Mom’s Here for You Baby Ch. 02


I can still vividly remember my mother’s nude body hovering over me yesterday as we exchanged oral sexual favors to climax. I was like a rock music star suddenly exposed to all of this wealth and fame. I was still mesmerized by all of the sudden changes in my life, and I loved it. My cock got hard just thinking about all of the new pleasures I was experiencing.

As I lay there dreaming about my newly found sexual Utopia, the door to my bedroom eased open. Of course, I knew it was Mom, but I acted surprised anyway.

“Mom!” I cried, “It’s you.”

“And who did you expect? Britney Spears?” she said cheerfully.

“No,” I replied honestly. “I much prefer you. Britney is all glamour and glitter. Her ego would consume me in no time.”

“If I understand you correctly, Charlie,” she surmised, “you prefer me because I’m easy, right?”

“Don’t sell your self short, old girl,” I replied. “You’re a beautiful, sexy woman, and you’ve already introduced me to pleasures I never knew existed. Not many people in my position are lucky enough to be able to say that truthfully.” I know, it sounds like a bunch of bullshit, but I meant every word.

“Sure you did,” Mom said patronizingly, “now eat your breakfast before it gets cold.”

“I’d rather eat you, Mom, because you’re hot.” My wishful thinking was running rampant now.

“Careful Charlie,” she said calmly. “There’s a time and a place for everything.” She had placed my breakfast on the adjustable table designed for this purpose. Still, moving it into position caused her to brush up against my bed. She was still in her dressing gown, but the fragrance from her body told me she had just taken a bath.

“You smell especially nice this morning. Did you do that for me?”

“It’s nice to know someone cares enough to notice,” she said while busying herself with the breakfast table. “Now eat your breakfast.”

I couldn’t resist the temptation. I raised my hand slowly and caressed her full round bottom.

“Charlie,” she exclaimed, “control yourself.”

“So round, so firm, so fully packed,” I mused openly as I continued to stroke her buttocks. “You’ve got a nice ass, Mom.” “Charlie,” she huffed. “Behave yourself now.”

I noticed she had not pulled away from the bed and out of my reach like she so easily could have done to avoid my advances. In fact, I think she discreetly turned more toward me as if to offer herself.

I’m a lot of things, but I’m no fool. I cautiously raised my hand and parted the opening of her gown. There was no sign of anything under her gown but her. I saw smooth white thighs and eventually the beginnings of her pubic hair patch. My erection was pressing firmly against the bottom of the bed table. My hand continued to the sash holding her gown in place, and with one almost unnoticeable tug, I freed the restraint.

“Charlie,” she whispered almost hoarsely, “you’re breakfast is getting cold.”

“How’s your temperature?” I asked.

She didn’t answer. Instead she reached out and grasp my hard on through the bed sheet. I moved my hand toward her crotch, but she stopped me. I held my breath.

“Do these first,” she said softly as she shrugged the dressing gown from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She stood before me displaying the two ataköy masöz escort most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. She leaned forward causing these majestic orbs to dangle tantalizingly close to my face.

All I could see was a gorgeous nipple swaying before my eyes. I steadied it and carefully took the obviously rigid nipple into my mouth. She squeezed my cock rather firmly, and moaned sensually in response to my tongue massaging her sizeable nipple. All this while my other hand was busy with her other breast. My pulsating tool was screaming for relief.

Arousal was definitely clouding my awareness, but I could vaguely feel Mom’s free hand tugging at my sheet. Both of my hands were occupied, but I could feel my body rising and falling against the hand clutching my cock. I was afraid I was going to orgasm way ahead of schedule.

Then Mom took my hand, the one holding the breast I was suckling, and moved it to her crotch. Her heavy breathing was obvious when she spoke.

“But at least two fingers in my pussy, Charlie. Just inside and at the top of my vaginal chute you will find my go button. Massage it with your fingers, and you’ll make me hotter than I am right now. Then massage my clitoris with your thumb, and I will surely fill your hand with my liquid appreciation of your attention.” Her heavy breathing almost prevented clear speech, but it became apparent that she was through talking anyway. She powered her mouth to my, and for the first time in my life I kissed this woman, not as a mother, but as a very aroused lover.

My hand was at her pussy following her instructions to the letter while our mouths were sealed at the lips and our tongues were keeping tempo to the movement of our hands. I knew I was on the verge of climax, and judging from the sound of Mom’s melodic prelude to orgasm, I was fairly sure we were going to celebrate this glorious event together.

It was my intention, being raised to be a gentleman, to let the lady go first, but Mother Nature could really care less about social protocol. My salvo of the white stuff was impressive indeed. Mom pumped harder causing my contribution to our celebration go in every direction, but she could not be concerned with my aim. At that moment she was giving up her juices in abundance. As she predicted, my hand was filling to capacity with proof of her satisfaction of our efforts.

“Whew.” She exclaimed as the flow of our juices ebbed, “that was a doozey.” She stood by the bedside naked as the day she was born with her beautiful breasts rising and falling in sheer splendor. She was still holding what was left of my erection, but we both knew that soldier was ready to retire. She bent forward and kissed me again; tongue play and all.

“Now, eat your breakfast, young man,” she said sternly.

“I’d rather eat your pussy,” I said quite honestly.

“Hush now,” she scolded while her cheeks were still flushed, and her chest was still showing signs of labored breathing. “Besides,” she said with a wicked expression on her face, “I don’t want scrambled eggs and bacon cluttering up my crotch.”

I started to protest as she collected her dressing gown and headed for the door.

“Relax you horny little bastard,” she said playfully, and ataköy otele gelen escort then on a more serious note, “We still have your bath this afternoon.” The door closed softly behind her, and all I could do was wait and dream.

I was a very good boy at lunch time. The fact that I was starving was my foremost reason. I couldn’t think of another at the moment. I just devoured my lunch, and as Mom took away my dishes I watched her ass cheeks wiggle under her shorts. I grew up around this view, and it never before affected me the way it does now. My pecker started getting puffy at the sight.

An hour later Mom was back with her bathing paraphernalia and an award-winning smile. “Ready for this, big guy?” she asked cheerfully.

“Why don’t you check for yourself, lovely lady?” I said as I held the sheet up away from my body. “We have been expecting you.”

She watched briefly as my sleeping lizard changed into a roaring dragon. “Easy, boy,” she cooed as though she were calming a spirited steed. “We’re going for a ride in just a minute.” She unhooked my leg from traction. “I can see you’re ready, Charlie, but then aren’t you always?”

“What can I say? You bring out the best in me, Mom.”

“Let’s drop the Mom bit especially during occasions such as this, okay?”

“What ever you say, M . . Marlene.”

“That’s better. Charlie. I feel odd being called Mom while I have that root inflicting marvelous feelings into my body. Don’t get me wrong. I love being your mother, but I also dearly love the other person I have recently met.”

“Look,” I said proudly pointing to my rigid cock standing at attention just waiting for the parade.

“Oh, believe me, I see it,” She commented, “but today we are going to get both you and me ready for a new experience.”

“I’m ready,” I blurted.

Marlene, aka Mom, seductively removed her shorts and blouse. I was not at all surprised to see she was not wearing under garments. However, I was surprised to feel the new energy surging through my body at the sight of her nakedness.

Without comment she carefully climbed upon the bed and mounted my prone figure just above my shoulders. Her pussy was directly above my mouth, and her monumental bosom was just above the abundance of pubic hair crowning her crotch – or so it seemed. She folded over one of my bed pillows and slid it under my head. Now my mouth was at her crotch. All I had to do was extend my tongue, and I was in business.

I was not one to disappoint a lady, especially one as accommodating as this one. I grab a buttock is each hand, and buried my mouth in the recesses of her pussy. At the same time, Marlene (Mom) commenced to grind her crotch against my face. My tongue was as deep as it could possibly go into her pussy hole. She had stop grinding and changed her crotch movement to a back and forth motion. I let my tongue remain rigid, but I allowed it to travel the length of her slit. I could feel her arousal juices gathering on my tongue and dribbling into my mouth and onto my chin.

Her tempo was gradually increasing, and my arousal was increasing right along with hers. I brought my hand up to the top of her slit, and found her very swollen clitoris with the ball of my thumb. ataköy rus escort A little vigorous massaging in this area, and as I expected, I triggered the makings of an orgasm.

She was rubbing her pussy all over my face, and her juices followed. Then, without a word, Marlene raised her crotch away from my face, and worked her entire body down mine to where my periscope was still looking for a target. She raised her body higher until she cleared the head of my anxious cock, and then carefully lowered herself onto my manhood. I will never become accustomed to the sensations I feel when I enter her pussy. It is slippery wet, exceedingly warm, and at the moment grappling with the walls of my shaft. My cock pulsated in response to her charms, and I did my very best to push my prong up into her throat.

Then I saw them. Her magnificent boobs and they were swaying seductively in front of my eyes just begging to be caressed. I guided the one to the left toward my mouth where I circled the swelling nipple with my tongue before sucking in as much of the breast itself into my mouth as I possibly could. I kneaded the other breast as gently as my arousal will allow until it was its turn for caressing.

Marlene’s pussy was trying to devour my joint. She rose and fell on my groin like a giant bellows, and her inner muscles never ceased to tantalize me exquisitely. My genitalia were not accustomed to such intense treatment. My balls began to do their dance, my hips began to hump, and my heart was surely going to burst free from my chest any moment. My orgasm was a marvel. I could not begin to understand how so much semen could spurt so forcefully and so generously from a pecker like mine.

Not surprisingly, Marlene was aware that I was pumping her full of my love. She, in turn, showered my cock and crotch with her version of loving gratitude for my role in this award winning production. We really made a mess.

She quietly slipped off of her perch, and effortlessly positioned herself between my legs. From this crouching position she began to suck my gradually shrinking shaft in an attempt to drain me of what little I had left to give. I was indescribably elated at her action, but I was also surprised at the fact she made no effort to wipe my tool clean before engulfing it with her mouth.

We took a short pause to regain our composure. From her position between my legs she lay forward on my lower body. Her tits felt like large heating pads on my abdomen. I was certain that had she remained in that position for any length of time, I would surely have developed a new erection.

A few moments later Marlene sat upright, reached forward and shook my tally whacker playfully.

“Time to get on with our day,” she sighed. “Your father will be home before long, and he’ll be expecting dinner.”

“I always hate to see you leave, Mo – – Marlene,” I said truthfully.

“I know, you horny little shit,” she said half jokingly, “but life must go on.” She slid off the bed and began dressing. “By the way, I’m going to the City tomorrow with your father. We plan to spend the night.”

“Are you going to leave me all alone?” I asked desperately.

“Of course not, silly. Your Aunt Sue is coming over to give you what assistance you might need. Okay?”

“Sure,” I said half heartedly, “but I’ll miss you.”

“That’s sweet, Charlie,” Marlene said as she patted me on the thigh. “Aunt Sue hasn’t been here in quite a while, so try and be especially nice to her.”

Aunt Sue was Dad’s younger sister. She comes to visit occasionally, but she doesn’t stay long. I don’t know much about her at all.

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