Mom To The Rescue Pt. 09

Ass Shaking

Mom To The Rescue Pt. 09

***All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older***

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Friday morning I woke up sandwiched between the four biggest tits in the house with Mary on my right and her mother Ann on my left. Mary and I still had school today so we convinced her mom to join us in the shower. It did not take much convincing. As we walked into Ann’s bedroom to use her shower, Moms door was open. We all stopped briefly to watch Mom in a 69 with Mary’s older sister Cynthia.

We all headed for the shower. It was big enough for all of us. While we waited for the water to come to temperature, I stood behind Ann, reached around, and grabbed her huge tits.

I whispered in Ann’s ear, “Have you ever had anal sex?”

Ann said, “My husband tried it once but it was awful.”

Mary said, “Mom, Cynthia and I have both had Michael’s cock in our ass and we loved it. I’ll get the lube.” I played with Ann’s tits and rubbed her pussy while we waited for Mary.

We all got into the shower and Mary lubed her Mom’s ass. Then she lubed my cock. I lined my cock up with Ann’s asshole and pushed until my cock head popped in.


I said, “Mary, why don’t you lick your mom’s pussy while she adjusts to my cock.” Mary went to work on her mom’s pussy while I slowly eased back and forth in her mom’s ass. Ann was starting to get into it. I worked my cock all the way into her ass.

Ann said, “You can fuck me harder Michael. I like it.” I grabbed Ann’s big tits for leverage, and started fucking her harder. Mary reached around her mom’s legs to keep her mom’s pussy available to her tongue. Mary ate her mom to a big orgasm. Mary stood up and kissed me and I tasted her mom’s juices.

Mary said, “It’s getting late honey. You had better finish her off. Pound the big-titted slut until she explodes.” I started pounding Ann’s asshole and she started screaming.


As Ann squirted cum out of her pussy, I filled her ass with semen.

Ann said, “We’re going to do that again and often.” So, we finished showering. Mary and I dressed and headed down for breakfast. Everyone else was there.

Mom said, “So, I just heard that the last ass has fallen to your cock, Michael. There are no more worlds to conquer for you. Tonight, you will have to make do with just Mary. Ann, Cynthia and I are spending the night at Ellie Rosen’s home.”

Cynthia added, “You two better eat fast or you’ll be late for school.” We finished and took off with Cynthia. It hit me while we were being driven that this was the last trip in my old car. However, it did not matter to me one bit. I tapped Mary on the shoulder, and when she turned to me, I gave her a deep passionate kiss.

Mary asked, “What was that for?”

I said, “If I told you all the reasons, we’d be late for school. I’ll tell you tonight when we are alone.”

Cynthia said, “OK lovebirds. Get out. Call me later and I’ll pick you up in one of the new cars.”

Mary said, “Drive yours. Michael and I will drive ours when we get home.”

School seemed to drag all day long, but we saw our teacher for the last class of the day at lunchtime and she said we could ditch her class and start the weekend early. She seemed to like that Mary and I were together. She actually said that we made a nice couple. We called Cynthia and told her we would be ready at 2 pm.

When Cynthia pulled up in her Ruby Red Pearl Toyota Corolla, we were practically drooling. When we got in, Cynthia was nice and said, “Your car is identical – just in Silver.”

She drove us home, and our Classic Silver Metallic Toyota Corolla was in the driveway. It was beautiful. It was ours. It was locked.

Mary said, “Give me the key.”

Cynthia said, “Ask Mommy. She has the keys.” We went into the house and Mary and I were barely able to control ourselves.

Mom looked at us and turned to Ann saying, “What do you think Ann? Do they deserve it?” Mom tossed the keys across the table and Mary grabbed them immediately. She gave Mom a big kiss and then kissed her mother too. Then she kissed me.

I said to her, “What was that for?”

Mary replied, “Because I love you, you big dummy.”

Mom said, “The rest of us are spending the night at Ellie’s apartment. No joy riding. Be careful with the car. Ellie might join us tomorrow on our shopping spree. Either way, we will be home around 9 am to shower and change clothes. You two be ready to leave by 10 am sharp.”

I said, “I almost forgot. Where is your new car mom?

Mom said, “It’s in the garage. Feel free to look. It’s not locked. No fucking in my new car please.”

Mary and I went to look at mom’s new Mercedes. It was something. I got in the driver’s seat. Mary sat in the back.

Mary köle escort said, “You think she would be mad if you and I fuck in here?”

I answered, “I would never go against anything Mom says. To answer your question, I’m afraid to think of what she might do to us.”

Mary said, “Forget I even suggested it.” We went back into the house.

I said, “That car is amazing Mom.”

Mom said to Ann, “I told you I would get you a new Mercedes too Ann.”

Ann said, “Jenn, you’ve been so generous to us. The BMW you gave me is perfect. It’s in great shape and I really enjoy it. We all love you so much.”

Mom said, “Just one more thing kids. Here are your new credit cards. Do not go crazy. Remember, you have to give me all the receipts and I will be balancing the statements. You can use the card to pay for your dinner tonight. Ann, Cynthia and I will be dining with Ellie. We’re leaving around 6:30 pm.”

After much discussion, Mary and I settled on Taco Bell. Hey, they take credit cards. We decided to wait until everyone else left so we could see what they looked like to go out to Ellie’s. Mom had a couple of dresses that would fit Ann and more for Cynthia. They each picked which ones they wanted to wear.

Mom came down first. Mary and I were speechless. She was incredibly gorgeous. Mom had perfect makeup and an amazing dress that showed of her DDD cleavage. My cock started to get hard.

Ann came down next and she gave Mom a run for her money. Ann’s 42G cleavage looked amazing in the dress she chose. My cock was rock hard.

Mary looked at my crotch and said, I guess I need to buy some dresses like that.

I said, “You could just be naked.”

Mom said, “You were right before. He is a big dummy. Tomorrow, we’ll get you everything you want and need.”

Cynthia was the last to join us and she was beautiful. Her 38DD’s were every bit as exciting as the mom’s tits was.

Mary said, “You guys should leave before Michael’s cock explodes and covers you all in cum. The good news is I won’t need dinner after I swallow his load.”

They all left, and Mary stripped me in the living room and sucked my cock as if it would be her last. She was on her knees on the floor in front of where I was sitting. She let my cock out of mouth and went to work on my balls. She sucked them individually in her mouth, switching back and forth. It seemed as she finished with my balls and was returning to my cock when she grabbed it. Mary then spread my legs wide and began licking my asshole. She was stroking my cock and licking my asshole. I was in heaven.

I said, “Baby, no more licking. Please suck me off.”

Mary said, “Yeah, I’m getting hungry.” She went turbo on me. She bounced her head up and down on my cock. She was hitting the back of her throat as she devoured my cock. One hand was on my balls and the other squeezing and twisting my cock.

I said, “Oh yes baby. You’re making me crazy. I need to explode in your mouth. Please do not stop. I’m so close. Oh yes, sweetheart. Do not stop. I’m so close. Here it comes. OHHHHHH. I’M CUMMMMINNNNNGG.”

I kept cumming and Mary kept sucking. I could not hear anything. I was just staring at the ceiling. Then I saw Mary’s head over mine. Her lips were moving but I did not hear anything. She was shaking me and slapped my face. I started to hear her say, “Michael. Michael. Michael.”

Finally, I said, “What?”

She started kissing and hugging me. She had tears in her eyes. She said, “I was so worried. You weren’t answering me.” She hit my arm and added, “Don’t ever do that again! Are you OK?”

I said, “I’m a little weak. Let’s go eat. You drive.”

Mary drove us to Taco Bell, and we ordered a ton of food. We sat there and ate. After a short while, I started to feel better.

When we finished, I said, “I’ll drive home.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the family had arrived at Ellie’s condominium apartment. Ellie lived in a high-rise at 1 W Exchange St in Providence on a high floor. She had a three bedroom that was worth over a million dollars. Ellie was also dressed to kill when she opened the door. Mom led everyone in after she kissed Ellie hello on the lips. Mom introduced Cynthia as Ann’s oldest daughter. Ellie and Cynthia each said how beautiful the other looked. They had lust in their eyes. Ellie gave the tour to Ann and Cynthia (Mom having been there many times) but Cynthia was practically on top of Ellie.

When they came back into the Living Room, Mom whispered to Ann, “It looks like it’s you and me tonight.”

Ann said, “That’s OK with me, but I want to watch them.”

Ellie had a catered dinner with a private chef and waiters. They went to the dining room and Ellie went to her spot. Mom and Ann waited for Cynthia to take a space next to Ellie. Then they took the last two places. Ellie asked Cynthia about her schooling and what she wanted to do. She told Ellie about Mom’s offer of a summer internship at Warren Consolidated. Ellie advised her to take it and added that Mom was one of the brightest women köle escort bayan she knew. If Mom suggests anything, she should do it. Ellie said that Mom giving her the Warren business had established her firm.

Back at our house, I had driven home with no problem and Mary and I were sitting in the living room deciding what to do.

I said, “There’s something I want to talk about, and I think we should do it in our bedroom.”

Mary said, “The house is empty. We can talk here.”

I said, “I think it will be easier for me to say what I need to say in there.”

Mary looked worried but said, “OK.”

We went inside our room and Mary said, “Michael if there’s a problem…”

I said, “Mary, please don’t guess or interrupt me. I did not realize how tough this was going to be for me. So, please let me get it out. Please just sit on the bed and let me finish”

Mary said, “If there’s a problem, I can change. I don’t want to lose you.” She started to cry. I was torn between hugging her or doing what I wanted to do. I took the box out of my drawer and got down on the floor in front of Mary.

I said, “Mary, please look at me. My Mom made this possible.” I opened the box behind my back and said, “My grandfather Abe gave this to my grandmother and now I would like to give it to you. I showed her the ring and said, “I love you more than anyone or anything. Please make me the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me?”

Back at Ellie’s, dinner was over, and they were finishing their angel food cake with a sauterne. The caterers left shortly after that.

Ellie said, “What shall we do now?”

Cynthia said, “Why don’t we start by getting naked?”

Ellie said, “You know that I’m old enough to be your mother.”

Cynthia said, “I’ve had both moms sexually and I’ve wanted you ever since you opened the door tonight.”

Ellie said, “So your panties are as soaked as mine are.”

Cynthia said, “I’m not wearing panties. Come with me and I’ll show you.” Cynthia stood up, took Ellie by the hand, and led her to Ellie’s bedroom.”

Mom and Ann followed them and when they got to the bedroom, they took 2 chairs across from the bed.

Cynthia was kissing Ellie using her tongue to explore Ellie’s mouth. They started feeling each other’s tits.

Ellie said, “I love your tits. I want your entire body baby.” Ellie looked at Mom and Ann and said, “Are you ladies joining in?”

Mom said, “We just want to watch for now. You two are really hot.” Mom looked at Ann and said, “We should probably get undressed. I’m sure your pussy is as wet as mine is.”

Cynthia and Ellie were undressed before Mom and Ann. Cynthia kissed Ellie sensuously and deeply. Ellie had her hands in Cynthia’s pussy. Cynthia’s legs started to wobble. They both lied down on the bed. Ellie was kissing, licking and sucking Cynthia’s tits and chewing on her nipples.

Mom and Ann were naked and moved their chairs closer together so they could finger each other.

Ann said, “You know what I would really like now?”

Mom asked, “What.”

Ann said, “Popcorn.”

Mom laughed and said, “Very funny bitch.” She got up, kneeled before Ann and dove headfirst into her pussy.

Cynthia moved into a 69 with Ellie. They slobbered, licked and nibbled each other’s pussy. They were both shaved smooth and loving what the other was doing to them. Cynthia and Ellie were extremely aroused. Mom was driving Ann wild licking her while Ann watched her daughter and Ellie pleasing each other.

Ann beat them all to orgasm screaming, “OH. OH. OH. YES, JESS. LICK MY CLIT. MAKE ME CUM.

Ann lifted her giant tit into her mouth and started biting and sucking her own nipple. Cynthia and Ellie stopped to watch her.


Cynthia turned to Ellie, kissed her and said, “Fuck that was hot.”

Ellie said, “I think we can top it. Would you do me a big favor?”

Cynthia said, “Sure. What is it?”

Ellie said, “Call me mommy.”

Cynthia said, “OK mommy. Can I eat your pussy, mommy? I want to make you cum mommy.”

Cynthia did not wait for a reply. She pushed Ellie on her back and began devouring Ellie’s pussy. Cynthia had several fingers inside Ellie’s pussy and one big finger in her ass. Cynthia was merciless in her attack on Ellie’s pussy. Ellie started to breathe heavily.

Cynthia said, “Cum for me mommy. Cum all over your baby’s face, mommy. I want to drink your sweet cum, mommy.”

Ellie screamed, “OH. OH. OH. OH. OH. OH. OH. OH. OH. OH. OH. OH. OH. OH. OH. I’M CUMMING BABY. MOMMY IS CUMMMMMMINNNNNNGG.” Ellie squirted all over Cynthia’s face.

Mom and Ann were sitting in their chairs with their hands in each other’s pussy frantically jilling each other. They both came after seeing Ellie squirt.

Cynthia was lapping up all of Ellie’s cum. Ellie had to ask her to stop licking. She could not take any more. Cynthia moved up to her face and kissed escort köle her deeply.

Ellie said, “You haven’t cum yet.

Cynthia said, “The night is young and I’m staying right here.”

Ellie said, “For how long?”

Cynthia answered, “That’s up to you.”

Mom and Ann got up and went to the guest bedroom.

Back at our house, after I asked her to marry me, Mary started crying and rambling.

Mary said, “I was scared. I thought you were breaking up with me. I was afraid I was going to lose you.”

I said, “No chance of that. You are stuck with me for life. Well, if you say ‘Yes’ you are.”


I said, “I love you to my dearest.”

We kissed, hugged, lied down in each other’s arms, and stayed like that until we fell asleep. This was the best night of my life. Thanks grandpa.

Back at Ellie’s, Mom and Ann were lying in each other’s arms and chatting:

Ann said, “Did you think or plan for Ellie and Cynthia to fall for each other?”

Mom said, “Honestly, I’m as surprised as you are. I’ve been with Cynthia, and I’m not surprised she wants an older woman. What surprised me was how enamored Ellie is with Cynthia. I knew she would like her. I certainly do, but those two seem really hot for each other.”

Ann said, “I guess we will see what develops.”

Back in Ellie’s room, Ellie was putting on an eight-inch double-ended strap on vibrating dildo. Cynthia was actually looking forward to Ellie fucking her with this vibrating rubber cock. Ellie handed Cynthia the remote control. Ellie put some lube on it and shoved it into Cynthia’s wet pussy. Cynthia switched it on, and she and Ellie were overtaken by the intensity of the vibrating dildos. Ellie collapsed on top of Cynthia.

Cynthia said, “Oh my God. Hold me mommy.”

Ellie said, “I’ve got you baby. Maybe we should turn off the vibration.”

Cynthia said, “Not until we both cum, mommy.”

Less than five minutes later, they both exploded in orgasms. Cynthia turned off the vibrations.

Cynthia asked, “Is it always like that?”

Ellie said, “It’s the first time that I have used it.”

Cynthia said, “We’re keeping it.”

Ellie said, “I like the sound of that. Would you like to live here with me baby?”

Cynthia said, “Yes mommy. I want to live with you.”

They kissed, hugged, and fell asleep in each other’s arms. It seemed like there was a lot of that going around that evening in Providence.

The next morning everyone at Ellie’s was up early having bagels and lox for breakfast.

Mom said, “I told Mary and Michael we would be home by 9 to shower and dress and we would leave by 10 am. So, Ellie are you joining us?”

Ellie said, “Cynthia and I will shower and dress here. I have some clothes she can wear. We will meet you at your house before 10 am.”

Mom said, “Ok Ann, just like last night, it’s you and me babe.”

Cynthia said, “There’s one more thing. I just realized this is going to get confusing since I call all three of you some version of mom. So, ladies, Ellie and I have discussed this and I’m moving in with her.”

Mom and Ann looked at each other. They both kissed Cynthia and Ellie and said they would see them by 10 am. Mom and Ann agreed that the rest of the day would be a lot easier.

When Mom and Ann got home, Mary and I were already showered and dressed. Mary had her ring on. She was so proud of that ring. She kissed me so much this morning. I was floating on air.

Mom and Ann walked into the living room where we were sitting.

Mary said, “Where’s Cynthia?”

Mom answered, “She’s coming with Ellie in Ellie’s car. Ann, do you want to tell the next part or should I?”

Ann said, “I’ll do it. Kids there is going to be a change in the living arrangements here.”

Mary held up her left hand (with the ring on it) to her face and said, “Really? What changes mom?”

Ann saw the ring and screamed. Mom saw the ring and she had a huge smile on her face. Mom gave me the ring, so she knew I had it. Mom kissed us both. Ann stood there shocked but finally came over and kissed us both. They asked if we set a date for the wedding.

I said, “We talked about it and there’s no rush. We just wanted the world to know that we belong to each other.”

Ann said, “It’s such a beautiful ring. Where did you get it Michael?”

I said, “Mom gave it to me when I told her I was thinking about buying Mary a ring. My Grandpa Abe gave this engagement ring to Grandma June. He told mom when he gave it to her the year he died that he hoped I would use it someday.”

Mary said, “So you knew he was going to ask me Jenn?”

Mom said, “Yes but I did not know when. Ann and I need to shower and dress. If Cynthia and Ellie get here before we are ready, you decide if you want to tell your sister or wait for your mom to do it.” Mom and Ann showered separately so they were ready quickly.

Cynthia and Ellie arrived at 9:45 am. Cynthia introduced Mary and Ellie to each other. Mary had her left hand in her pocket. When Ellie saw me, she said she could not believe how much I had grown since the last time she saw me a few years ago. Kids hear that kind of remark all the time and we all hate it, but I was nice and said nothing. Cynthia asked if we knew about her and Ellie. We told her yes, we did.

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