Mom Gets Strip Searched Pt. 02


WARNING: This story contains graphic depictions of sexual assaults, as well as incest. If you are offended by either of these topics, then do not read any further. In real life, non-consensual sex of any kind is illegal and immoral, and not condoned by the author. All characters are over 18. This story and all characters are fiction. However, many of the events depicted are fictionalized accounts inspired by real-life incidents.

PART 02:


“You punk kid, the pot’s yours, isn’t it?” Rapp was being pretty nasty. I have to admit he was scaring me. He had me in an interrogation room similar to room 103 across the hall. I had to presume Mom was in 103, because the door was closed when I came in. Rapp was threatening me with all sorts of jail time. The pot possession; saying we took the dope to the park to deal it, so add dealing to it. And the cocaine possession and selling. Looking back he had no case, but at the time he was very convincing, and very physically intimidating. He grabbed me by the collar a few times, gave me a couple of shoves, but never actually hit me. Coleman sat in the corner and said nothing.

All he wanted, he said, was for me to confess that the pot was mine. When I said it wasn’t mine, he wanted to know whose it was. I told him I didn’t know.

Crabbe stepped into the room and called Rapp and Coleman out. When Crabbe and I were alone, he finally spoke. “Listen, kid, what Rapp really wants is to know who’s dealing. He doesn’t care about a stupid little possession charge. He wants the dealer. Tell him whose pot it is, and we’ll work on them to get the dealer’s name. Everyone here goes home free.”

I didn’t realize it until later, but they were pulling the old Good Cop/Bad Cop trick. Rapp scares the shit out of me, and then Crabbe buddies up to me.

Crabbe smiled. “Besides, you’re out of here free anyways, your mom’s taken care of that. She kind of made a deal with us to get you off.”

“What sort of deal?” I asked.

“She offered to give us sexual favors if we’d drop the charges against you.”

I thought about what he said for a minute. It made my cock tingle again hearing him say that, but I didn’t believe it. “Bullshit. She wouldn’t do that.”

Chuckling, Crabbe said, “OK, she didn’t exactly offer to do anything, but there was sort of an understanding. She was told that she better keep quiet when we were done with her, or we’d come down hard on you with the charges. You don’t get charged with anything unless she squeals.

“What are you doing to her? Let me see her.” I was still too scared to be demanding. I was mostly asking.

“Hey, kid, she’s your mom, I don’t think you wanna see that,” replied Crabbe.

“C’mon, let me see her,” I repeated.

Crabbe chuckled, and said, “Well, you were giving her a pretty hard look during the strip search. You got a thing for your mom, kid?”

“No,” I lied, not looking directly at him.

“C’mon,” Crabbe said, and opened the door. We went across the hall to the room next to 103, the one with the two-way mirror. Crabbe opened the door, and Graham and Warwick were inside looking through the mirror.

In room 103 was my mom, sitting on the edge of the table, facing the mirror. Also sitting on the table, on either side of her, were Miller and Coleman. Her hands were cuffed again, in front of her this time. Mom’s panties were gone; she was sitting there with her hairy muff showing. The only thing she was wearing was her bra, and her tits were hanging out over the cups. Miller and Coleman each were squeezing one of Mom’s tits, mashing their open palms against her chest. Miller’s pants were open, and his cock was sticking out. Mom had both of her cuffed hands wrapped around his cock, stroking it up and down. The amusing thing is that Mom still had ink on her fingers from being printed, and there were black smudge marks on Miller’s cock. By the look on Mom’s face, like a shamed, whipped puppy, I knew she wasn’t doing this of her own free will.

“Man, these are a handful,” said Miller. I could hear him through the speaker.

“Are you videotaping this?” I asked Crabbe.

“No, we don’t tape this shit.”

Miller and Coleman, the two big heavy cops still mostly in their blue uniforms, had evil grins as they both grabbed one of Mom’s nipples and pulled hard on them. Miller used the stiff nipple as a handle and yanked her tit and shook it up and down. Coleman laughed and did the same thing. Miller grabbed Mom’s hair by the back of her head, pulled her face to his, and kissed her hard. Then he kissed his way down her neck, and licked her tit as Mom closed her eyes. Coleman sucked her other tit, and let his hand slide down to her pussy. He pulled her thighs apart, and rubbed her hairy mound rapidly, then opened her pink slit. He inserted one, then two, then three, then four fingers in her pussy.

“He couldn’t do that so easy if she wasn’t real wet,” said Warwick.

Miller grabbed Mom’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hair again, and pulled her down onto his lap. “Suck it for a while,” he ordered. Mom whimpered, but obeyed. She leaned over on one elbow, opened her mouth wide, and wrapped her lips over Miller’s bulbous purple dick head. I could hear Mom’s lips make slurping sounds as she slid down and up on the glistening cock.

“Oh, that’s good, Mary. Good girl. Let’s get comfortable.” Miller stood up then and straddled the table, sitting his bare ass on it and sticking his cock up in the air. He made Mom stand up at the end of the table, and lean over. She put her elbows on the table, with her head between Miller’s legs, and her ass up in the air. Both of the big cops played with her dangling tits, and Miller made Mom suck his cock again. Mom’s eyes looked up at Miller’s as he told her how he wanted his cock sucked.

Coleman lit a cigarette, and then stood at the end of the table, behind Mom, between her thighs. He unzipped his fly and pulled out an erect cock. He rubbed it along her thighs, and then slapped it on her ass. With his cigarette dangling from his mouth, he laid his cock on her ass crack and slid the shaft between her cheeks.

“Come on, put it in her,” I thought to myself.

Coleman softly pressed his red cock head into Mom’s puffy pussy mound, over her hair. He slowly rubbed his dick head up and down over her slit, occasionally stabbing it with his head.

“Stick that big thing in the bitch!” I thought. Coleman tickled her pussy hair and lips with his purple helmet.

“Do it! Rape my mom!” I mentally ordered. “Hurry, before they take me out of here and I can’t see it!”

Coleman’s dick head disappeared inside of my mom’s pussy. With one more thrust he sank the whole big thing into her, up to his hips. I could see it sliding in and out of Mom’s pink pussy. Coleman’s cock was glistening in the fluorescent light. Mom must have been real juicy. Coleman squinted his eyes as his cigarette smoke wafted up into his eyes. The long cigarette ashes fell onto Mom’s back, and Coleman coolly brushed them off.

Mom grunted a couple of times while sucking Miller, but made no move to defend herself from the lancing Coleman. Still, I knew she didn’t want this, knew she was being raped right in front of me. And I had never been more aroused in my life. I ached to be in Coleman’s place pounding into Mom’s shaking ass cheeks, feeling her hanging tits.

Mom’s head bobbed up and down on Miller’s cock as her mouth was stretched wide open around it. Her thighs jiggled and her tits swung like pendulums each time she got slammed into by Coleman. The cops looked at Mom with big grins, their pants down but otherwise still dressed in their police blues. Miller gave Mom continuing directions on how he wanted his cock sucked, like “Suck harder,” and “faster.” I glanced at the cops in the room with me. They were enjoying the show, and making their own quiet comments on Mom and her body and sucking and fucking techniques.

Miller grunted, “Here it comes, honey,” and then Mom made a choking sound. She pulled back, and Miller’s cock shot white cum all over her face, splattering her eyes, nose, and dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin.

“Me too,” grunted Coleman, thrusting hard like a piston, using her hips as handles. He pulled his cock out and squirted juice onto her ass and lower back.

Before Coleman and Miller even had their pants zipped up, Graham and Warwick, the two youngest-looking of the cops, left my room and entered 103. Mom had temporarily curled up on the table in a fetal position. Graham and Warwick laid her out on her back on the table. They stood on either side of her with their cocks out of their uniforms, and made Mom alternately jerk them off while they played with her tits. Graham had his back to us. He told Mom to turn her head to the side and suck his cock as he stood beside her. The two big muscular cops, probably in their mid-twenties, coolly groped the older woman.

Warwick was still wearing his belt with all the hardware, including his gun, cuffs, and nightstick. He pulled out his black nightstick, and slid it along her thighs. He stroked her pussy lips with the tip of the long, sleek, slender club. He twisted it around a few times, and then started to work it into Mom’s pussy. Mom looked down to see what that was, and let out a loud whimper, but Graham grabbed her hair and made her keep sucking.

Warwick slid the baton into Mom’s pussy, a fraction of an inch at a time. I watched more and more of it disappearing inside of Mom. Mom whined and slowly gyrated her hips, but Warwick told her to “keep still.” He was into her a good six inches now, and still descending.

I’d swear he finally got the thing ten inches into her. He was being slow and careful with it, not being brutal, but he had a nasty grin on his face as he slid it in and out. Mom started to writhe and wrap her thighs around the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri stick. She thrust her hips up to meet it, and squealed. She seemed to be having a pretty heavy orgasm with the baton.

Graham grunted a number of times, and let loose a gob of goo on Mom’s face. Warwick withdrew his nightstick, and slid his hardon into her pussy as she lay on her back on the table. He thrust her hard and rapidly, causing her thighs to jiggle and her tits to bobble. It was sort of comical the way her tits shook up and down rapidly on her chest.

Ester entered the room. She stood next to Mom as Warwick fucked her, and started to rub Mom’s tits gently. Her gentleness contrasted to Warwick, who was grunting loudly as he banged into her. He slowed down and pulled out, dripping the last drops of his spunk onto her belly.

Sikowski was now in the room, and he was playing with Mom’s pussy as Ester felt her tits. Ester made Mom sit up on the table. Ester grabbed the back of her head and forced Mom to make out with the dyke cop. I could see Ester’s tongue sliding in and out of Mom’s mouth. Ester was whispering orders to Mom, telling her to “French me back.” The blond cop squeezed and kneaded both of Mom’s tits.

Ester unbuttoned her own uniform blouse, exposing her white bra. She pulled her big white tits out of her bra, and pressed them forcefully against Mom’s tits. Ester grabbed one of her own tits and rubbed her pink nipple against Mom’s darker thicker nipple.

Sikowski had his hard cock out and was rubbing it along Mom’s thighs between her legs. Ester pushed Mom down onto her back again, with her legs still hanging off the end of the table. Sikowski was standing between Mom’s legs, aiming his dick at her pussy. He grabbed her right leg, and hoisted it up over his left shoulder. Then he did the same with her left leg. He slid his cock into her, and humped her while her legs were up in the air and her calves were resting on his shoulders. He slammed into her pussy hard.

Ester pulled off her uniform pants and big white nylon panties, exposing a thick triangle of mixed blonde and brown pussy hair. She climbed on top of the table and straddled Mom. The bottomless lady cop spread her legs and lowered her crotch down onto Mom’s head. “Lick me good, Mary,” she ordered.

As Sikowski pounded her pussy, Ester must have enjoyed what Mom was forced to do to her, because Ester moaned, “Oh, that’s good, sweetie!”

Mom’s cuffed hands were over her head. I couldn’t see her face, just Ester’s ass crack from my angle. Then I could see Mom’s legs sticking up into the air as Sikowski fucked her. Ester moaned with her eyes closed and squeezed her own pale round tits, wiggling her bottom and squeezing her bare thighs around Mom’s head.

The cops were coming and going from the viewing room, passing around a bottle of booze and making comments about Mom. They were also looking down at my obvious hardon sticking straight out of my pup-tent pants, and asking me if I was enjoying the performance. “Mom’s pretty hot, huh, kid?” “Wouldn’t you like to be in there doin’ her?” “Ever seen your dad fuck her that way?”

Some cops brazenly entered room 103 just to watch Mom close-up, and occasionally get in a quick feel. They were drinking and getting louder. The whole thing was taking on a party atmosphere.

I heard Ester squealing and grunting. “Oh, you hot bitch! Oh, Mary, goddamn! Lick my clit again! Oooouuueeeeee! Unnggg UUHHHHG!” The lady cop thrashed about on top of Mom, then hung her head down and panted before climbing off the table.

Sikowski was banging into Mom so hard he was lifting her butt off the table. He grunted loudly as Mom cried out, and apparently came inside her pussy.

Escalante had entered the room, and when Sikowski was finished, he grabbed Mom by the handcuffs and pushed her into the mirror. Mom’s face and chest were pressed against it. Just inches from where I was standing, Moms tits were pressed hard against the glass, flattening them out. The part that was pressed against it looked whiter than the rest of her tits. Escalante reached around and rubbed her tits in front of me. Then he fell to his knees, and buried his face into Mom’s ass crack. The other cops laughed watching Escalante’s mouth working over Mom’s butt. I could see him working his tongue into her asshole as Mom moaned and squirmed.

Escalante stood up and pulled his pants down, and leaned Mom down on the table face-down. He aimed his hard cock at Mom’s asshole, and started pressing against it. Mom screamed as the head started to sink into her. Graham, standing to my right, commented, “It’s a good thing that Ester lubed up her ass.” Escalante scrunched up his face, and Mom did the same, as the Hispanic cop thrust his cock into her ass. Mom grunted and squealed as her body was thrown forward onto the table. Escalante suddenly withdrew his cock from Mom, and squirted cum on her asshole.

CHAPTER 7 – SON HELPS MOM GET güvenilir bahis şirketleri OFF

I was still watching the group of drinking cops groping and fucking Mom when Rapp grabbed me by the arm and led me back across the hall. “The other kids are telling us that the dope belongs to you. So they’re getting off, and you and your mom are going down for dealing and possession.”

“That’s bullshit. It’s not mine, and they know it.”

“Then tell me whose it is. Who’s dealing the stuff?”

“I don’t know for sure.”

“Whose do you think it is?”

“Either Jesse or Paul. They were the ones in the woods. It must be one of theirs’ but I don’t know anything about dealing.”

Rapp stared at me silently for a moment, and then a little grin formed on his lips. He’d cracked me. He exited the room and left me alone. Across the hall it sounded like a party going on. I could hear the cops talking loudly and occasionally laughing, and a couple of times I heard Mom squeal or cry out, followed by more laughing.

Crabbe finally entered the room. “Jesse admitted the pot was his, and he named his dealer, a guy we’re familiar with. So Rapp’s happy. All you kids are going to be set free soon. Now it’s just a matter of the charges against your mother. You want us to drop the charges against her?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“What are you willing to do to get them all dropped?”


“I was hoping you’d say that.” Crabbed looked back at the door once, then back at me. “We couldn’t help notice that you were stiff as a board watching your mom in there. How’d you like to fuck her?”

I just stared at him for a minute. “What?”

“They want to see you fuck your mom. If ya do, then we drop all charges against her, and you’re both free to go.”

I was getting stiff again thinking about what he said. I didn’t believe it, though. “Why would they want me do that?”

Crabbe smiled. “That’s a real crazy group of cops over there, on and off the job. They’ve seen and done just about everything. But they’ve never seen a guy stuff his sausage into his own mom. We’ve investigated allegations of incest, but never seen it. They’d just get off watching you do it, that’s all. So you can tell your mom we made you do it in order to get her charges dropped. Whatd’ya say, kid?”

“She wouldn’t go for it.”

“Ah, but she wouldn’t have a choice. We cuff her to the table, and you just waltz in and do her. Tell her what ya want about it later, we don’t care.”

My cock was aching with the idea of being slid into Mom’s warm pussy, but I was still working it out in my head, and trying not to look too eager.

“I’ll go get her ready,” said Crabbe, and disappeared through the door. A few moments later he was back. “C’mon, let’s go.”

I stood up with rubbery legs, and followed Crabbe out the door. Cops were in the hallway, and I could hear more of them in the room next to 103. The door to room 103 was ajar. Crabbe half-pushed me through it. Mom was lying on the table lengthwise, buck naked, her legs dangling off the end. Both of her ankles were handcuffed to table legs. Her hands were cuffed and over her head, and tied to the other end of the table. Her legs were spread, and her pink hairy pussy was staring at me. Her tits were sticking up in the air, her nipples hard. All of the cops stood back.

I glanced over at the mirror, where I knew some of the cops were. I stood between Mom’s legs. I unbuckled my pants and unleashed my stiff aching cock. I dropped my pants to my ankles and stepped closer until my bare thighs were touching Mom’s. I leaned forward, and my dick head grazed Mom’s matted pussy hair. Up close I could see through her brown forest to the flesh of her pussy mound beneath it. Her slit was red and swollen looking. I touched it with my dick.

Mom finally spoke. “Randy, what… what are you…”

I put my hands on her long thighs and ran them up to her pussy. I combed my fingers through the matted fur. I leaned forward and grabbed both of her big soft tits. They felt as good as I had always imagined them. I squeezed and massaged them.

“Randy, what are you doing?”

I held my cock in my right hand and pushed it between her pussy lips. I wasn’t going to waste time. I slid the head inside the warm wetness.

“Randy, NO!”

She was loose and slippery. With ease I sunk the whole unit into her deep shaft. Mom started wiggling. Her steel cuffs rattled as she shook violently back and forth.

“NO Nooo, Oh, NOOOOO!” I was rock hard but felt apprehension, not only listening to my Mom’s objections, but also thinking of all the cops watching. But then Mom thrashed her body from side to side, causing her mammoth jugs to bobble and shake and roll. Seeing them doing that, combined with the wonderful feel of my cock sliding in and out of Mom’s lube-up lukewarm pussy, made me think of nothing but the pleasure of sex with Mom. “Ohh! Nooouuuu!” Cried Mom, looking down at my cock in her pussy, as I thrust harder into her, holding onto her hips.

Eventually I got into a good hard rhythm, and Mom stopped struggling. She was silent momentarily, then she started to whimper each time I thrust into her. She laid her head back, with her eyes closed and her face contorted. Her thighs tightened around me.

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