Mom’s Milkshake Mustache Ch. 8


Janice Roberts was speaking to Betty on the phone. She was excitedly telling Betty of her activities of the day. Then her son Joey walked into the house. Janice had used her lawyer, Joan Grayson to initiate the plans. Janice had purchased temporary electronic cameras to install in the large Hotel room she had reserved. The illegal installation is why she needed Joan.

“Shit Betty, the two white guys, about thirtyish, was astonished the way she dropped to her knees and begged to suck their dicks. Of course she didn’t know why she had to do it, she did as I ordered. She sucked and slurped back and forth their dicks as I told the two men to shoot all over the black cunt’s face.” Janice became heated as she re-lived these events and waved to Joey to stand before her as she sat in her kitchen.

“Betty, I really thought the men would request more from Joan to install the equipment, but they were happy to do it after they spurted all over her face!”

When Joey was with her she had his shorts about his ankles and fisted his hardening cock. Betty had many questions unanswered by Janice, who hung up once Joey’s cock was fully hard, fat, and right in front of her face.

“Wow Mom! You really love sucking on my dick!,” was all the surprised lad could say.


Betty Jenkins had informed Janice of the calls she received from members of Joey’s baseball team. She had given two men a brief explanation of the letters they had found in their lockers, with a time and location of the activities. Should they refuse, they could pass along the invitation to another member of the team. Betty wondered if the participants from her son’s basketball team had contacted Janice yet.

Early the next morning Joey Roberts stood alone on the basketball court waiting for Billy to arrive. Billy was just pulling his long black rod, soaking wet and wilting, from his mom’s satisfied cunt. Even though she was already dressed for work, he ordered her down to her knees and shoved her panties aside.


“Where were you Man!? Joey scolded Billy once he arrived.

“My Mom slowed me up. You know how she can get,” responded Billy. Joey laughed in memory of a few days ago.

“Yeah man, what ever happened the other day, did Mommy Jenkins put you over her knee?,” chided Joey.

“Naw Man! We went home but, I was on top of things you know…” chuckled Billy. “What happened to you when Mrs. Roberts caught you fucking on her precious coffee table, Ha! Ha!”

“Don’t trip Man! I guess while you were getting spanked, my mom really mouthed off at me, you know what I’m sayin’…” Joey mused.



Betty Jenkins was getting her horny little pussy fucked for the second time that day. Only now she was laying atop her executive desk at her office, whimpering to the big ‘white man’ cock strapped to Jandice’s hips. Betty’s pussy was still full of Billy’s sperm and it sloshed moistly around the plastic shaft. Later they discussed getting with ‘Big Jack Carson’, sampling his big purple cock before inviting him to their plans at the Hotel.


“You don’t have to do all that man, I know about that gig ‘B’!,” Joey promised him. Billy was to contract a plumber for the kitchen sink in his home.

“We still have my father’s hardware store man. He taught me some things when I spent time there. He could do anything,” Joey proudly stated.


Later that night Betty was coming from her shower wrapped in a long towel and Janice was soon to follow. Having her horny tight honey-pot eaten by Betty had made her lustful. She couldn’t resist wrapping her arms around Betty to heave up the huge mounds of tit-flesh with her hands.

“I thought Billy was going to have the damned plumber here today,” she muttered as she felt Janice toying with her soft plump titties, pinching the hard nipples ’till they were raw and swollen.

“You are such a hot bitch Janice, the way you rode Big Jack’s cock off today! You didn’t even leave any for me!,” Betty cried as she felt a hand beneath the towel.

“Well he buried that nice thick tongue deep in your cunny, you could hardly stand it…Bitch.”

“Janice!,” yelled Betty as a firm hand sliced through her meaty asscrack to massage the little pucker between. “I told you Billy will be home soon, he could have caught us in the shower together!”

“Betty, he’s not thinking about you, since you cut him off…you seen the way he’s fucking every chic from 18 to 48 years old. Besides, Joey told me that he and Billy had some work to do tonight.”

Joey and Billy had started that job Janice spoke of. Joey was under the kitchen sink at the Jenkins home, having sent Billy back to the store for a knew U-pipe. Billy was ataşehir escort returning just after his mother sent Janice away. Betty insisted that Janice leave the back way, to miss Billy should he arrive.

And Billy returned, through the front door in order to go up and kiss his mother, and explain to her that Joey and he would handle the kitchen sink. He found his mom naked on her bed, she immediately raised up and beckoned her son to the bed. Billy came and stood at its edge while his mother reached behind her and tugged down his shorts. She rubbed his shaft to semi erect before he told her he couldn’t stay. He and Joey was fixing the sink but before he could tell her…

“Billy honey, please give mamma your big dick. Fuck me now,” she pleaded while assing her rump against her boy’s hardening cock. “Anyway you want it Billy, you can have it.” She only got the tongue end from Jack Carson hours ago, and wanted the stiff end from her son now. So much that she offered more than she ever had before.

“Please Billy, I want you to fuck me and…you can play with momma’s asshole if you want dear.”

Betty’s words excited Billy so much that his long cock bucked between her rumpcakes. He was absently sliding it in the crevice, feeling heat from her puckered rear hole as it suctioned against his meat. Billy knew that he had to leave, or he would take her hard and long with his friend Joey still in the house.

He pulled away swiftly, pulled up his shorts, and raced down stairs to the 1/2 bath to settle the tent in his shorts.

And in the kitchen…

Janice was headed to the back door shortly after Billy had left. She walked through the kitchen and saw a strong pair of thighs naked, along with a taut flat muscular stomach. A pair of loose sport shorts was the only thing the boy had on, a boy unmistakingly her son. As she looked at his groins she felt her hot pussy began to boil. She had only Betty’s tongue there earlier, leaving her in state of lust. She remembered the belly full of cock syrup she nursed from his cock that morning, and needed another serving of it now!

Janice was in Betty’s sundress and it fit her loosely. She hiked it above her panties and sat astride the teenager’s stomach. Joey nearly bumped his head being startled. He knew for sure that it wasn’t Billy.

“Mrs. Jenkins!?” he frightened asked.

“Joey, its me. And I want you to feed me some of your dickjuice!” she whispered while reaching behind her and tugging his hardening cock from his shorts. Janice knew Betty to be a heavy sleeper and wondered where Billy might be.

Joey’s lustful cock began to talk for him as he lied to his mother. No one ever turned him on the way his sexy petite mother did. His mother’s caressing hand had his cock half erect and poking her silky panties into the crack of her ass.

“Billy won’t be back for a while, and I’m almost done here. We can go home then.” His mother’s begging was making him insanely horny.

“Well Joey, I wanted…Betty’s asleep and…I wanted to…taste your cock right here!”

Joey was mad with lust as he noticed a can of shortening under the sink. He scooped out a gob and reach behind his mother. “Move your panties Mom!,” he ordered, and pasted the white Crisco into the crack of his mother’s ass.

“Ohhh! Joey what are you…”

“Mom! shit! You are so fucking hot. If we are going to do anything in the Jenkins home, I need to nut fast!”

“Unngghh! stop it! Fuck!” she cried, still tugging her panties away while she felt his cold gooey fingers popping her anal ring. His fingers came out and back to the cupboard. He scooped out another handful of shortening as he brought the can out to the floor. His muscular arm braced Janice from leaping off his belly as his hand transferred another glob of grease to her puckering rear chute.

“What are you…Oww! Joey!?”

“Mom, I think the fastest way to do this…I’ll have to use your tightest hole! You like my fingers back there don’t you!?”

“Joey! I don’t think!…I can’t!…Ooowww!…” But before she finished his fingers roughly plopped out of her bum, and was replaced by the blunt meatiness of his hot cock knob.

“Back Mom! Push back on my cock. Hurry!” he insisted, holding her asscheeks apart with a hand. His other hand held the root of his thick cock.

Janice was getting hotter by the moment, she wanted nothing more than her son’s cock now. But there?

She was assing back on his cock the way that he wanted. But she was fear-struck.

“Joey!, your father never put it there before! I never even thought…” But the adventurous throbbing of her ass pucker drove her to reach back for his fat cocktip, smashing it against her avcılar anal yapan escort butthole. “Nooo Joey! Please!”

But Janice was cork-screwing her hips above her son’s, having to raise her rump nearly two feet into the air to angle the meaty stalk.

Joey had insisted on this but never in his dreams could he picture it taking place. His hot little mother was squatting above him, her face masked with fear, anguish, and lust at the same time. She steadied herself on her two feet with his fat cock nudged into the warm dimplet of her ass, supporting most of her weight. He felt a pitty for her as he knew something would have to give to her 140 lbs tresses. It wouldn’t be his cock for it was as stiff as lumber, a tree trunk of oak with a mushroom cap that had loudly plopped into his mother’s resisting rectum.

“Ooohhh! Aggghhh! Joey!?” she cried, jerking his cock in as she rocked from side to side to wedge the cock shaft into her painfully stretched shitter. The pain was undeniable but Janice’ lust for her son’s cock was paramount. The more she studied his face of ecstasy, the more she became exited. And the spasming sucking of her asshole had refused to give in to the discomfort.

“Ohh!, ohh!, your…ahhh!, cock is…Ohh!… so biiggg!,” she stammered, each time he lunged up into her butt. This made Janice gasp with intense pleasure as she felt the log of hot cock cleave into her bowels, stretching her burning asshole around the invading thickness of his prick.


Betty Jenkins grabbed her robe and chased after her teenaged son. She couldn’t believe Billy would leave her this way after she had begged for a good fucking from him. She needed the robe to prevent her big round titties from bobbing as she ran. She didn’t hear the front door shut, and assumed Billy may have headed for the back door. So she headed that way…through the kitchen.

Betty Jenkins was horrified by the scene in her own kitchen. She couldn’t imagine! Her best friend and lover was moaning insanely as she bobbed above the thickest cock Betty had ever seen! It was a gas to distinguish the man’s voice to be Janice’s teenaged son. But what she herd him say hit her like a brick wall.

“Fuck your tight little ass on my dick Mom!” he passionately groaned. And then Betty eyes glued to the most shocking part of it all. Her proper preaching friend had her rubbery stretched shithole jacking off nearly half of the boy’s thick cock. It was firmly imbedded in her nether hole as she and Joey locked fingers for balance. Janice’ ass was still over a foot off the ground as she shimmied and screwed her spasming asshole lower down the cock. (How? Its even thicker than Billy’s), Betty thought, before she saw the can of Crisco on the floor. She then noticed white stuff squishing from Janice’ asshole with each cock plowing lunge.

“Oh shit!” whispered Billy, as he stood behind his stacked mother. His bone hard cock had never gone down and it seared into the crack of his own mother’s ass. The unbelievable sight had him crazed and his long prick became as hard as ever.

Billy Jenkins grabbed his mother by the head and shoulder, forcing her to her knees. She tried to turn towards him as he spun her down to the tiled floor. With her ass in the air now facing the incestuous rutting couple, she turned her head back to them to not miss Janice’ hornily flexing shitter around Joeys thick lunging cock. She couldn’t even stop staring long enough to confront the lewd activity of her own son.

Billy held his mother down with one hand and noticed the can of Crisco next to his friend’s body. He need some of it. But it was several feet away, and he wouldn’t want to allow his mother time to change her position. So he reached with his free hand above the stove to a pan that had recently fried chicken. The used grease was cold smudge with brown liguid cascading through his fingers. He slapped it between her big round ass-globes. He grabbed more the second time and pasted it into his mom’s squirming butthole.

Billy was impatient with the make-shift preparations and positioned his hips directly above hers, aligning his big long cock at her fearfully puckering asshole. Betty knew what was to come.

“Ahhhh!, Ahh!, Ohh! Unngghhh! Aghhhggr!” she screamed, as her son urgently shoved nearly half a foot of cock up her defenseless virgin rectum.

Only then did the Roberts suspect someone else there. Janice was horrified and tried raising her hips away from Joey. He held her steady however. When Janice looked behind her. She was in trance at the sight. She recognized the heavy nut sack of sperm luggage, and the long shiny-black cock that she seen weeks before. But it was not being forced avcılar bdsm escort down Betty’s throat as before. This time it was the mouth of Betty’s shittrack that was choking on the size of it.

“My God!” she moaned, seeing Betty’s bowels accommodating the long shaft of Billy’s rump-rooter.

Betty was in pain and lust, unable to adjust to the pooper pumping. But as she continued to cry out while her eyes squinted delirium, her horny virgin rectum spasmed needfully in response to her son’s cock. It was sucking and gripping the boy’s stiff poker, somehow welcoming it into her body.

Angrily Betty submitted to her son, and was spurred on watching Janice resume her humping and wiggling to help her hung son Joey bury every inch of the fat girth into her narrow gripping asshole.

“Please Billy! Nooo! Not with everyone watching!,” she begged to no avail. Billy drove more of his stiff-laden rod up her rear channel.

“Fuck Mommy’s asshole Joey!,” Janice urged. “Mommy needs her little ass fucked. Ohhh! It’s tight!”

“Ahhhgg yes!,” groaned Billy as he drove his hard stiffness deeper into his mom’s tight little butt. He seemly squished out more cooking-oil than he actually put in there. He grabbed her hair and hip and force her ravished shit tunnel to fuck his hard-on.

And Betty opened her eyes to notice Janice had humped all of Joey’s fat prick, down to the balls, his huge cock soaking in the buttery depths of the incredible tightness of her asshole.

So Betty began humping her hips at the torrid pace her own son had started, moaning and crying as she shamefully fucked her stretched tingling asshole onto his cock. Billy pulled his long cock out to the mushroom-like crown, and shove it to the balls all the way into the spasming bowels. He settled into a hard fast rhythm, thrusting in and out of his mom’s horny little shitter.

“Fuck Momma’s asshole Billy! Mommy’s got a horny little butthole…Needs a good hard fucking! Ohh Billy, fuck it as hard as you want!”

Joey was spurred by the lewd spectacle of his neighbors, slammed his ever growing cock into his mom’s shit tract. It swelled ever so fat that Janice knew he’d be soon basting her bowels with a hot load of cum.

An orgasm suddenly burst deep within her, making her pussy gush juice down her legs while her asshole spasmodically milked and gripped around Joey’s hammering cock. Janice shrieked with shameful pleasure, humping and pumping her itchy ass chute up and down the teenager’s cock.

“Fuck my asshole!” cried Betty, “Fuck it! My asshole is cuuummmiinng!”

Joey’s cock could not take the flexing and constricting of his mother’s asshole. His cock exploded in Janice’ asshole, pumping wad after wad of cock sewage into her backside. For nearly a minute he pistoned his cock through his own sperm juice, ’till it leaked from the tight suction at her butthole.

Billy collapsed on Betty’s back, spearing the full 12″ of cock deeply into her asshole. Then his load of cockjuice spewed out of his balls, through his cocktip, spraying his mother’s horny shitter. Hornily, the naked mother flexed her strong ass muscles around the shooting cock that deluged her rectum with an ocean of cream. She had completely drained the boy’s balls with the lewd sucking of her shithole.

Billy was tugging his cock from his mom’s sucking shitter after he heard his friends cock ‘plop’ from Janice’s asshole. It ‘popped’ out leaking a mess of mixtures and quite sore to Billy’s dismay. He wanted it nursed and had a strange desire. He could make his mother do it, but the sexy mother behind him was a new adventure. But there was no way he’d insult his friend by asking.

Billy dragged his own mother over to the exhausted Roberts, shoving her head into Joey’s groins.

“Suck his cock Mom. See how sore it is? Suck it while its still hard and make it better.”

Betty couldn’t believe the order and balked as much as she could. She wasn’t sure Janice would approve. Her nose was smeared against the rubbery tube of meat and ‘though there were no clear sign of ass on it, the fat cock smelled repugnant.

“Ohhh!” she frowned, before gulping in the fat cockmeat.

Joey knew what Billy was up to and had reservations about his mother doing that with anyone except himself. But the skillful mouthing he received from Billy’s mom was very comforting to his tortured cock, and waved Billy over to have his own cock serviced.

Janice knew what her son had offered Billy, but hesitated as the cock, even longer than her own boy’s cock, had transferred stickiness against her nose and lips.

“Ulmp” she gulped, not wanting her whole face soiled by Billy’s cock. She grabbed the luridly wet cock by the root and aligned with her wide open mouth. Billy took it from there.


An hour later the two women shamelessly kissed one another in the bathtub without speaking of their unholy activities. They both were wandering however, if they could now have their horny fuckholes plugged by two different long, fat, and hard cocks…instead of one!

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