Subject: Misunderstood, Chapter 31 (Gay Adult/Youth) MISUNDERSTOOD By Wes Leigh This is a work of fiction intended solely for the entertainment of my readers; any resemblance to any real people or places is purely coincidental. This story is the property of the author and is protected by copyright laws. The author retains all rights. No reproductions are allowed without the author’s consent. If you enjoy this story, please support the Nifty archives today with a thoughtful donation by visiting fty/. Chapter Thirty-One “What are you thinking about, champ?” Blue was snuggled up against Gray’s side, tenderly hugging his lover. Blue’s skin was covered by a light layer of perspiration. His heart was finally slowing down. His cock was beginning to soften, having given up its salty nectar to Gray’s eager tongue. And Blue’s own tongue tingled from the aftertaste of Gray’s tangy cum. Blue was content to rest for the moment in his lover’s arms. “Ain’t thinkin’ about anything, really. Just lovin’ bein’ here next to ya’.” “Well, I’m loving you being here next to me.” Blue giggled and hugged Gray’s broad chest. “I’m really happy with you, my dude.” “I’m glad to hear that, champ. I do try my best to make you feel at home.” A quiet chuckle. “You try to make everyone feel at home. Mom. Dallas. Everyone who comes here. They’re gonna find a home.” “Is that okay?” Blue nuzzled Gray’s shoulder. “It’s more than okay. I really appreciate you, Gray. And I wanna thank you for makin’ Dallas feel at home, givin’ him a job to do and all. Thanks, my dude.” “It’s not just me, Blue. You’re doing your part too.” “Yeah, I know. It’s gonna take both of us to help him feel welcome. Dallas is havin’ an extra hard time right now.” “Uh huh.” Silence. Thoughtfulness. A question. “Blue?” “Yeah?” “Do you still have feelings for Dallas?” “Nah. At least, not really feelings so much.” Blue paused and thought for a moment. “I feel sorry for him. There for a while, when I first got back to Amarillo, I thought he was friendly and interesting and … well …” “Sexy?” Blue giggled. “Yeah. I suppose.” Gray tickled Blue’s backbone. “You can admit it. I can see he’s got a great body.” “And one helluva huge cock.” “Well, I’ll have to take your word on that.” “Trust me. It’s big. And thick too.” “And he’s got gorgeous green eyes.” Blue punched Gray in the stomach, playfully. “Hey, what’dya doin’ lookin’ in his eyes?” “I’m only interested in boys with gorgeous blue eyes, so don’t worry.” Blue snuggled closer. “You better be.” “You never really said whether you still find him attractive?” Blue sighed. “I gotta be honest, Gray. He’s still just as hot as ever, but I think the only reason I ever tried anything with him was because I thought I’d never see YOU again. Back there in Amarillo, I thought maybe there could be somethin’ between us. He was close to my age, cute, and gay like me. I figured if I couldn’t have you, maybe Dallas could have been my boyfriend.” “He’s still cute, still gay, and still closer to your age.” “So?” “So maybe you’d be better off with someone younger than me.” “Why would you say that? I don’t wanna be with someone else! I don’t care how old you are.” “I’m not trying to upset you, Blue. It’s just something I think about sometimes.” “Well you can just stop thinkin’ that way. Gray, I know I’m a lot younger than you, but that’s not what’s important here. You see, sex with Dallas was–I don’t know–it was just missin’ somethin’. It was all about shootin’ off, but never about cuddlin’ up like we’re doin’ now. You get what I’m sayin’?” “Yes, Blue. I do. Sex is sex, but making love is so much better.” “Yep, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. With you, I get loved on and I can love ya’ right back. I wouldn’t trade that for anything or anyone.” Blue looked up at Gray, expectantly, longingly. Gray tilted his head down and kissed Blue tenderly on the lips. Blue responded, sliding up and grabbing Gray’s face in his hands, pushing their mouths together, sliding his tongue out to caress Gray’s soft lips, finding Gray’s tongue seeking out his own. The faint taste of cum remained in each of their mouths, stirring up renewed passion as their kisses become stronger, deeper, more demanding, more giving. Blue pushed Gray onto his back and climbed up to lay his smaller body on top of his lover. Their chests and stomachs were pressed together, their legs entwined, and at the center of their craving, their cocks swelled once more as their hips thrust against one another. Blue moaned into Gray’s mouth as he held Gray’s head in both hands, stroking Gray’s cheeks. Gray’s hands slid across Blue’s back and sides, caressing, pressing, sliding down to knead Blue’s bubble butt. Gray pulled the soft orbs apart and slipped his fingers down, across Blue’s rosebud, down to his taint, tickling his hairless balls from behind, then pressing back up to the puckered hole that opened eagerly when he pushed against it. Blue gasped and scooted forward, guiding his throbbing cock to Gray’s mouth. Blue’s cock had filled out in the last year, growing another inch and thickening at the end. It was a man’s cock now, in every way, and Gray couldn’t get enough of his young lover’s pulsating rod. Gray opened his mouth and allowed Blue to slide just the first inch or two into his mouth. He loved the way Blue’s foreskin covered the glans right down to the very tip. He flicked his tongue over and around the cap, sliding inside and pushing between the skin and the sensitive glans. All around he licked and slurped, then grasping the heavy shaft, he pulled the skin down and exposed Blue’s now slippery mushroom cap to his suckling mouth. He massaged and milked the long rod, sliding one finger down the length of the swollen vein underneath. A drop of sweet juice was his reward. He eagerly licked it away and sucked the tip of Blue’s cock, trying to draw out more. Blue moaned and pushed forward, sliding his cock inside Gray’s mouth and down his throat until Blue’s tight black pubes pressed against Gray’s upper lip. Then Blue pulled out slowly until just the tip remained inside Gray’s mouth. Gray desperately tilted his head forward, not wanting his lover’s luscious cock to leave his mouth, so Blue helped him out by pulling Gray’s head toward him while thrusting his hips forward, burying his cock to the hilt in Gray’s throat once more. Gray gulped and swallowed, massaging Blue with just his throat muscles. Blue sighed and pulled out completely. His wet cock slapped up against his stomach. He scooted forward even more, positioning his dangling balls over Gray’s mouth. Gray lapped them both up, sucking them into his mouth, rolling them around and bathing them with his tongue. Blue sat up slightly, stretching his scrotum as Gray held onto his balls, bringing delightful agony to his hanging fruit. He pulled even harder. His balls popped out of Gray’s mouth, sending electric shocks throughout his body. He lowered himself back down so that Gray could suck them into his mouth once more, and this time Gray was more forceful with Blue’s delicate orbs, nibbling them and prodding them with his tongue. Blue took it as long as he could, then pulled up hard, yanking batman escort his balls out of Gray’s mouth before spinning around and pushing his ass back into Gray’s face. Gray’s tongue flicked out and touched Blue’s puckered hole. Blue rocked back a bit more and laid his face sideways on Gray’s belly, reaching down to comb his fingers through Gray’s dark pubic mound. Gray pulled Blue’s cheeks apart and pressed his mouth directly onto Blue’s ass, tongue probing and flitting all around. Blue flexed his ass and his pucker blossomed open, allowing Gray to insert his tongue well inside. Blue squealed with delight, sliding back another half inch, hoping that Gray would push in, just a bit more, more, oh, yes, more. His body began quivering. Gray placed his hands on Blue’s hips, stroking, caressing, loving his boy. His tongue twisted and turned inside, pleasuring Blue. Gray’s chest heaved, relishing the warmth and weight of his boy resting there on top of him. Blue whimpered, then slid forward and hungrily swallowed Gray’s perfect cock, choking a bit in his haste to coat the hard shaft with spit. Blue sucked up and down, thoroughly coating Gray’s cock. Then Blue spun around once more and backed up, reaching behind him to lift Gray’s cock and guide it straight into Blue’s welcoming ass. As Blue pressed slowly back, his hole resisted only a moment before spreading wide to take Gray in. Blue sank down, down and wiggled his butt slightly to sink the last inch of Gray firmly into place. Then Blue lay down, mashing his own leaking cock and tingling balls between them as he rested his body on Gray’s chest. Gray reached around Blue and hugged their quivering bodies together, holding his lover against his heart, thrusting into his lover with slow, measured drives. In and slowly out. Thrust and gently squeeze. For half an hour, their bodies danced, until finally, their love was consummated by a gush of juices. All over their stomachs between them. And deep inside Blue. “Oh, Gray, I love you!” “I love you, Blue. I love you so much!” *** In the room below, Dallas looked up at the ceiling, his face a bizarre mixture of emotions … … pleasure from the semen he’d just blasted all across his chest … frustration from hearing others enjoying abiding love that he so desperately wanted for himself … and anger for the inevitable destiny he seemed to be barreling toward. Dallas turned his head and squeezed his eyes shut, forcing back the tears he didn’t want to fall. *** The next morning, Blue and Dallas checked first on the three new dogs, giving them food and water and a little extra love. “They need names, now that they’re with us,” Blue said. “What’dya wanna call `em?” Dallas blinked in surprise. “You’re gonna let me name them?” “Sure,” Blue replied with a shrug of his shoulders. “Sometimes I name `em. Sometimes Gray does. You should get a shot at it too, you know?” “Okay, then … well, I know what I would name her at least,” Dallas replied pointing at the shaggy female he’d been working on all afternoon the day before. “Aphrodite.” “Aphrodite? The goddess of beauty?” Dallas nodded. Blue began giggling uncontrollably. Gray walked in the barn and saw the two younger men standing by the newest dogs, Dallas frowning at Blue who was bent over, hands on his knees, laughing. “What’s so funny, champ?” Blue couldn’t answer, but simply pointed at one of the dogs, a fuzzy mongrel with a black and brown coat. Even after gaining back some weight, it was obvious to see she would never be a handsome animal. Her nose was too long for her face. Her ears couldn’t decide whether they wanted to perk up or droop down. Her tail had very little hair, her body had too much. Dallas, exasperated, explained for Gray’s benefit, “I suggested naming her Aphrodite.” Blue gasped and spluttered, “The goddess of BEAUTY!” Then he fell to his knees, losing his composure again. Dallas knelt down and stroked Aphrodite’s cheek. “Just look into her eyes, bro,” he said with a hushed whisper. “She’s beautiful on the inside.” And indeed she was. Her coal black eyes stared back at Dallas with unabashed adoration. Gray smiled. “Then Aphrodite it is. What about the other two?” Dallas shrugged. “Why not, ummm, Apollo and Athena. Might as well stick to a theme. What do you think?” Gray nodded agreement. Blue looked up, still chuckling, but nodded as well. Gray poked Blue in the shoulder. “Now if this giggling fool can get his act together long enough to take some pictures of our three new guests, I think this week’s website feature should be Aphrodite, Apollo, and Athena.” Blue’s eyes opened wide in delight. “Hey, that’s a great idea, Gray. Tell everyone about their bad situation. Maybe get folks thinkin’ about how people don’t do right by dogs sometimes, but folks can make a difference for these dogs.” Dallas was confused. “What are you guys talking about?” “We got a website for the farm,” Blue explained. “Every week we do what we call a feature story. We show a picture of one of the dogs and tell a little about `em. You know. Tryin’ to get someone interested in adoptin’ and all.” Gray nodded. “These dogs won’t be ready for adoption for some time, but we could raise awareness about how dogs are mistreated and how important it is for adoptees to step forward.” Blue was becoming excited about the project now. “We could show how these dogs get stronger as we nurse `em along. I bet a bunch of our donors would find it interestin’ to see these dogs gettin’ more and more healthy each week!” “Let’s do it. But first, we need to clean all the kennels. Give me a hand with that, then you two can work on updating the website this afternoon, while I’m driving to Tulsa.” “Why you goin’ to Tulsa?” Blue asked. Gray smiled. “I need to swing by the airport.” Blue began to grin. “Mom’s back early?” Gray nodded. “She just called. The main training session is over, and she decided not to stay for the extra certifications they’re offering. She’s wiped out and needs a break.” “Awesome! Hey, Dallas, Mom’s gonna freak out when she sees you’re here!” “Yeah … that’s ummm … terrific.” Gray heard the hesitancy in Dallas’ voice, but decided to say nothing. “Okay, boys. Let’s clean some kennels.” Blue groaned, but dutifully trudged off to get shovels and gloves. *** After lunch, Blue sat down in front of the computer in the library and brought up the website editor. Dallas stood behind him, his hands resting lightly on Blue’s shoulders, watching as the younger teen uploaded new pictures and modified text files. “Wow, you’re good at this! Where’d you learn to do that?” “Gray taught me. It ain’t all that hard.” “Not that hard? Bro! You’re blowing me away!” Blue brought up a preview pane, proofread his work, and returned to the editor to change a few font settings. That was better. Then he pulled up one of the text files and made a few wording changes. He wanted people to feel the same passion he felt about dogs in need. Dallas was impressed with Blue. Sure, he could sound like a complete west-Texas hick at times, but behind that ahhhh-shucks facade lived a smart kid who could write in a way that grabbed your heart and pulled you into the bayburt escort story. Dallas looked down at Blue. Ever so slowly, he began to massage Blue’s shoulders, pressing his thumbs gently into the muscles that ran from Blue’s spine down his neck. He squeezed and released, squeezed again and slid his hands down to Blue’s shoulders. Although Blue still had a boyish body, he was beginning to mature. All the hard work here was paying off with developing muscles, especially in his upper body. He had a long way to go before he’d be as fit as Dallas, but he was coming along. Dallas gripped Blue’s shoulders, massaging, squeezing. Then moving back up to Blue’s neck, he started over again. Blue rolled his head slowly and moaned. “That feels so good. I’ll give ya’ two hours to stop doin’ that.” Dallas chuckled and moved his hands up to Blue’s scalp, softly working his fingers through Blue’s wavy black hair, massaging the top of his head, the back of his head, above his ears, and back down again to the neck, thumbs pressing, fingers squeezing. Blue stopped typing and melted under Dallas’ firm touch. “This is what I should have done,” Dallas whispered. “Hmmm … what?” “Back in Amarillo. Rubbing your back. Being nicer to you.” “You were nice to me, dude.” “I could have treated you better, Drew. But I was too busy thinking about me and about how horny I was. I should have been doing stuff like this for you. Then I might not have lost you.” Dallas tugged at Blue’s shirt. “Take this off so I can do your back too.” Blue reached down and pulled the shirt up, allowing Dallas to pull it off the rest of the way. Then Blue leaned forward, resting his head on the desk. Dallas began working on Blue’s upper back first, careful not to press too hard on the boy’s bony spine and shoulder blades, but pushing in on the tight muscles all around. “I’m very, very sorry about that stupid delivery van incident.” “Dude, you gotta let that go. It was just as much my idea.” “I’m not talking about what we did. That was incredible, bro. As big as I am, I didn’t think anyone could take me so easy.” Blue giggled, his face buried in his folded arms. “It wasn’t THAT easy. I was walkin’ funny for a week.” Dallas smiled and rubbed down Blue’s back. “Now, that’s what I mean. All I thought about was sticking my dick in you and blowing my wad. I never thought about how much it might have hurt you to have me plowing away inside you. And when it was over and we got caught, I could have taken some of the heat off you, but I blew you off and treated you like shit.” “Dude! There’s no way you could have taken the heat off me. My dad was bound and determined to nail my hide to the door.” “Yeah. I can see that.” “Right in the middle, there’s an itchy spot. Lower. To the right. Yeah, right there. That’s better.” “I wasn’t in a good place, back then, Drew. I was a seventeen-year-old Catholic virgin. And horny as fuck. So fucking cliche!” “Don’t forget gay.” Dallas snorted. “Right. Seventeen-year-old, gay, Catholic virgin. I think I was in love with you, Drew. Well, maybe not in love, but certainly lusting after you. You have a hot body, bro.” Blue laughed. “Quit shittin’ me, dude. I ain’t hot.” “Yes, you are! You don’t realize it, but you are seriously smoking hot. Your muscles aren’t huge, but your body is ripped. And your eyes–God, Drew–you have gorgeous eyes.” “Cut it out, dude. You gotta stop lustin’ after me and get yourself a boyfriend.” “I know. I just … I just wish things had turned out differently between us.” “Well, this is a chance for us to have something even better: a good friendship.” “I’m not sure I want to be good friends with you, Drew. I don’t know if I can do that. I think it will kill me to be around you and not be more than your friend.” Blue sat up and turned around to face Dallas. His eyes were filled with compassion. “I’m sorry, Dallas. I’m sorry I can’t give you more.” Dallas shrugged. “Don’t worry about it, bro. I know how it is, and I can live with it. I’m happy for you and fucking sad for myself.” Dallas took a deep breath and said, “I guess I’m just going to have to accept the fact that you are I will never be more than friends.” “That ain’t such a bad thing, dude. Being friends.” “I guess not. I was just hoping for friends with benefits, you know.” Blue smiled apologetically, his blue eyes sparkling. “Sorry, dude.” He really is incredibly cute, Dallas thought. Those eyes cut right through you. And his lips, so full and red. Damn, this was getting hard. Dallas felt his COCK getting hard. And Blue noticed. It was hard not to notice, as massive as Dallas was downstairs. Blue had to admit to himself that he found Dallas extremely sexy. His muscles stretched his tee-shirt in all the right places, showing off his huge pecs and perky nipples, sucking in along the ridges of his six-pack abs. Dallas’ jeans barely contained that monster cock, thick and snaking down one leg. “What are you thinking about, Drew?” Blue looked back up into Dallas’ bright green eyes and blushed. “Nothin’. Just rememberin’ how things used to be.” “Too bad we can’t have a little fun, just once more. For old time’s sake.” “Yeah, too bad,” Blue agreed. “But I don’t think it would be a good idea.” “You’re probably right. Cause too many problems. For all of us.” “Sure.” “Right.” “So … ummm …” “Yeah, well,” Dallas put his hands in his pants pocket, adjusting his painful erection as best he could. “What do you want to do for the rest of the afternoon?” Blue swallowed hard. “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” Dallas chuckled. “We already talked about what I want to do, and I think we decided we can’t do that.” “Oh, yeah,” Blue agreed, but his eyes were back on the thick shaft snaking its way down Dallas’ pant leg. “Bro, stop staring at it,” Dallas said with a laugh. “It’ll never go down as long as you’re looking at it.” “Sorry,” Blue apologized. “It’s just amazing how big you are.” Dallas squeezed his cock with one hand, chuckling. “I am hung like a racehorse.” Blue nodded and licked his lips, remembering the afternoon by the hot tub when he’d given Dallas a blow job. Dallas’ cock was so big he hadn’t been able to get it in very far, so when Dallas began spewing, Blue had caught most of it in his mouth. Even now, he remembered how good Dallas had tasted. Very sweet. Nothing like most of the cum Blue had eaten from other guys. “You’re still staring at it, bro,” Dallas whispered. “Oh, uhhh … sorry, dude.” Dallas smiled. “No problem, bro.” Dallas took the button on his jeans between his thumb and finger and snapped it open. He unzipped his pants and pulled the flap open. “What are you doing, dude?” Blue asked, his voice showing a hint of panic. Dallas said nothing but put one hand on each hip and slid his thumbs inside the waistband of his jeans. Then he shimmied the pants down his hips, slowly pulling them off while dragging his boxer briefs down at the same time. “Dude! I don’t think we should be … ummm …” The pants and underwear kept sliding lower, revealing bright red pubes, then the base of his wide, white shaft. Lower still, and the slightly swollen rod was fully bebek escort exposed, engorged and hanging down a good six inches. The purple glans was wet with a drop of precum. The hairy balls stood out on each side, hanging loose. Dallas stopped pushing his pants down and just stood there, waiting for Blue to decide what to do next. Blue reached out and touched Dallas’ massive manhood. He encircled the circumcised tip with his fingers and thumb and slowly caressed it. It was warm, so warm in his grasp, and pulsing slightly as it slowly expanded with each heartbeat, until it rose to its full nine inches. Silky smooth, soft and spongy, but with a steel core, it was an amazing cock. One of the best he’d ever held. Blue couldn’t resist. He leaned in and slipped his mouth over the cap, licking and sucking for all he was worth, slurping up the slippery juices that oozed out onto his tongue. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and forced his way down, down the enormous shaft. Halfway there, he felt the end tapping the back of his throat. Far enough for now, Blue decided, so he began using his lips and tongue to caress Dallas’ manhood. Teasing. Gulping down a bit, then working his way back up, sliding his lips along the velvety skin, tickling all around the mushroom cap with his tongue, sliding the tip of his tongue into the wide piss slit as his lips sealed around the glans and created a slow, powerful suction. Back down he slid again, coating the sides of Dallas’ monstrous beast, a little lower this time, forcing it against the back of his throat. He held himself there, licking and slurping, then pushed down another inch, feeling the immense cap slide down his throat, blocking off his air. Up and down, just the least little bit, he massaged the end of Dallas’ cock with the top of his throat, holding his breath as long as he could. Dallas’ eyes were closed. His every thought was focused on the center of his body, that colossal organ that had dominated his life since it began its remarkable growth at the age of eleven. It had come into his life as an unexpected surprise, changing from an occasionally hard little prong to a frequently throbbing sprout that seemed to grow longer every day. Touching it became his hourly habit. Making it perform its tricks his greatest pleasure. Exploring its new-found abilities his frequent pastime. When it was a shade under four inches, it began spitting out the first drops of watery semen. He was delighted and proud. At five inches, the scanty hair above it filled out into a curling forest of bright red hair. At six inches, the watery juices became thick and creamy. At seven inches, it became so wide it took two lotion-covered hands to properly jerk off. At eight inches, he started to wonder if anyone, boy or girl, would ever be able to properly service his massive tool. Was he too big to ever truly enjoy sex? Now, Dallas was getting his answer. Blue was doing it. Making his cock pulse with each lick and gulp. The delightful feelings were building deep inside, struggling to reach the surface, making him want to force his gigantic monster down his friend’s throat until he couldn’t push it any deeper, but he was afraid to move, afraid to break the magical spell he was under. It was a miracle he’d been seeking all his life, since the moment he’d discovered how much pleasure this cock of his could give him. Blue was determined to conquer Dallas’ untamed beast, but it was so wide he had only made it a bit past halfway so far. Backing off a bit, he took two deep breaths, then thrust forward, pressing the immense tip into his throat. He swallowed and swallowed again, taking Dallas down inside his throat. His lips were forced apart, and he opened his mouth as wide as he could possibly get it. Then he gulped and pushed forward, pressing down, swallowing. Deeper. Deeper still. Until suddenly his lips touched Dallas’ auburn pubes. Dallas couldn’t believe it. Blue had swallowed his entire cock! Right to the base. Blue was swallowing rapidly, and the feeling of his throat squeezing convulsively on the end of his cock was beyond anything Dallas had ever felt. Electric shocks pulsed through his body. “Oh, FUCK,” he shouted. The orgasm caught him completely by surprise, making his knees wobble. His balls pulled back up into his body as surge after throbbing surge shot out of the end of his cock straight down Blue’s throat. Blue pulled off, sliding Dallas’ cock completely out of his throat so he could take another deep breath and learned, much to his surprise, that sweet, hot cum was pulsing out of the end of that cock onto the back of his tongue. Blue swallowed Dallas’ juices and sucked greedily on the heavy shaft, trying to pull out more, draining Dallas of the last tasty drops of nectar. Dallas pulled out, suddenly, and fell to his knees, urging Blue to stand to his feet. Dallas began unsnapping Blue’s jeans, frantically tugging the pants and Blue’s underwear down to his knees. Dallas lifted Blue’s cock, soft for the moment, and slurped it down in one gulp, pressing his lips against Blue’s belly. He felt Blue’s cock filling rapidly, growing and snaking its way down his throat while his tongue swirled around, here and there, teasing, tickling. Within seconds, Blue was rock hard. He placed his hands on each side of Dallas’ head and began thrusting in and out, forcing his cock to the back of Dallas’ mouth and down Dallas’ throat. Dallas gagged but pushed down even harder, deep-throating Blue despite the tears streaming from his eyes. Blue began face-fucking Dallas, as hard and as deep as he’d ever done Gray– Blue stopped. Oh my God, he thought. What am I doing? He pulled his cock out, now dripping with Dallas’ spit. Dallas looked up at Blue, confusion in his eyes. “I … I’m sorry, Dallas. I can’t do this. I can’t.” Blue stepped back and yanked his pants up, not caring that his underwear was twisted sideways. Blue zipped up the pants, grabbed his shirt where he’d dropped it on the desk, and ran out of the room. Dallas watched Blue run away, stunned, still kneeling on the floor with his pants around his ankles and his immense cock leaking onto his leg. Dallas heard Blue run up the stairs toward the bedrooms. He gathered himself together and slowly worked his clothes back into place. He didn’t bother cleaning himself off, but simply tucked his spit-covered, cum-leaking cock into his pants. Why was this blasted thing always causing him so much trouble for the few seconds of supreme pleasure it gave? He left the library and walked up the stairs as quietly as he could. Blue wasn’t on the second floor. Both bedrooms and the bathroom were empty. Dallas looked up the stairs toward the door leading to the third-floor master bedroom. It was ajar. He crept up the stairs and pushed the door open a bit more. He heard someone–it had to be his young friend–crying softly. Dallas peeked around the door. The young man was lying on his stomach on the bed, a pillow pulled up to his face, his body shaking as he wept. Dallas wanted to go to him. Wanted to sit next to him and rub his back, oh so gently. Wanted to comfort him and tell him not to cry. Instead, he slipped back out of the room and hurried down the stairs, taking them two at a time, not caring anymore. Down the next flight of stairs, he rushed for the front door and slammed through, now truly running, but running from what he couldn’t say. The end of MISUNDERSTOOD, Chapter Thirty-One

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