Mommy Denise


My wife Denise is very pretty with perfect hazel eyes, giant tits with dark, saucer-sized nipples, wide hips, thick thighs and stands more than 5 inches taller than me when she’s barefoot. When looking at photographs of my mother when she was a few years younger, there are striking similarities between the two of them. After meeting my mom for the first time, she knew I had a bit of a ‘mommy complex’ and she asked me about it constantly. Before long she instigated our special taboo roleplay, which I enjoyed far more than I like to admit. If the moisture between her thighs was any indication, she enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Over time and after indulging in our roleplay several times each week, the entire balance in our marriage shifted. At the beginning of our marriage, we discussed issues of concern openly. A few months into our marriage and shortly after one of my mother’s visits, Denise began making those decisions on her own. I really didn’t mind. She was the breadwinner in our household anyway. It seemed like the natural thing to happen.

She didn’t miss the fact of how willingly I slipped into a role in our marriage where I made very few decisions. We talked about it a few times and I had difficulty explaining why it happened. She soon began making ‘suggestions’ throughout our normal lives. I think she was testing me to see how far I would go. I knew what she was doing and completed each of her ‘suggestions’ with a smile. No matter if she ‘suggested’ I clean up the kitchen or if it was to go to the men’s room in a restaurant we were eating at, removing my underpants and bringing them back to her at the table. I always did it with a smile and sometimes a deep blush.

As our roleplay grew out of our bedroom and into our day to day lives, Denise began doing things my mother did for when I lived with her. She began choosing what I would wear each day. She scolded me when I said a curse word. A list of my chores appeared on the refrigerator one morning. The debit card disappeared from my wallet and I began receiving an allowance based on how well I completed my chores. If I ran out of money before allowance was due to be paid, I had to (literally) beg her for more. Of course, my next allowance would be reduced by whatever I’d borrowed.

Denise teased me constantly when my mother came to visit. She embarrassed me every chance she got. She scolded me if I happened to say a curse word, right there in front of my mom. She did things like backing me against our bedroom wall, undoing my pants and taking my penis in her hand. She would ask me what I thought my mom would do if I were to walk out to her naked. She insisted on cutting up any meat that was served to me at a meal, telling my mom that I struggled when using a knife. She had me call her mommy whenever my mother was out of the room. And had me eat her to orgasm each and every night. While I was left unfulfilled and forbidden to masturbate.

Twice a year my wife needed to travel across the country for her work. Those trips usually lasted two weeks. The morning before she left on her most recent trip, she handed me the envelope with my allowance money for both weeks. But also inside this envelope, there was also a letter. The letter ‘suggested’ I go without a single orgasm until she returned. I could masturbate all I liked, but I shouldn’t let myself cum, not even once. The note also told me exactly how she wanted me to present myself upon her return. I was to remove my body hair except for a small triangle of short pubic hair pointing down, or completely smooth if I messed up. I was also to be sitting naked on the stairs right beyond our front door. So when she entered our home, I’d be the first thing she’d see.

During my first week alone, I tried to keep myself occupied to keep my mind off not being able to cum for two weeks. But my mind was never allowed to wander for long. She called me at least three times a day and whispered words into the phone she knew would make me horny. Before saying ‘goodbye’, she always encouraged me to strip down and rub myself. But she also made me promise not to cum without her. By the end of the first week, I was going insane with desire. I was a walking erection. I couldn’t get sex off my mind. I’d never needed to cum so badly.

The second week was sheer torture. Her emails, phone calls, and texts were keeping me constantly aroused. But somehow I made it through the entire 14 days with spilling a single drop of cum. She told me oozing precum didn’t count.

The day she was due to finally arrive home, I was awoken with a call from her. She wanted to remind me about the note, and how I should present myself for her return home. I began with a long hot bath and struggled not to ‘touch’ too much as I washed carefully. Removing my body hair was its own adventure. When I tackled my pubic area, I nicked my scrotum and think I actually screamed. For the first time in days, I wasn’t wildly horny. I tried, I really, really tried to form a triangle pointing down. Ataşehir Escort But there was no way I could make it happen. So, by the end of my bath, I was completely smooth from my eyelashes down, I had a half a dozen small squares of toilet paper sticking to various parts of my body trying to stop the bleeding and the tub was full of little bits of hair. Not to mention I was considering making a run to the emergency room to make sure I didn’t need stitches in my scrotum. But it eventually stopped bleeding and really wasn’t that noticeable after it did. It had taken me three times as long as I thought it would and I kept finding myself in the most unusual positions trying to get every single hair. In the end, I’d gone through a package and a half of her pink disposable razors and a can and a half of her feminine shaving cream.

Looking in the full-length mirror behind the bathroom door was a shock. I’d always heard that shaving your pubic hair would make your penis look bigger. It’s a lie. It definitely didn’t look bigger, if anything it looked smaller. I had always been kind of proud of my almost 4″ long penis. But now, even hard, it looked like a pinky finger pointing out of my groin.

The image of myself in the mirror stuck in my mind until later that afternoon when I stripped naked and perched myself on the stairs. I took my appointed seat 20 minutes after she was due to land. At that moment she should be walking to the car in the lot. With 5 minutes to get out of the lot and a 25-minute drive home, I had a half an hour to tease myself into a frenzy before she opened that door. I sat there, barely touching my rigid penis, watching the juices ooze down its length. Thankful that the desperation and waiting would finally come to an end. It was quite unnerving to be sitting right in front of a door, in my condition, knowing that the door would fly wide open soon. I jumped each time I heard a car approach the house.

When her car finally did pull into the driveway, I nearly squirted at the sound of it. I leaned back on my elbows on the step behind me, spread my legs as wide as the staircase would allow and tried to look as sexy as possible. The core of my body ached for her to walk through that door. I listened closely for the car door to close, but my concentration was interrupted by a garbage truck or something passing by our home. I struggled with all my might to hear a sound from her, but there was only the noise of the truck out there. I was really tempted to run upstairs and throw my clothes back on. But using every ounce of my courage, I remained right where I had been told. When her key hit the lock I nearly had a heart attack. Juices were freely running down my penis. I was literally shaking with excitement.

As the door was flying open, goose-bumps rose all over my body, I threw my arms into the air and squealed, “Welcome home!”

There stood the love of my life, but she was different. While standing in the doorway, it was definitely Denise, I would know her anywhere. But she looked more like my mother than ever before. While she was away, she had had her hair cut, dyed and styled to perfectly match my ‘younger’ mother from the photo albums. She was stunning. She was nearly an exact duplicate of my mother and I was amazed. Even the dress and shoes she wore looked like they popped out of those albums. The only difference in the dress was the neckline, the dress Denise wore left far more of her cleavage exposed than my mother ever would. It was while I stared at her massive cleavage that I realized her wedding ring was dangling from a chain around her neck.

When she set her suitcases down and held her arms open, I jumped up and ran to her. Burying my face in her cleavage, my nose against the ring I’d once slipped on her finger. She rubbed my naked back and told me how glad she was that she was home. My voice muffled from talking into her boobs, I told her I was glad she was home too. I told her she looked gorgeous. And I told her I loved her.

She gently pulled me away from her boobs, and while laying her hands on my shoulders and pressing downward, she said, “Why don’t you give mommy a proper Welcome Home kiss?”

She leaned back against the door as I dropped to my knees. Looking up at her one last time, I found it hard to believe how much she looked like my mom! She lifted the hem of her dress with both hands exposing her groomed, meaty pussy. The plump lips swelled up with excitement and her large clit poking out proudly. I dove in and began with gentle kisses up and down her thick thighs. Eventually winding up where I was meant to be, right between her legs. Tilting my head back a little, I scooted forward even closer and covered her swollen lips with wet kisses and licks. When she shifted her hips forward, I rose to meet her and took that fat clit between my lips and made love to it with my tongue.

The whole time I was feasting on her pussy, I couldn’t get my mom out of my mind. It was as if I was eating her and Anadolu Yakası Escort not Denise. When she let her dress fall around me, it became even more intense. My mind was running wild, the taste, the smell, the feeling of her pussy on my tongue, it was my mom. I was eating my mom’s pussy.

Her clit is bigger than my thumb to the first knuckle. So taking it in my mouth and sucking on it is like giving a blowjob to a small penis. Puckering my lips together, I sucked her button into my mouth and teased it with the tip of my tongue. Then released it. Only to pull it back into my mouth again. Pausing only to slide my tongue along between her lips, dipping it into her love, and returning to her button again.

Kneeling there on the floor, just inside the front door of our home, hairless, naked and desperately horny, I ate my mother, I mean my wife, for all I was worth. I lost track of time and focused on making Denise orgasm as best I could. By the time she pushed me away, my entire face was drenched and she’d cum twice. I stayed kneeling before her while she let her dress fall back into place and caught her breath.

Now standing before me, my wife looked radiant, and completely dressed while I remained on the floor, not even covered by body hair. She held out her hand and helped me to stand before sending me to the bathroom to wash my face. I dashed down the hall and quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth, returning to the living room where she sat on one end of our couch.

She looked at me, studying my body, from my toes, up my smooth legs, to my rigid penis and up to my bare chest and arms. When she made eye contact with me, she smiled and said, “You look perfectly delicious. I believe I’m going to keep you like this all the time. You’ve never looked so adorable.”

I never kept anything from her, I’d always been completely open and honest. But standing there without even body hair to hide behind, I felt utterly and truly exposed. Her eyes devoured me until she finally wagged her finger and had me stand right in front of her. My knees were shaking and juices were flowing down the modest length of my penis. She reached up, took my hand and pulled me down onto her ample lap.

“You haven’t said anything about my new look. Do you like it, Sweetheart?” She asked, already knowing the answer, I’m sure.

“Yes, very much. You’re beautiful. You look just like…” I let the sentence trail off, not wanting to admit how much she resembled my mom.

“I know. That was the look I was going for. I have to say it turned out rather nicely.” She fluffed her hair with her hand before continuing. “Sweetie, we both know you need a mommy. We’ve played with it our entire marriage. But I’m tired of playing. Sweetheart, I want to be your mommy all the time.”

I whimpered on her lap as I squirmed. I wasn’t completely sure what she meant.

She smiled and held me against her, “You’re going to call your boss tomorrow and turn in your resignation. My sweet boy isn’t going to work ever again. You’re going to start calling me mommy all the time, no matter who might be around. And Sweetie, if you’re naughty, I am going to punish you.”

She only paused for a moment, just long enough to lift my chin so we made eye contact. “Most importantly, you are going to tell your ‘real’ mom about us. When she comes to visit or we go see her, nothing will change. You will still call me mommy. I’ll choose what you will or will not wear. And even if your mom is in the same room, I will still be able to hold you on my lap just like this.”

A soft moan slipped from my lips and I snuggled into her embrace. An image of me perched on Denise’s lap, naked and smooth, with my real mother in the same room invaded my thoughts. A chill shot up my spine and I felt my little penis jump.

She gracefully dragged the nail of her index finger along the underside my penis. I shivered and nearly squirted from the sensation. She could tell how dangerously close to orgasm I was. Instead of teasing my denied penis more, she cupped my balls in the palm of her hand. In the softest of whispers, she said, “Sweetie, I’ll give you a choice. You can your boss and quit your job. Or I can make that call for you.” She gently squeezed my smooth pouch and whispered, “I know how much he intimidates you.”

Biting my lip, I whispered, “Would you please call him?”

She kissed my forehead and said, “Of course I will, Sweetheart.”

Her arms pulled me against her, smushing me against her soft body. She then asked how I felt about always calling her ‘Mommy’, no matter who may be listening. I paused when I considered this. Yes, I was beyond the normal range of horniness. But promising Denise I would always refer to her as ‘Mommy’ would prove to be very embarrassing! What would our friends think? What would my real mother think? I can’t begin to imagine what she’d think the first time I called Denise that word! But we’d been building our lives around my mommy fetish. Kadıköy Escort Beginning to call her by that word seemed to make sense. Biting my lower lip, I asked if I could try calling her, ‘Mommy Denise’ to start with. She hugged me tightly once again and said she thought that was a wonderful idea.

She took hold of my left hand and began to remove my wedding band. She informed me that I would no longer be needing it. But she promised to keep it somewhere safe. And as an alternative, she looped her finger and thumb around the base of my penis and suggested getting a ring for it instead! I whimpered softly and humped my hips upward.

The pad of her index finger began to slowly slide up and down along the underside of my denied penis. She nibbled on my earlobe and whispered, “Sweetheart, can you remember the last time we had conventional sex? It’s been a long time. Once we make this change in our relationship, we’ll never have conventional sex again. The only way you’ll ever achieve orgasm is by my finger. Can you live with that Sweetie? Can you accept giving up intercourse forever? It will be exclusively finger-jobs for you.”

I whimpered softly and snuggled further against her soft breasts. I whispered, “I don’t know. Never again?”

She stroked my hair gently and whispered, “Never, ever.”

I moaned into her breast and whispered, “Can I think about it?”

She continued to hold me and stroke my naked, hairless body with her warm hands. “Of course Sweetie. You can have all the time you need.”

I whispered, “What about you? If we don’t make love, how will you? I mean…”

She hushed me and explained that as my Mommy, she’d still have needs. And on occasion, she may bring home a friend to help her satisfy those needs. During those times, I’d be sent to the spare bedroom to sleep.

I pulled away from her, looking into her eyes I asked, “You’d see another man?”

She smiled and pulled my head back to her breast. “Another man? Well, you’re not really a man at all. I’d bring home real men. Big, strong men with long, thick cocks. Yes, Mommy will see other men. Lots and lots of other men.”

I sat naked on her lap, snuggled against her soft breasts while I remembered how I’d walked in and caught her in our bed, with other men on four different occasions. I recalled the stories she’d told me about all of the sexual escapdes she had before we were married. Deep down, I knew she had never even tried to remain faithful throughout our marriage. I’m sure she’d had dozens upon dozens of affairs. And there were all of those times when she came home from an evening out and forced me to eat her pussy. It was always so wet and messy, I tried not to believe that I was cleaning her after she’d been with someone else. But I knew. I’d always known.

Tears were forming in my eyes. She must’ve sensed the feelings and emotions I was trying to deal with. Very casually, she slid her dress off of her shoulders and exposed the sturdy, tan bra containing her breasts. Leaning forward, she reached behind herself and unlatched her bra. As gracefully as a ballerina, she slid the bra off her shoulders, down her arms and laid it gently on the couch beside us. Laying her hand on my head once again, I scooted off her lap, onto the couch until my head rested in her lap. She lifted her massive breasts and lowered the enormous nipple to my lips. I latched onto it and began licking and sucking on her stiff, erect nub.

Her hands began caressing my body and she whispered, “Baby, I’ve never been especially discreet about my affairs. But with this change in our relationship, I will not even try to hide my lovers from you. I will fuck them in my bedroom with the door wide open. Even if you’re too afraid to watch another man fuck me, I want you to hear it. I’ll want you to hear me cum on a man’s long, thick cock.”

Her fingers drifted over my body, intentionally avoiding my rigid penis, “I’d love for you to become more involved in my affairs. Wouldn’t you love making the call to schedule my dates? And I think it would be sweet if you helped me choose what I’d wear for my men friends and even help me get ready to meet them? I know that would make your little penis tingle!”

While I continued to suckle from her massive breast, her finger drifted down and began to tease my neglected penis. She spoke down to me, not able to see me beneath her breast. “After my men friends leave me with a cream filled pussy, I’ll call you to my room. And Sweetie, you’ll do what you’ve done so many times before. You will crawl between my thighs and you’ll kiss me in my most special place. You’ll kiss, lick and clean my pussy with your mouth. You’ll swallow the cum that came from a man’s cock. You’ll do it and you’ll enjoy it, just like you always have.”

I squirmed on the couch. Her fingers were teasing me and I was so close to squirting. But every time I approached my orgasm, she slowed down until I’d calmed myself. The memories raced through my mind of all the times I knew I was eating a man’s cum from my wife’s pussy. I remembered the creamy mouthfuls she would push out onto my tongue. My heart ached and my penis throbbed. I knew she was only telling the truth. I’d been cleaning her pussy after her affairs for as long as I could remember.

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