Mom; A Stress?


For over an hour I had gotten nothing but an answering machine. My girlfriend apparently was not home and my stress level was through the roof. I tried to get some pussy this morning from my wife but she complained of being late for work and had shut me down, leaving me with a hard dick.

The source of my stress, at the moment, and as usual was my mother. She was not happy with her new carpet in her newly acquired trailer park home. Sloppy work she had complained. I had set the appointment for 9 o’clock and she was supposed to stay home until the carpet man arrived to fix whatever the hell was the problem. Then I got the call from the carpet man that she had walked out and left him alone without telling him what she wanted him to do.

He had promised to stay put until I got there. Well, I am here and he is no fucking place to be found. A note informs me that he was called away on an emergency. A fucking emergency, my ass! Damn! My cock is throbbing!

I’m inside the trailer. Waiting for that crazy mother of mine to return. I can’t stand the stress much longer. I have to relieve my tension. When pussy is not available there is nothing left but a hand job. I regret not doing it at home. No fuss, no muss, I can jerk off over the toilet. It will only take a few minutes as I am in really bad shape. My 66-year-old mother seems to be losing her fucking mind and taking mine along with her.

Jerking my cock is making it feel really good! I hate being interrupted but there’s the damn door. I would let my mother wait, she had to have seen my car, but it could be the carpet man returning. I stuff my cock back in my pants and zip up.

“Where the hell have you been!” I’ve find it is my mother as I walked down the hall to the kitchen and living room. “You were supposed to wait here for the carpet man. He has been here and left. Where did you go?”

Looking in the grocery bag she has placed on the table, I see three bottles of wine and she confirms the obvious… she went to the store.

“You know if we want him to come back I will have to pay him a service charge because you were not here.”

She tells me that she was here when he arrived and she had showed him what needed fixing. She makes a slow examination of three or four areas from the living room, down the hall, to the lone bedroom in the back of the trailer. I followed her feeling my stress level reach an unknown height. My cock is rock-hard and throbbing. Why the hell did she have to interrupt me!

From her telling, he apparently had finished the work regardless of him telling me he had not. I know my face must be red.

“You know, when I put up with this much crap from a woman I am usually screwing her.” I scold my mother. “With all you have put me through the last few weeks you should be on your back right now with her legs spread giving me what I need… what I deserve… for the aggravation.”

She calls me a pervert and starts to walk by me… leaving the bedroom and turning her back on me. She is a small woman, 5’3″, heavy chested with a broad ass. I determine I will not be treated in such a manner. I reached across the front of her, under her heavy breast, my right hand going up under her left armpit. I left her easily, cleanly off the floor and fling her onto the low bed. She hardly bounces on the worn out springs. I am straddle her in an avcılar üniversiteli escort instant. She begins to resist just as quickly but I subdue her arms over her head. She struggles briefly, then stills.

“You can’t just walk away and ignore me. I think maybe it’s time you pay up for all of the aggravation you have been causing me.” I tell her. “There is no need for me to jerk off in the toilet when there is pussy right here for the having.”

She tells me I can’t. I reply, quizzing her as to who is going to stop me. She begs me not to screw her, using the word… the word that only makes me want to do it more. I ask her how long it has been since she has had a good stiff cock, using the word. She begins to tussle with me once more. How long! I demand! She replies, 10 or 15 years, she can’t remember, not since dad. He’s deceased.

“You behave yourself and lay real still!” I tell her, scooting backwards, pointing my finger at her. She remains still.

I stand off the foot of the bed, unbuckling my belt, unzipping my fly to remove my pants. They are halfway down when I anticipate her flight and yell at her to stay put. She freezes in place and I finished removing my pants, underwear and T-shirt. I stand naked before her, letting my out of shape, 6’2″ frame intimidate her. She is staring at my erection. She is wearing a summer, weight concealing, cotton dress. I run my hands up bare beefy thighs to snag her bloomers and drag them down off of her. She fights but it is useless. I tell her they will tear and it is enough for her to cease her resistance.

I move on the bed and straddle her keeds, my cock dangling, and begin to unbuttoned her dress. Her breathing is distressed, her chest heaving, but she does not resist, not wanting her buttons to be popped off.

Mom’s face is not difficult to look at, but as I pull her dress open and wide I am reminded of a female “Pillsbury Dough Girl”. It is a minor observation as it is the pussy, the hole, between her legs that is the important feminine attribute of my interest. I note that the deforested bush between her legs is an orange like the hair on her head, and just as curly. Dad called her a redhead! I point my forefinger at her again to warn her not to fight. Her facial expression is blank and I cannot read it, but she does not resist as I maneuvered to spread her legs, putting my hands behind her knees and lifting them, spreading them wide.

I look upon my mother’s pussy, her treasure. I wonder how many sons would have the nerve to do what I’m doing…would enjoy what I’m looking at. I have a moment of anxiety but I push it away. Her pussy is not what I expected. I expected a thick lipped labia but it is the exact opposite… a petite, thin lipped, lengthy crack. I deem it exquisite, the cutest available to me, and I am confronted with a dilemma … to fuck it, or eat it. I know my mother is an exceptionally clean woman in her body habits. Decision made, I will let my stress simmer a while longer. I maneuver to my chest and put my face to her pussy.

I kiss her pussy lightly, thinking if I do this, and she responds as hoped, she may accept my incestuous indiscretion of screwing her. I have always enjoyed exploring a pussy with my tongue. I tease her clit early on to find her response. I hear the slight avrupa yakası escort moan and smile inwardly that my elderly mother can still feel sexual pleasure. I hope my dick can produce a bit more of the same. I hear her breathing now, through the mouth, her hands play through my hair. Then her feet are lifted to my shoulders, her lust building… building my own lust.

Her feet on my shoulders, offering better access, I push my tongue into her hole. Her response is immediate as she shoves her ass into my face, then humps my face aggressively. I alternate tonguing her clit with tongue fucking her. There is no longer any doubt that she is enjoying me giving her oral pleasure. I end a lengthy tongue fuck, returning to her clit, when she is seized by orgasm, her loud groan sounding tormented, but I know better, it is caused by immense pleasure. It brought to mind another question… at her age, does mother ever masturbate.

As her orgasm subsided, I moved to mount her. My stress level returned as she began to fight me, telling me it was wrong to stick my cock in her. I hear the word “incest” and told we will go to hell. I tell her, in no uncertain words, that after giving her oral I will not shy from sticking my cock in her… and that she will do the honors. It took me threatening, to stick my cock in her mouth if she did not do as I desired, that she finally calmed down and took hold of my cock, placing it to her. I took more long moments of me staring at her before she pushed her ass, inserting the head of my cock inside her.

My cock is not thick. On breaking up with a former girlfriend, she had called me needle dick! However, it is 71/2″ long and caused my mother’s body to shutter when I finished our coupling, penetrating her deep. I cradled her in my arms and began to fuck her with a moderate, stabbing rhythm. Encouragingly, she hugged me tight across the back and it was not long before she moved her ass, as best she could, fucking me back. She soon began to breathe through her mouth. I maneuvered to grab hold of her ass with both hands and began a most determined , frantic rhythm.

In labored breath she inquired if I was going to come in her. I asked her did she want me to and surprisingly she told me yes… and we had come this far, I might as well. Her answer caused my rhythm to increase with even more determination. She wanted my cum! I queried if she liked being fucked. She stuttered another yes. When I told her I was close, she repeated “yes” a half a dozen times, before and after, I shot by ejaculate into her pussy… her belly.

I lay atop her for many minutes with my semi-rigid cock Inside of her. My stress had evaporated, replaced by the knowledge that I had had just screwed my mother. She told me she felt my cum shoot into her. I really didn’t know how to feel about all that. She had enjoyed the screw. She was still hugging me and kissing my neck. She reminded me of a female cat who had just been taken for the first time by the neighbor tomcat, swishing her backside in his face, wanting more.

I pulled my cock slowly out of her. As I stood off the foot of the bed, she rolled to her right, and with a bit of trouble, stood also. I watched her waddle out of the room. Following her to the bathroom, I found her sitting on the toilet, no doubt to drain most of bağdat caddesi escort my cum from her. I proceeded to wash my cock in the sink. It remained half erect. I heard her peeing as I was rinsing it off, causing my cock to stiffen a bit. I noted my mother reaching behind her for a hand towel. She motioned to me to come to her. Silence prevailed. She began to towel my cock dry, then, my balls, bringing it to full erection.

I watched her take the length in her left hand, leaving a about 3 inches that she took into her mouth and begin to suck on it lightly. I discovered mom was a cock sucker and showed experience. Her hand and mouth worked thoroughly on my cock. She queried be as to whether I would like to go back to bed and screw her some more. I told her in no uncertain terms those were my wishes.

I was close in behind her when she kneed herself onto the bed from the foot. I stopped her at the edge letting her know I wanted her on her knees in the middle of the bed. She told me I was certainly my dad’s son! I moved in behind her as she spread her knees, giving her a wider stance and showing the position was not new to her. I placed my cock to her and we coupled a second time. My hands on her ass I fucked her in a moderate rhythm, pushing deep occasionally, thinking of my cum partially left inside of her. I fucked her a long while, enjoying the sound of her grunts and groans.

As my sexual arousal and desire took hold, I maneuvered to place my feet flat on the bed hovering over her, fucking her, enjoying her ample backside. Her female vocals of primitive style mating were stifled by her face pressed into a pillow. I felt my temperature rise, dizzy, flush as my cock jerked once, twice, three times. I slowed quickly and lowered myself onto her back, grabbing a handful of tits with both hands, whispering to her how much I loved her, and her pussy. She chuckled and inquired as to which I loved most. I did not answer.

I lay on the bed on my back as mother repeated the steps of going to the bathroom. All was quiet for long minutes until I heard the water running in the tub. She was no doubt washing herself.

She soon returned to the bedroom, found her dress on the floor and started to put it on. I asked if she was finished. She said she was, if I was. I was, very obviously, limp. I told her I would be happy to finger her if she wished. She asked if I minded.

I scooted to my left and turned on my side as mom join me in the bed, wearing her dress but opening it as she settled on her back against me. She spread her legs and lifted her knees slightly. I put my right middle finger to her pussy, her clit really, and proceeded to tease it as she slowly let the pleasure envelope her. I squeezed my left hand under her butt cheek, pushing down until I could reach between her legs with my middle finger to tease her pussy, sticking it in her slightly. She responded by trying to push it deeper into her. Her body, and my fingers, were much in motion when the orgasm seized her, her ass rocketing skyward as best it could considering the weight and my help. Her body relaxed and she lay exhausted for long minutes as I suckled on her right nipple and played in her bush, rubbing her mound.

Kissing her lightly on the lips, a first in a very long time, I went to take a shower. After dressing, I found her in the kitchen making lunch. She asked me if I was feeling better. I answered affirmatively and asked her the same question. She informed me she had never felt better in her life. As we ate, she told me what else she wanted to do to the trailer, rekindling my stress that I was able to take its stride, as I knew I had found a new release for whatever stress I might have the future.

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