the treatment at the hands of the house of Durin.

Arnial looked up at the elder council member Balin and spoke “I think I will retire early the trip was tiring. Tell Oakenshield, I’m sorry I missed dining with him this evening.”

She stood quickly and walked away from the table leaving them in silence as they watched her leave the room. She wasn’t completely familiar with Erebor anymore it had been many years since she had roamed these halls as her own home. As she walked the stone carved bridges she felt almost at home again in these halls, the way down was far below her. She looked down remembering times she had leapt bridge to bridge in service to a dwarf.

Arnial remembered the way to the balcony overlooking the doors leading to the outside kingdoms. She could remember the light of dawn’s sun hitting that lake long before it had a town settled on it’s surface. She had watched the city of Dale’s hustle and bustle from that balcony.

By the time she arrived the moon hung high in the sky and the air had turned cold. She pulled her cloak tightly around her and stepped to the stone railing placing her hand on the weathered stone. Arnial leaned herself against the railing and took a deep breath of the cool mountain air, she had missed the fresh open spaces.

She leaned her head to the side tugging gently on her pointed ear.

“I know you are there cousin.” she said softly turning to look in the doorway. “You know you can’t sneak up on me.”

Legolas walked into the moonlight with a frown his brow furrowed.

“I am sorry cousin.” he said softly. “Oakenshield did this knowing he would not show up to dine with you.”

“He is not Thrain that is for sure.” she said.

“I never had the pleasure of meeting him. I’m told that he had a fondness for you, was that shared?”

“We were not in love, cousin, it was a mutual respect. I cared for him as my friend and the feeling was the same, he had a family.” she said “I remember him allowing me to hold his child in my arms once while his wife was ill. The child was beautiful.”

“Thorin insulted you and yet I never hear the love you have for dwarves leave your voice.”

“He is but one man among their people.”

“You seemed quite taken with his eyes.”

She smiled to herself and then looked over at the elf man, he looked older then he had before he had lost Tauriel. It was something that had taken much of the innocence from him, he had not been the entitled prince anymore when she had broken his heart.

“You’ve changed cousin, I know it pains you to see Tauriel’s husband here.”

Legolas tilted his head back and ran his tongue gently over his lips with a frown. Then he nodded his head slowly not speaking to her on this matter, though she could see he was still hurt by the rejection he had received.

“I’m not sure I know how you feel cousin but you do have my sympathies regarding the matter. Legolas, go get some rest I will retire shortly.” she said with a gentle smile.

“Mara lo” Legolas said bowing to her before backing away into the shadows.

Translation: Good night.

She watched her cousin disappear into the mountain city and she turned Erotik hikaye back to stare at the night sky.

Arnial looked down at her hands looking at the small scar on her wrist, she traced the pattern slowly her finger tips moving over the perfect skin. She had traced her scars with her fingers many times and she always hesitated to trace the one across her chest due to the puckered scarred flesh.

The flesh was raised due to the wound and as she ran her hand over the wound she was reminded of the pain from the wound. She had endured a great deal when she had been wounded by that orc and it had been the cause that she never saw Thrain again, he had died before she could return.

“I can hear you there as well as I did Legolas, little dwarf.” she growled softly.

Arnial turned to look in the doorway as Thorin Oakenshield walked out onto the balcony he was wearing all black as if he did not want to be seen. She frowned at him and sighed turning back to look out over the lake.

“If I am not the bride you want because I’m elf say so and we will leave Erebor in peace.” she snapped “I think that is the least you owe me, Oakenshield.”

“I apologize for the offense Lady Arnial-” he began.

“Spare me your lies!” she yelled turning to glare at him then looking into his storm cloud eyes. “I do not want spared feelings I want truth from you or nothing at all!”

She heard raised voices as suddenly Dwalin, Bilbo, and Kili joined them on the balcony due to the yelling. She saw Dwalin holding the hilt of his sword eyes narrowed as he watched the she elf.

She scoffed at them turning from Thorin to look out at the lake once more.

“Your right, you deserve the truth.” Thorin said his voice like gravel. “I do not see me choosing you as a bride because you are an elf but … it was a true honor to have met you. I ask that you stay the night and if you wish then leave in the morning. I regret you traveled all this way for nothing.”

“You are not what I thought you would be and that is good.” she said “I had heard that Thorin Oakenshield was cold, cruel, and hateful. I am glad to see you are only cold.”

Arnial pushed past the king and his three friends entering Erebor pausing briefly.

“We will stay the night but only because my family is resting already. Mara lo, Oakenshield.” she said bowing.


Thorin watched her leave and his heart squeezed in his chest as he saw he sadness in her eyes. He had not meant to hurt her in the start he only wished to offend Thranduil, she was just a pawn in this game between them. He had found he respected her and he even found that he was thinking of what life would be like if she stayed in Erebor. He felt he had made a mistake but he was commited to his path now, he could not turn back.

“Um what was that?” Bilbo asked pointing after he his face twisted in frustration.

“She’s leaving I thought that was clear.” Thorin said angrily.

“No I think the woman you really have a connection with has just been told she’s unwanted.” Bilbo said sternly. “Thorin, I don’t think you realize what you are doing.”

“And what am I doing Bilbo?” he demanded whirling around to face them.

“Your sending her away Thorin.” Bilbo said softly. “Your sending Arnial Stormblade the woman you have been connected to since she first spoke to you. You’ll marry one of those simpering girls in there over the elf woman that would of served as a great queen.”

“You feel awfully strong about this Bilbo?” Thorin asked seeming to calm down, his face taking on a thoughtful look.

“You should think about what your doing. Please Thorin.” Bilbo said softly.

“I will concider the options well, I think we’d all best retire for the night.”


The rest of the night Thorin sat in his large room looking into the fireplace his mind on the matter at hand. He didn’t know what to think after tonight, he could not deny the connection he had to the elf woman. He was afraid to admit it, mostly he was afraid to admit it to himself.

He didn’t trust elves, they had betrayed his people during the dragon attack and that had lead to a lot of Durin’s folk dying that day. He and his companions during the quest to retake the mountain had been imprisoned by the elf king Thranduil. They had been chased and almost killed by the orcs whom had caught up to them because of the delay. The elves had been nothing but trouble to his people….. or at least Thranduil had.

Thorin leaned forward in his seat joining his hands in his lap slowly as he thought hard.

It hadn’t been elves that had done all of this to his people, it had been Thranduil that had been the enemy to his people. He had kept his people from aiding the dwarves, it had been him that had ordered their imprisonment, and their deaths when they made to escape. He had rallied an army to take over Erebor when they had reclaimed it, all because he wanted the treasures inside the great halls.

Then there was Lady Arnial Stormblade the neice to Thranduil. She had been a friend to the dwarves for a very long time, serving the kings and fighting in the battles that threatened them. She had not been around for the dragon attack and as he thought this over he wondered why she would not have come to their aid. He leaned back once again and wondered if she had been that true a friend to their people, she had been a friend to them but blood to Thranduil.

It may have been betrayal.

“I need to know.” he grumbled standing rapidly.

Thorin shoved out the door into the hallway throwing the doors closed behind him, Dwalin left where he had been leaned against the door and joined him.

“Where to my king?” he asked with a grunt.

“To that blasted elf’s room.” he sighed.

“Thorin,” Dwalin said grabbing him to pull him to a stop. “You know they have the women’s quarters sealed off from the men with guards posted. Even you are not allowed back there.”

“What would you suggest then old friend?”

“Well….” Dwalin pulled on his beard slowly. “What about her ladies in waiting?”

Thorin nodded slowly “Where are they?”

“Perhaps young Fili would know….”

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