Mommy’s Little HuCow Pt. 02



The beginner milking station is a simple affair. It’s a row of low tables that can each support a little cow while the pulsators are attached to her teats. Marilee kneels, and a soft padded bar goes under her shoulders, for support. This leaves her hands free and her arms relaxed. The table can raise and lower, and even tilt.

Marilee is the only one in the Milking Center. None of the other little cows have let down yet. Marilee finds it an exposed, heady sensation, to have her nude body high in the air. She’s about four feet off the floor, and Nurse Reardon can swing her rig around in different directions. Anybody would have a full view. Is this what happens on parent’s day?

“Now my dear, these little suction cups go over your nipples. You can touch them if you want, they are very nice. They are lightweight and won’t stretch you.”

The nurse gives Marilee time to hold a pulsator in her hands. It’s like the test version she tried during her entrance exam and has a soft rubber ring inside. A clear length of surgical tubing connects it to a large glass bottle below.

“Now you are probably feeling uncomfortable from all the milk that’s collected in your breasts. So this will relax you. I am so proud of you, little Wowie. You are the best little cow today! Are you ready? Here we go.”

Nurse Reardon rubs a sterilizing solution on both of Marilee’s breasts, concentrating on the nipples. Marilee lowers her head to watch. Then the nurse presses a pulsator tip to Marilee’s right nipple. The thing makes a hissing sound and Marilee’s teat is drawn in as if by a little mouth. A tiny electric shock to her nipple. She gets warm in her tummy thinking of Arlene. So nice.

“Wooo,” Marilee says softly, closing her eyes.

The nurse smiles. Through the clear plastic, she can see the little cow’s nipple stretched way inside the pulsator. The nurse does the same with the left breast.

“Is that okay? You may speak. Is it too tight?”

Marilee feels her breasts, gives a gentle tug on the pulsators. “It’s okay. What keeps them on?”

“Just a little air suction. Don’t try to pull them off, you might hurt yourself. They will disconnect on their own when your milk runs out. I am going to start the machine real slow, are we ready?”

Marilee nods, apprehensive.

The nurse turns a dial a little way. The pulsators begin to throb gently on Marilee’s teats. It’s a slow, oscillating rhythm that pulls at her breasts like small lips. Marilee sees her white milk flow through the clear tubes into the glass bottle. She closes her eyes and imagines the little cows that suckled her in the shower, and the nice woman Arlene who drank from her in the closet. That was sooo exciting! No woman had ever before touched her like that, or stroked her thing. It was nice.

“Is this okay, little Wowie?”

Marilee nods, unsure if she should actually speak.

Nurse Reardon smiles at her. “Good. I am going to speed things up a bit. I’ll be right here so just moo if it gets too intense.”

The nurse turns the dial half way around. The pulsators speed up, and their sucking pulls become more forceful. Marilee’s whole body shivers. The sensation of being milked hard by the soft sucker cups vibrates all the way through her core.

The nurse is smiling. “That’s not too bad, is it?”

Marilee smiles in Nurse Reardon’s face. “I like it,” she says shyly, looking down. Already her breasts have lost that stretched hard feeling and are looking a little softer. Marilee relaxes, adjusting her knees wider and giving her weight to the chest support. She takes a deep breath.

Nurse Reardon pulls up a stool and sits beside Marilee’s head.

“Now my dear Marilee. I don’t have to call you by your pet name all the time, do I? Marilee, I want you to know that you are already much loved here at the Farm. You have only been here 24 hours, since your mom dropped you off yesterday, and everyone sees that you are worthy of great respect.”

This line is such a change from the shouted commands and painful ass slaps that Marilee cuts her eyes to the nurse’s face. But the woman’s expression is sincere.

“I know that it is a great shock for you to enter the program. One day you were a human girl, the next people are calling you a little cow and making you crawl around naked in front of strangers. I know, my dear. I was in this program before, in the early days. Everyone gets used to it. We know much more about how to take care of little cows today, believe me.” Nurse Reardon strokes a soft hand over Marilee’s cheek.

“The main thing about your training is obedience. We invest a lot of time and money into your development as a milk producer, and we need to keep you safe and healthy. This means that you stay within limits of obedience at all times.”


Nurse Reardon stands and begins kneading the muscles of Marilee’s upper back. It is relaxing. Marilee had not realized how tense her muscles had become, holding up her heavy Escort Bayan udders in the little cow position. She sighs and relaxes in the harness. Strong fingers probe her stiff muscles.

“Yes my darling Wowie, obedience. You have been given a few rules, but there are many more. We are hard on the little cows in the beginning, to let them know how very serious we are. It can be easier if you let it. All you need to do is pay attention, and be ready to mind our commands without question, every time.”

Marilee chews on this a minute. Mostly she is aware of the warm feelings in her breasts that suffuse through her belly. The nurse’s strong hands move down and massage her lower back, sometimes sliding around her narrow waist to stroke her tummy. It feels so great. Marilee gives a little shiver.

“Do you like me massaging you, darling?”

“I do, Nurse Reardon. You are so nice to me.”

Nurse Reardon gives a little laugh. “Yes my precious girl, I do want to be nice to you. But only if you let me. You know I can be firm too, don’t you?”

Marilee nods.

“Tell me in words, little cow.”

“Yes Nurse Reardon, I know you can be firm with me,” Marilee says sheepishly.

“Correct. And when am I firm with you?” Nurse Reardon’s fingers are pressing hard into Marilee’s glutes, little hollows on the sides of her buttocks. The pressure allows her lower back to relax. She sighs.

“You are firm with me when I am disobedient, Nurse Reardon.” Marilee doesn’t notice that tears are falling from her eyes. Her vision blurs. She feels safe and happy. And so relieved to be in the care of this wonderful nurse who loves her and wants to be her friend.

“That’s right my darling girl. I am firm with you when you are disobedient. I will be firm with you whenever you misbehave, no matter where we are, no matter how many people are there. Even your mom and dad on Graduation Day. So you will pay attention at all times and mind right away from now on, won’t you? You don’t have to answer, I know you will. I trust you.”

Marilee is shocked at mention of her parents. Graduation Day! She never heard of that. Will she be in a cap and gown, or will her parents and sister see her naked, milked on hands and knees, or given docility training? My fucking father would love that, with his no-locked-door policy!

They are silent for a while. There is only the throbbing hummmm of the pulsator cups on Marilee’s nipples, which have been sucked farther inside the clear plastic. The stretching feels wonderful. The nurse’s fingers move inward, stroking Marilee’s buttocks up and down, on both sides of her crevice. When the nurse squeezes the curvy buttocks hard, she can see Marilee’s teensy bud. The thumbs stroke inward and the pale brownish rosebud pulses like a nursing mouth. The thumbs glide down Marilee’s soft thighs, very close to her damp femininity. But the thumbs do not touch her there. The girl’s pink female lips are fat and open from the pulsators and from this delicious touching. And shiny all over with girl moisture.

Marilee thinks to herself, Just great, here I am on my knees, leaking out of both ends and the middle. I am crying, my boobs are being sucked dry, and my kooter is wet and aching for it. As soon as this nurse leaves me alone, I’m going to…

Unconsciously, Marilee’s hips give a slutty wiggle and she arches her back. It comes as a total surprise to Marilee. Nurse Reardon laughs.

“I know that milking can be exciting, but there is one thing here on the Farm that requires your strictest obedience.”

Marilee is not sure if she is allowed to speak. Finally she whispers, “What?”

The nurse’s strong hands move down Marilee’s thighs. She lifts the girl’s knees, first one then the other, and pulls them farther open on the table. The lascivious pose makes Marilee’s heart race and she gets warmer down there.

“There is no sexual touching allowed at the Farm. You know what I mean. No touching of your privates, ever. Only me and the doctor and the other nurses can touch your vagina. Anyone can touch your anus if it’s for docility training.”

This news comes down on Marilee like a ton of bricks. She had masturbated in her hammock last night, insanely but quietly, and was looking forward to that possibility as soon as the opportunity came. They can’t tell, can they?

All of a sudden, Marilee is mad. “Someone did touch me,” she whispers. Her tears have dried up. All she is now is angry. If she can’t touch herself, then that damn bull had no business either.

The nurse stops her massage, sits on the stool directly in front of Marilee’s face.

“What? Oh my dear, you are crying, I didn’t see.” She takes a tissue and dabs Marilee’s cheeks. “Tell me dear, who touched you?”

“A bull. Today in the bathing area.”

“Horrid! How did that happen?”

“First two nurses left. Two bulls came to help the other nurses. He had his hand on my bottom while he brushed my… thing. Then he…” All of a sudden Marilee is sobbing. The Bayan Escort humiliation of being penetrated in her dirty little bottom, right in front of all the little cows and everyone! And what the cowboy whispered after.

“Oh my dear little girl. While they were washing you?”

“Yes,” Marilee chokes out. “It was so degrading. The nurse turned around and this thumb goes up my hole.”

“What do you mean dear? Which hole was it?”

“My back door.”

“Let’s use correct terminology shall we?”

“My bottom.” Marilee is chagrined to have to say it again.

“I don’t understand. There are two holes in your bottom.”

“My anus.”

“Ah, your anus. And what else? Where did the bull’s thumb go?”

“All the way up me?”

“Up you where, dear Marilee?”

Marilee grits her teeth. The nurse wants an anatomy lesson. “Up my rectum.”

“Up your rectum. Did it get to the second sphincter?”

“I don’t know what a sphincter is.”

“Well we are here to show you about your body.”

Behind her, Marilee hears the snap of rubber gloves. Warm hands lift her knees forward so her ass sticks out more. The nurse touches the dial, and the milking pulsators speed up. Marilee sighs at the increased suction. Her breasts are becoming slack and not so heavy. She feels a blop of something cool and slimy on her anus. It twitches.

“I’m going to probe and look for any damage. You know to hold the position, don’t you dear?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“And what do we call that?”

“Ummm, obedience, Ma’am?”

“No, my dear little cow. This is docility training. When someone does this to you, you must always act like nothing happened, whether people are looking or not. Now just concentrate on the milking and this will be over in a jiff.”

The nurse touches a button and the chest support lowers down. Marilee’s face rests on the table and her bottom projects way up in the air of the milking room. The embarrassment mixed with the horny-ness turns into sluttyness. I am a slut! I am a slut in little slut training!

Marilee laughs to herself at the preposterous circumstances. Once again she thinks of all that money she’s going to get, and lets her little ass twerk away.

A finger spreads goo around her rosebud. Woo-ee. Marilee is happy for the touching. Then there is pressure, and a wiggly finger slips in. Marilee can’t help it, she is so hot from the milking and massage that her little cow bottom humps toward the yummy finger. The nurse chuckles.

The finger keeps probing, then withdraws, which makes Marilee sad, but then two fingers slide up there and Marilee is happy again. The little cow can say only one thing.


Nurse Reardon laughs, and continues to feel around inside Marilee.

Just then another little cow crawls into the milking bay, accompanied by a nurse in a white smock. The nurse helps the girl clamber onto the milking table. Marilee glances over and sees it’s the raven haired one who saw her on their first day. Only yesterday! The cute little cow smiles sweetly at her, then gets a look of concern at Marilee’s position, with the nurse’s two fingers planted in her hindquarters. Marilee manages a half-smile. She’s happy to see the pretty girl, but wishes it wasn’t like this.

Marilee notices how full and beautiful the dark-haired girl’s bosoms are as the nurse seals the pulsators onto each protruding nipple. The pretty little cow has let down! Just like her! It makes Marilee happy they can be so alike. When the suction is turned on, the girl’s eyes slit and she wiggles her bottom. She keeps looking directly at Marilee the whole time.

The other nurse walks over. “Problem?”

Nurse Reardon still has two fingers up Marilee’s naked butt. She whispers, “This little cow was fingered by one of our bulls this morning. I am checking her for damage.”

“Oh, the poor little thing! I can take a look if you want.”

The two nice fingers slide out, leaving Marilee panting and her back door slightly loose.

“Sure,” Nurse Reardon says. “She won’t mind, she’s very docile.” Marilee is thinking she should call that one Nurse Rectum.

Now there are unfamiliar hands on her, and fingers pulling her open. This nurse is using both hands to pry Marilee’s little hole apart for a look. It stretches and it hurts. Marilee tries to concentrate on the pulsing of her stretched nipples.

The pretty dark girl watches her with friendly amusement. She gives a mischievous wink, and her mouth makes a shy kissing motion. In spite of what’s going on at Marilee’s hind end, she does the same. The girl smiles, then runs her tongue over her lips.

Marilee sticks out her tongue at the girl, and wiggles it. Both little cows are laughing while trying to be quiet. Marilee can’t stop looking at the happy playful eyes, in spite of her disgrace at being probed and handled by two nurses looking up her bottom. Whoops! Something new back there makes her bootie twitch.

“See that,” the new nurse is saying. Escort “There is some burning. Could be from the soap.”

The nurse stretches her little hole so wide that Marilee howls in pain and starts to sob.

“Hold that right there, I want to show her something.”

The four strong fingers continue to stretch her open, hard. Her once-demure pucker is now a squarish pink mouth with knuckles pulling at the corners. Marilee’s eyes squeeze shut with the pain. Another finger touches her way deep inside. It’s a thrilling spot she didn’t know she even had.

“Marilee, push down a little, like you were relieving yourself.”

Blushing, Marilee does as she’s told, hopes she doesn’t have an accident. The finger’s touch opens a trembly hidden place in there and the pulsators are keeping her breasts warm and cozy.

“Remember I spoke of the second sphincter? I am inside yours now. Feel it?”

The nurse’s finger makes a few wild circuits of the inner ring. Marilee squawks and sweetly cums in front of everyone, bathed in forbidden sexy shame.

The nurses laugh, watching the poor girl’s hips shudder to a halt. One says, “My, that brings back memories!”

“Ummmmm,” is all little Marilee can say, with her head down and her yummy bottom in the air. The fingers quickly exit, leaving an empty throbbing in Marilee’s behind. Across from her, the other little cow makes slow circles with her tongue.

Nurse Reardon is beside her. “We’re done my dear one. We are going to apply some salve to heal you. Can you tell me who did this to you?”

Through her dying orgasm, Marilee chokes out the name.

“Ferdinand. The nurse said his name, it was Ferdinand.”

After a few minutes, both nurses leave. Marilee still has her face on the table, her bootie lifted high in the air with her knees apart. The pulsators keep up their steady rhythm on her stretched titties.

Marilee’s tears dry, and she goes back to gazing at the other little cow. This is all too much. She wants to talk to her mom, but it’s still a week until the first allowed phone visit. Marilee thinks hard about everything the nurse told her, especially about never touching her private parts. It’s so not fair! Anybody else can touch, but not her! But watching her new pretty friend hooked up to the milker, she begins to understand.

The little cow’s graceful bottom is making mad circles in the air! She is humping and twerking while her hands remain demurely in front of her. She is obviously a very obedient little cow. The girl’s eyes are mostly closed, but when she opens them from time to time, they fall on Marilee’s face. Gazing fondly, the girl’s mouth opens in a soft excited ‘O’. Her hips thrust back hard. Hungry moans escape her lips, and Marilee gets it. The friendly sucking pulsators are supposed to be enough!

Watching the girl, Marilee thinks what it would be like to plant her open mouth on that tender bald snatch, even though such a thought has never crossed her mind before today. Eyes fixed on each other’s rapturous faces, and with a duet of panting moans, two little cows twerk their bottoms madly, finding the same rhythm, two loving little cows doing a wild fuck-dance together with no one around to see in the big empty room. They come apart in shattering sensations, dreaming of sucking each other’s breasts, touching, fondling, and holding one another tight.

In silent communication, the pretty little cows look forward with careful scheming to the day that moment will come.


That afternoon, all the new little cows are out in a wide sunny pasture. The ones that let down have been milked, and they are pretty frisky. The other ones are a little more careful how they crawl around on the thick soft grass, their boobs are big and tight.

There is a lecture by the doctor in his white smock. Then he squats down and looks each little cow over carefully, touching here and there and speaking softly. It’s only a bit embarrassing. He is a real doctor, and there are only other girls around, little cows being trained for obedience and submission.

Each one accepts her docility training, a finger shoved without warning up her rear end. They are scored on their reaction. Some make squawking sounds. Others are learning to be impassive, like nothing whatsoever happened. After only one day, most little cows are adjusting to being goosed in public. A little cow’s goal with docility training is to show no reaction at all, when someone without warning sticks a finger up her ass, even someone they haven’t met. It is to take from them all personal privacy. When a little cow loses the privacy of her own body, then she will be known as completely submissive and be very valuable to the Farm. Everyone will love her.

Doctor Shaw stands up and talks to everyone, surrounded by a dozen young girls calmly naked on their hands and knees in warm sunshine.

“Okay everyone, we are very proud of all of you. You are coming along wonderfully.” He smiles broadly on them as he says this. “Several of you have given milk already, and the rest of you will let down soon, so don’t feel bad at all if yours is not ready yet. It will be. We will continue the hormone lotion and injections until everyone is doing their best.

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