Mom, Her Daughter , Me Ch. 06


Over the next few months I stayed in contact with Lisa asking how things were going. She always said that everything was great.

She told me that she and Jessie visited Kevin a couple of times and had a great time. He also introduced her to a female friend named Donna. Lisa told me that Donna is nothing but pure sex and she has done a foursome with her and Kevin and Jessie.

Lisa told me that her and Jessie sleep together all the time now and have sex together every day.

“John, I have something to tell you,” Lisa said, “I learned something new when we were at Kevin’s and I hope you don’t get mad.”

“Lisa, you can tell me anything and I won’t get mad.”

“Well,” Lisa said, “When Kevin was fucking me, He peed in my cunt as he fucked me. He was fucking me hard and then I felt his hot pee streaming into my cunt and pouring out of me. Then, he slid his cock in my ass and continued peeing in my ass too.”

I asked if she knew he was going to do it and she said no.

Then Lisa said, “John, I loved the feeling though. I must have cum ten times when it happened. I wanted more. I feel so terrible that I loved it.”

“Then he had Jessie and me put our pussies together and had Jessie pee into my cunt and me pee into hers.” She continued.

I told her that it’s fine. I then told her we would have to try it the next time.

She said that Jessie asked about doing a porno like we did and I told her the next time we all got together you would arrange one for us.

Jessie also wanted to know how you got me to do a gang bang. I told her to ask you.

I told Lisa that it looks like Jessie has taken after her mom and I am happy that it all worked out.

Then, out of the blue, Lisa asked me if Laura was going to be away any time soon. I told her that, in fact she is visiting friends in NY in two weeks for a weeks stay.

Lisa said that she wants me to arrange a ten man gang bang and porno movie for Jessie. She said she would make the arrangements to fly down for a weekend. She asked me to get everything set…motel, men and cameraman.

I told her I would and let her know the details. I reminded her to book their flight into Orlando, not Tampa.

The next day I looked up a motel, placed an ad on Craigslist and asked my friend Tom to do the video.

I texted Lisa and told her I had everything ready and was working on getting ten guys and would keep her informed.

The next day I got a call from Jessie. She said that her mom told her to ask me how I got her to do a gang bang and make a porno.

I started telling her, “Jessie, as far as the porno goes, it first started when I used to take a lot of nude pictures and videos of her and us. Then, I had a stranger take pictures and videos of us at the resort. In fact, the guy was just there only to take pictures. When he left, your mom said to me, “I thought he was going to fuck me. I was looking forward to it.” Well, after Bahçeşehir Escort that, I arranged a threesome where the guy would do the porno.”

I continued, “But the guy wasn’t that good with the camera, but it was fun doing.”

“Now, about the gang bang,” I said, “That was a bit tougher to get your mom to do. Besides begging her, I offered her $1,000 to fuck about ten guys for the whole night. She thought about it and we went over the rules and she finally accepted my offer.”

I told her that was how I got her to do her first one. The second gang bang was easier. She just wanted to do it. So I arranged 20 guys to fuck her the whole night. She was exhausted and sore the next day but she loved every minute of it. That was the last one though.

Jessie was silent, then just said “wow” and asked if I could set something up like that. I told her I would when she came down in two weeks. We then hung up.

I texted Lisa and told her I spoke to Jessie and said I would set everything up.

Lisa texted back and asked me if I told her how I got her to do her first gang bang. I told her yes, that I offered you a $1,000. Then Lisa said, “Now my daughter knows I would do anything for money,” as she sent me a big smiley face.

I got in touch with my friend Tom and asked him to do the video and he agreed.

I then went over to a nearby motel and spoke to the manager, a young guy named Don. We had a private chat and I told him I needed at least a double room or suite and I told him why. He said he had a big suite that I could use but it had a couple of conditions. He wanted to be a part of the gang bang. And, that he wanted to do both Jessie and Lisa at the same time. I told him that would be fine.

He then showed me the suite. It was perfect…a huge round bed, mirrored ceiling over the bed, hot tub, a huge shower and a wall of mirrors. There was an alcove with another bed which was semi private.

I started receiving responses from my ad. Guys sent in their pictures and stats. After a few days, I had at least six guys, including the motel manager. I needed four more.

I put in another ad and finally got the final four guys.

I gave them all the details as to the date, place, time, rules, the code “JLJ” and that it was an event, from 10:00 p.m. on and that they will all be filmed.

Everything was now set.

I texted Lisa and told her it was a go. She texted back “Great job. You will be rewarded.”

I replied, “Had to offer up you and Jessie together to the motel manager for a one time.”

Lisa responded, “Looking forward to it, wink, wink.”

The day finally arrived. I picked up Lisa and Jessie at the airport and both women were naked underneath their dresses as I require.

We drove to the motel and checked in. Don was on duty and welcomed us to his motel. He took us to the suite and I told him that our guests would be arriving around 10:00 p. m., using Beylikdüzü Escort the code “JLJ” and to send them right up.

Both Lisa and Jessie gave him a kiss and told him they would be seeing him later and tomorrow.

I told him the photographer, Tom, will be arriving around 9:00 p.m. and to send him right up.

I told Don that he can have Lisa and Jessie tomorrow, before we checked out. Don said we could stay as long as needed and didn’t have to check out early.

Now, we just rested and set things up. We planned on an early dinner then back to the room to prepare.

When we got back from dinner, the women picked out the outfits Jessie was going to wear. Extra towels were placed around, as well.

Jessie asked her mom if she was going to participate. Lisa said that this was for her and she would just watch and help out and be here for her, unless she wanted me to.

Jessie told her mom she would like her to join in as it will be fun the two of them doing this together. Lisa said she would join in then.

As we waited, Lisa and I prepared Jessie for what she could expect tonight.

First, we told her that she would only do what she wants to do.

Then we told her that no, meant no.

We said that she is always in control and we will be here to make sure she is safe.

Lastly, we told her to enjoy the experience.

By this time, Don brought up Tom. I introduced Tom to Lisa and Jessie.

He went about setting up his lights and placing his cameras and tripods. He then asked to see what Jessie would be initially wearing.

I told him that Lisa would also be participating and he asked to see what she will be wearing.

The women showed him their outfits and he was pleased they didn’t clash.

In the meantime, Don brought up some refreshments and snacks for us and our guests.

Now, we just waited.

It was now 9:45 p.m. and the first two men arrived. They gave me the code and I let them in.

I introduced them to Jessie and Lisa. I went over the rules for the time that they were there. Neither one had a problem. I told them that we would start when everyone arrived or by 10:30, whichever came first.

I also told them that Jessie’s mom might participate, if they were lucky.

By 10:00, four more men showed up and I gave them the same information. At 10:15, the last three men arrived, including Don.

I again went over the rules. I reiterated that they must me polite and respectful at all times.

I told them this night is for Jessie so they must make it a special night. I told them that there will be pictures and videos taken by Tom.

And, I told them, that Jessie’s mom would participate if she decided she wanted to.

It was now 10:30, and time to begin.

Jessie told the men to get naked as she stood in front of the round bed as Tom just did his thing.

All ten men were soon naked and Jessie lined them up in order of who she wanted to get fucked by.

Jessie took the first guy who was about 30. He was 5’10”, about 180, brown hair, brown eyes and about a 7″ cut cock with big balls.

We all watched as he played with her, sucking her nipples and rubbing her pussy. It didn’t take long before he mounted her and slid his cock in her cunt. He fucked her slowly at first, then picked up the pace. It didn’t take long before he shot his load in her cunt.

As soon as he was finished, the next guy mounted her and pushed his bigger cock into her cunt and started fucking her. She then motioned the next guy to come over. She took his cock in her mouth and started giving him a blow job.

Lisa and I must have done something right because Jessie looked like a pro with those cocks.

One guy after another took their turn fucking our Jessie. There was a pool of cum under her. Her body was covered in sticky cum as well.

There was finally a break and Lisa took Jessie and got her showered and ready for the next round. By this time it was a little after midnight.

After Jessie showered and freshened up, she talked to the guys telling them how good they were and was looking forward to more.

In the meantime, Lisa disappeared to the alcove and when I looked over, there she was, her legs spread and getting fucked.

Jessie saw her and told her mother to finish. Then Jessie asked the guys if they would like to do her and her mom at the same time to wrap up the evening.

All the guys said they would and as soon as Lisa finished getting fucked, she joined Jessie on the bed.

It was actually fun to watch as each guy fucked Jessie, then pulled their cocks out and then fucked her mom.

After the third guy, Lisa and Jessie got on all fours and Jessie told the guys to fuck them in any of their holes they wanted.

Soon, the guys were fucking their cunts and asses. Cum poured out of all their holes.

It was now three in the morning and the event came to an end. The guys left, Jessie and Lisa showered and the three of us went to sleep.

The next morning, Don called me and said he was bringing up breakfast for all of us.

When he came in, the three of us were naked. He brought a beautiful full breakfast that we devoured and thanked him.

I looked at Lisa and Jessie and reminded them that they owed Don for his help. They got up and took Don to the bed, undressed him and got him between them.

For the next two hours, he fucked their cunts, their asses and got a blow job from both of them.

To say Don was a happy young man when he left is putting it mildly.

By three in the afternoon, we checked out and I drove them to the airport. We kissed goodbye and back to Yonkers my lovers flew.

Just as the plane was departing, I got a text from Jessie and Lisa which read, “You are the best. Can’t thank you enough for bringing me and mom together. Mom and I are forever indebted to you. We will keep our cunts warm for you and when mom and I are making love, we will be thinking of you. Love always Jessie and Lisa.”

Look for Chapter 7

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