Mom has the answer part2


Mom has the answer part2I groaned into her tit. Mom’s hand slid up and down my cock faster every time I pulled her nipple into my mouth. My hands were helping now and squeezed her tits together and into my face. She pushed out her chest for me. It urged me to suck even harder on her nipples. I was devouring her huge tits and we were both loving every minute of it. “Darrell… you’re good at this… you’re gunna make me cum just from this. I want to make you feel good, baby. Oooh… let mommy help you with this hard cock of yours.” I looked upto Mom’s face from her tits, her head was back. She was moaning at my frenzied nipple sucking. Her arms gently pushed against my chest. I let her nipple drop from my mouth. She smiled at the hungry look in my eyes.She guided me down on the bed and then stood up. My eyes followed her tits everywhere she moved. Mom dropped the rest of the robe. My eyes flew over the rest of her body and down to her pussy. Two shaved pink lips. They looked moist and puffy. She spun around for me. Her bubble butt came into view. They were two beautiful globes. I couldn’t wait to get my hands all over them. Mom crawled over to me on the bed. She couldn’t stop smiling. I must have had the same smile on my face too. Mom’s eyes concentrated on my cock.She reached out and took it in her little hand again, “My big man looks like he could really use some relief. You have an amazing cock.” Her fingers lightly touched the surface of my cock tracing it’s length, “Beautiful blue vein and I can’t stop staring at those balls.” Her fingers started massaging my nutsack, “Darrell. It all looks tasty. Mommy needs a taste, if that’s okay? You have to tell me it’s okay.” She looked into my eyes with her hands still massaging my balls. “Yeah. Yeah it’s okay!” I blurted out. She chuckled at my excitement. Mom’s attention went back to her new task. Her face inched closer and closer until I could feel her hot breath bathing my cockhead. I thrust up and my cock touched her soft lips. I did it again and she kissed it on the way down. Mom pounced kilis escort on it at that second. Kissing the head over and over again. Her lips rubbed all over the head and she licked until it was covered in spit. Her hand was flying up and down my cock meanwhile. The feelings were so intense. I watched everything she was doing. It was fantastic. Mom’s face was lowering on my cock. Her mouth enveloped my cock. She swirled her tongue over it.The sensations were wonderful. My cock hit the opening to Mom’s throat. She let a few inches escape her mouth and concentrated on my tip. My hands held Mom’s head on my cock. She pulled my cock out of her mouth with the swirl of her tongue and licked up my shaft. It was covered in saliva. Her eyes were smiling up at me. Mom’s full lips looked so good wrapped around my cock. She kissed my cockhead before stuffing it into her mouth again. Her hands pumped my shaft and fed more of my cock-meat into her mouth. My cock hit the entrace to Mom’s throat again but this time she didn’t back off.My cock pushed into Mom’s throat. Her throat opened to accomodate it. She slurped on it loudly. I thought she might start to choke but she didn’t. Her tongue worked all over my cock. She swallowed on it hard. It was so tight that I thought I would cum right there. My hands dug into the bedsheets.”Mom… I’m gunna CUM!”My cock popped out of Mom’s mouth. She slobbered on the underside. Her hands rubbed my balls and her lips sucked in the loose skin of my sack. She pushed her lips into my balls and licked all around. Mom kept kissing and rubbing my balls keeping me rock hard while I stepped back from the verge of cumming.Mom sat up and lined up the little groove between her breasts with my cock. Within a second my cock disappeared into the soft flesh. Her hands dug into her breasts as she eased them up and down my cock. Slow at first.”Mom that feels so good. Your breasts are amazing. I love them.” I finally found some words.”You like these, huh?” All of sudden Mom started squeezing her tits up and down kırıkkale escort my cock like a mad woman. I watched the tip of my cock poke out from the top of her cleavage and then it was gone inside her breasts. Again and again. I thrust into the soft flesh and my cockhead poked her neck. Clear precum sprayed from my cock and stuck to Mom’s neck. I thrust faster and faster. She squeezed her tits hard around my cock and it stopped my thrusting.She looked so happy now, “You’re being a naughty boy now. I started the day thinking you were a good boy. That’s what you want, huh? You wanna be naughty with mommy!””Yeah! Yeah I do. Fuck. You’re so sexy.” Mom squealed like a schoolgirl. “You’re swearing now too. You naughty, naughty boy!”She abruptly sat up the bed. Like a baby without a bottle, I tried to pull her tits back onto my cock but she brushed my hands away. “You don’t have to cum like that, baby. You need a nice warm, tight little place to hold your seed. It’s gunna feel a hundred times better that way. I have just the spot.” She pointed to her little hairless cunt. My cock was as hard as steel.I reached for her and she pushed me back on the bed. Mom scooted over on the bed and laid down on top of my body. I placed my hands on Mom’s hips but I could tell she wanted to do the work. My cock touched her pussy lips. They were wet. I could have cum at the feel of the silky lips but I wanted to feel Mom’s cunt around my cock. She smiled at me very reassuringly and lowered her pussy down on my cock. Her lips spread and allowed my cock entrance in the most special of special places. My mom’s pussy. It was a tight fit. My cock pushed it’s way into Mom’s pussy. She struggled to take the whole thing in at first, getting used to the feel. Finally her butt touched my thighs and my entire cock was in the warm safety of her pussy. Mom ground her hips. She squeezed her cunt muscles on my cock. “Darrell. Ohhh… that’s it. I’ve wanted this. How’s it feel big boy?” Mom moaned.”It feels so fucking good I can barely stand it!” escort bayan I held Mom’s hips tight and started thrusting into her pussy.”Darrell… mmm… let me get used to this big cock.”Mom started humping up and down on my cock. She pushed herself up on my cock with her hands on my chest. My hands found Mom’s butt cheeks. I dug my fingers into the firm flesh. I couldn’t help it and started thrusting up into Mom again. Faster and faster I hammered up at Mom.”Darrell… if you don’t… you’re gunna make mommy cum…. Oohh… you like that.. don’t you?” She was whimpering and moaning.I didn’t have the willpower to slow down or go easy. It’s good to be young. I was like a bull bucking up at Mom. Her little body bounced up with every thrust. “Fuck Darrell! You’re tearing me apart! Don’t stop! Oh.. Fuck!!!” Her cunt clenched my cock. She was cumming! I made mom cum and hard! She was all over the place on top of me. My hard cock sawed in and out of Mom’s tight hole. Her little pussy couldn’t even hold all our juices. I made sure to hold her tight on top of my cock so she wouldn’t fall. Her tiny body was practically flying in the air with every hard stroke. “Hell… Fuck.. Well are you gunna cum? Gunna cum in your mom?” She was shouting but she could barely get the words out.I felt like cumming during that blowjob. I really really needed to cum now! I couldn’t hold it in anymore.”Fuck yeah I am!”Mom’s cunt squeezed my cock and I came hard. I thrust up as deep as I could in Mom one more time and let go of a huge load. My cock kept spurting into Mom’s tiny pussy. She pushed herself up and down on my cock gently. She was milking my cock to make sure she got every drop. My cock finally stopped spewing into Mom and we both let out out a satisfied sigh. Mom lifted herself off my cock and immediately dropped her mouth down to my cock. The touch of her lips surprised me. I was completely spent. She licked my shaft clean and gave my cockhead a dozen kisses. Mom laid back on her side right next to me. Her hand rubbed my chest and she leaned closer to me until her lips were nearly touching my ear.”I love you, sweetie.” She whispered. “I love you too, Mom.” I smiled, “It’s going to be a lot easier to spend every night together when I don’t have to hide my boner.”She chuckled, “Mmmhmm. Bring it right to mommy and she’ll fix it.”

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