Mom’s Boy Ch. 03


I woke with vivid memories of last night. There had always been girls at school, but last night was definitely a first for me. My penis was awake before I was and it jolted with the memories coming through my brain.

After getting home from my mom’s work at her yoga studio, the rest of the day went pretty normal: I had a few of my friends over to watch the Bruins play. My mom wandered the house, cleaning up and making sure our snacks and drinks never got too low. My friends had no idea that an hour earlier my cock was buried seven inches into my mom’s begging pussy as she bent over in the most tantric of positions.

She didn’t let onto that at all as she paraded around the house, but she did manage to tease me while she did, wearing shorts that hugged her ass and a tight tank top sans bra. My friends were also privy to the live show in front of them, and I’m not talking about the Bruins game. My mom has always been attractive and my friends always let me know… as if I didn’t already.

After the game my friends left and I helped my mom make dinner.

“I think you’re friends like me,” my mother smirked at me.

“Any one of them would love to trade places with me mom, you’re a dime.”

“That’s good to know, you never know what might happen,” she continued to tease.

“Right mom, my friend is going to hook up with me and my mom… you’re kidding.”

“You think you would’ve learned from Claire earlier, some people are more open minded than you think. Let’s set one of your friends as a goal, after Claire of course, you can pick the friend and then let me do all the work… if that’s okay with you J.”

I thought about my mom’s idea. I’ve had a threesome at school once before, and would soon have another with Claire and my mother, but never a devil’s threesome. Let alone one with my friend and mother… It sparked my lustful interest, stirring the bulge in my pants.

“Tom would probably be the most willing, he has it bad for you, and we’re close. I’ll invite him over this weekend. Good?”

“Great, now let’s clean up and throw in a movie.”

That reminded me, I had the perfect movie in mind.

We cleaned up and I told my mom to get comfortable and I’d go grab the movie. She settled down on the couch and before going upstairs I took her face in my hand and kissed her. I pushed my tongue forward and explored her mouth with it, she pulled gently on my extended tongue, her warm breath mixing with my own. My mom reached out and rubbed at my trapped cock. I pulled back and smiled at her before going upstairs leaving her wanting more.

I went quickly into her room and took out the DVD I had masturbated to earlier: “Spank Me Daddy.” I removed my shirt and threw it into my room on the way down, knowing it wouldn’t be staying on for long anyways.

When I arrived back into the living room my mom was anxiously waiting. “Why’d you go upstairs to grab a movie…?”

I didn’t say a word and placed the disc into the player, letting it load a while before I turned on the TV to give away what I had found in her room.

“What the… J where did you find this?”

“You know where mom, I’ve already watched some too. I like your taste,” I winked at her.

“Oh gosh, well, good choice, but I don’t think we’ll make it through this movie.”

“I think I have an idea, let’s make a game out of it. People do it with movies and drinking all the time, we’ll just do it for something much more fun. Here are the rules…”

I outlined the rules of the game for my mom, explaining how it worked.

-Every time the pornstars said “fuck” we’d have to make out.

-If the girl wasn’t wearing a bra my mom would have to strip.

-If the guy wasn’t wearing socks I’d have to strip.

-When she gave him head I’d have to eat out my mom for the same time length

-When he ate her out my mom would have to suck my dick for the same time length

I left it there so we could take over where and when we wanted.

I skipped through the first scene since I had already watched that one earlier. The next one was about a naughty daughter who got caught stealing money from her dad. He then made her work for every dollar. And work she did.

The first “fuck” came early and I happily pulled my mom’s mouth to mine, swirling our tongues together. The excitement of what was to come built immensely in that first kiss.

“Looks like I’m the first to strip,” my mom laughed as the dad in the video removed his daughter’s skimpy top to reveal no bra, just her bare perky tits. My mom took off her shirt first, letting her large breasts catch on her shirt as she pulled it up. They bounced down as it moved upward passed them. She stood up in front of the TV where the dad was nibbling on his daughters nipples. She seductively slid her shorts and panties down while bending over. I got a great view of my mom’s ass and soaking lips as she did. I felt my boxers begin to get wet themselves as my cock spurt precum from the sights in front of me.

The daughter stripped her dad, who had both ataköy anal yapan escort shoes and socks on, she hooked her fingers underneath his pants and released his immense cock.

“Aww that’s no fun, you don’t have to strip…” mom pouted.

“I’ll strip anyways, otherwise I don’t think we’d get much further.” And I removed my shorts and boxers, sitting naked with my mom on the couch while we became increasingly aroused watching porn.

“Excuse me honey, the game goes on. Start working.”

I noticed that the daughter on the screen was already filling her mouth with daddy’s erection. I kneeled in front of my mom so she could watch the porn as I ate her out. I began by teasing around her puffy lips, kissing and licking all around them, gently blowing into her snatch as I moved from one side to the other. She moaned with blissful agony as I teased her gushing cunt. Finally in one big move I licked her from bottom to top.

“Holy fuck! Eat mommy’s pussy hard. Fuck it feels so good.”

I worked my tongue around her clit, switching to thrust it into her sopping hole, tasting her juices as they poured out. Her hands were pulling my hair which made me work even harder lapping at my mom’s wet slit. Her eyes were locked onto the TV where the daughter was trying hard not to gag on daddy’s big dick, drool running out of her mouth and down his shaft.

I felt my mom begin to shake and knew her orgasm was close as my tongue continued to move around her pussy. She gripped me hard. “J I’m cumming, don’t stop. Right there. Keep going. Yes. Yes. YES. Fuckkkkk!”

My mom’s juices filled my mouth as she came, her legs tightening around my head.

As most porns go, the stars switched positions until they actually began fucking. The dad brought his daughter to her room which was pink and overly girly. He threw her on the bed. “Does daddy want to taste my pussy? Please daddy.”

My mom and I copied the pornstars and switched places: I sat on the couch with her kneeling between my legs.

She got right to work, taking all of my cock into her mouth at once. She was amazing. My mom worked the shaft with her hand as she bobbed up and down on the head of my cock. Her other hand massaging my balls. I was in ecstasy. “Yes mom, suck my cock. Your mouth feels amazing. Don’t stop playing with my balls, mmm, fuck.”

I felt my balls begin to tighten and I knew I would be shooting my sperm very soon. When I felt it rising I grabbed my mom’s head and thrust her down, pushing my dick into her throat as I filled her with my semen.

Spent, I pulled my mom back up and she sat down next to me.

“Fuck daddy, you’re so good at eating out your daughter.”

We both looked at each other and once again made out, tasting both of our juices which were still fresh on our tongues.

We continued to watch porn as she moved her finger around her clit, keeping her arousal high. I focused on the two shows around me, the porn and my mom, in order to stimulate my own arousal and get ready for the next round. I learned that I was able to recover faster than I thought as my cock began to grow in my hand. My mom noticed and made her move.

“I want you to fuck me doggystyle J. That way we can both watch. Plus it’s the same position they’re getting into now. Come fuck your mommy.”

We both got onto the floor and my mom presented her ass to me in front of the TV. I rubbed my dick between her lips, getting it wet before I shoved it deep inside of her. This was crazy! I was fucking my mom to the same position that a daughter and dad were fucking in the porn we were both watching. I grabbed and slapped her ass. There were multiple sets of moans and heated words that all sounded very similar.

“Fuck me daddy, give me that big cock. You’re so much bigger than any boy at school.”

“Mmm J. Your cock feels amazing. Fuck your mom hard, mmm slap her ass. YESS!”

I grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks, getting a great view of my cock sliding in and out of her lips, and her nice, pink, clean asshole. I worked my thumb around her hole as I pounded away, lost in the moment. My mom moaned even louder.

The daughter and dad switched positions and she got on top of him. Yet when she sat down, her dad’s dick pressed against her asshole instead, moving in slowly.

My mom pulled away from me. “I’ve had enough of watching, come with me honey.”

She led me upstairs and into her shower, memories of washing her back as my hardon brushed her ass, sparking the lustful feelings between my mom and me. She got the water running hot, steaming up the bathroom. We both stepped under the shower head, getting wet. My mom’s shower has a large seat in the back which she led me to by my still throbbing erection. She sat me down.

“Your thumb felt so good on my ass while you were fucking me J.”

She grabbed a bottle of something and squirted it all over us both, making sure to drench my cock. My mom then straddled me and moved down. I felt the tip of my cock hit her hole, but ataköy bdsm escort this one was much tighter than normal. I realized my mom meant to have me fuck her ass. I had never done that before.

She worked down passed the initial resistance of her asshole, but once I was in she was able to move up and down freely. It was so tight, I’ve never felt anything this tight before. My lubed cock slid in and out of my mom’s ass as she rode me in the shower, both of us soaking wet and lathered up. We ran our hands all over each other as my cock pumped away into her ass. Her tits felt so good all lathered up, her nipples protruding out of her large mounds.

I slid a hand between us and rubbed her clit as she took my cock in her ass. She was near her orgasm again.

“J I’m going to cum soon, are you almost there? I want you to cum with me, keep rubbing my clit baby.”

I pumped harder into my mom, fervently rubbing her clit as I felt her ass tighten around my cock which was ready to explode. She began to quake and I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her deep down onto my spurting cock as I filled up the last remaining hole of my mom.

“Damn mom, I can’t believe that just happened. I’ve never done that before. It felt amazing.”

“I’m glad you liked it sweetie, you’re full of great ideas. And I’m full of your cum. Mmm.”

We finished washing each other off in the shower, my cum draining out my mom and down the drain.

Exhausted, we both flung our naked bodies onto the bed and fell asleep, her breast in my hand, my cock nestled between her ass cheeks.

That was the memory I woke up to the next day and my cock seemed to remember it just as well.

My mom was gone, she had work early and wouldn’t be back until this afternoon. She left me a reminder note to call Claire, and to invite Tom over this weekend to begin our scheming with my best friend.

I was in no real rush to call Claire and have an awkward phone call with her so I made myself some breakfast and worked out with the weights I had at home. I figured I was getting enough cardio in lately that I didn’t need a run. I showered off and built up the nerve to call the girl who had caught my mom giving me road head and had found out that it actually was my mom… and who had not been freaked out by it.

I dialed each number deliberately then waited for an answer.


“Hi is this Claire…? It’s Jordan.”

“Jordan who?”

“Uhhh… from yesterday… in the car… you had yoga class with my mom…”

“Oh well hello there mister kinky, I remember you quite vividly, as well as your mother,” she teased me.

“Right, well I was wondering if you were doing anything tonight. Maybe if you wanted to grab a drink with me?”

“Will your mother be joining us?”

I could tell by the way she asked that this is indeed what she wanted.

“If you say yes I’m sure she will be there as well. Place called “McGinley’s,” know it?”

“Yes, I can meet you there, say 7 o’clock?”

“Perfect.” I could tell she was aroused and wanted much more than a drink so I tested her limits. “Do you want to make this a little more fun?”

“I’m always up for more fun.”

“Okay, then don’t wear any underwear, no bra and no panties. If you have a tight short dress, that would be best. Of course if you don’t want to that’s fine as well. Just a suggestion.”

“I’ll see you both at 7 Jordan, I’ll be ready.” And with that she hung up.

“Damn my life is one in a million right now,” I thought to myself. I don’t think even any porn could stand up to the way my life was living out currently.

I thought about everything I had done this last week and what my mom and I still had planned. Tonight we were going to have our way with Claire, a complete stranger… a complete hot blonde stranger I should say. Then we were going to use my mom to seduce my best friend into double teaming my mom with me. I was skeptical about this last one but I was willing to give it a try with my mom.

My mom got home a little after 4. She showered while I got dinner ready for us both. Standing at the stove I felt my mom’s arms wrap around me and reach for my flaccid cock. She toyed with it as I finished cooking our meal, making it grow in my shorts. She stopped as quickly as she had started and giggled at me.

“I want to save it all for tonight with Claire, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tease you.”

I turned around and noticed she was naked, her hair still wet from the shower. I followed suit and dropped my shorts, my precum had started to flow and I wiped it onto my fingers. I then moved for her exposed breasts, rubbing my slick precum around her hard nipples. “Two can play that game,” I replied.

Dinner was filled with intimate teasing as we sat side by side enjoying our meals in the nude. My mom constantly grabbing my erection under the table as I continued to slide my hand between her thighs to nudge her clit, making her juices flow.

My mom went as far as to “drop ataköy elit escort her napkin” and as she went to pick it up, kissed the tip of my dick, pulling a string of precum off of it as she pulled her soft lips away. She licked my precum off her lips as the string broke. My cock was throbbing.

By the time it came to leave to meet Claire at the bar, we were both out of our minds with lust.

I had given my mom the same description of what to wear to the bar as I had to Claire: a short tight dress with no underwear. She slid a form fitting green dress that stopped just below her ass and presented onlookers with a great shot of her cleavage. If she bent over, which she did numerous times in front of me, there was nothing hiding her exposed ass and pussy lips from those behind her. I hoped Claire styled herself the same way for tonight.

When we arrived the hostess said our third party was already here and pointed us to the table. A secluded circular booth in the back corner of the bar. I saw Claire had complied with my dress code, wearing a similar dress to my mom’s, and revealing just as much cleavage to go along with it. My mom was ahead of me and when she arrived at the table, she bent down to say hello to Claire with a kiss, directly on the mouth. I don’t think I could have gotten away with that. We sat on either sides of Claire after our formal greetings were done.

The waitress came over shortly. “Would anyone care for a dinner menu?”

“Just drinks please,” my mom replied.

We each ordered a drink and my mom got the night started for the three of us.

“I’m going to cut right to the chase since we already chatted after yoga yesterday. I understand you know a good deal of my son’s and my situation, and you’re turned on by it. I also understand you want to experience some of this fun for yourself.” My mother called her out.

“When I saw your son getting road head by some girl in the car I became instantly wet. My dad was dropping me off at your class but he couldn’t see what I was watching. It wasn’t until I overheard you call her mom that I knew I needed you both.” Claire replied.

“How old are you Claire?” I asked.

“I just turned 21 a couple weeks ago.”

My mom spoke to both of us, “Well this is how this night is going to go. While we’re here, none of us are related, just three people out for a drink. As soon as we leave this bar I am once again Jordan’s mother… and you’re mother. Do you understand? You will be playing – no not playing – you will be Jordan’s sister and my gorgeous daughter. Think you both can keep up with that darling?”

My mom was a genius. “Yes mom,” we both replied with wide smiles on our face.

“Great, then let’s have some fun tonight.”

We all had our fair share of drinks, I tailored off after a few so I could drive us all home. Claire would leave her car here and grab it tomorrow sometime. My mom and Claire became close almost instantly, flirtatiously touching each other and giggling like two school girls gossiping about some new hottie. And lucky for me, I was that new hottie. My dick maintained a constant state of excitement throughout the night, helped by the view of both ladies’ attire.

“I’m glad you wore the dress I asked, did you do what else I asked as well?”

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?” And she took my hand in hers and placed it on her smooth upper leg. She dragged my palm across her exposed leg up to the bottom of her dress, which barely covered any of her legs sitting down. I only went a couple inches under the fabric before I felt a soft bed of hair which was groomed to only have a strip above her uninhibited pussy. She kept pushing my hand until my fingers spread her lips and became slick with her juices.

I looked at my mom’s face as it watched my fingers push into Claire’s wet snatch and noticed my mom’s hand was under her short dress as well. I slid my fingers in and out of Claire, curving them to press into the walls of her pussy as I moved my hand. Both ladies’ breathing intensified and they tried hard not to make any extra noise, save for a few soft moans of pleasure.

My mom grabbed my hand and brought my fingers to her mouth, licking off Claire’s juices from each of them as she continued to finger herself. She then removed her fingers and presented them to Claire, who moved her head and enveloped my mom’s wet fingers into her mouth. She looked at me as she did this and I knew I was going to cum inside my sister tonight.

“How about we three head on home?” My mom asked. We all agreed and she paid the bill for us all. Once outside the game started, it was now my mom, my sister, and I.

I got into the driver’s seat while my mom and sister slid into the back. I got the drive going while the two ladies in the back enjoyed getting to know each other more intimately. I adjusted the rearview mirror so I could watch both of them.

My mom slid her hand behind my sister’s head and pulled her mouth to her own. Their lips met and I watched as their tongues rolled around one another. Claire bit her mother’s lip and gently pulled on it. Their hands wandered over each other’s bodies, grabbing at one another’s tits. My sister pulled at her mom’s dress, lifting it above her head and leaving her stark naked in the back seat. Claire positioned one hand on our mom’s tit while working her mouth around the other, wetting her nipple.

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