Mom Solves My Problem


Usually when I have a problem, I go to my Mom. I mean my Dad is fine and all, but he is so busy with his new law practice he hardly ever hears me when I talk to him. So anyway, my two buddies are in deep shit at school for spraying graffiti on the wall of Lower Wellington High School where I am a senior and hoping to finally graduate this year.

I mean eighteen is old enough to get out of high school, right? But since I am such an asshole buddy of my two loser friends, Justin and David, I’m scared shitless that their big prank is going to bounce back on me. So I am sitting at the kitchen table just staring at my Psychology book and making no progress when my Mom comes in.

Mom sells high end real estate and is pretty good at it. She is tall, built like a brick shithouse with this great smile, long brown hair and blue eyes. My buddies are always talking about how hot my Mom looks even after I tell them to lay off.

Mom drops a couple of packages in the sink and looks at me. “Jerome? Problem, honey?”

“Well, kinda. It’s this thing with Justin and David? I can’t rat them out, can I? I mean, Dad says since I know I have to, but Mom…” Shit! I’m beginning to tear up. I stand up and go to the sink and grab a Kleenex and wipe my nose.

Mom comes over and puts her arms around me, I feel her warm breasts against my chest. Oh shit! I’m starting to get a hard on. I mean a real one. Mom looks down in my eyes. “Jerome? What is that I feel?”

“Umm…nothing Mom.”

Her eyes are fixed on mine. She is holding me at arms length. “Nothing?” With that she reaches down and grabs my crotch. I move back but she won’t let go. “Young güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri man, I do not consider that ‘nothing'”.

“Well, gee Mom..”

She finally lets go but then she starts to rub my crotch right through my jeans. “Sorry Jerome, I didn’t mean to upset you. I was trying to calm you down. But obviously this is having the opposite effect.” Her voice has gotten soft and smoky. “What made that happen? Was it these?”

And with that she unbuttons her blouse. I am staring at my Mom’s boobs in a push up bra. Wow!

“Was it, Jerome?”


“Come on then, feel them.” She takes my hand and puts it on her right breast, right at the nipple. I am holding my hand very still. “Oh come on Jerome. You’ve felt a girl’s breast before.”

“Uh no Mom — I haven’t.”

“What? Eighteen and no boob action? Jerome!”

“Sorry Mom, but the dates I’ve had – well, they didn’t…” I stop, realizing my hand is still on my Mom’s boob.

“They didn’t what?”

“Well, they don’t fool around, at least not with me.”

She takes my hand off her boob and licks my palm. “Well young man, there are some things you are obviously not learning at school.” With that, she takes my hand and signals me to be quiet. She leads me up stairs and into my bedroom.

She pushes me down on my bed and reaches behind herself and undoes her bra. Her boobs come loose. They are big, but not too big. I mean some of the porno sites I whack off to have these girls with HUGE boobs. But my Mom’s are smaller than those, but big enough. Her nipples are kind of pointed and are sticking right at me. She holds güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri both of them in her hands.

“Now Jerome, do you know how kiss these?”

She kneels down in front of me and shoves her breasts right in my face. I don’t know what to do. She takes her right breast with one hand and puts the other hand behind my head. She pushes my head down to her nipple and I start to lick it. She begins to moan. I lick some more and then I start sucking her nipple. My Mom for God sake!

She is moaning now and her head is thrown back. Suddenly she pulls away from me. She has this odd smile on her face. She pushes me back on the bed and grabs my belt. She undoes it and pulls it out of my jeans. “Now son,” she says, still soft and smoky, “let’s see what you have in there. I haven’t looked at it since you were about seven years old.” With that she unzips my fly and pulls my jeans down around my knees. “Oh my, Jerome, how you’ve grown.”

With that she pulls my jockeys down and I look down and see my hard on spring up bigger than I have ever seen it, even when I whack off. “My, my, look at that. Well, we can’t have you walking around with that now, can we?”

And she takes my cock in her hand and puts it between her breasts and holds her breasts and my God she is tittie fucking me just like I see on the porno sites. I am sweating and I’m like propped up on my elbows and I don’t know what to say. “Do you like this, son?” She says and keeps pushing her boobs against my chest.

“O God, Mom!” Is all I can say.

“Well, your Dad might finally get through with his fucking work any minute so we güvenilir bahis şirketleri better finish this off, right?”

My Mom? Oh God.

She backs off and takes my cock in her hand again and leans forward and oh my God, she is sucking me off!! Her lips are like velvet but her mouth is warm and she is pulling at my cock with her lips and her tongue is wheeling itself around the top of my cock and I think my head is going to explode.

She stops for a second looks at me and smiles and then she takes me back in her mouth and goes all the way down on me. I mean my cock has like disappeared in her throat! Then I feel it cumming. “Mom,” I whisper . She stops, takes my cock out of her mouth and looks at me.

“Yes, Jerome?”

“I’m, oh my God, I’m cumming!”

“Well,” she says, almost business like. “I would hope so!” And with that she is back on it and sucking me until I think it’s going to come off. I feel the pull back in my nuts and then it starts up my cock and she looks up at me without taking her lips off my cock and she winks and then…I CUM!!

I mean jiz is shooting out of me like never before and my Mom is sucking it up and swallowing and licking and my cock is getting more and more sensitive and I think I’m going to pass out. And then she takes it out of her mouth, strokes it a few times and sits back on her heels.

“There Jerome. Did we take care of that problem?”

“Uh wow. I mean yes Mom. I mean, wow.”

She stands up, puts her boobs back in her bra, buttons her blouse, looks in my mirror, primps her hair, and winks at me. “Well Jerome, I guess you know who to go to with any problem like that, right?” She winks again and walks out.

I hear my Dad call from down stairs, “Lydia?”

And she answers “Coming, dear. Jerome had a problem that I helped him solve, that’s all.”

I lay back own on the bed and take my wilted cock in my hand, I think my Mom and I have a whole new understanding.

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