Mommie’s Wonderful Welcome Home


I came home in high spirits, but was horny as hell. It seemed this happened every month about two days after my period. I’d looked at the shapely secretary of mine at work all day with my pussy seeming to burn every time she turned away from me, and her tight short skirt tightened over her shapely buns. I watched her hips swivel delightfully, and could just make out the outline of her high cut panties. She has gorgeous legs too, long and shapely. I could imagine them on either side of my face as I eat her, lying back on my desk.

When she had come to my desk and leaned over, I could see the soft, full swell of her breasts and got a good long peek at the sexy bra she was wearing. Her subtle perfume sent quivers to my clit. She’s a sexy thing, but seems unaware that my lust for her is growing every day. I wondered if she liked women too?

I’m a divorcee and live with my young Son, and recently with my Mom. Mom’s condo needed painting and I invited her to stay with us the two weeks the redecorating was being done. She and Dad had divorced and she was living alone. She’s a very sexy lady only 16 years older than I am. I’d found out that she was 15 when she got pregnant with me, and had me only six months after they’d married. I guess she and Dad were a hot item together. He couldn’t be faithful to her, and drank a lot. She finally kicked him out, and we both thought it was good riddance!

I’m in my early thirties and Mom is just shy of 47, and a real looker. She takes good care of herself, does aerobics, always dresses well, and looks more like my sister than my Mother. We are taken for sisters a lot.

I came into the house. I was hoping no one was home, as I wanted to go to my bedroom, get my vibrator, lie on the bed, and have one massive orgasm after the other. The house was quiet and I walked down the carpeted hall almost silently.

I heard a low moan of obvious pleasure coming from the guest bedroom where Mom was sleeping. Hmmm, so she gets off too! I suppressed a giggle. That seemed to make my clit even harder. It had been aching all afternoon. I slid my hand under my short skirt and rubbed my mound, slipping a finger inward to push against my clit. God that felt good!

The door to her room was cracked slightly and I slipped up and naughtily peeped in, hoping to catch my sexy Mom masturbating. I almost gasped aloud at what I saw. I was floored by the spectacle in front of me. Mom was lying on the bed all right. Her thighs were spread, and she was gorgeously, gloriously, totally naked. Her full breasts were bobbing and moving, the erect nipples pointed upward and outward as she moved. Her large areolas were crinkled with passion.

Between her spread thighs was my young Son, his hips pumping away! From the angle I was looking, his thick cock was plunging into her red, and very beautiful pussy. His balls were drawn upward, and I got a clear shot of her delicious looking pussy, wet and pouting as he drove into her. His cock was thick, but I couldn’t tell how long it was. I could see every detail of her stretched pussy lips, thick and engorged with her lusty blood. Her neat brown anus drew my eye to it for a moment. I’d seen scenes of people fucking on videos, but here was my Mother, and my Son, fucking away in front of my very eyes. I could even smell the scent of Mom’s excited pussy as Jimmy plunged into her steaming pussy.

“Ohhh, yes, Jimmy Darling, fuck me. God, I needed this. Fuck me you wonderful young stud. Your Grandmother needs this. Damn, how I need this. It’s been so long since I was fucked. Slam it hard into me, oh shit, yes, like that! Fuck me, hard, fuck me!” My Mother cried as his hips slapped against her body. “Don’t stop, keep fucking me Darling, don’t pull out, fill my cunt. God, fill me up with your cum. Ohhhhhhh, shit! I’m cummmmming!” She screamed out.

I was cuming too. My fingers flew over my clit. I put my other hand down to thrust two fingers deep inside my hot wet cavern. Both hands excited my aching pussy till I climaxed, eyes glued to the two on the bed. Jimmy moaned out, ankara escort his head went back, and I watched his balls pull upward still more, as he shoot his load into his Grandmothers hot pussy.

My knees almost gave way and I stumbled against the door, and it opened wide to reveal me in the doorway, panties around my knees, fingers buried inside my pussy. Mom and Jimmy turned their heads and Jimmy pulled out of Mom, and stood redfaced as he saw his Mother’s pussy for the first time, her fingers still deep inside it. His cock didn’t wilt a bit as he stood there bareass naked. God, what a cock!

I was stunned for a moment, but looked at Mom still on the bed, thighs spread wide. Her pussy was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Open, her meaty lips were swollen, red, and the deep pink of her vaginal opening dripping a white stream of my Son’s cum out of it, running down over her neat brown asshole.

I will never know what possessed me to do it, but I managed to move to the edge of the bed and fell to my knees. I put a hand on each of her thighs, spreading her wider, and my mouth went to her pussy. I covered her just fucked pussy with my mouth and sucked, thrusting my tongue deep inside the hot cavern that had given me birth. She cried out as I did. She sat up partially and took my head in her hands and pressed my face deeper into her wet spread pussy. “God, Sweet Kate, eat me, suck all that wonderful young spunk out of my pussy. Eat your Mother, Darling Daughter! Yesssss! Like that! Fuckkkkkk!”

I sucked and licked her delicious, wonderful smelling pussy. God, I love to eat a woman, and the wonderful mix of her pussy juices and my Son’s cum was a feast. Her fingers went to her hard clit and she began to masturbate while I ate her. Her hips hunched against my face.

She looked at Jimmy and cried out, “Oohh, Jimmy, I’m going to cum. Fuck her, fuck Kate, fuck your Mother. Fuck my beautiful Daughter while she eats your cum out of me. Fuck her, Jimmy.”

I was transfixed for a moment by her words. I kept sucking and licking her. I gave a whimper. I couldn’t stop! I felt my skirt being lifted and my Son’s hands on my ass. His fingers were on my pussy lips and then the blunt feeling of his still wet, slick cock at the opening where he had come into this world. I thrust my hips back a little, and his large thick cock head spread me deliciously, and with a little thrust, his cockhead pushed inside me. I felt the large bulbous head pop inside my pussy. It stretched my pussy opening wonderfully.

I screamed against my Mother’s pussy as he slid deeper into me. It had been almost a year since I had been fucked, and now my own Son was fucking me. He slid deep inside me, the inexperience of youth wanting to be deep into his Mother. I gasped as his long cock pressed against my cervix and stretched my pussy wonderfully. He had to be longer than his father, who had never plumbed those depths.

I pulled my mouth away from the wet feast before me and wailed out. “Ohhhh, yes, Jimmy. Fuck me, fuck meeeee! Deep, hard! Fuck your Mother, ohhhoohhh please, hard, ohhh yes, harder!”

Mom’s fingers bit into my scalp, and she pulled my face back against her hot wet pussy. I burrowed my face down into her, mashing my face into her wet slick flesh. I sucked; I thrust my tongue deep inside her. I slid a finger back and found her neat brown nether opening. Wetting a finger in my Son’s slippery cum, I slid it into her bowels. She screamed out as it slipped up inside her. I thrust my tongue up inside her, sucking her juices out at the same time. Her fingers were a blur as she strummed her clit, her fingers coming in contact with my sucking lips from time to time.

Jimmy’s thick, long cock, still hard despite having just fucking his Grandmother, now thrust deep inside me – his Mother. He was moving his hips from side to side as his large cock head thrust in and out of me. I felt his hands slip under me to grasp a breast in each hand and squeeze them. The breasts that had given him milk so long ago. I pushed my chest escort ankara against them and he squeezed them harder, almost painfully, and his fingers found my hard nipples and rolled them. Damn, where did he learn that?

The tableau there must have been a fantastic sight. Mom on the bed, thighs spread wide, her full breasts bouncing as she moved, her fingers rubbing her clit, her Daughter between her thighs, mouth buried in her spread pussy, while behind her Daughter, her Grandson lustily fucking his Mom, hands squeezing her breasts. The wonderful odor of sex filled the room. The slap of Jimmy’s young thighs against my spread ass was mixed with the sound of two women moaning and sighing, and the panting of a young man, fucking his Mother after just having fucked his Grandmother.

I sucked and tongued my Mother’s delicious pussy. She seemed to be a well of sweet juices. I love the taste of a pussy, and she was almost dripping her honey into my mouth. Her hips thrust upward; one hand still pressed my head against her gaping pussy, her other strumming her hard clit. Behind me the long thick cock of my Son plunged into me, his pace quickening as his young body sought relief again. I marveled at his stamina after just fucking my Mom. He was moaning now, his climax near.

Mom was the first to cum, she screamed out, her body going rigid. I glanced up to see her face contorted with passion. Then, I could feel her pussy pulse, and her vagina convulse under my mouth. I felt one jet, then another, and another, of her juices as she came. Sweet, hot, delicious juices shot out into my mouth as she climaxed. It spurred me over the last hurdle, and I began to climax as Jimmy pounded hard into his Mother’s pussy. His fingers caught my nipples and almost painfully squeezed them, adding to my pleasure, as I have always loved a little pain when I cum. I screamed against Mom’s pussy, thrusting my tongue deep inside her, burying my face harder against her throbbing pussy, sucking, sucking, sucking! My finger pistoned in and out of her ass.

My pussy pulsed and tightened around my Son’s cock. I heard his long drawn out moan as he bathed the inside of his Mother’s pussy with his young spunk, as his father had done many years ago. Now He was fucking Her, shooting off inside Her grasping hot flesh. He said later it was the most fantastic thing he had ever done. He had just fucked his sexy Grandmother, an almost undreamed of event, then minutes later his young cock was buried inside his own Mother’s hot pussy.

He gave a long drawn out cry of ecstasy as his cock emptied its thick load inside me. My body went into a spasm of ecstasy as I climaxed, feeling the hard cock pound deeper than any one had ever been inside me. His cock was a marvel, so thick, so long, thrusting deeply inside me – his Mother.

Mom fell back on the bed, gasping for breath. My body gave one last spasm of joy and I went limp on her body, turning my head slightly, gasping for breath also. Jimmy gave one last hard thrust against my ass, and I felt his chest against my back as he drooped forward. His hands gentled their hold on my breasts and fondled them gently.

“Jeez!” Johnny gasped against my back, and then kissed it. “What happened here? Mom? I never in the world thought this would happen. Grams and I got a little carried away, and I wound up fucking her, but you?”

I managed a little nervous laugh. “Well, Son, it happens that with some women, the second or third day after their period they get horny. Your Mom gets superhorny. Kim, my sexy secretary got me hot today thinking about her cute bod, and I came home very horny. I was headed to my room to get off with my vibrator, when I saw the two of you fucking.”

I patted Mom, then reached up to fondle a beautiful breast. “This sexy lady, lying there getting fucked by her Grandson, was more than I could stand. I had to get off. When I came, that’s when I stumbled into the room. Your Grams sexy pussy was just too much for me and I had to have it, right then.” I reached back and patted him. “I’m ankara escort bayan glad she told you to go ahead and fuck me. I needed that. Thanks both of you!”

Mom began to laugh. “I can’t believe it either. I was horny, lying here fingering my pussy when Johnny heard me cry out, and thought there was something wrong. He opened the door and caught me masturbating. I was so hot, I couldn’t stop, and told him to come in and watch. He did and got a real boner. When I saw how well endowed he is, I unzipped him, and gave him a little head to get him started. That was all it took. He started fucking his Grams, and that’s when you came in. God, what a day!”

Jimmy’s cock was slowly wilting and it slipped out of me. I managed to crawl up on the bed and lay down next to Mom. I bent over and kissed her lips. She smiled and kissed me back, our tongues probing and our hands seeking out and finding a soft firm breast to cup. Her hand went to my pussy, and she slipped a finger up inside me probing. I did the same to her wet pussy. Our bodies wiggled together seeking full body contact. Her soft body felt so wonderful to me.

“God, I’ve wished for this for so many years. I’ve lusted for you for ages.” I said against her mouth.

“Hmmm, I wondered too, I caught you watching me a number of times and wondered if you liked women. I have loved them for years.” Mom said. “ I kept it a secret from you and from that rat bastard, your father too. He never found out. To say I was shocked at what you did would be an understatement. But I loved it. I was so hot. Jimmy had just fucked me and I wanted another cum. I’ve always been multi-orgasmic. Kate, Baby Girl, I’m still hot; I’d love to have another cum. You game?”

My answer was to kiss her again and thrust my fingers deeper inside her. I pushed my pussy against her hand, and we wiggled together harder. We both fingered each other till we were gasping for breath. Without a word, we pulled back, turned in the bed and went into a 69.

“Jeez. I’ve never seen two women do that.” I heard Jimmy gasp. I paid him no mind and concentrated on my Mother’s delicious pussy in front of me. This time I slid two fingers deep inside her, crossed my fingers as my gym teacher had taught me in high school, and began to lick and suck her clit. It was firm and hard, and I loved licking it’s pink, firm head, just peeping out.

Her mouth was busy on my own pussy, she had her fingers up inside me exploring. Her tongue played over my clit very skillfully. This woman knew her pussies. I wondered how many women she had made love to. I’d have to remember to ask later.

We devoured each other and it didn’t take long for us to reach an explosive climax almost at the same time. We finally fell apart, gasping for breath.

I looked over, and Jimmy lay on the edge of the bed, his hand moving slowly up and down his long hard cock. I reached over and removed his hand and wrapped mine around the thick, long cock. God it was so hard, and sooo long. I stroked it lightly.

“That’s some cock you have there Son, let Momma take care of that problem.” I bent forward and took the thick young head in my mouth. It tasted wonderful. A mixture of Mom’s and mine’s pussy juices, and his young cum. I slid it deeper into my mouth swirling my tongue over the head. I relaxed my throat muscles and slid it a little deeper inside. I pulled back and looked up at him. His face was one of amazement.

“Well, lets see if I can remember how to do this. I once was pretty good at deep throating your father. Of course his cock wasn’t quite as long, or quite as thick, but lets see if it comes back to me” —- my head moved down, and I let it slide deeper into my throat.

Mom moved on the bed and as Jimmy and I watched amazed, she moved up and straddled his head. Slowly she wiggled down and placed her spread pussy over his mouth. “Well, Grandson, its time you learned to eat pussy. Your Mom seems to have that end well taken care of, now you take care of your wicked ole Grams, and she might give you a very special treat afterward.”

There was a strangled groan from Jimmy as her spread pussy covered his mouth. Was it that, or the fact that I slowly let his thick young cock slide slowly down my throat? Damn that felt good. Now I remembered how to do it!

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