Mom Helps In Turning Me Around


Working at the store was a lot of fun for me. I was making good money; I had made new friends, but most importantly, felt that I was making a contribution. My family had always looked at me as the black sheep of the family. I still recall those conversations that I used to have with dad:

“David,” Dad would grunt, “When in the world are you going to get your act together”

“Dad, I am doing better than my best ok, would you just lay off”

This was mom’s cue to come to my rescue and say, “John, lay off the kid. He is just 15 and doing what he can.”

“Oh Marge,” Dad would say, ‘one day you this kid is going this kid is going to screw us all around, mark my words.”

Mom always stood by me, even in the times when she shouldn’t have. She was the sweetest woman I have ever known, and will remain the one that I will ever know. But Dad, well he was a piece of work. Well, the rebel in me never wanted to take stuff lying down. I wasn’t shy to stand up to my dad and give him a piece of my mind. However, I always remembered, that he was bigger and stronger than I was and I should stay at least an arm length away.

Then came that eventful evening that that forever changed our lives. I was 20 years old with no direction to what I wanted to do in my life. I had dropped out of school a few years ago and was doing drugs and all kinds of stuff out on the streets with the boys. Stealing and mugging was an every day occurrence, though honestly, I tried to do it as a means of last resort. Of course, I do not think that “borrowing” money from Dad with no intention of repaying or returning him the money was stealing, besides the jerk deserved to give me some money.

I got home around 1.00 am and unlocked the back door and made my way into the house. I didn’t want to wake anyone up, so I decided to make my way up to my room. As I climbed the first stair, I had voices come out of my parent’s bedroom. I retraced my steps and looked the length of the hallway. I noticed the light in their bedroom as it peeked through a crack in the open door. I slowly tiptoed towards the bedroom. As I got closer, I could hear moans and I knew immediately what those sounds were. For a quick second I felt disgusted.

“Ugh, yuck, mom and dad are fucking,” I thought. “How disgusting is that?” But something made me walk towards their door. Maybe I just wanted to see them.

I eased myself over even more quietly, making sure that the floorboards didn’t creak under my feet. Through the door, I could see some of the room, but not the bed. I got a little closer to the crack this time and what I saw almost made me faint. I definitely could hear sexual moans from the room, but Dad was sitting on his chair in the bedroom, with a bottle of beer in his right hand, his fat belly hanging in front of him and his pants down to his ankles. His left fist was wrapped around his cock and he was rubbing his erect cock up and down. Gosh he looked disgusting seated there, but I couldn’t take my eyes of his cock. It was huge, almost too huge to comprehend.

“The bastard outdid me again,” I thought, “he game me a 6 inch cock and kept the 10 inch one for his own.”

I was frozen there, watching him. Then I thought to myself, “If he is not in bed, then who is?” There was no way I could see the bed which was behind the door, unless I opened it wide and I had no intention of being killed that day.

To my luck there was a dresser just behind dad and the angle was perfect. I froze in excitement and amazement when I saw the reflection in the mirror.

My mom was on her fours completely naked. I could see her face, flush with excitement as she tilted her head back. This person who knelt behind her on the bed was pulling her hair. He was obviously doing her doggie style, but I didn’t know who it was. I bent down to get a better look at the face and I almost fell into the room with shock. Here was Blake, our neighbor boy, and same age as me, riding my mother from the behind. I could hear no sounds. I just watched.

Nothing made sense for a few minutes and then I heard my dad voice say, “Go on Blake, give it to her good, you know she likes it”

“Oh yes… oh yes… I know she loves it, ” Blake said between hurried gasps, “Oh, Marge, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen… but oh… oh… my cock feels so good in your pussy… I want so… much… to come inside of you…oh yea… Oh yea…”

Then I heard my mom say,”Oh yea, fuck me… harder baby, harder… oh you feel so good… fill me up… oh gosh, I so need you inside of me…that young cock of yours sure feels so good to ride!”

I retraced a couple of steps back and stood against the wall. I realized that I was suddenly beginning to breathe a lot harder than I was a few minutes ago. I had this immense swelling in my pants and my hard on was screaming to get out of my pants.

It couldn’t wait any longer, and I couldn’t hear any more. I rushed up to my bedroom, tore off my clothes, threw myself into bed and clasped my güvenilir bahis cock in my hand. I could feel it throb. The head of my cock was all wet and slick with precum. I closed my eyes and all I saw was a vision of my mom, smiling at me and saying, “Oh yes David, yes…fuck me… I love you… Fuck me harder… Fill me…fill me completely with your cock… fuck me…”

“Oooh… Fuck mom… gosh, I am so c…oming right now…” I said to myself and out spurted a load of hot white glistening cum all over me.

“O boy,” I said to myself, “I have never cum like this before!”

Somewhere in that pleasurable passion and wetness of myself, I fell asleep, dreaming of my mom in ways a son should not do.

The next day when I woke up, I wondered if it was all a dream. Then I looked down at myself and realized that at least some of it wasn’t, but I wanted to make sure about the other part.

I didn’t wait too long to find out more. The next incident happened within two days. But those two days were the longest days of my life. For those two days, I watched mom in different ways than I have ever watched her before. I spent more time at home than I did with my friends, which puzzled her and she looked at me quizzically the first night.

“Aren’t you going out with your friends tonight?”

“No, I thought I’d stay at home”

“Oh really? Wow, that’s a nice change,” she smiled.

Her smile was all different now. I was beginning to notice her body under her clothes a lot more than I ever did before. Tonight she wore shorts and loose fitting cotton shirt. I had never noticed how beautiful she looked. Her hair was tied in a tight ponytail. Her dyed blonde hair with streaks of dark hair peeking between them. Her teeth were perfectly shaped and glistened against the light whenever she smiled just like those ads on TV. I could almost see her perfectly shaped breasts through her cotton shirt. She was 39, and in the prime of her sexuality. Dad was 45 and as far as I was concerned a push away from his grave with his drinking and stuff.

She stopped moving around the kitchen and looked at me, “David, are you okay? You seem kinda distracted!”

“Nah, I am okay mom, just got kinda things on my mind”

She put down her kitchen towel, came to the dining table, pulled out a chair and sat next to me.

“Okay, what’s on your mind, tell me about it”

“Oh, not much mom, just the usual stuff!” I protested weakly.

“There is nothing usual about stuff if it’s on your mind. Go on David, tell me,” she said as she put her left hand on my right thigh.

I twitched. Her touch almost seems to burn through me. I couldn’t bear to look up at her, but she said, “David, look at me, tell me what is bothering you!”

“Mom, it isn’t much, just stuff. Nothing that I can’t handle.”

“David, is it about Dad, are you mad or upset with him about something?” she asked lovingly. To avoid further questioning and stop her from getting any closer to the bulge that was beginning to grow in my shorts I said, “Yea, kinda!”

She leaned over and kissed me on the forehead giving me a perfect view of the beautiful curves of her breast. She then stood up and said “David, give me a hug!” as she extend her arms out to me.

I stood up and hugged her, not as a mom, but as a woman. I could feel every part of her body on mine. I felt her breasts against me, her stomach against me, even her pussy and her legs against me.

I immediately realized that if I felt all of her, then she surely could feel my bulging cock against her pussy. She slid her arms down my back and pulled me closer.

“O God,” I thought,” I am about to come”

“David, Dad is going to his brothers this weekend, maybe we can talk some more about this and what you want to do with your life” she whispered in to my ear.

“Sure mom, that would be great,” I added, still holding her tight. We must have hugged for sometime, but it felt so good that I didn’t want to let go. Then she pushed away from me and kissed me tenderly on my lips and said, “I think you need to go upstairs and take care of yourself.” She then looked down at my shorts and the bulge and said “I mean, that!” Then she turned away and went back to her chores with a little laugh.

Dad was gone Friday afternoon when I was out buying groceries for mom. I hadn’t left the house for anything but to help mom with groceries the last three days. It was stifling. I dreamt of mom every time I shut my eyes. I had masturbated like crazy and fortunately that was the only thing that kept me sane.

That afternoon we didn’t say much to each other about the chat we had a couple of nights ago. We talked about stuff which we had never talked before. I finally was beginning to get to know my mother.

We had dinner and I asked mom if I could smoke in the dining room. She said, “Sure, and light me one too. It has been an eternity since I have not had a cigarette.”

I was so glad she asked me that, it almost felt like an icebreaker. türkçe bahis I lit two cigarettes in my mouth and handed her one, and she came and sat next to me on the love seat in the family room. We smoked in silence and just listened to the sounds of the highway which was a mile away from the house. The traffic seemed light on the highway, but my emotions were running wild. I needed to start off a conversation and soon, but I didn’t know how.

“Mom, I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Sure David,” she smiled and looked at me. “Well mom, you know dad and I…”

Before I could complete what I was about to say she said, “David, Dad and you won’t have to deal with each other anymore. He has left for good today.”

“Yes, Yes, Yes!” I pumped my fist, “Gosh, I thought it would never happen!”

“You hated your father that much huh?” she asked, “I just didn’t know how to end it for the longest time, but recently a few things happened which made me think about what I was doing, and I needed him out of my life.”

“What kind of things mom” I asked with genuine concern.

“David, ” she said as she brought her right hand up and caressed my cheek, “If you could see me in the mirror, remember, I could see you too.”

My jaw almost fell off. I was shocked to know that she did see me. I looked at her and she had a smile on her face, “David, that’s why I had to end it with your dad. He wanted me to ‘service’ younger men for money. He has beaten me a few times when I refused.” She seemed sad as she continued, “I begged him, I pleaded with him, but it was of no avail. He even threatened to kill you if I did not go along with him.”

She got off the love seat and walked around with the cigarette in her hand. “That night when you saw me and Blake, was the last time I was going to do it. Then I told him that he either leave or I will work something out for him.”

I looked at mom as stopped pacing and looked at me,” I am sorry honey, I didn’t mean for it to happen, but if I was not going to do it, he promised he would harm you.” Mom burst our crying.

I got off the love seat and went up to her and gathered her in my arms. “Don’t cry mom, its all over now, ” I said as her gently patted her on her back, “what matters is that we are together now and he isn’t anywhere around.”

“Yes,” mom said, “that is true, just the two of us.” Then she kissed me tenderly once again on my lips. She leaned back and looked at my face and then kissed me again. This time her lips didn’t leave my lips, rather her hands went behind my back and she pulled me towards her. My hands were moving up and down her back and the sexual tension was beginning to build up in my balls once again.

“Oh gosh mom, ” I said, “You are the most beautiful and loving woman I have ever known.” She smiled and we kissed again. This time our mouths were open and our tongues entwined with each other passionately.

“David,” mom said tenderly, “I don’t know if it’s right or wrong. I don’t know if loving your son is incest, or morally incorrect. But I know one thing for sure, I have never loved and will never love anyone more than I love you right now.”

We stood there and kissed some more. The she stood back and said, “Let us go up to your room.” Taking my hand she led me up the stairs. As she walked in front of me, I could feel the warmth of her lips still on mine. My legs almost felt like jelly, yet I stumbled my way up to my room.

We didn’t need to close the door anymore. This was going to be the best evening of my life and there was nothing to be ashamed of. Once inside the room, she put off the cigarette in the ashtray and asked me for mine.

“David, undress me please.”

I walked towards her and slowly undid the shirt that she was wearing, one button at a time. Then I slid it off her shoulders, but they caught on to her nipples on the way down. She slowly slid aside the shirt with her fingers and for the first time, I saw my mothers breasts, the one’s I sucked on as a baby. They were absolutely perfect. They weren’t sagging, but stood there tight and rounded. Her nipples were nice and pink, but darker than her skin. I placed my hands under her breasts and put my thumbs on her nipples.

“Umm, that feels so good honey,” she said as her eyes closed in pleasure, “You just tell me what you want, and mommy will be glad to do it for you.” I then clasped her shorts along with her panties and slid them down to her knees.

As she worked her legs to get her shorts and panties off her, she undid my shirt. “Wow, you have grown to be quite the man. I like that six pack on you, bet you must be working out somewhere,” she laughed like an innocent teenager would.

She then grabbed my drawstring and undid my shorts and pushed them below my knees. My cock immediately stood at attention to mom and she said “Gosh, here’s David..”. She took hold of my cock in her right hand, and I could feel the precum oozing from my head.

We both stood naked in my room now. I güvenilir bahis siteleri saw mom completely naked for the first time in my life. She was a very beautiful woman. She had perfect breasts, a great figure. She didn’t have too much of fat on her and her body was almost athletic. Her butt was the best, she had a nice rounded butt to go with the rest of her body. On her thigh, she had a little tattoo of a flower and it said the words “Love” under it.

Mom took my hand and we walked over to my bed. She sat down at the side of the bed and bent down and took my cock into her mouth.

“O gosh mom, ” I moaned, ” suck me good, suck me… Oh, that feels so good”

She looked up at me and smiled and continued running her lips up and down the shaft of my cock. I knew I wasn’t as big as my dad was, but Mom was making me feel like a size ten I put my fingers through her hair and my hands moved along with her head as moved her lips back and forth over me. Her fingers ticked my balls as she got me hard and ready.

“Honey, I am horny as hell. I want you to fuck me like you have never fucked anyone before,” she said as she swung her legs over the side of the bed. I noticed that she was clean- and her pussy was nice and pink. She had a pretty large clit which was hard with anticipation right now. “David, don’t just look, do something with it, ” said mom as she pulled me down and putting her hand on my head guided me between her thighs.

The smell of her pussy was so intoxicating. I could see the tiny drops of vaginal cum on the lips of her pussy and I proceeded to first lick them. Licking the sides of her pussy gave her immense pleasure.

“Oh gosh David, yes honey… Hmmm, that feels so good… suck me.. lick me.. hmmm… ohhh yea baby… ”

“Oh gosh mom, your pussy smells and tastes so good… Gosh… I so love sucking and licking you…”

“It’s your love canal baby… ohhhh gosh yes, that’s where you came into the world from… oh baby… lick it… “

I then proceeded to softly take her clit between my lips and slowly tickle it with my tongue. My mom moaned loudly, “Oh yessss baby, don’t stop… I love when you do that…please please don’t stop”

Mom was beginning to thrust her hips towards my face now and I knew she was almost ready for me. My cock was hard as a rod of steel and ready to pleasure the birth canal from which I came. I climbed on to the bed, while mom put her hands next to my hips.

“Fuck me baby, fuck your mommy good,” she moaned and writhed, “Your mommy wants you to fill her up with your cum so much…oh baby… fuck me.”

I rolled my cock all around her pussy lips which brought more moans out of her. “Don’t tease your mom, you mother fucker… just fuck me.” I slowly inserted my cock inside her and I felt the warmth of a pussy I have never felt before. She raised her legs and put them around me and grabbed me. I began kissing her and squeezing her tits. “God mom, my cock feels so good inside you, and your tits feel so good in my hands… your nipples.. ummmm, so love sucking them.”

Her nails dug into my back and between kissing her and sucking on her tits, my lips were turning dry from all the sexual excitement. She wet her tongue and licked my lips, bringing much needed moisture to them.

We made love with me on top of her for a bit, and then she said, “Fuck me doggie style David… put your cock into me from behind.” She then knelt down with her beautiful butt sticking out in front of me and I crawled a couple of steps closer to her.

She then grabbed hold of my cock and guided it into her ever wet pussy.

“Oh baby, fuck me like a bitch, fuck your mother like a dog… make me want more.. make me cum for you… ohh yesss.. fuck fuck fuck me..!”

Hearing her vocal assertion and feeling her pussy grab on to my cock like a vice, I said, “Mom, I am so ready to come… oh gosh… I am so ready…”

“Me too, honey, me too… any time you are…”

“Ohhhh mom… here I am… Oh yesss ohh goshhhhh…” saying that I let out a load of cum into my mom.

Mom started bucking violently and her fingers were digging into bed. “Oh yes baby… gosh… oooooooo yesssss, me too darling, me too!”

We were both sweaty and spent when we were done. I lay by her side and looked into her eyes.

“Mom, that was beautiful!”

“No honey, you were beautiful, and we are going to have many more beautiful times like this, aren’t we?”

“You bet mom, always and forever.”

Since then, I have changed my life around. I gave up drugs and cleaned up my life. I found myself a job and now, I work at this department store and earn enough money to keep the bills paid and to keep us both happy. I date occasionally and have sex often with other women, but I have never brought any of them home. My mom has been my friend, my lover, my everything.

But I have a feeling its going some place else soon, ’cause just tonight when I got back home from a date of mine, she was seated at the dining table, smoking a cigarette. She looked at me come in and she got up and came over to me. She kissed me passionately as she does every evening now. She then walked over to the dining table and said “Honey, how was the date with Janice?”

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