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Mom’s Hidden ToyI never gave my mother’s sex life a lot of thought until I found her dildo. All right, I shouldn’t have been snooping, and honestly, I wasn’t. It just happened that I was going to a party the next night, and I really wanted to borrow a blouse of hers. I mean, the main reason I bought it for her in the first place was so that I could borrow it!So there I was, rummaging in her dresser. I knew she’d never worn the blouse, and it had to be in one of the drawers. But where the hell was it? I was on my knees, hand deep in the bottom drawer, when I made my discovery.I knew what it was the moment I felt it. but I didn’t believe it — until it was in my hand, in the light.Of course I’d seen dildos before. In fact, I had a couple of my own that I was sure Mom knew absolutely nothing about (She’s not the kind of person who snoops in other people’s drawers. And I keep mine in a shoe box, in the wardrobe, just in case).But still it was a shock, finding her dildo.Some people classify vibrators as dildos. This one was a goddamned dildo! It was about eight inches long, thick in proportion, and the soft, rubbery material was shaped exactly like a real live cock. Even the color was true to life, and there were bulging blue viens that lent a realistic apperance and texture. It wasn’t quite as hard as a man’s stiff dick, but it sure as hell looked just like one.”Jesus,” I murmured under my breath. But on second thought, I realized I shouldn’t be too surprised. After all, my dad had been gone for almost four years. Mom hadn’t dated since his death. And she was still a rather young woman. She had me when she was just eighteen, and she’s not even forty yet. Besides, they say a woman’s sexual prime is in her thirties. (Personally, if it gets better than it is right now, for me, I can hardly wait till I’m that old!)I knelt on the floor, holding Mom’s dildo in my hand. What did she do with this thing? Was is some toy left over from when Dad was alive? God, I couldn’t imagine my parents playing sex games that involved toys like this one! Sure, they were very much in love, and I used to hear them making out late at night, when they thought I was asleep, but it was always the standard kind of stuff that guys and girls do together.I sniffed at the dildo, and my eyes got big. This wasn’t some old leftover. This baby was in current use! It absolutely reeked of pussy juice! I sniffed again, and the funky aroma of cunt made my nostrils twitch and my head swim. Five would get you ten that my mom had this thing inside her snatch within the last day or two — maybe even last night or this morning!I stood up, still holding Mom’s dildo. I rubbed it across the ends of my tits, and I found the nipples were already hard inside my shirt and bra. Undoing my buttons, I began to to tickle my cleavage with the knobby point of the fake prick. Mmmm, it felt just like the real thing, only not as warm! I fell back onto my mother’s bed.After that, there was no stopping me. I had both tits out now, and the nipples were pink and pointy with exictation. I lifted my skirt and used the dildo between my legs, rubbing it across the taut, hair-stuffed crotch of my panties. I could hear the pussy hairs crackle as I brushed the dildo back and forth, and my juices began to leak and ooze out.Bringing the dildo to my lips, I kissed it, and wow! I could taste the fragrant muskiness of my mom’s pussy juice all over the thing!I pulled down my panties and took my cunt in hand, squeezing it till I couldn’t help moaning. The hairs were damp and matted, my slice itchy and hot. My clit was the size of a peanut, and I stroked it feverishly with the big mushroom, helmet-sized head of the dildo.Opening my cunt, I eased the tip of Mom’s dildo into the mouth of my hole. It was big entering me — as big as any cock I had ever fucked. I sucked in my breath and strained, urging my cunt to expand and swallow up the penetrating instrument.I fucked myself like a pig with Mom’s toy, trying to imagine her doing the same thing. The problem wasn’t that I could not imagine it, but I could — in vivid, tit-hardening detail.As the big blunt snout of the dildo plunged into my pussy, and I rocked istanbul escort and strained on her bed, thrusting myself up to swallow its length again and again, I was sure I knew exactly how my mom felt when she did the same thing to herself. It made me come like a bitch on fire.When I was done, I put the dildo back where I had found it. But now it was coated with the misty sheen of my pussy juices, as well as my mother’s. And I couldn’t stop thinking about it. As we sat at dinner that night, I kept looking at Mom, imagining her as she ravished her wetcunt with the secret lover I had found in her dresser.My mother is a very attractive woman. In fact, I envy her, because I’m not particularly pretty. But she’s also rather shy, and I could understand why she was using the dildo to take care of her sexual needs. Basically, it’s the same reason I use one.Like I said, I’m not particularly pretty. I’ve made it with a few guys, but not that many. They’re more interested in the cuter girls than they are in me. But even plain girls can get horny, and you better believe it! And a dildo never minds if you’re a few pounds overweight.We watched TV for a while that evening. I was looking at Mom with a new appreciation, and I could see that her attention wasn’t on the tube. Five would get you ten that she was definitely thinking about something else — something big and sweet that was hidden away in the bottom drawer of her dresser. She excused herself about nine- thirty and went upstairs. I sat on the couch, breathless, imagining exactly what she must be doing. I drew my legs up until the backs of my thighs were pressed against my pussy, and I rocked in excitement, arousing myself with the new secret fantasies.I left the TV playing — kinda loud, so she’d be less likely to hear me creeping up the steps. My feet were bare, and I was on tiptoes, my ears perked for the slightest, most telltale sounds.And did I hear them? Yes, I did. Soft, purring murmurs coming through the air, emanating from my mother’s bedroom. She obviously thought I was still downstairs watching TV, and she was a little louder than she might have been had she known there was a snooper in the hall.I pressed my ear against the door and listened, my cunt bubbling between my legs. The crotch of my jeans was already damp, and my panties dripped a warm, oozing wetness. I squirmed, pressuring my legs against my pussy, making that fabulous sensation last. My nipples sc****d against the door itself. They were already hard pushing out my bra and shirt as plainly as if I’d not been wearing anything underneath. I stroked the pointy tips, squeezing them until a little whimper escaped my lips.Inside the bedroom, Mom was gasping, and I could hear the springs of her bed rocking slightly. Oh, I knew what she was doing then — the same goddamned thing I’d done to myself, on her bed, earlier today! She had that big, fat dildo shoved up her cunt, and she was fucking the shit out of herself with it! My own pussy throbbed in remembrance, and I just got wetter and wetter as if I were pissing down my legs.Her soft cries reached a new intensity. I could almost hear the squishing noises as the dildo worked in and out of her hot hole. The bedsprings made a louder sound. She had to be pumping faster — the way I’d pumped myself when the delight grew too much to bear.”Mom?” I called, tapping at the door. “Are you okay?” I turned the knob and pushed the door inward.She made a soft, shrieking sound, and the bedclothing flew as she tried to cover herself. But she wasn’t fast enough. I could see that she was naked, and, oh God, I could even see the dildo between her legs, half-buried inside her cunt. “Kim,” she said, panting hard, “You startled me…”She drew the covers up, but they were bunched, and one of her breasts was visible. I don’t know how long it had been since I’d last seen my mother’s bare breasts, but I had forgotten how pretty they were. Not very big, but nicely shaped and capped in perfect circles of cherry pink. The visible nipple was pebble-hard, quivering just outside the shielding cover of the avcılar escort bed quilt.”I heard noises,” I said, entering the room and pushing the door shut behind me. “I thought maybe you were having a bad dream.” “No,” Mom replied, squirming a little. Her tit vanished beneath the shifting fabric of the quilt, and I found myself somewhat disappointed at that. “I’m all right, honey. Go back to whatever you were doing.””But what were you doing, Mom?” I asked, trying to sound completely innocent, as I sat down on the edge of her bed. She was very tense, and from what I had seen in the split second before she yanked the covers upward, I suppose she had every right to be tense. I’d be a little uptight, too, if someone had caught me with a dildo stuffed inside my pussy — especially if I was about to come.She didn’t answer, and I knew it was time to strike. I touched her shoulder, then her hair. She has very pretty hair, like cotton candy. Mine tends to be stringy, even when I wash and set it every day. Mom looked at me rather strangely as my fingers stroked her dangling, almost-blond hair.”I knew what you were doing,” I whispered, taking hold of the quilt and pulling it downward, very gently but very insistently at the same time.Underneath the quilt, she was stark raving naked. Her body was beautiful, her tits heaving as I bared them. She said, “Kim, please — don’t —” But I wasn’t paying attention to her words. I pulled the quilt lower, until her crotch came into sight. And yes, there it was, sticking out of her fur-fringed slit — the dildo with which she’d just been fucking herself!She turned away, blushing. “It’s okay, Mom,” I repeated. “I knew all along…” Slowly, she turned back to face me her eyes big and bright.”It must be so hard for you,” I said softly, “without Dad, and with just that thing to make you feel better. But it can really make you feel good, can’t it, Mom?” Her eyebrows lifted. I giggled. “Okay,” I added, “I kinda tried it out myself this afterAs I spoke, my hands were already in action. I didn’t will them to take hold of Mom’s tits; they just did it. Her eyes got big as I caressed her boobs. Her nipples swelled even bigger, hardening against my cupping palms. She had smooth, firm tits, and they heaved inside my hands, the nips growing hotter and more taut. “We’re a lot alike in some ways,” I told her. “Not that you’d ever guess it, but I’m kind of frustrated at times, too…” I leaned closer, my own tits brushing her upper arm. I knew she could feel my nipples. I was very conscious of them myself. Our faces moved closer, and suddenly I knew I was going to kiss my mother.Our mouths merged. Then, our tongues touched speculatively, and I squeezed at the tits I held in my hands. Mom shivered a little, but I could also feel an excitement in her, an excitement that matched my own feelings. The caress of our tongues grew more intimate, and my fingers were upon her hardened nipples now, while her hands were suddenly stroking tentatively at my own tits, finding the nipples there just as hard as her own paps were.It was insane, but, oh God, it felt soooo good, too! Her drool slavered into my mouth and I drank it, relishing the heat of her lips against mine, the friskiness of her dancing, exploratory tongue. We traded nipple pinches, mine stiffening rapidly while her fingers teased them, and hers remaining stiff under the caress of my hands.”You can’t understand,” Mom whispered into my mouth.”But I can,” I assured her, and my hand moved lower. I grasped the end of the dildo sticking out of her pussy, and I began to work it, in and out, pumping gently but insistently. I already knew the delights that that plastic toy could bring to a horny cunt, and I used it like a man on her, stimulating my mom until her tongue fluttered inside my mouth and her lips seized at mine as if they meant to suck them right off my face.It wasn’t as if I’d never done it before. My college roommate, Rosanna, and I sometimes had used our mouths on each other. But we’d only been experimenting. We had no idea of the power that really lurked within our female bodies. I kissed my way down Mom’s şirinevler escort neck, onto the rising glories of her tits. The nipples thrust themselves into my mouth.I sucked them deliriously, moaning as they fattened even more against my tongue. My hand was between her legs, still wielding the dildo, and I could hear the squishy eager response of her cunt as it sucked the plastic phallus home.”Christ, Kim,” I heard Mom moan, her snatch opening even further to receive my adoration, her teats throbbing inside my mouth.She lay back, then, legs spread wide, her cunt open and vulnerable. I could smell its funky arousal, and my mouth grazed southward on her body, nearer and nearer to the off-blond patch of hair that curtained her pussy. The closer I got, the more heady was the scent of her snatch.I yanked the dildo out of Mom, and almost before she had a chance to whimper, my mouth was on her. I spread her with my tongue into her split crack, poking as deeply as I could go. Her tunnel was hot and wet and active. It practically snapped like a turtle at my tongue.Her clit was impossible to overlook. It was so big and swollen with lust. I sucked it until she screamed, and then I lipped and tongued my way back to the fur-framed crack of her pussy itself, spearing once more into her sweet-scented depths.As I licked and lapped at my mother’s pussy, I found myself inspired, as if divinely. There was not a false note, not a misstep. Every place my tongue touched her was a hot erogenous zone, and each lick, each wet caress made her cry aloud with the pleasure she was feeling.I made her come, right there. Her juices wetted my lips, and I sucked them into my mouth with pleasure. Then I crawled upward, holding her tightly, our tits pressed together as if they were glued, and we kissed, Mom tasting the sweetness of her pussy on my mouth.Her hands were busy on my boobs, and my nipples by then were so hard and stiff that they ached. I needed something, too, and I looked into Mom’s blue eyes, trusting that she understood.She did. “I’ve never done anything like this before,” she said hoarsely, as she took off my blouse, my bra, my jeans, and my soaked panties. But her hands felt as if they certainly knew their way around a female body. She kissed me again, and then her mouth descended upon my bare, hard-nippled tits. She took the points between her lips, sucking as if she thought that she could make them stiffer than they already were. Her hand was between my legs, frigging the cleft of my cunt. Fingers parted my lips, and one of them crept inside me.”This is something I especially enjoy,” Mom whispered. “I bet you’ll like it too,” she added, her finger slithering in and out of my cunt. I gasped and arched upward to meet her thrust, and I reached down to spread my lips wider still, allowing her total access to me.Then we kissed again. No boy had ever kissed me that way, and there was wild thrill, knowing that it was my own mother whose tongue was fucking my mouth, whose fingers were inside my cunt and making the cream ooze from my slit, on down my quivering thighs.She kept on frigging me, but her other hand was searching for the dildo. “So you tried him out, did you?” she said into my mouth. “You snooped around and found my secret, and then you just had to give it a ride. You’re a naughty girl, Kimberly, and there’s only one way to treat a naughty girl like you…”I shrieked as she jabbed the entire thing into my cunt. She wasn’t nearly as gentle as I’d been. Her mouth swallowed my tongue, cutting my shriek off at the root, and she just kept on poking my pussy, fucking me really hard. If I’d been a virgin, it would have blown me away. But I wasn’t quite a virgin — and my cunt gaped to swallow the stabbing dildo whole.Mom fucked me till I came, and when I did orgasm, it was with a fury that left me shaking and terrifically rattled. She held me close, and I sucked once more at the nipples of her tits — the same nipples from which I’d drawn the first sustenance of life. Her hand worked between my legs, stimulating my pussy to a renewed excitement, and I knew then that we were going to do it again — and again!I never did find the blouse I was looking for in her dresser. But then, I didn’t make it to that party the next night anyway. The only fair thing, after what we’d been through, was to introduce Mom to my own dildo collection. And then she showed me a couple of numbers that I hadn’t found while snooping in her drawers. We hardly bothered getting dressed for the rest of the weekend.

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