Mom’s Half-Glasses


Mom gave me a holler the other day about various fuses blowing and wanted to know if I could come over and check things out.

“You only have a sixty amp service there and half the time you are cooking something using all four burners. Had the oven been working you might have like twenty amps left for a few other things.”

So I dropped in to see what fuses were blowing this time. Every other time the fuse would open on overload and you could see the lead link separated.

Not this time though, the window of said fuse was blackened and I knew there was a short circuit. The juice jumped from the hot wire to neutral with out doing anything useful.

While checking things out down in the cellar, my mind was also on mom’s various styles of half-glasses which for some reason always got me turned on. Every pair mom had came with a beaded eyeglass chain. I picked up a few pair of ladies half- glasses with beaded eyeglass chains at a thrift store years ago and mom found them in my dresser drawer when bringing in clean laundry. That was many years ago.

Mom had known about my fetish for quite some time, I thought she forgot about it. She thought it the oddest thing her son of twenty two years liked to collect women’s reading glasses, say the half-glasses style or ovals in gold or silver or the rectangular style I call granny glasses.

I just adored older ladies as I worked with them over at Defiance textile mill, up in the folding or finishing dept, until I started doing electrical work with the company electrician.

So I am at Moms house checking the electrics with a voltage tester and an ammeter. It was good I came over on Friday as I would be be busy all week-end.

I had everything unplugged and yet the short remained. I knew this as a light bulb screwed into the fuse socket should not be lit with no appliances plugged in or no lights on

No matter how hard I tried, I could not get my mind off moms reading glasses. They had long been a source of sexual fantasies, due to what other women have done for me with their half-glasses.

What would mom think if she saw fifty pair of woman’s half-glasses in my drawer, all with beaded eyeglass chains?

Mom had two dozen pair of reading glasses in various style, ovals half-rounds and rectangular which I called granny glasses all of which had beaded eyeglass chains. I asked her why so many pair and she said,

“I see not well close up, love to read and don’t not want to be short a pair when I would need them.”

What a great thing Ruthie did for me with her gold half-rounds, incredible for a young guy to have a nice older lady do something sexy and wild.

I simply asked her why her gold half- rounds turned me on so when I saw her reading the paper during lunch hour. She suggested we go to a spot behind the stacks of tubes for the winders and she would show me.

I had my shorts down and Ruthie took her gold half-rounds with beaded eyeglass chain and wrapped it round my cock and touched me all over and stroked my cock at the same time. I came like never before all over her half-glasses and she licked the stuff off and said we have to do that again, hopefully soon.

Back to the present.

Well I had been working on the short for a few hours now and I was getting hungry. Mom was baking something and reading the recipe through a pair of gold granny glasses. She sometimes had them hanging across her lovely boobs which I had given thought ataköy escort to more than once and would love to see any pair of her glasses lying against her bosoms. I suppose I looked at her glasses just long enough for her catch me.

“Oh, so you still have a thing for women’s reading glasses I see.”

“Guess so mom, what are ya baking?” Brownies?

“No, a chocolate angel cake. Are you hungry?”

“Very much so.”

“Why were you so long down cellar?”

“Because you have a problem, mom.”

“Whats the problem?”

“A short circuit, If you had an electrical panel from Federal Pacific Electric you may not have a home to live in.”

“So Jack, why are you so turned on by women wearing reading glasses?” Mom asked me as she looked at me over the tops of hers.

“Why do you get so big down there?”

Mom was now getting rather personal. I guess she figured, It is her house and her son was getting turned on sexually due to her reading glasses. So I figured o.k. mom you wanna go asking all kinds of real personal questions?

“A woman over at Defiance did some great things when I asked her why her half-glasses got me so turned on. It happened during lunch when the place was all but deserted, She wrapped the beads round me and touched me allover, her glasses needed a good cleaning after and she loved every bit. So I guess that is why ladies half-glasses have that effect on me.”

The hour was late and I was tired. We ate supper than sat on the sofa watching Jay Leno. Mom had one of her two dozen pair of glasses on an end table and reached over to get them. These were her silver oval style glasses with white beads. She grabbed them and as she brought them closer she let go and her glasses and beads landed on my crotch.

Mom looked at me and smiled, picked up her glasses so the beads brushed my night shirt and put them on to read the Evening Gazette.

“Well mom, time to hit the sack, I have to find that short circuit in the morning.”

As I laid there in bed, the vision of mom letting her sexy silver ovals with those shiny white beads land on my crotch led to some questions.

Was this unintentional? I doubt it. Mom had no problem asking, “Why do you get so big down there?

Why did Mom not get upset when I told her what went on over at Defiance? She took it like it like it was no big deal and I had to wonder if these last five years without Pop being around if she was getting ideas about satisfying her womanly needs.

Mom had a great breakfast for me the next morning and as we are eating she had a few pair of her glasses on the table.

“Do me a favor and clean these for me?” Mom asked as she looked at me through a pair of blue half-glasses.

“Sure.” So I cleaned them with my under shirt and they were spotless.

I was getting a nice size boner doing this for mom and she got up and walked over and saw the fat lump in my shorts.

“What exactly did those ladies do for you over at the mill?”

“Mom, I would never ask you what you and pops did. Don’t you think it is prying to ask me such questions?”

“I am not a prude, dear. You can tell me anything.”

“Mom, I am saving you hundreds finding a short, you owe me the courtesy of not asking personal questions.”

“Jack, I would love to do what those ladies did for you. You needed that. Every guy needs some sort of sexual experience, whatever kind it is.”

“It ataköy eve gelen escort is a natural need and it makes a guy want to live. Likewise it is just as important for a woman to have and want it as well.”

Mom was telling me things I already knew but I was glad she understood my needs. I was into older ladies anyways so I decided I’d take mom up on her generous offer.

“O.k. mom I accept your offer and I look forward to it but I need to get this short fixed first.”

Mom was smiling and I could tell she was very pleased. I was too. A few hours later I found the short. an old plug socket up in the attic had its wires insulation chewed away by mice. There was no cover plate and there was enough room for a mouse to get in and cause trouble, so I fixed the problem and down cellar in the fuse box the lamp was dark so I knew the short was gone.

“So Jack, when we finish eating we can start to enjoy each others company somewhat more intimately.” She said as she looked at me and my growing manhood over the tops of her gold half-rounds.

At last lunch was over and mom told me to stay out in the kitchen till she called me in to her bedroom.

Her door was open just enough to allow a feminine hand with one finger extended and curling back to the rest meaning come on in.

Mom was wearing a black slip with lace and matching bra and panties. Her lovely boobs filled that bra quite nicely and her eyeglass chain of small pearls and gold granny glasses lying upon the shelf of her ample bosoms was a real turn on

Mom stood a few inches taller in black patent fuck-me pumps and I had no idea she knew they turned me on as well.

Mom was now lying on her king size bed facing the door.

“Are you ready to have a passionate time with mom?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Come on up!”

I was now on my moms bed with my arms round her enjoying the closeness that is so frowned upon. Let society frown, probably all jealous anyways. She had on some perfume called “Fracas” and it smelt to me like lavender, very feminine. She pulled me to her and I started getting turned on.

I was hard in seconds, well harder than I was when getting undressed and started to move around a bit.

“Fa Gods sake Jack we have all day and night, I want to be loved not having been done. If you are going to want this more often, you’re going to be romantic about it.” Said mom with a bit of vinegar added to the honey.

So I remembered one thing a lady I had quite the time with liked, I took her half-glasses an beads and ran the beads quickly past her nipples, her glasses too. She told me to lick them then rub her nipples with them and that turned her on.

I took a pair of moms glasses she had on the nightstand, pulled her bra down a bit and ran the beads past her nipples and the effect was extra-ordinary. Her nipples got fat an red in seconds and mom loved this.

“Oh Jack, where did you learn this?”

“Over at the the mill, mom.”

Next I spread mom’s legs wide and stroked her labia with her granny glasses and beaded eyeglass chain. Mom was making all sorts of noises I could only take as sexual pleasure. I stopped doing that and moved back up to her head and nibbled on her ear lobes and kissing her neck. I went to her face and down to the boobs and belly button where my tongue swirled in her belly button.

I kept kissing and licking, slowly to her thighs and inside ataköy grup yapan escort her upper legs and she was really getting wet.

Somehow one of her heels slipped off her foot and I knew what I would do with it. After I fingered her love hole and felt her juices flowing I stuck that heel into her, toes end up to the vamp and wiggled it. Mom had no idea what it was but she loved it and she is looking at me through a pair of gold granny glasses.

Now it was my turn and being harder than a rock I went into my dear sweet mom and gave her the hammering she so badly needed and wanted. I loved the way her snatch juiced gushed around my cock and the way her sex muscles clamped down on me with some real force. I loved the look of being satisfied upon her face as she looked at me through her gold granny glasses and wondered what it could be like to have her mom in on this. I kept pounding mom till I came and when I did I sent thunder bolts through her such that she had a new spark of life in her eyes.

We lied there for a bit and mom kept telling me,

“Oh Jack you were so Good, what a lover. I feel like an ass for not having done this sooner!”

“Don’t worry mom another time will pop up!”

“Now dear, it is your turn to be pleased.”

I should have expected them, yup the munchies.

We went into the kitchen to make up supper and mom said,

“Don’t worry, in a little while I will do something nice to you with my half- glasses and fuck-me heels you love so much.”

She had a nice pair of silver oval style glasses on and the way the pearl beads hung from them was very feminine.

Mom took three pair of her glasses and wrapped the chains round my cock and touched me all over with her glasses, up and down the sides of my cock, over the top and under my balls, mom knew how to please a man for sure. I can imagine the joys dad had gotten.

Mom took her fuck-me shoe and placed it over my cock so the wide ankle strap was under my balls then took her other heel and touched me all over.

Mom then shoved my cock through the open end of the toe, poured in some skin creme and jerked me off with her fancy black pat. high-heel.

I came like gangbusters, big squirts with pressure behind them and mom lovingly lowers her head and starts sucking me off, and seeing her with her silver ovals down her nose with the pearl beads eyeglass chain hanging was so HOT and erotic.

I won’t forget this picture of her half- glasses and eyeglass chains around my cock as well as her pair of fancy high heels whose ankle strap was placed over my cock and under my balls.

We laid there for hours talking about the next time we would do this. After a while mom said she was hungry and asked if I would like a cup of coffee and some Italian pastry.

We made love the rest of Saturday and well into Sunday, playing with her black patent heels and various pairs of her reading glasses and eyeglass chains.

“Jack, we should start taking pictures when we do this, what do you think?”

“Great mom, make a scrap book and put it on the coffee table in the living room, should be a real ice breaker for company.”

“Oh you are so bad.” Said mom with a funny smile.

As I was ready to leave, mom had a small package for me and said,”Keep these warm for the next time.” I gave her a juicy kiss and our tongues danced. Halfway home I checked out the package.

My heart raced as I opened the package. Inside was a silky yellow slip with six pair of her glasses with beaded eyeglass chains. Two pair gold half-rounds; two pair granny glasses and two pair of silver oval style.

This meant an awful lot to me. Mom was now my lover and she knew and loved my fetish for her half-glasses.

The night would not be so lonely after all.

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