mom’s roommate


mom’s roommateMom’s RoommateDoug gave his wife a final kiss before boarding the military aircraft.”I don’t want you to go.” She whimpered.”Honey, I have to…I’m sorry.”Kristen gazed up at him, her big green eyes full of tears. “What if you get hurt…or get killed?””Babe, that’s not gonna happen…I promise you.” Doug said confidently.As he boarded the plane with the rest his battalion Doug gave a final wave back at his family. Kristen forced a smile and waved back, her 6 year old daughter Cassie stood by her side, holding her hand. On the other side of her was Garret, her lean handsome 18 year old son.In the face, Kristen Hill looked like a 38 year old version of the actress Melora Hardin. Her body was what many would call voluptuous. It’s not that she was fat, or even chubby for that matter. She just had all the right curves, in all the right places.Even with his mind full of uncertainty Doug couldn’t help but admire her beauty from the door of the plane. Her thin cotton baby-blue mini-skirt showed off the flowing contours of her hips and left bare the golden brown glow of her long luscious legs. Her button up white satin stretch blouse hugged the enormity of her middle-aged breasts.Her sexy little feet were displayed in a pair of dainty sandals with a 4 inch heel. A row of baby blue rhinestones lined the strap crossing her foot, right about her cute little toes with their painted toenails.The site of her beautiful legs made Doug think about all those nights he had them wrapped around him. All the times that Kristen had clutched him with her silky softness while he bucked in the smooth warm flesh of her saddle. While they did this he would often look back in the mirror across from their bed and marvel at the way her strong legs were wrapped around his midsection, her tiny bare feet flexing and pointing towards the ceiling.One of the other soldiers broke Doug from his trance. “Sergeant Hill, we gotta move, sir.” As the aircrafts door closed Kristen sniffled and wiped another tear away. She slid her arm around her son and leaned her head to one side, resting it on his shoulder.”BOOM!!!”It was nearly two month later that the roadside bomb rattled the humvee with Doug inside. The vehicle toppled into the desert sand, its occupants SCREAMING in pain.Doug only remembered a few moments before blacking out. He hung upside down. The door had imploded from the blast and crushed his legs. He could feel the blood trickling from a gash in his forehead.”Kristen.” He muttered.As his body went into shock he had a sudden vision of his wife, her big beaming green eyes staring into his…full of love. He saw her silky tan legs through the mirror, clutching around him, her little feet flexing…bobbing in the air from the power of his thrusts.Then…everything went black.”Douglas?”Doug’s eyes peered open and into the face of a military doctor. “Can you hear me Douglas? Can you hear my voice?” The man asked.”Yes.” Came the reply.”That’s good…that’s excellent.” The doctor smiled.Doug gazed around the room. “Where am I?””You’re back home. You’re at the Base Hospital. You’re battalion took quite a hit. You’ve been in a c*** for about six days.””Where’s my wife?” Doug asked.”She’s been here a lot by your side, but it’s the middle of the night. I’ll have the nurse call her right away,” the doctor said.”Thank you.” Thirty minutes later Doug heard the rushing CLICK of his wife’s heels moving up the hospital hallway. She stepped into the room, her beautiful face glowing with anticipation.”Ohhh Doug.” She said in relief, rushing over and carefully embracing him on the bed.”Hi baby.” He said, nearly in tears himself.The early morning hours passed and after a series of scans and examinations of Doug the doctor joined Doug and his wife in Doug’s room.”So doc, my legs…are the done for good?” Doug asked.”I’m afraid so, Doug. The force of that blast not only did severe damage to your legs, but also your spinal column. The good news is you still have healthy blood flow, which prevented us from having to amputate. However, it’s gonna be a long road to recovery,” the doctor explained.Kristen looked absolutely devastated. “Will he have any chance of overcoming the paralysis, with the right type of physical therapy maybe?””I’m afraid at this point it looks permanent. The damage was just too severe. I’m sorry.”The doctor left the room and Kristen seemed to stare into space as if shocked by the news. Doug squeezed her hand.”I’m sorry baby.” He said.”You lied.” She muttered.”What?”She glared down at him, her eyes full of tears. “You lied to me. You promised me nothing would happen to you over there. YOU FUCKING LIED!”Kristen stood up, pulled her hand away from Doug’s and began sobbing as she stormed out of the room.”Kristen…Kristen, come back. Baby I’m…”It was nearly 5am when Kristen arrived back home. They chose a modest three bedroom ranch in a middle-class neighborhood, just across town from base. The middle aged Mom moved up the hallway and peeked in on her daughter. She found Cassie sleeping comfortably. A few minutes later 18 year old Garret turned onto his side in bed. His eyes peeked open and he saw his mother’s curvy silhouette in his doorway. She was leaning with her hands against the doorframe and just seemed to be hovering there…watching him.”Mom, everything ok with dad?”Kristen slowly sashayed across the room and sat on her son’s bedside. “Thank you for staying here and watching your sister for me.” “Of course.””Your dad’s awake, but I’m afraid his injuries are pretty extensive,” she said, then went on to explain the doctor’s findings.”So when’s he coming home?” Garrett asked.”Not positive yet. The doctor said as early as a few days.” “Wow, I can’t believe all of this has happened.” Garrett muttered.Tenderly, Kristen’s brushed her son’s bangs out of his eyes with her long nails.”That makes two of us k**do.” She said.After a short silence Garrett heard his Mom sniffle. “Don’t cry Mom. It’ll be ok.”She rubbed his strong shoulder. “I know sweetie. It’s just…” “It’s just what?” He asked.Even in the dim early morning darkness Garrett could see his mom’s misty eyes, gazing down at him.”Can I just…lay here with you for awhile. Do you mind?” Kristen asked softly.”No, not at all, Mom,” he said, scotching over on his small twin sized bad.Kristen slipped her little feet from their heels and curled her luscious legs up on her son’s bed. Garrett was on his back and she slid over close to him, laying on her side and resting her head on his shoulder.”Will you hold me?” She sniffled.”Sure, Mom,” he muttered, curling his arms around her.Garrett felt the supple flesh of her big mommy-breasts squash against the side of his chest. They felt full and heavy, much different from those of the girls at school.Kristen grazed her hand across his cheek. “My precious baby…such a strength to me.””Anything you need, Mom,” he answered, giving her arm an assuring rub.Kristen slid her naked leg up across the top of her sons, grazing her tiny bare foot up his thigh. Garrett was excited by the feeling. Soft smooth skin rubbing against his own.”Thank you sweetie. I’m gonna need you a lot I think.”Two hours later, sunshine peered though the shades.”Mommy.”Kristen lifted her head off her son chest and saw her daughter Cassie standing beside the bed, still in her PJ’s.”Good morning sunshine,” the Mom smiled.Cassie looked at her brother and the way her mom was nearly sprawled out on top of him. “Why are you in Garrett’s bed?” “Garrett and I were cuddling some this morning.”Waking, Garrett was kinda surprised by the way his mom laying on him. One of her naked legs was still d****d across his midsection and both her big tits were now mashed against his chest. A few of the top buttons to her blouse had popped open and he could see a huge bulging cleavage straining again the lacy hem of her white bra.”Fucking hell.” Garrett thought as he felt a surge of blood enter his pecker.”Oh, will you come cuddle with me next?” Cassie asked, with a cuteness that no mother could resist.Kristen giggled. “Well I would, but it looks like it’s time for you and your brother to get ready for school.”Cassie stomped out of the room in a tiff. “Aww, I hate school.”Kristen giggled again, then propped herself up on her elbows, gazing down at her teen. “Good morning” she said affectionately.”Guess we fell asleep huh?” Garrett said.”Yeah, I guess so. Wish we didn’t have to get up though,” she answered, making a cute little pouty face.Garrett’s erection was now at full attention. Having risen to her elbows, his Mom was exposing a lot more tit-meat. Huge bulging mounds of soft flesh were spilling over the tops of her bra cups and Garrett found himself gawking into the deep gaping pocket of exposed cleavage.”Thank you for letting me snuggle. I sooo needed it,” she said.”Anytime, Mom,” he said, half-blushing.As she slid off him, Kristen’s inner thigh rubbed across her son’s long rigid love-muscle. “I suppose I should get you two some breakfast.” Garret laid there awkwardly, attempting to conceal the tent in his sheet. “Yeah, I’ll get up in a sec.”Rising to her feet, Kristen stood bedside, placed her hand on her hips and smiled down at her boy. “You don’t have to be embarrassed about that you know.””About what?”She glanced at the still obvious protrusion, then back into his eyes. “That.””Ohh…yeah.” He mumbled timidly.”You may be my first, but I do know some things about teenaged boys. It’s called a piss hard-on and it probably gets like that every morning…am I right?” Kristen asked, feeding him a quirky smile.”Yeah…pretty much.” Kristen smiled proudly, bent over and poked her son in the ribs, making him squirm. “See, I know more about you than you think.”Garrett watched her stroll towards the door. He could see the indentation of the hem of her panties through her skirt and her meaty buttocks seems to have little extra sway as she stepped towards the hallway.Before rounding the corner, she peeked back, smiling almost naughtily and gave him a cute little wink.The sheet rose upward as Garrett’s rock hard erection flexed and throbbed beneath it. Kristen glanced at it and giggled. “Show off.” She disappeared from the doorway.”Hooly shit.” Garrett muttered excitedly, under his breath.That afternoon Kristen took the k**s over to see Doug at the hospital. Cassie snuggled up beside her daddy and Doug’s wife sat on the other side of him. Garrett sat across the room in a chair.”I missed you daddy.” Cassie said.Doug kissed his daughter on the forehead. “Missed you too pumpkin.” She squeezed her father. “I want you to come home.””Cassie, be careful honey, you’re daddy is still quite sore.” Kristen said.She kissed him on the cheek. “Sorry, daddy.”Doug looked across at his son. “That’s ok, precious. Garrett, how you doin’ buddy?””I’m ok dad,” Garret answered.Cassie seemed jealous that the attention was drawn from her. “Mommy slept in Garrett’s bed last night.”Kristen fed her daughter a stern look. “Cassie, hush your mouth.””Well you did, Mommy.”Kristen looked at her husband as he returned an inquisitive smile. “Garrett and I were having a chat after I got home and I fell asleep on his bed.””Mommy was laying on top of him this morning.” Cassie said.”Cassie Hall…I most certainly was not, now I told you to hush. I was giving Garrett a hug when she walked in…wasn’t I?” Kristen asked, looking over at Garrett.Garrett nodded, knowing his Mom was lying and that he woke up with her on top of him. “Yeah.””Well I got good news. The doctor said I can come home in two days.” Doug said.”Yay!” Cassie cheered.”I’ll have to come back for physical therapy twice a week, but otherwise I’ll be good to go.”Kristen smiled and patted his hand. “That’s great sweetie.””Yeah, awesome, Dad.” Garrett added.”Well, I better to get the k**s home so they can get started on their homework.” Kristen said.”Awww, I wanna stay with daddy. ” Cassie whined in protest. Doug hugged her tight. “Daddy will be home in a few days pumpkin.”They gave their hugs and said their goodbyes and Doug watched his little family move down the hallway towards the elevator. Kristen was wearing a pair of low cut jeans that looked as though they were sculpted around her luscious ass. She also wore a sexy white tank top and mini platform sandals with a 4 ½ inch heels.As they waited for the elevator Doug took a second to admire how sexy her little feet looked ached in them. Her cute little toes peeked out the bottom, with their red painted toenails. There’s no doubt that his wife of twenty years was built like a brick shit house.Again he remembered peering back at her in the mirror as they made love so many times through the years. He remembered staring at those smooth golden brown legs as they kept his body locked between them. Her muscles tensing. Her sexy little bare feet flexing.Normally Doug would feel his penis get hard about now, but this time it wasn’t happening. He glanced down at his lap a it lay flat and motionless.DING!!The elevator door opened and just before they entered Doug noticed that Kristen’s hand slowly crept over into Garrett’s, interlacing her fingers between his, then led him and their daughter into the elevator.Later that evening Garrett was hanging out in his large walk-in closet. He appropriately called this place his “Man Cave.” He sat in a padded swing chair that was suspended by a large metal stand and was surrounded by a lot of his favorite things.”Garrett?” He heard his mom call from inside his bedroom.He glanced up from his laptop where he was chatting with pals on Facebook. “In here Mom.”The closet door opened and Kristen stepped inside. “I should have known you’d be hanging out in your Man Cave,” she giggled.”You know me,” he said.Kristen closed the door behind her. Her hair was still damp and slicked back from a shower and she wore nothing but a white short satin robe.”Well I finally got your sister to sleep. Whiny little thing,” she said, making her son giggle.”You can say that again,” he added.Kristen smiled as she moved past a large poster on the wall of a voluptuous women in nothing but a white bra and panty set. The women’s deep tan was nearly same shade as her own. “She’s pretty. Who is that?”Garrett looked up the poster. “Umm her name’s Denise Melani.” Kristen smiled and pointed at the woman’s lacy, almost transparent bra. “That’s funny, I think I have that same bra.””Really?” Garrett asked.”Yeah, I had no idea they had matching panties for it. Hmmm.”Kristen strode past her son and sat down on a small bench in front of him. The robe gathered a bit at her waist exposing her smooth shapely legs in their entirety. She rested both palms on the bench by her hips, thrusting the swell of her huge mommy-boobs out just a little. Her legs were together and her knees were slightly cocked to one side. Garrett could smell the sweet scent of her recently applied shea-butter and noticed that her tan legs looked nearly as smooth and shimmery as the satin robe she was wearing. “So, you must be excited for dad to come home finally,” he said.”Yeah…I guess,” she answered unenthusiastically.”It’s gonna be a big change for him, huh?” Kristen looked at her son and smiled. “It’s gonna be a big change for all of us, which is kinda what I wanted to talk to you about.””Okay.””They’re sending your father home with his own bed, one of those fancy automated ones. He’ll be in a wheel chair, so he’ll need a lot of space. I thought maybe if you didn’t mind, we could move the king sized bed down here and…I could share your room with you for awhile.” Kristen explained.Garrett’s heart began to thump hard in his chest. “You mean a bedroom to…like sleep in…together?Kristen giggled. “Of course…that is what you do in a bedroom knucklehead.”Garrett smiled awkwardly. “No…umm, I don’t mind. Whatever I can do to help, Mom.””I know you’re father’s not gonna like the idea, but he has to deal with the realities of his injury. It’s just the way it has to be for now.”Garrett nodded, still flabbergasted by her request. “I agree.””Thank you sweetie. Are you sure you’re okay with being roommates with Mom?” Kristen asked with a smile.”Yeah, of course.”Kristen placed her hands on her knees, leaning forward a little. “You know buster…sharing a room with me might just have its advantages.””What kind of advantages?” Garrett asked.Kristen peered up at the poster of the nearly naked woman, then back at her boy. “You’ll see,” she said, with a mischievous smile.”If dad’s coming home this weekend how are we gonna move all your stuff down here by Saturday?”Kristen nodded. “Well, tell you what, why don’t we keep you home from school tomorrow and we can spend the day setting up our bedroom.”Garrett rolled his eyes. “Oh great now you tell me, after I did all that homework.”Kristen giggled. “Oh stop your whining, You’re starting to sound like your little sister.””I don’t think that’s possible, Mom.” Kristen stood up, making her heavy tits bobble beneath the loose thin covering.”Sadly, I think your right. Stand up here and give me a hug.”Garrett stood and he and Kristen embraced. The euphoric feeling of warm braless breasts against his young chest nearly took his breath away.”Don’t stay up too late. You and I have a busy day tomorrow,” she said.”I won’t.” Kristen started out, but then stopped at the door. “Oh, and I’ll make a deal with you…cuz I’m gonna need some closet space. I’ll let you keep the back half of the Man Cave, but in return I get to doll up our bedroom.””Doll up?” Garrett asked.”You know. Some delicate lace…lots of fluffy whites and pale pinks. You’ve seen my bedroom.”Garrett giggled. “Ohh right…okay I guess.” “It’ll be pretty…and comfy…you’ll see,” she said with a wink as she stepped out the door. The next morning Garrett entered the kitchen to find his Mom at the sink on her cell phone. His sister was at the table chomping on some cereal.Kristen spoke to her husband on her cell. “Hey hon, it’s me…how are you this morning?”It didn’t take Garrett long to notice what his mom was wearing…a white smocked tube top and tight hot pink terry shorts.”Listen, I probably won’t be dropping by today…I’m keeping Garrett home from school so we can do some rearranging before you come home tomorrow.” Kristen said.Cassie glared at her brother. “You get to stay home? No fair!””I’m helping Mom today,” he said.”I wanna help toooo.” Cassie whined.Kristen padded on bare feet over to the fridge to put something away. “Well, you’re gonna need the space in the master bedroom, so I’ve decided that Garrett and I are gonna share his bedroom for awhile.””What, you get to share a room with Mom?!” Cassie said in a huff.”Doug I’ve already talked to Garrett and he’s fine with it…ugh, no, I’m sorry, but I’m not sleeping in one of those damn hospital beds.” Kristen continued.Cassie glared at her brother. “I wanna be in Mom’s room.””You better eat, you’re gonna miss the bus.” Garrett said.Kristen continued to clean. “Sweetie I know you have to use it…and that’s fine. We’re gonna get rid of Garrett’s bed and use the king size bed for him and I.””No fair, you get to sleep with Mom.” Cassie was near tears at this point.Kristen glanced at the clock, then over at her daughter. “Cassie, school bus honey.””I know.” Cassie said, grabbing her backpack and stomping away.Garrett couldn’t help but stare at his mom’s silky tan legs as he watched her talk to his father on the phone.”I know honey and I knew you wouldn’t like it, but Doug it’s just the way it has to be right now. I’m sorry,” she said, then turned towards her son, leaning back against the sink. “Anyway, I gotta go…poor Garrett’s been sitting here waiting patiently. I’ll call you this afternoon…love you too…bye.”Kristen smiled and strolled towards her son. “Well that went over like I thought it would.” “Mom, I’ve been thinking…you and Dad’s bed is huge. Is it even gonna fit in my room?” Garrett asked.Kristen smiled and brushed bangs out of his eyes with her nails. “Well, it might be ALL bed in there when we’re finished, but we’ll make it fit…one way or another.”A little while later Garrett and Kristen wrestled the giant top mattress down to their tiny bedroom. The big busted mom giggled as she nearly fell over maneuvering it onto the box spring. Once in place she fell back onto the mattress with a big SIGH.”My God this bed is a monster,” she said, crawling to the center of the mattress.”I still can’t believe we got it in here.” Garrett said.Kristen padded the bed beside her. “Come rest with me a minute.””Sounds good to me.” Garret said, crawling onto the mattress and sprawling out onto his back.Kristen nuzzled close, dr****g an arm and legs across him. Garrett let out a tired breath and his mom lifted her head to look at him.”You okay?” She asked.”Yeah, why?”She got a playful smile. “Just making sure. Last time we were like this you were sprouting quite the piss hard-on,” she said with a little grin.”Jeez, Mom,” he blushed.”Well, you were…then you were trying to act like I couldn’t see it.””I’m sorry…it just happens.” Kristen burst out giggling. “I’m just teasing you, sweetheart. It really doesn’t bother me. Erections are a natural function of a boys body and remember, we’re roommates now, so I don’t want you too feel like you have to hide it every time it happens okay?”Garrett nodded, still a tad embarrassed.”Hey…” Kristen said, gazing down at him with those brilliant green eyes. “I mean it…we’re sharing a bedroom, sweetie, which means we’re gonna see things. Things that we probably wouldn’t normally see. Just promise me you won’t be embarrassed when it happens okay?”Garrett nodded with a smile. “Okay.””Good, cuz if you do get embarrassed…I’m gonna TICKLE you,” she said, then dug into her son’s ribs.Garrett laughed and flopped around, trying to escape his mom’s fingers.Kristen pulled him back down onto his back, then threw her leg across his lap and mounted him. Garrett thrust his hips over and over, trying to buck her off. Kristen giggled as she rode his teenaged loins. Her big mature tits jumped up and down under the tube top. The hem crept down and her jugs nearly spilt out.Garrett stopped bucking and had an astounded smile. “Mom, you’re gonna lose your top.”She didn’t pull it up, but grabbed his hands and pinned them back against the mattress. “That IS a possibility.”With his Mom leaning forward Garrett was exposed to an obscene amount of cleavage. “What’s that suppose to mean?”Kristen gazed down into his eyes with a quirky little smile. “This is my bedroom too remember? So if my boobs fall out of my top while I’m tickling you…then I guess you’re just gonna have to deal with it.””Deal with this,” he said, quickly rolling his mom over onto her back.Kristen let out a playful SCREAM and found her son on top of her. She immediately brought her naked legs up and wrapped them around him. When they both stopped giggling they found themselves sharing a prolonged gaze. The seeds of forbidden desire were just starting to sprout and they were both feeling it.Being this close and flirty with his own voluptuous middle-aged mom was an absolute rush for young Garrett.For Kristen, having her own innocent teenaged son between her legs was absolutely exhilarating. Garrett slowly pried himself out from between his mom’s legs and off the bed, trying his best to conceal his growing erection. “I guess we should get back to work huh?”Kristen rose up, resting on one elbow and stared at him with a naughty little smile. “Get back here,” she said softly, beckoning him with her finger.Garrett gazed a her a second. Her long luscious legs were stretched out and her tube top pulled nearly off, revealing the tops of her enormous breasts.Garrett crawled back onto the mattress and Kristen guided him back down between her silky legs. Again she threw them up around him, this time criss-crossing her ankles together above his ass, locking him in.She could feel the obvious bulge resting against her. “We’re not gonna be embarrassed, remember?””Yeah, yeah…I remember.” Garrett said, still somewhat timidly.”You’re not gonna try and hide it anymore, right?”Garrett nodded.Kristen giggled, lifted her head and planted a quick kiss on his lips “Thank you,” she whispered, then unlocked her legs and watched the cute teen squirm away.Before noon Kristen and Garrett were able to get most of her things moved out of the master bedroom, but their new bedroom was now a disorganized mess.Garrett came down with one of the final boxes from his mom’s closet. “Hey Mom, what’s this? It’s a box that says ‘honeymoon’ on it.”Garrett handed her the box. Kristen placed it on the bed and opened it. “Oh, these are things from the honeymoon your father and I took to Mexico.””Oh, like stuff you guys bought there?””Yup” she answered, thumbing through the items.”That looks like a bikini.” Garrett said.Kristen lifted a skimpy pink string bikini from the box. “It is…it’s the one I wore on the beach practically the entire time we were down there.” Garrett stared at the tiny patches of fabric. “No way that thing’s a bikini,” he said jokingly.”Do I have to prove it?”Garrett knew his answer, but he didn’t wanna seem too excited. “If you want to I guess.””Well if I try it on I’m gonna have to do it before your sister gets home. It’s not the kinda thing I’d want her seeing me in.””I was just k**ding, Mom. You don’t really have to. ” Garrett said, a little surprised that his Mom took his joke so serious.”No, I don’t mind. I’ve been wanting to try it on again anyway. Just do me a favor and lower the shades. We don’t need the nieghbors seeing me parade around in this thing.” Kristen said with a giggle.Garrett’s heart was racing. “Naw, I guess that wouldn’t be good.”Kristen carried the bikini out of the room. “Back in a few minutes.”It was longest few minutes of Garrett’s life. Finally, he heard his mom stepping up the hallway. “Just remember, I’m a little chunkier now than I was at 18,” he heard his mom say as she approached.As Kristen rounded the corner and into the bedroom, Garrett literally felt his mouth fall open. The skimpy two-piece barely covered her. Huge rolls of tit-flesh were spilling out everywhere. The bikini fit snug around her curvaceous middle-aged body and the bottoms were so tight that they literally molded around the grooves of her snatch. Her dark tan against the pink nylon fabric looked stunning.With one leg cocked out in front of her, Kristen placed her hands on her hips and fed her son a playful smile. “Well, what do you think?”Garrett could hardly speak. “I see now why you wanted to close the shades.” Kristen giggled, then turned, displaying her backside for the captivated teen.”Oh wow.” Garrett muttered.They weren’t g-string bottoms, but they were far from modest. Kristen’s meaty ass cheeks literally spilt out from under them and put on display the type of ass that boy’s Garrett’s age dream about.”Well, definitely more snug than it used to be.” she said.”Anybody home?” Came a female voice from the front door.The voice startled Garrett, but Kristen seemed unphased as she looked out the door into the hallway. “Down here Momma.”Garrett gazed at his mom like she was insane. She smiled back reassuringly. “It’s ok…it’s just Grandma.”Dolores stepped into the doorway with a huge smile. She was a gorgeous 57 year old. An older version of Kristen, big tits and all. “Well, look at you two. Having a fashion show in here are we?” Dolores said.Kristen kissed and hugged her mom. “I was just trying on old bikini for Garrett.””God, I haven’t seen you in that since we shopped before your wedding. Honey, you look stunning.””Thanks, Momma,” Kristen smiled.”And I’m sure my Grandson more than agrees, don’t you handsome?” Dolores, asked as she stepped over and hugged Garrett.”Yeah, hi Grandma.”Dolores eye-balled the huge bed that filled the room. “I was just on my way over to say hi to Doug, thought I’d stop by and see how the new bedroom was coming along.””Well, everything of mine is moved out of Doug’s room, now I just have to start organizing.” Kristen said.”Oh I think this room is going to be sooo perfect for the two of you…I really do.” Dolores said, feeding her daughter a warm meaningful smile.Kristen smiled in return. “I do to.”Dolores turned towards her Grandson. “And sharing that big fluffy bed with such a beautiful mother. How exciting.”This made Garrett smile and glance at Kristen, who fed him a loving wink.Dolores glanced at her daughter’s huge tits. “Honey, I hate to say it but if those boobs get any bigger, you’re gonna topple right over.”Kristen’s breasts jiggled as she laughed. “That’s ok…I have a nice strong roommate to catch me if I do,” she said, leaning against her son.”Well remind me the next time you’re over. I have a bunch of satin bras that are all 44 triple-d’s. I never wear them and they might actually fit you now.””Thanks, after I gave birth to Cassie I think I left Double-D land for good.” Kristen said. Dolores pulled a photograph out of the honeymoon box. It was a picture of Doug and Kristen, newly married and on a beach in Mexico. Doug was holding Kristen piggy-back style, her big bikini-clad tits were flattened against his back.”What a happy memory.” Dolores said.Kristen smiled, gazing at the picture. “You should take it with you and show Doug. I don’t think he’s seen that picture in years.””Wonderful idea, darling. I better head over there now and let you two love-birds get back to work.”Kristen walked with her Mom to front door. “Love you, Momma. Tell Doug I’ll give him a call a little later ok.”Dolores left and Kristen sashayed back into her and her son’s bedroom. “Well, I better get out of this bikini before your sister gets home. Will you do me a huge favor?” Kristen asked, batting her eyelashes.”Sure Mom.”Kristen stopped in front of him and rubbed his shoulder tenderly. “Will you take your sister to ballet while your mom stays here and works her magic on our bedroom?””No problem, Mom.”She gazed up at him with love in her eyes. “You’re so good to me. You know, with everything that’s happened…I’d be completely lost without you.”For the second time that day they shared a deep passionate gaze. Kristen stood up on her cute little tip toes and brought her lips to her sons. “Thank you,” she whispered.She gave him a peck on the lips…then another…then another, gazing into his eyes and savoring his innocence.They heard the SCREECH of breaks outside and Garrett’s eyes got big. “School bus!”Kristen gave him another quick peck. “Shit!” she giggled.She started to leave, but then rushed back and gave her son more kisses, like a playful little schoolgirl. Both of them were laughing at this point.”Geez, Mom.”Garrett watched her gracefully trot out of the bedroom, her big fleshy tits bobbling wildy under the flimsy bikini sling.”Well, you look chipper today, son-in-law of mine.” Dolores said as she entered Doug’s hospital room.”Chipper as one can be under the circumstances I guess.” He smiled.Dolores stepped over and sat on his bedside. “Well I just came from your place, Garrett and Kristen’s room is looking wonderful. You should see them…they’re so cute…like young newlyweds setting up their new bedroom together.””I still don’t think it’s necessary,” he said, shaking his head.”You should be thankful. They’re working their asses off today to make sure you have a comfortable room at home. I hope you appreciate the sacrifice that they’re making.””I’d appreciate being able to share a room with my wife.”Dolores glared at him. “Well, sweetheart, maybe you should have thought about these things before you went and played soldier and got yourself all banged up.””Oh I’m sorry Dolores, I was out defending my country. What was I thinking,” he answered sarcastically.Dolores reached in her purse and pulled out the photograph. “Oh, before I forget I told Kristen I’d bring this over for you to look at.”Doug smiled when he saw the picture. He and his wife looked so young and happy in it. “It’s our honeymoon. I haven’t seen this picture 1xbet yeni giriş in years.”Dolores gazed at her daughter in the picture. “Wasn’t she beautiful and she still looks just as dazling in that little pink bikini. She was modeling it for Garrett when I got to the house.” “She was wearing that bikini? In front of Garrett?” Doug asked.”Well Doug, maybe you’ve been too busy to notice, but Garrett isn’t a little boy anymore. He’s more than old enough to handle seeing a gorgeous big breasted woman in a skimpy bikini.””Well yeah, but when the gorgeous women is his mother, then that’s a different story.””Well darling let’s be realistic, Kristen may be his mother, but they’re sharing a bedroom now. Garrett’s probably going to be seeing her in all sorts of skimpy things and chances are there will be times he even sees her completely naked.” Dolores explained.”No, you’re wrong. Kristen would never let that happen.””Oh sweetie, I wouldn’t be so sure about that. You and I both know that Kristen is completely comfortable with her body. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if young Garrett has already seen her in the nude.”Doug was getting a tad bit irritated at this point. “That may be the case, but I think she has a bit more modesty around her son than that.””Well, I can tell you one thing for sure…that bikini she was wearing for him today sure wasn’t covering much.” Dolores countered.”Yeah well, I guess I’ll have to talk to her about that.” Doug said.Dolores giggled and rubbed her son-in-law’s shoulder. “You do that, darling.”Late that afternoon Garrett arrived back at the house after taking his sister to ballet. He and Cassie entered the bedroom to find his mom straightening out one of her drawers. Other than that the room was finished.Kristen turned towards her son with a smile. “Tah-dah!” She said proudly.The bedroom was bright and feminine. There were a few floral arrangements here and there and big fluffy white down on the bed, with delicate lace. “Wow, this looks great, Mom.” Garrett said.”You think so?”Again, Cassie stuck out her bottom lip. “Noo fair, I want mom to share my room with meeee.””Speaking of your room, it’s a disaster, young lady…let’s get it clean okay?””Can you help me?” Cassie pleaded.”Go in and get started, I’ll be in a few minutes to check up on you.”Cassie hung her head low and marched to her own bedroom. Grinning from ear to ear, Kristen motioned for her son to follow her to the closet. In the front half hung all of her clothing, but the back half, separated by a semi-transparent curtain divider, was Garrett’s retreat.”As promised, I left you a little man-cave,” she said with a giggle.”Sweet,” he smiled, pulling back the curtain to see his little space, which was just big enough for his swing chair and a few other things.”Guess what?” Kristen asked him, seeming anxious.”What?””Your Grandma offered to take Cassie for the night so you and I can go on a date.”Garrett gave her a strange smile. “A date?””Yeah, you know…dinner, maybe a walk along the beach. Come on, it’s Friday night…it’ll be fun.”Garrett giggled a little and nodded. “Okay I guess.”Later that evening Dolores came to get Cassie and Kristen and Garrett got dressed up to go out. Since it was still warm out Garrett decided on a pair of khaki shorts and a polo.Cassie rushed out the front door. “I’ll be in the car Grandma.””Okay, Pumpkin.” Dolores said.Dolores stepped up to her Grandson. “I think you’ve really made an impression on your mother here lately,” she said, straightening his collar. “Boys who make an impression on their mother can sometimes find themselves on the receiving end of something very special.”Dolores gave him a smiling wink. “Have fun tonight…and don’t be afraid to romance her.”Garrett was watching baseball in the living room when he heard the click of his mom’s heels coming down the hallway.”Ready to hit the town, handsome?” She asked.Kristen sashayed towards her son in a black knit, stretch-fit mini-dress, which had a sleeveless, tie-back halter top. It looked as though it were sculpted around her curves. She had on a little make-up, but didn’t need much. Her feet were arched in a dainty pair of black mini-platform leather sandals, with 4 ½ inch spiked heels.Garrett’s heart beat heavy as his eyes traveled from her sexy little feet up her smooth luscious legs. “Wow, you look great, Mom.”She fed him a flirty little smile, raising one eyebrow. “You look pretty good yourself, Romeo.”Kristen took her son to a nice restaurant. A hot middle-aged mom out with an attractive teenaged boy resulted in more than a few whispers amoung other patrons.”I saw them setting up for the tri-city carnival over at the fairgrounds today.” Garrett said as they ate.”Mmm, I love that fair. We should go this year.” Kristen answered.”Dad hates that fair. He says he doesn’t trust all those creepy carny people that put those rides together.”Kristen took a sip up wine. “Well then your dad can stay home and you and I’ll go.”Garrett chuckled. “And I’m sure Cassie will want to tag along.””Well too bad. I’m sure she’ll be going with her friends like she did last year. I refuse to listen to her or you dad whine every time you and I want to spend time alone together.”Kristen cell phone went off and she looked at it. “Speaking of your father…shit, I forgot to call him before we left.”Kristen answered and Garrett listened to her conversation while he ate.”Hey, honey…yeah I’m sorry…things just got really busy. How are you doing?”Doug sat in his hospital bed on the phone with the ballgame on. “Ready to get out of this damn hospital and eat some real food.””I bet. Did they say what time they’re bringing you home tomorrow?””No, they just said sometime in the morning. What are you guys up to tonight?” Doug asked.”Well, right now Garrett and I are out to dinner at Seasons. Mom took Cassie for the night.”Doug seemed surprised. “Seasons huh, pretty expensive night out.” “Yeah well, Garrett’s been a big help lately. I wanted to take him somewhere special.”Doug glanced down at the honeymoon photograph on his lap. “Well I heard he got to see his mom in a pretty provocative bikini today…wasn’t that special enough?””Well I don’t know…I guess you’d have to ask him how special it was.” Kristen said, looking across the table and giving her son a wink.Garrett took a bite of his dinner and seemed confused. “How special what was?”Doug didn’t seem amused. “Come on Kristen, do you really think that’s something you should be wearing around him? I mean it’s hardly modest even by today’s standards.” Kristen forced a smile. “Doug, I really can’t have this conversation with you right now. Garrett and I are gonna finish eating and take a walk along the beach, so call me in the morning just before they bring you home okay?””Alright…well enjoy your dinner, tell Garrett I love him and I can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow.”Kristen gazed across at her son with a tender smile. Her bright green eyes radiating pure love. “I will. Sweet dreams, hon.” “You too. Love you babe.” Doug said.On the way home Kristen was kinda quiet. Garrett glanced over at her. “You ok, Mom…you seem upset?””No, sweetie, I’m fine. I just…I could really use that walk on the beach. You game?”A few minute later Kristen slipped off her heels and took her son by the hand, leading him onto the moonlit beach. “Wow, it’s really pretty out here at night…and empty.” Garrett said.”It’s magical. Places like this make me think of all my hopes and dreams…everything I still want out of life.” Kristen said.Garrett glanced over at her and noticed how graceful she moved, even in the sand. The swell of her big busts seemed to tremble with each step. “So what is it you still want out of life?”Kristen thought about it for a moment. “I want love…I want passion…I want intimacy….I want more pleasure and more babies…””More babies…really?” Garrett asked.”Of course, I’m only 38, goofball. I would love to get pregnant again,” she said, squeezing his hand.”So do you think dad…””Do I think dad what?” Kristen asked.”Oh, never mind.”Kristen stopped and faced her son. “Do I think dad will be able to get me pregnant?””Yeah.”Kristen seemed somber, yet hopeful. “I don’t know yet. With this whole paralysis thing I…I just don’t know.””Well dad loves you…I’m sure he will if he can.”Kristen gazed at her son and nodded. “Yeah well, this is our time together right now, so I really don’t wanna talk about your father okay?Garrett nodded. Kristen moved in for a big tit-squashing hug. Rather than separate, she rested her head against her son’s shoulder. Garrett slid his hand onto her soft well rounded hips.”Thank you,” she whispered.”For what?””For being my strength through all this,” she said.Her warm fleshy tits felt so good mashed against Garrett’s chest. “You don’t have to thank me, Mom. It’s just what son’s do.””I know…but the past few days I feel like you’ve been more than a son,” she said, pulling back and gazing into his eyes. “You’ve been my best friend.”Garrett smiled. “That’s cool that we can be like that.””Yes it is.” Kristen said, then raised up on her tip-toes and gave him a soft peck on the lips. “Let’s go home,” she whispered.A half hour later Garrett was crawling into the giant king-sized bed that filled their bedroom. sleeping in the same bed as his mom would be sort of strange, yet exciting all at the same time.”So what side do you want on the bed, Mom,” he asked.Kristen was in the closet changing, but Garrrett was unable to see her. “It doesn’t matter, sweetie, but I have to warn you…I do have a tendency to be a blanket hog,” she giggled.”That’s ok, I usually get hot at night anyway.”Kristen turned off the light in the closet and stepped across the room. She was wearing Garrett’s big high school hockey jersey, which fell just below her ass.”Nice jersey.” Garrett said.”Thanks, it belongs to my hockey hottie of a son. Hope he doesn’t mind me wearing it to bed tonight.”Garrett shook his head, watching his mom crawl into bed. “Not at all.”Kristen fell onto her back so that her and Garrett were laying side by side, looking up at the ceiling.”I had fun tonight,” she said.”Me too…dinner was awesome.””The walk on the beach was nice too,” she said softly.”Yeah.” Garrett muttered.There was a period of awkward silence before Kristen turned her head to look at her son. “Garrett…will you hold me?”Garrett’s heart started racing. “Umm sure.”Kristen moved up against him, resting her head on his chest and drapping one leg over the top of one of his. Garrett marveled at how soft and smooth it felt. “Good night,” she whispered. “Night, Mom.”His mom’s sweet fragrance lingered around them as they drifted off to sleep.Sometime in the early morning hours Garrett woke up and noticed that his Mom was no longer laying against him. She was still nearby, but was laying on her tummy.Garrett sat up as he realized that she was uncovered and that the jersey had bunched up around her waist, leaving her panty-covered ass on open display. As if that wasn’t thrilling enough, the white panties she was wearing were completely sheer.The room was too dark to make out the finer details, but there was just enough light for Garrett to make out the crack of her meaty ass and the hairless cleft of her vulva.The curious teen felt the blood race to his loins. His heart was pounding with wicked excitement as he carefully leaned in for a closer look.As he crept in closer he could see a few more details. Kristen’s buttocks was slightly spread apart and he could see the ring of her cute little butt-hole. He could also just make out her fleshy inner pedals as they peeked out from between the thick outer lips of her labia.Then it hit him…the aroma of female pussy. His mom’s pussy. “H-h-holy shit,” he thought, as he reached down and squeezed the end of his hardening bulge.Kristen suddenly shifted and Garrett quickly fell onto his back to fake sleep. To his surprise, he felt his Mom crawl over to him, only this time she layed directly on top of him. His cock lurched as he felt her braless tits roll out onto his chest. Their warm spongy softness, separated by only thin nylon fabric was absolutely euphoric.His brick hard erection was now trapped against her pubic bone. Kristen rested her head against his shoulder and nustled in close, giving his neck a tender kiss.sleep didn’t come easy this way for poor Garrett. His cock throbbed for what seemed like hours before he drifted off to sleep again.He woke to his mom’s smiling face as she gazed down into his eyes.”Good morning sunshine,” she said.”Hi…what time is it?””Not really sure…still early I think. Oh wait…I know exactly what time it is…” Kristen said, her eyes getting big.”What time?”She quickly dug her fingers into his ribs, making her son flop like a fish. “IT’S TICKLE TIME!””Oh God no…not that!” Garret laughed.Kristen quickly mounted him as she continued her playful attack. “Ohh yes, that!” She giggled.With his lengthy erection squashed against her mons, Garrett thrust his hips up and down, trying to buck her off. This forced Kristen to fall forward, dropping her chest against his. As Garrett flopped around, lifting him and his mom off the bed over and over, Kristen’s big braless tits bounced and bobbled against him.”Ohh, Mom, you gotta stop!” Garrett begged, while laughing hestarically.”What’s wrong, am I bothering that big monster in your boxers?” She asked playfully.”No, but I do have to pee.”Kristren wouldn’t let up. “Of course you do…that’s why they call it a piss hard on, silly boy.”As much as Garrett hated being tickled, the warm flesh of his mom’s voluptuousness smothering his lean teenaged body was beyond what words could describe. Doug wheeled himself in the front door of the house and was kinda surprised at how quiet it was. He heard his wife let out a mischievous GIGGLE from somewhere inside.Wheeling himself down the hallway, Doug peeked just inside Kristen and Garrett’s bedroom.”Get back over here, young man,” he heard Kristen tease. Doug could see his wife and son frolicking under the covers. Their bodies formed a big bulge in the blankets, which rolled to one side, bounced a few times, then rolled back again, half-way across the bed.”I mean it, Mom. You gotta stop!””When I’m ready,” she giggled.Doug saw his wife’s naked legs slide out from under the blankets. It was obvious now that Garrett was on top of her as her smooth tan legs crept up and around his midsection.Doug felt jealous, yet strangely aroused as he watched his wife’s strong luscious legs clutch around their teenaged son’s body. Her cute little tan bare feet flexed and pointed, making Doug remember all those times he had looked back in the mirror of their bedroom while he bucked in her saddle.He looked across the room and sure enough, there on the wall across from the bed was his favorite mirror.”Good morning, k**s!” Doug finally said.He saw Kristen’s head pop up over her son’s shoulder and look at him, her hair disheveled.”Doug??”Doug tried not to show how bothered he was. “Yup, just got here. The guys are getting ready to bring the bed in.”Kristen slid out from under her son and off the bed. The big jersey was slipping off her shoulder and she straightened it as she padded towards her husband on bare feet.”You said you would call me,” she said.Doug noticed she was wearing Garrett’s jersey, but bit his tongue. “Yeah sorry, it all happened kinda fast this morning.””Ohh…well…” she bent over and gave him a quick kiss, still seeming a bit out of breath from the mornings activities. “Welcome home, sweetheart” she said with a soft smile.Doug looked over and saw his son sitting up in bed. A bed that was once his. “Hey, dad,” Garrett said, seeming a bit uncomfortable.Later that day, after getting Doug’s room situated Kristen went down to her and Garrett’s bedroom and found him in the man cave on his cell phone.As Garrett sat in his swing talking he saw his mom pull back the curtain just a tiny bit. Kristen was wearing a knee legth smocked strapless dress and her hair was pulled back in a pony. She was in a cute little stance, with one leg straight, the other bent at the knee. The heel of her front foot was kicked up and her cute little toes, with their red toenails, squatting against the floor.She smiled down at him almost playfully and blew him a kiss.”Hey Mom, do you care if I hit the tri-state fair for a few hours with Tim and Mitch?”Kristen nodded, but seemed a tad disappointed. “As long as you three don’t cause trouble.””Cool, she said I could go. All right dude, I’ll see you in an hour. Bye.” Garrett said into the phone.”Thanks, Mom, it’s the opening day and there’s gonna be a few cool bands there.”Kristen dropped down to her knees and crawled up between her son’s legs. “I thought WE were going to the fair together?” Kristen said with a little pouty face.Garrett leaned back in the swing chair and watched as his mom crawled right up onto him like a prowling cougar. Her massive tits made the bust of the smock stretch way out and as she leaned up against him they half-flattened against his chest. “We can still go,” he said.She softly kissed his lips. “You promise?” She asked, gazing down at him with those big gleaming green eyes.”Yeah.”Kristen fed him another smacking kiss, slower this time. “You swear?””Of course, we can go tomorrow if you want.”Kristen turned over and sat on her son’s lap, smothering his hard pecker in soft butt cheeks. She stretched her sexy legs straight out and leaned back against him.”Your sister’s going today with her friends, so don’t be surprised if you run into her there.”Garrett was sorta taken back at the way his mom was sitting on him, but he tried not to show it. “Oh great, she’ll probably be asking me for money.”Kristen giggled as she used her legs to slowly swing them up and back a few times. “I’ll make sure she has plenty so she’ll leave you and your friends alone.”Speaking of the obnoxious little sister, Cassie snuck into Kristen and Garrett’s bedroom and quietly peeked into the closet. Through the curtain she could see her mom sitting on Garrett’s lap, leaning back against his chest comfortably.”Sure you don’t want to hang around here with me today… I think we might have our own little carnival ride here.” Kristen said, as she made them swing freely off the floor.From the way he was sitting Garrett had quite the view. With his mom against his back like this he could stare straight down her smock, into her monster cleavage. When he gazed straight out, he could see her shimmering legs extended out, her sexy little bare feet pointed as they swung up and back only a foot from the floor.Kristen felt the teenaged dick flex against her ass.”We could call our ride the amazing boner swing,” she giggled.”Yeah, funny, Mom.”Kristen turned her head and kissed his cheek. “I hope you’re not still embarrassed about those.””Well I had one this morning when you were tickling me…I was ok with it then wasn’t I?” Garrett asked.”Mmm that you were…and I was pretty ok with it too.” Kristen said, quickly squeezing her buttocks around the long pipe tucked snug between it’s cheeks.”That’s a relief…seeing as it gets like that a lot.” Garrett said.”Well one thing’s for sure…it feels pretty darn big…and strong too,” she said, feeling her heart flutter.”What does?””That lump in your shorts, silly,” she giggled.”Isn’t that how they’re suppose to feel?””Not when it’s your mom’s sitting on your lap.” Kristen said almost jokingly.”I’m sorry, guess it is kinda wrong huh.”Kristen kept swinging them, which made her butt-hole grind along the underside of the stiff throbbing cylinder of cock-meat. “Don’t apologize, goofball. Do you hear your mom complaining?” Cassie raced from the doorway and into her father’s room. Doug was sitting up in bed watching a baseball game.”Hey, Pumkin, what are you up to?” Doug asked, as she climbed up on the bed next to him.”Mommy’s sitting on Garrett’s lap.” “She is huh…in the kitchen?” Doug asked.”No, in Garrett’s closet, on his swing chair. They were talking about the lump in Garrett’s shorts.” Cassie said.Doug look at his daughter, confused. “The lump in his shorts?” “Daddy, is that when a boys pee-pee gets hard?” Cassie asked.”Honey, you’re way too young to know about that stuff.””I think it is…cuz mommy was sitting on Garrett’s pee-pee in the closet and she said it felt big and strong.”Angered, Doug quickly pulled back the covers and lowered his bed. He tried to manuever into his wheelchair, but failed miserably and dropped to the floor.”Daddy!” Cassie cried out.Seconds later Kristen rushed into the room. “Doug?…Oh my God, honey, what happened?”Doug sat up on the floor. Cassie was bawling at this point.”Nothing…nothing, I’m fine,” he said.”No you’re not fine, you’re on the floor. What the hell happened?””I just had a little spill. Help me up into my chair, I’ll be fine,” he said, a tad embarrassed.Kristen helped her husband off the floor. “Cassie, stop crying honey, daddy’s ok.”Cassie rushed out of the room, still crying. “But I made him mad so I made him get hurt.””What did she do?” Kristen asked, showing some concern.”Forget it…we’ll talk about it later.”Kristen sat on the bed and took her husband’s hand. “You know…the k**s are both going to the fair tonight and…””And what?” Doug asked.”And…well, it’s been over two months,” she said, cocking an eyebrow.”Well, a lot’s happened in two months babe, including this.” Doug said, motioning to his legs.”I know but…I just thought, maybe we could try…”A couple hours later Kristen was pouncing on her husband like a hungry cougar. They kissed desperately as she quickly peeled his shirt off. Doug was leaned back in bed and Kristen was straddling him.”Ohhh Doug…ohh God, I need it so bad.” She sighed, pulling down her haulter and quickly unclaping her strapless bra.Kristen’s huge tits sprung free from her bra and bobbled around wilding as she kissed on her husband some more. She began to rock her hips, grinding her swampy cunt against his non-exsistent bulge.”Oh fuck Doug, I need you!” She cried.She dismounted and ripped his shorts down to his knees. Without the least bit of hesitation the hungry cock-starved wife dove head first into his groin and started sucking his limp cock.Her head bobbed up and down frantically, trying to put some life in her husband shriveled appendage. While she sucked Kristen grabbed it at the base and tugged up and down, using all her tricks.”Please, Doug!” She moaned, then flailed her tongue around the spongy tip of his soft cock.In one swoop she swallowed his entire dong, right down to his balls and and d**g her long pink tongue back and forth across his nuts. Her mouth formed a tight vacuum seal and began to suck hard on his cock.After a few minutes, Doug’s limp pecker POPPED from Kristen’s mouth. She reached under her dress and pulled her panties down. Doug watched them slide down her silky tan legs and over her little bare feet.Again Kristen mounted him. She reached under and grabbed his dick, pulling and tucking. Her dripping cunt hovered right over it, aching to be stuffed full.”Fuck me…oh God Doug, please fuck me!” She cried.Desperately, she brushed the mushroom tip back and forth against her inflamed clit, then down between her gooey slit. With unbridled horniess she bounced up and down against it, trying to force it inside. “Nooo! Oh please, Doug!””I’m sorry baby.” Doug said in a defeated tone, staring down in between the huge hanging utters bobbling in front of him.His cock started to worm inside the sucking mouth of Kristen’s cunt. “Ohhh, yes, there it is!”Too wilted to go any further it popped right out.”FUCK!” Kristen shouted in frustration. She seemed near tears at this point.”I’m sorry honey, I just can’t.” Doug said.Kristen fell to one side of him on the bed and began to sniffle.Doug reached over and rubbed her shoulder tenderly. “Let me lick you.”Kristen closed her eyes and shook her head, a little tear trickling down her cheek. “Just forget it,” she said softly.”I can still pleasure you.””No Doug, you can’t…but it’s ok. I’ll be fine,” she said, forcing a smile.”We’ll talk to the doctor, maybe there’s something we can do…a d**g or something to help me get an erection.”Kristen seemed to be staring off into space. “Yeah….maybe.”After a period of discouraged silence Doug said something he shouldn’t have. “Well I heard someone else didn’t have any problems getting an erection today.”Kristen turned her head and looked at him. “What do you mean by that?” “Cassie said she saw you sitting on Garrett’s lap in the closet and that you commented on how big and hard his… ‘boner’ was.” Doug explained.Kristen felt her blood boil. After her huge let down she wasn’t about to lie regarding the situation with her and her son.”Garrett and I were having an adult conversation. He’s 18 years old, Doug, he’s not a little boy anymore.””All I’m saying is…sitting on his lap…parading around here in front of him in a skimpy bikini…do you really think that’s a good idea?” Doug asked, trying not to sound too upset.Kristen sat up and fed her husband a perturbed glare. “You wanna know what I think…then I’ll tell you. I think you have enough issues of your own to deal with right now than to worry about what Garrett and I are doing!””I just don’t think it’s appropriate.”Kristen stood up off the bed, pulling the halter up over her breasts. “Last I checked I was a grown woman. I think I can decide what’s appropriate for me and my son thank you very much.”Doug raised his voice a little. “Wrestling around half-naked with him in bed and wrapping your legs up around him like you did this morning…is that what you call appropriate?”Kristen glared at her husband. “Look, all that’s happened has taken an emotional toll on me, Doug and Garrett’s been an incredible strength through all this. IT HAS brought us closer as a mother and son and if you don’t like you can just go fuck yourself.” Kristen said, then glanced as his limp pecker. “If you can even manage that,” she said sarcastically, then marched out of the room.Garrett got home about 11pm that night to find his mom sprawled out on the couch. “Hey sweetie, how was the fair?””The bands were awesome.”Cassie stood at the end of the hallway in her PJ’s. “I saw Garrett and his friends flirting with girls, Momma.””Shut up, I was not.” Garrett snapped.”What are you still doing up, young lady?” Kristen asked, standing from the couch.Cassie put on her sad face. “I can’t sleep.”Kristen gave her son an almost jealous smile as she passed him. “Flirting with the girls huh?””We were talking to them…we weren’t flirting.”Cassie nodded. “Yes you were.”Kristen guided her daughter away. “Come on, back to bed for you, young lady.”Garrett went into the mancave and sat in the swing on his laptop to check his email. Through the silky curtain he saw his mom stroll into the closet.”That little girl. I think she had way too much sugar at the fair today.” Kristen said.Through the curtain Garrett could see his mom sliding the halter dress off. His mouth fell open as he realized she was now in just her bra and panties. “Probably,” he muttered.He couldn’t make out much detail, but he could see just enough through the semi-transparent cloth to send blood rushing to his teenaged cock. Kristen reached around and unclasped her strapless bra. “So tell me about the girls that you were flirting with.”Garrett could see the shapes of her her big mommy-boobs wobbling as the sprung free. He could see the large dark circles of areola on the tips. “They’re just girls from my school…but I really wasn’t flirting.”Kristen grabbed the hem of her little panties and slid them down her legs. “So you haven’t had sex with any of these girls?”Garrett watched for a second as his mom stood there completely nude, brushing back her hair with her long nails. “No, I don’t even really know any of them that well.”Kristen threw on her white short silk robe, tied it around her waist, then walked over and peeked around the curtain.Garrett looked up to see her smiling down at him mischievously. “Are we enjoying the benefits yet?” Kristen asked.Garrett recalled their discussion the day prior and his mom’s comment about the benefits of sharing a room together. He giggled a little under his breath, looking a tad embarrassed. “I guess.””I’m gonna grab a shower and put on my nightie. Then I’ll come back and we’ll go to bed, okay?” Kristen asked.Garrett nodded, his penis starting to throb, his heart starting to race. “Yup.”After her shower Kristen peeked in on her husband. Doug was watching some sports when he heard her tap at the door.”Garrett and I are going to bed. I just wanted to say goodnight.”Doug felt a surge of jealousy as he looked at his gorgeous wife standing in the doorway in nothing but a tiny robe. Her hair was still damp and slicked back and her smooth tan legs had a light sheen from having just been shaved and lotioned. “I’m sorry about ealier today. I may have overracted I guess,” he said.Kristen strolled over to her husband’s bedside and smiled down at him lovingly. “It’s been a stressful time for everyone.””You know I love you right?” Doug asked.”Yes I do…and I love you too,” she answered, then leaned over and gave him a peck on the lips. When she did this Doug’s could see inside the open slit in her robe. He could tell she had on something very sexy and very scanty underneath it. “I’ll see you in the morning,” she said.Doug watched his wife stroll out of the bedroom, the pillowy swell of her meaty buttocks swaying gently. He heard her little bare feet pad down the hallway, then his wife and son’s bedroom door click closed.Garrett had just crawled in bed when his mom returned.”Hey, handsome, you warming that bed up for us?” Kristen asked as she sashayed over to her side.”Well it’s another hot night. Don’t want to warm it up too much,” he answered.Garrett watched his mom untie her sash and let the robe slip to the floor. Kristen was wearing a white sheer dainty baby doll nighty with spaghetti straps and matching G-string panties. The set had beautiful detailed butterfly applique.As she crawled into bed Garrett watched her tits flounder as they strained against the flimsy top. She moved under the big fluffy comforter and slid over against him. “Mmm, I need some snuggle time.”Garrett couldn’t help but SIGH as he felt her warm soft flesh smother his side. Kristen lay her head down against his chest and Garrett felt one of her smooth legs slide across his.”I missed you today,” she whispered.”Missed you too. Did you still wanna go to the fair tomorrow?”Kristen lifted her head and gazed into his eyes dotingly. “As long as I’m with you I’ll go anywhere.””What if I wanted to hang out at the sewage treatment plant?” Garrett joked.Kristen giggled and poked him. “Smart ass.””Well, you said anywhere.”There was a short period of silence before Kristen got a quirky smile. “You’re hard again.””Huh?” Garrett muttered, trying to act stupid.Kristen gazed down at the obvious protrusion in the blankets. “You have a hard-on silly…just like you did yesterday and last night….and this morning…and this afternoon and dozens of times in between I’m sure. ” she giggled flirtingly. “Yeah, it does get like that a lot.” Garrett blushed.”Well, that’s because it’s trying to tell you something.””Tell me what?”Kristen looked into his eyes with a innocent smile. “What do you think? When a penis gets hard it mean it needs to be masturbated to orgasm. Sweetie, when was the last time you took care of yourself?””Yesterday morning,” he answered.”Yesterday morning?! Garrett Hill, you can’t be serious.” Kristen said sympathetically.”Well, we’ve been kinda busy, Mom.””I know, baby, but you need to make sure you always take time out of your day for things like that…no matter what’s going on.” Kristen said.Garrett glanced towards the door. “Well, I guess I could go into the bathroom and take care of it real quick.””Don’t be ridiculous. This is your bedroom. You shouldn’t 1xbet giriş have to retreat down the hallway every time you need to masturbate.” Kristen said.”I know, but now that we’re sharing a room and everything, maybe I…” Garrett started then his mom cut him off.”Hey, we had this discussion yesterday. Erections and masturbation are a perfectly natural part of life and we’re both grown adults, remember?”Garrett still seemed a bit uncomfortable. “I know, Mom…it just seem a little weird, that’s all.”Kristen smiled as she sat up and tucked her legs to one side. “You’re just silly. Scootch over here and lay your head on my lap.”Garrett slid over and rested his head against his mom’s legs. He felt the breath being sucked from his lungs as he caught site of the underside of her protruding breasts through the flimsy nightie looming over his face. Kristen peeked over the swell of her enormous boobs, smiling down at him. “Are you comfy?” “Yeah,” he whispered.”Which hand do you use to stroke yourself off with?” Kristen asked.”My left.””That’s what I figured. Bring it up here to my mouth,” she said.Garrett brought his hand up and Kristen spit out some saliva into it. “That should get you started until your penis starts leaking out it’s precum.””Ohh umm…okay.” Garrett muttered, his heart pounding. “Holy fuck, was this really happening?” He thought.Kristen stroked his cheek tenderly. “Hey…I want you to just relax and give yourself some pleasure okay? Just like you would if I wasn’t here.”Garrett nodded, then reached under the comforter, where his hardness had already found its way out of the fly in his boxers and was standing tall and proud. He coated the tip with Kristen’s spit and started to twist his fist around it. As he began jerking on his rod he looked up again to find his own loving mom smiling down at him.”There, now doesn’t that feel better?” She whispered.”Yeah.” Garrett muttered.Her big gleaming green eyes were enough to make him melt. “I’m so glad we can share this,” she said.Kristen looked over and watched the blanket rise and fall from her son’s jerking. He gradually increased his pace and she looked back down at him, then again at the blanket. Garrett could see the thrill in her expression.”Oh that’s it…make it feel good, sweetie,” she said.Garrett gazed up at the underside of his mom’s breasts. Two huge curves of tit-flesh that he was making tremble from his steady fisting.A lewd creamy sound filled the room as precum now trickled in a constant stream from Garrett’s piss-slit and lubricated his shaft.Garrett mustered up enough courage to ask his mom the unavoidable. “What about you, Mom? You must need to…you know, masturbate too sometimes.”Kristen giggled. “More times than I like to admit.””Well…you can always join me you know.”Kristen fed him a quirky little smile. “That wouldn’t…bother you?”Garrett smiled, still stroking steadily. “Why would it bother me? This is your bedroom too right?””True…guess I shouldn’t be afraid to follow some of my own advice huh?””Lift up a sec.” Kristen slid out from under him and replaced her lap with a comfy pillow for her son.She sprawled out on her back right beside him and slid under the covers.Kristen turned her head and kissed Garrett on the cheek. “Are you sure you don’t mind if I masturbate with you?””Of course not,” he answered, trying to conceal his excitement.”And promise me you won’t tell anyone we did this. I mean it sweetie, it’s just between us okay?”Garrett nodded as he watched his mom slip her hand under the blanket. “Don’t worry, Mom…I’m not like Cassie. I can keep my mouth shut,” he giggled.”Your sister has the biggest mouth on the planet.” Kristen joked.”I won’t argue with that.””Mmmmhhh.” Kristen sighed as she started rubbing her engorged clitoris.If Garrett’s penis wasn’t throbbing before, it certainly was now. He felt it flex in his gooey fist.Mom and son looked up at the ceiling as they stroked on their genitals. Garrett could hear his mother’s sharp QUIVERING BREATH as she pleasured herself beside him.”O-o-ohh yeah, this is soo nice!” Kristen said in a sighing whispered.Garrett kept a steady pace, jerking on his throbbing cock-rod. “Yeah it is.”Kristen lets out a SHARP BREATH, jerking her head to one side and throwing her knees back. Garrett could see her arm shaking rapidly and knew that she was frantically rubbing her pussy beneath the covers.”Ohhh…feels soooo good,” she whispered. Garrett felt his mom’s free hand slide into his and they interlaced their fingers together. She squeezed his hand tightly as she let out another quivering GASP.Suddenly Kristen winced and arched her back. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum!!!”It was the most amazing thing Garrett had ever seen. There he layed on his back stroking his big dick and watching his own busty mom flop around like a fish beside him. It was almost surreal.”OH SHIT SWEETIE, I’M CUMMING!” Kristen’s little voice cried, trying not to be too loud.She continue her relentless assault on her clit. Her gorgeous mommy-body bounced on the mattress a few more times, then she rolled onto her side against her son.The hot mom let out a muffled grunt against his bare shoulder. “UUUNNGGHH!!” “Oh wow, Mom!” Garrett muttered, stroking furiously. His peter was so fucking hard it felt as though it was gonna take off like a rocket.With her hand still tucked down between her legs, Kristen rolled up against her son’s chest. She stared off into space, her eyes glazed with lust, a look of wild euphoric pleasure washed acrossed her face.”I need more,” her voice quivered softly.One of her silky legs slid across Garrett’s dick and before he knew it, his mom was litererally on top of him with her face against his neck. He could feel her little hand tucked inside her panties, rubbing swiftly across her love button. He was now reaching up under one of her legs, keeping a tight stroking grasp on his cum-lathered organ.Kristen let out a little WHIMPER and Garrett could see her luscious ass start to do a little bounce up and down beneath the covers. He slid his free hand across her back, as if holding onto her. His entire bare chest was plastered in soft squishy tit-flesh and he could literally feel them sloshing between them.”OH DAMN!” Garrett’s voice muttered.Kristen’s fingers were pushed down between her clean-shaven labial meat, frigging her clit in rapid little circles. “Ohhh sweetie, I’m gonna cum again!”Her ass flew up and down as if it were riding an imaginary cock. Garrett bucked his hips as if he were fucking up into an imaginary cunt. The bedspring began to squeek as their clinging bodies bounced together in wild mutual masturbation.”Oh shit, Mom!” Garrett sighed, his balls churning.He felt his mom’s warm smothering flesh begin to convulse. She let out a muffled girlish cry into the nape of his neck. “OHH GARRETT!!”Kristen was struck with one of the strongest orgasms of her life and Garrett was no question only moments away from experiencing a rush of pleasure he never dreamed possible.”Ohhh, I’m gonna cum too, Mom!” He muttered.”Oh God…Ohh shit, baby cum with me!” Kristen said in a crying whisper.Kristen’s sexy mommy-body bounced atop her teenager as thick ropes of semen erupted from Garrett’s piss-slit, splashing up against the comforter. “UUUNNGGHH SHIT!” He grunted.While his penis spit gysers of gooey semen, Garrett thust his hips, making his mom’s voluptuous body bounce and her big tits CLAP against his chest. The headboard began to BEAT repetitiously against the wall.Doug was almost asleep when he woke to the THUMPING against the wall. “What the hell?”After about a dozen dull KNOCKS the noise stopped. Doug carefully slipped out of bed and into his wheelchair. He pushed himself out into the darkened hallway and to the closed door that was Garrett and his wife’s.He listened for a moment and could barely hear what sounded like heavy breathing. He tapped lightly on the door. “Kristen?”There was no response so he KNOCKED a little harder. “Kristen!!””Doug? Honey, what’s wrong?” Came his wife’s voice from inside the bedroom.He tried the door, but found it locked. “Can I come in for a second…the door’s locked.”After about a half a minute Kristen opened the door just a tad and looked out. She was back in her silk robe. “What is it, what’s wrong?””I just heard a knocking…sounded like it was coming from in here.”Kristen could feel gobs of cock-cream seeping into the crack of her ass, cascading across her butt hole and down the backs of her legs. “A knocking?? Honey, Garrett and I were almost asleep. Whatever your heard it wasn’t coming from in here.””Well I could have sworn it was coming from the other side of the wall.”Kristen fed her husband patient smile. “Sweetie, this is your first night back home in months. I’m sure it’s gonna take some time to get used to all the creaks and knocks again. Just try to get some rest okay?” “You’re right babe. I’ll see you in the morning.””Goodnight.” Kristen said as she closed and locked the bedroom door.Garrett watched his mom step over and turn on the bedside lamp.”Well someone had a strong orgasm…my ass is absolutely drenched.” Kristen said with a giggle.”Sorry. Want me to go grab a washcloth?””No, probably not a good idea. You’re father heard the headboard pounding against the wall. If he saw you fetching a washcloth I think it would be pretty obvious what we were up to in here, don’t you?” Kristen asked.”Yeah I guess your right.”Kristen placed one of her bare feet on the bed and started rubbing Garrett’s cock-cream across her silky leg as if it were a lotion. “That’s ok…semen is rich in vitamin E…makes a great moisturizer for the skin.””Are you serious?” Garrett giggled.”Yes I’m serious. A lot of women love using male ejaculate on their skin. Not only that, but I’ve read articles that say that semen ingestion is also good for women. It has sugar-based enzymes that help lower stress.” Kristen explained.Garrett couldn’t tear his eyes away from his mom’s shapely tan leg which seemed to shimmer with silk-softness as she reached out and applied a healthy dose of spunk. “So by ingestion…you mean swallowing it?”Kristen giggled. “Yes swallowing it, goof-ball. How else would a woman ingest it?””Yeah but doesn’t that stuff taste nasty?”Kristen gave him a questioning look. “You mean to tell me you’ve never tasted your own ejaculate.””No way…that’s just seems gross!”Kristen giggled playfully. “It is not gross. You just need to try it and you’ll see what I mean.””Too late, Mom…it’s already all over your legs.”Kristen lowered her foot back to the floor and placed her hands on her hips, making her big busts protrude outward. “Oh what a shame…well I guess we’ll just have to make more then, won’t we?””Right now?””Yup, right now buster…and don’t tell me you can’t. You’re a healthy teenage boy, so I know better.” Kristen said, grabbing his hand and playfully pulling him from the bed.”Where are we going?” Garrett giggled.Kristen jumped up on his back piggy-back style, making her son reel back and forth for a moment. “Into the mancave, loverboy!”Garrett carried his Mom over to the closet. He started to turn on the light, but she stopped him. “No, leave it off.””Mom, it’s pitch black in there.”Kristen nibbled on his earlobe. “So what’s wrong with that…you afraid to play in the dark?””Fine,” he said, stepping into the closet.Kristen slipped off his back but took his hand and held it as she reached back and closed the door behind them.”I can’t see a thing now.” Garrett said.Garrett’s mom giggled and gave him a wet smacking kiss on the chin. “I know…fun isn’t it?”She grabbed the waistband to her son’s boxers and slipped them down his legs until they fell to his feet.”Geez, Mom!””You can’t masturbate with boxers on, goofball.” Kristen said.Garrett felt his mom twist around and his erection bumped against her ass and slip up under her nightie. As she backed against him, Kristen took her son’s other hand and guided both his hands under her gown and onto her soft hips. Garrett felt the tiny straps to her G-string.”Your turn…pull em off,” she whispered.”Pull what off?” He asked, even though he already knew the answer.Kristen giggled. “My panties silly.””Oh,” he muttered, then slipped his thumbs under the straps and pulled them down until he felt them fall to her feet.Kristen quickly pulled off the nightie and stepped out of her panties. She turned towards toward her son and threw her arms around his neck. As her big bobbling breasts melted against his young chest Garrett’s breath quivered with excitement.”Guess what?” Kristen said softly.”What?”She hugged him tight, mashing her warm tits against him and bringing her lips to his ear. “We’re both completely naked,” she whispered excitedly.Kristen felt her son’s cock twitch and throb against her tummy. “Are you ok with that?” She asked.”Yeah umm sure.” Garrett answered.”Me too,” she said softly, then pulled him deeper into the darkness, past the silk curtain. “Let’s get to the swing.”They blindly felt their way to the swing and Garrett stumbled onto it and sat down. Kristen let out a playful little SCREAM as she fell forward onto him, her big naked tits mashing up against his lean teenaged chest.”Shit, I hope that wasn’t too loud. This certainly isn’t the time for your father come investigating strange noises again,” she said.”That’s for sure. I think he’d be a little shocked.” Garrett said.”His naked wife laying all over their masturbating teenaged son…I think so.” Kristen giggled.Kristen’s hip slid along Garrett’s shaft as she straddled one of his legs. He could feel the heat of her genitals and a neatly trimmed patch of pubic fuzz tickle the top of his leg.”You better start stroking that thing, sweetheart. It feels like it’s gonna blast off like a rocket ship,” she said with a little giggle. Garrett reached down excitedly and starting yanking on his throbbing pecker.”Do you need some spit, love?” Kristen asked softly.”No…it’s leaking plenty.” Garrett answered.”Mmm, that means being naked in the dark with mommy is getting someone excited…””Good,” she said, laying flat against him and resting her head on his chest, just under his shoulder.”Put your other arm around me.” Kristen whispered.Garrett stretched his free arm around her, feeling the smooth bare skin of his mom’s back. The lewd creamy sounnd of cock-stroking filled the air.”I noticed that you like to stroke your penis really fast. That must be how you like to make love to a girl huh?” Kristen said.”Y-yeah, well no…I mean I don’t like for it to end quick,” he answered.Kristen giggled. “Well of course you don’t sweetie. Just because you like to make love hard and fast doesn’t mean you’re racing for the finish line. That’s why they call it monkey sex.””Monkey sex?””Yeah, monkey sex, you know, the kind of sex that leaves clothes all over the place, bed sheets torn, things broken, the nieghbors complaining…and an odd s**tch or two.” Kristen explained with a little giggle.”Wow, well I’m not sure I’ve gotten to experience any of that yet.”Kristen lifted her head, stroking his shoulders with her long nails. “Maybe not, but I’m sure it’s the kind of sex that you think about while you stroke…isn’t it?”Garrett got a big grin, continuing to jack his rock-hard dick. “Maybe.”He felt his mom’s big squishy boobs slide up his chest as she brought her face above his. He sensed that her lips were very very close.Kristen whispered soft and seductive. “I’m sure you lay there at night…pulling on it and thinking about a sexy girl…kissing you…” she said, then gave her son a wet peck, letting her luscious lips close against his. “Licking you…” she said, then gave him another lip smacking kiss…then another…then another.”Ummmhh” Garrett moaned, his body shuddering with wicked excitement as his hand flew up and down his cum lathered shaft.After the last kiss Kristen stayed close, letting her lips barly graze against her son’s. “Ssssucking you,” she whispered, then fed him another kiss.Kristen planted a few wet kisses on his cheek and moved her lips to his ear. Garrett’s hips started rocking up and down as he stroked on his pulsing dong.His mom spoke softly into his ear. “That’s my baby, you’re FUCKING her hard now, aren’t you? You’re fucking her tight slippery pussy hard and fast just the way you like to.”Garrett’s head spund and his heart about leaped out of his chest. Never in his life had he heard his mom use the F word, especially not in the way she just did.”Ohh geeez, Mom!!!” He muttered, as his cock seemed to stretch another inch.Kristen gently slid her hand down the side of his body and down between his legs. She planted her middle finger between his balls and butt-hole and started to massage his perineum. Garrett’s balls jumped and he felt his scrotum tighten. “O-H-H-H WOW, MOM!!””Does that feel good baby boy?” Kristen asked.”Uhhh-huh.””And you don’t mind mommy helping a little?” She asked lovingly.”Nooo way!” Garrett muttered.She kissed back up his cheek and planted a series of soft wet pecks on his lips. “Oh sweatheart, I love you soo much.””Oh God I love you too, Mom and I’m feeling really really good.” Garrett muttered.The whole situation, as mind-blowingly erotic as it was, seemed almost surreal to Garrett. Alone in the darkness, masturbating naked with his own mom, while his father was right down the hallway. What a rush!Kristen’s kisses were wet and tender. “Oh Garrett,” …kiss. “My baby,”…kiss. “My sweetheart,”…kiss, kiss.”O-h-h Mom, I’m gonna cum!””YESSS,”…kiss, kiss. “Oh sweet baby, cum all over us!” Kiss…kiss…kiss…It was all too much…his fingers, his mom’s fingers, tender kisses, warm fleshy mommy-tits smothering his young chest.Garrett grunted as the first huge milky blast rocketed out his piss-hole and sailed four-feet in the air. HHHUUUNNNGGHH!!!! His young body jerked as rope after hot creamy rope squirted from his lance and splashed down on him and his mom.”Ohhh honey, you’re squirting sooo much.” Kristen said, planting a few more kisses on his moaning lips.Garrett had shot huge loads before, but never anything like this. As his mom’s two fingers rubbed against his taint it was if she were pulling more and more cum from his balls.”Ohhhh shit,” he finally sighed, as the last of it oozed out onto his belly.Kristen’s finger stopped and her hand slid up and cupped Garrett’s soft scrotum. She gently clutched his balls and let her long nails slowly rake across the tender meat of his nuts. “I bet they feel so much better now, don’t they?””Yeah…oh God yeah.” he answered, still catching his breath.Kristen released his sack and let one of her long nails tenderly drag up the underside of her son’s shaft. His cock twitched and his breath quivered as her nail sc****d across the super-sensitive cock-head.She reached the pool of cum on his chest and began rubbing it against him like a lotion. She could feel streams of spunk running down in between her tits.”Sorry, I think I really made a mess.” Garrett said.”Mmmm, it’s a good kind of mess.” Kristen answered, coating her son’s chest with it. “Here, open your mouth.”Garrett opened and his mom’s finger swiped a big warm gob of his own cock-cream onto his tongue. “Gross,” he said, swallowing it down.”It is not.” Kristen said with a giggle, scooping up more and sucking it into her own mouth. “It’s yummy.” She fed him one more tender peck on the lips. “Let’s go get back in bed.”Kristen stood up and after Garrett stood he felt his mom once again clutch her tiny hand around his scrotum. She tugged gently, leading him by the balls to the doorway.”Shouldn’t we get dressed?” Garrett asked.”No,” she whispered.The moonlight placed a warm magical glow in their bedroom and the first thing Garrett made out was his mom’s tan bare buttocks. It swayed seductively only a couple feet from his bobbing erection.Kristen’s cute little bare feet padded against the floor as she walked her son over to their big bed. She gave her son’s balls a quick squeeze before letting them go and crawling up onto the mattress.Garrett couldn’t help but stand there , mouth agape, watching his naked mom crawl towards the center of the bed. Her luscious ass, her clean shaven snatch, her huge dangling tits…they were right before his eyes.Kristen paused reached her hand back for him. “Come on,” she lovingly whispered.It was all like a wild erotic dream to young Garrett as he took his mom’s hand and climbed in bed naked with her. Kristen slept close to him that night, her big squishy bare breasts plastered against him.”Good morning.” Kristen said as she joined her husband and daughter in the kitchen.”Well, welcome to the land of the living. You’re usually the first one up in the morning.” Doug said.Kristen poured herself a cup of coffee. “Yeah, I think all that work moving rooms around finally caught up with Garrett and I.”Doug took a second to run his eyes down his wife’s luscious legs down to her sexy little bare feet. Just the site of her in that short silk robe always made his heart skip a beat.”Well how bout a nice relaxing day at the beach. I can call the clinic, they can bring the van and wheel us right over.” “Oh honey that would be great, but Garrett and I have plans to go to the fair today.” Kristen said.”Well, cool then…how bout we all go?””YEAAAHH!!” Cassie cheered.”Uh, that’s a no, young lady…you got to go yesterday,” Kristen said.”Well so did Garrett.”Doug tried to smile through his next comment. “You and him sure have been spending a lot of time alone together the past few days.””And Mommy was sitting on Garrett’s lap.” Cassie chimed in.Kristen gave her a stern glare. “Hush!””You were momma, you were sitting on Garrett’s pee-pee.””Young lady!” Kristen said in a scolding tone.With an overdramatic pout Cassie turned and stomped out of the kitchen.Kristen sat at the table and crossed her legs. “It’s a good thing she’s so damn cute, it makes all the whining half-way tolerable.”Doug noticed Kristen’s robe had opened slightly when she sat, revealing a good deal of cleavage. “So…you slept naked last night huh?”Kristen took a sip of coffee, feeding him a quirky smile. “And what makes you say that?””Well last night when you came in and said goodnight I could have sworn you had on a nightie on under your robe.”Cassie peeked around the corner. “Please, please can I go?”This time it was Doug who glared. “Cassie, you heard what your mother said, now drop it.”With a whine Cassie diappeared again.Kristen took another sip of coffee. “You should go talk to her, see if you can cheer her up. She went almost two months without seeing you, Doug. It might be good for just the two of you to spend some quality time together today.” “Yeah, I suppose,” he said, wheeling himself away from the table.Before he could pass her, Kristen stuck out one of her legs, blocking his exit. She gave him sweet smile, batting her eyelashes. “I love you.”They both leaned forward and kissed. “And I love you…but you still didn’t answer my question.” Doug said almost playfully.Doug found himself strangely aroused at the idea that his wife might have actually slept naked with their own son. The fact was, he himself was a horny teen once and could only imagine what is would have been like sleeping in bed naked with his big breasted mother.Kristen smiled almost guiltily then gracefully curling her naked leg back under the table. “Stop asking a billion questions and go calm your daughter.”After Kristen and Garrett left Doug watched a Disney movie with Cassie, until she did what she always did while watching movies and fell asleep.The fact that his wife was naked under her robe this morning was eating away at him so he decided to snoop through her and Garrett’s bedroom a little.Because they were in such a rush to get to the fair the bed was still unmade. Doug went to the closet, Aka. The Man Cave. Laying on the floor just inside the door was his wife’s little nightie, the one he was sure she was wearing the night before.A little further back was her panties, laying right next to Garrett’s boxers. It was pretty clear that his wife and son were taking off their clothes together in here. Strangely, he found himself grabbing his own flaccid dick and giving it a few tugs.He wheeled over to the bed and studied where his wife and son had slept. There was nothing out of the ordinary until he lifted the blanket and saw huge ribbons of dried spunk plastered against the underside of the comforter.”OHH YEAH…OH GOD FUCK ME!!”Misty, Doug’s sister, arched her back as she came, thrusting her big tits up against the young man on top of her.”OH, MISSES YOUNG…OH SHIT!!” The 18 year old cried as his dick went off like a cannon inside her. A few minutes later the youngster was throwing his clothes back on as Misty lay there sucking on a cigarrette.”Wow, Misses Young, that was soo awesome,” he said.Misty’s cell phone began to go off. “Well don’t think that just because I’m giving you an A on that test that you don’t have to do your homework. I want those assignments turned in tomorrow.”The young man threw on his shoes and hurried towards her bedroom door. “Right on, Misses Young. See you at school.”Misty answered her cell. “Hello.””Hey s*s, it’s Doug.”Misty got a big smile. “Dougie…how’s my big brother? Glad to be home I bet.””Yeah, that damn hospital food just wasn’t doing it for me.” Doug said, making his sister giggle. “Say are you um…busy today at all?””No, I have to grade a few papers, but Steve’s still out of town on business so no big plans. What’s up?””You still good with that camera?” Misty laughed. “Are you k**ding, photography is my passion, you know that.””Well I have a huge favor…and it may seem kinda weird, but I…uh…I promise I’ll explain later.”In the late afternoon Doug greeted Misty at the door. “Hey,” she smiled, seeming her cheery self.”Aunt Misty!!” Carrie shouted, giving her Auntie a big hug.”Hey k**do, how are you?”Cassie was all smiles. “I went to the fair yesterday and it was fun.””Awesome.” Misty answered.”Pumpkin, I need to talk with Aunt Misty so I need you to play in your room for a bit ok?” Doug said.Carrie threw on her trademark pouty face. “Awwww!”Misty rubbed her cheek. “Tell you what, when I’m done talking to your dad I’ll come hang out with you for a bit ok?”Doug and Misty went to the table in the kitchen. “Well, how did it go?” Doug asked.His sister seemed a little hesitant. “It went well…I guess. Not really sure why you had me following them all day.””So you got some pictures then?”Misty gave her brother a quirky smile. “Yes, I got your pictures.”Misty propped her ipad up on the table and opened her images. The first picture was taken a little distance behind Kristen and Garrett as they strolled through the fair. Garrett was in his usual shorts and t-shirt. Kristen was wearing a tan mid-thigh length crochet sweaterdress and matching wedge heeled flip flops. As they had been a lot lately, they were holding each others hand tightly.”I followed them through the fair most of the morning.” Misty said, flipping to another picture.This one was of the two embracing as they stood inside a little alcove between two tents. Kristen had her armed wrapped loosly around her son’s neck and stared up into his eyes. They definitely looked more like lovers than mother and son.”They were kinda hard to follow. They seemed to wander off into these private little spots a lot.” Misty said, flipping to the next photograph.Doug glared at the picture. “Yeah that’s kinda what bothers me.” “Bothers you? What do you mean?” Misty asked.”Well, don’t you think they look a little too…intimate, for a mother and son?”Misty giggled. “Dougie, what are you trying to say?””Nothing, just umm…let’s see the next one. This was a closer picture of Kristen standing in the same spot, but laying her head against her son’s chest. It was completely obvious by her content expression that this was a woman who was absolutely in love.”So is that all those two did was stand around and hug all day?” Doug asked.Misty flipped to the next picture which was of Garrett and Kristen sitting off by themselves at a picnic table with a big umbrella over it. Kristen was sitting sideways with her smooth tan legs crossed over her son’s lap. She had the tip of a big popsicle in her mouth and seemed to be giving Garrett a naughty stare.”How’s your popsicle?” Garret asked.The tip slipped from between her pouty lips. “It’s long hard and juicy. Kinda sounds like something else we were giving some attention last night, doesn’t it?”Garret giggled. “Sure does…and I think the juice part was pretty much all over us.””Well, this popsicle juice would get all over us too if I let it. That’s why I’m licking it…” Kristen said, then ran her long pink tongue up the length of the popsicle.”And sucking it…” she continued, stretching her ovalled lips around it and sucking it into her mouth. “It keeps the yummy juice sliding down my throat and into my tummy.”As Garrett’s sat marveling, Kristen stared into his eyes and slid the entire treat into her mouth. Seven inches of icy goodness disappeared in her warm mouth and throat. Garrett’s heart was racing and his cock had already become a throbbing slab of iron in his shorts.She slid the popsicle back out of her mouth. “Long hard things don’t make as big a mess if they’re being licked and sucked on properly,” Kristen said, squeezing the tip of her son’s lump between her fingers. Misty flipped to the next picture of Kristen excitedly pulling Garrett towards one of the carnival rides. “They did go on a few rides. Their favorite seemed to be this one, called the tunnel of love.””How do you know it was their favorite?” Doug asked.Misty raised an eyebrow. “Well for one, they went on it two times, back to back.”She flipped to another picture of Garrett and Kristen sitting inside the car of the ride, which was shaped like a giant heart. Kristen looked excited and was snuggled up next to him. “As long as their no ghosts or ghouls in this ride I’ll be fine.” Kristen said as she squeezed her son’s arm.”Wrong ride, Mom. This is the tunnel of love, not the tunnel of horror.”Kristen poked him in the ribs. “Smart ass.”The car moved forward through some double doors painted like a big box of candy. “HOLD ON TIGHT TO YOUR SWEETHEART…HERE WE GOOO!!” A voice on the speaker said.Once inside, the car moved along a tunnel with a painted scene of Lovers Lane, which was fluorescently lit. The chorus of “Do you love me?” by the Contours was playing loudly. Kristen rocked her body to the beat of the music, making her soft tits brush back and forth against Garrett’s arm as she held it.A painting of trees opened up and their car continued into another tunnel. This one was of clouds and little flying cupids, warmly lit so it seemed as if they floating through the sky. Soft romantic music filled the tunnel as the car slowly moved through it. The voice again came over the speaker, calmer this time. “ARE YOU HUGGING LOVERS…BECAUSE THIS IS THE TUNNEL OF PASSION.”The entire car leaned back a little. Kristen giggled then looked at Garrett playfully. “You heard what he said.” She slid one of her legs across his lap and coiled her arms around his neck. The feeling his Mom’s huge breasts flattening out against his chest never failed in making his heart leap.Mom and son rested in a passionate embrace as the car of the ride seemed to hover through the tunnel.Suddenly doors in front of them opened and the music became a fast paced disco beat. Big lips, of all colors seemed to fly across the surface of the walls. “IT’S TIME FOR KISSSSSSSEEEEESS!!!” The speaker voice announced.Garrett and Kristen’s heart shaped car began to slowly spin and rock. Kristen let out a cute little SCREAM and started giggling as they were swung around.”Now just how am I suppose to kiss on you if they’re gonna swing us around like this?” She asked playfully.”Guess they wanted to make it a challenge.” Garrett answered.She brought her face up close to his. “Well I’m kissing you dammit and I don’t care 1xbet güvenilirmi how difficult they make it.”Kristen started planting kisses on her son’s lips. A few times as they were rocked around she missed and kissed his chin or forehead. The two them giggled at her failed attempts.The car suddenly leaned way back and froze. Multicoclored lips raced by above them. Kristen’s face hovered over Garrett’s. This was his mom and he could see the thrill in her eyes.”Finally,” she said, then planted a wet kiss on his lips, then another…then another.Pecking kisses were a commom thing his mom gave him growing up, but these were different. With each smacking kiss Kristen seemed to be closing the wet of her lips around him. There were many times that he even felt her tongue. They were more like sucking kisses.The car began to rock again and the speaker voice sang: “UP AND DOWN, UP AND DOWN…ROUND AND ROUND…HERE WE GOOOO!! The car moved through another set of doors.This room was full of hearts and had a painting of two birds kissing as they were perched together on a tree. “Awwww.” Kristen said as she saw the painting.A young girls voice sang a familiar rhyme.”TWO LITTLE LOVE BIRD SITTING IN A TREE…K-I-S-S-I-N-G. FIRST COMES LOVE, THEN COMES MARRIAGE, THEN COMES BABY IN THE BABY CARRIAGE.”The final doors opened and Kristen and Garrett were carried out into the sunshine and back to where they started.”That was fun.” Kristen smiled.”Yeah it was.”She squeezed his arm. “Let’s go again.”Garrett had a raging hard-on. He certainly wasn’t going to object. “Okay.”Within moments they were racing back into the tunnel of love. “HOLD ON TIGHT TO YOUR SWEETHEART… HERE WE GOOOOO!!As soon as they were inside the Lovers Lane tunnel Kristen giggled and quickly straddled Garrett, facing him. Garrett was beyond excited at this point as he found his face brushing against her huge tits. “Geeez, Mom,” he laughed.As she did before, Kristen began to move to the beat, bouncing against the underside of her son’s erection.Garrett’s face was nearly nestled in her cleavage and he looked up to see her gazing down at him, mouthing the words to the song.”Watch me now, Oh (work, work) Shake it up, shake it (work, work)”Each time the she mouthed the words (work, work) Kristen would bounce her panty covered twat against his aching cock.”Ah shake ’em, shake ’em down (work, work)”Ah, a little bit of soul now (work, work, work)”Ah shake it, shake it, baby (work, work)Kristen thrust her tits out, smothering his head into her cleavage and for the next line of the song, she got the wildest sluttiest look Garrett had ever seen.”Ah you’re drivin’ me crazy (work, work)Garrett’s cock was leaking and twitching. Even through the layers of thin fabric he could feel the heat his mother’s genitals each time she dropped against his lap.”Ah, don’t get lazy (work)”They moved into the second section of the tunnel, the one with romantic music and painted clouds. “ARE YOU HUGGING LOVERS…BECAUSE THIS IS THE TUNNEL OF PASSION.”The car tilted back and Kristen’s tits once again rolled out like soft dough against Garrett’s upper chest. Their faces were close and they were locked in a gaze.Kristen’s big beautiful green eyes were glazed over with lust. “Are you my lover?” She asked tenderly.Garrett breath was rapid with excitement. “Did you want me to be?”She brought her head down and nustled it in the soft of his neck. “What do YOU think?” Kristen whispered.Garrett looked up at the passing clouds. Here he was on a carnival ride smothered in the soft warm flesh of his own mom as she lay on top of him. He could feel the heat radiating from her genitalia as it lay up against his blood engorged phallus.He glanced down and could see his mom’s silky tan legs folded on both sides of him and the flair of her wide birthing hips. The experience was absolutely euphoric.Before they knew it the car moved into the next section and the roar of the disco beat. “IT’S TIME FOR KISSSSEEEESS!!Kristen giggled and held on to her son as the car started to spin and rock. Straddling her son like this, she almost felt like she was on a mechanical bull.”Oh my God, I hope I don’t fly right off this thing. Hold onto me, love,” she said playfully.Garrett wrapped his arms around her waist. Their genitals were grinding together and Kristen could feel the bulging underside of her son’s prick-shaft sinking down in between the warm folds of her outer labia, with only a thin layer of panties separating their flesh.Each time the car rocked and spun Kristen’s huge boobs would tremble and slosh against the lucky teen beneath her. Garrett couldn’t help but be mesmerized by how they bobbled around, right up against him.Kristen brought her face down and gave him a wet sucking kiss. “Come on now boobie-boy, we’re suppose to be kissing.”He shared her kisses and they became longer and longer. Finally, with one such kiss Garrett felt her tongue slip into his mouth. It slithered across the top of his, then twisted down underneath it, inviting it to dance.Garrett’s tongue came alive and wiggled awkwardly at first. It was immediately clear to him that his mom had a very long and very experienced tongue. Her pink snake was taking the lead, twisting and fluttering and Garrett did his best to keep up.”Mmmmmmhhh.” Kristen moaned softly as she made out with her baby.The car rose up, leaned way back and froze. Kristen lifted her chest from her son, raking her long red nails down his lean chest. Garrett watched as she sat straight up, her eyes closed and her enormous mommy-tits thrust way out, stretching the top of her dress to the bursting point. She looked like a Goddess, proudly straddling her steed.Their overheated genitals were crushed together and when Kristen felt her son’s strong rigid dick flex against her quim, it sent her into another world.”OH MY GOD!” Her voice quivered, as she threw herself back down against him.”OH FUCK I NEED YOU!” She exclaimed as she started kissing on him.The car began to rock and spin and Kristen humped her hungry pussy against Garrett’s big dick.Garrett’s face became smothered between her tits and he felt her deperate grinding as the car rocked wildly.”Holy s-s-shit, Mom!” He mumbled.”UP AND DOWN, UP AND DOWN…ROUND AND ROUND…HERE WE GOOOO!!” The speaker voice sang.As they rocked and spun into the last tunnel Garrett felt his mom’s body buck and tremble. “OH GOD GARRETT, IM CUMMING ON YOU!” Kristen screamed.It became clear to him that she was using his brick hard dick to grind against her clit…and it was fucking awesome.”TWO LITTLE LOVE BIRD SITTING IN A TREE…K-I-S-S-I-N-G. FIRST COMES LOVE, THEN COMES MARRIAGE, THEN COMES BABY IN THE BABY CARRIAGE.”Kristen slipped off her son and sat back down beside him, just before their car exited the tunnel.Misty flipped to another picture which showed the two just as they exited the last tunnel. Kristen had her eyes closed, her head leaned against her son’s shoulder and looked to be catching her breath.Doug stared at his wife. “Jesus, she looks like she just…”Misty giggled. “Oh Dougie, don’t be ridiculous.””So were they still there when you left?” Doug asked.”No, they left the fair about one o’clock.” Doug glanced at the clock on the wall. “One o’clock? That was almost three hours ago. Did you follow them?””Yes.””Well where the hell did they go?”Misty seemed almost hesitant. “They went out to Lover’s lake.””Lover’s Lake! Why would they go way out there?””I don’t know.” Misty said.”I thought you said you followed them??”Misty nodded. “I did but, I was afraid of them spotting me so I came back into town.”Doug got quiet and slowly wheeled himself away from the table. Misty turned her ipad so that only she could see and clicked to the next picture. It was a photo of a blue Honda Pilot tucked in a little cove of trees and brush.”I just don’t know what’s going on with those two.” Doug said.Misty clicked to the next picture, which was taken right next to the Honda. Since there was no tint to the windows she could see right inside. THE PICTURE WAS OF GARRETT, LAYING NAKED BETWEEN HIS MOM’S LEGS IN THE BACK SEAT.”OHH GARRETT, FUCK ME HARD!! PLEASE FUCK ME HARD!!” Kristen cried.Garrett’s ass bounced and bucked as he fed his throbbing peter down inside his mom’s warm creamy hole. Kristen threw her knees way back, spreading her saddle wide open for her son to ride in. Her dress was already off and her tits were spilling nearly out of her bra.”Ohhh my God!” The lucky teen muttered.Kristen clutched onto her son’s ass with her long red nails and pulled him even deeper inside the burning liquid furnace of gripping vaginal flesh.Garrett thrust and whimpered. He could feel his cockhead turn slightly upward as it struck the wet spongy head of Kristen’s cervix. “Oh baby! Oh Garrett, it’s soo hard…soo deep!” Kristen panted.Misty lowered the camera, her mouth agape. She was in a state of delighted shock as she watched her nephew and sister-in-law go it in the back seat of Kristen’s SUV. She could see Garrett’s heavy balls beating repeatedly against Kristen’s butt-hole as his juice-slickened cock slithered in and out. Kristen’s clean shaven cunt lips stretched obscenely around her son’s rod, clutching around the root of its strong rigid girth.Misty marveled at how her sister-in-law’s legs were wrapped snuggly around the young teenager, like a strong silky-smooth tan harness locked around him. She watched kristen’s toes curl as the heels of her sexy little bare feet bounced against Garrett’s bucking ass.”Oh baby…I love it…I love it…I need it. OH GARRETT, I’M CUMMING!! I’M CUMMING ON THAT BIG BEAUTIFUL DICK!!”Excited by his mother’s squeals of passion, the big dicked teen drove his cunt-smothered pecker deeper and harder, humping his ass up and down wildly.Kristen let out a piercing orgasmic SCREAM, nearly shattering the windows. Her quivering cunt walls screwed up tighter around thick unyielding hard-on, swallowing the teenaged dong in hot creaming mommy-twat. She heard her son whimper and felt the first hot stream of cum splash against the ring of her cervix. “OH-H-H MOM!”Oh honey!” Kristen cried, cradling his verile young body between her thighs.Garrett’s cock was jerking and twitching, splattering huge milky ropes of cum inside the convulsing cunt as it rippled up and down the length of his shaft.Finally…after emptying his load inside her, Garrett felt his mother’s twat muscles relax their gasp on his slippery dick.”Ohh wow.” He muttered, resting against the soft warmth of her body.Kristen continued to hold him, running her nails through the back of his hair as his head rested against her half-exposed breast. “Oh Garrett, my love…that was beautiful.””It certainly was.” Came Misty’s voice through a crack in the window.Startled, Garrett gazed back to find his Aunt Misty at the window with big smile.”Oh my God…Misty?!” Kristen said.”Just relax, Kristen, I’m not here to rain on your little fuck parade. You and I do need to talk though.” Misty said.A few minutes later Kristen was dressed and strolled over to find Misty waiting at her car.”Sooo…what are you doing out here?” Kristen asked.”Following you two. Doug is suspicious.”Kristen rolled her eyes and got an extremely perturbed look. “Doug has you out here following us? You’ve gotta be fucking k**ding?””Nope, I’m not. He think’s there’s something going on with you and Garrett…and apparently, he’s right.”Kristen laughed to herself and shook her head. “This is fucking UNBELIEVABLE!”Misty stepped up and took her sister-in-law’s hand. “Kristen, you don’t have to worry. I’m not gonna rat you out, but I do wanna know something though.”Kristen took a moment to let her temper settle down a bit. “Ok…What do you wanna know?””What IS going on with you guys?” Misty asked.Kristen smiled and lowered her head a moment, searching her core for the answer to Misty’s question. “I’m in love with him.”Misty smiled back. “Well, that’s great…but guess what?? So am I.”Kristen gave her an odd look. “With Garrett?””Yes with Garrett and don’t act so shocked. I may be his Aunt, but you’re his fucking mother for God sakes.” Misty said, making both of them giggle. “Well, he is handsome…and charming. I suppose anyone would think so.” Kristen said.”And from what I saw through the window, he’s extremely well endowed.” Misty added, making them giggle once again, like excited high school girls.Kristen face beamed with pride. “Trust me, you’re certainly right about that.”Misty looked a little more serious. “So…do you still love Doug?””Yes I love Doug. I’ll always love Doug…and despite how this looks…I really don’t wanna hurt him. Heaven’s knows he’s gone through enough.” Kristen said with sincerity.”Well you don’t have to…your secret is safe with me…and it always will be…on one condition…” Misty said.Kristen returned a little smile. She knew exactly what her sister-in-law wanted.Doug looked at Misty as she sat at the kitchen table and put her ipad back in its case. “So then give me you’re honest opinion…is there something going on with those two?”Misty fed her brother a little smile. “Honestly Dougie…NO. I think they’re just a mother and son and they’re very close…and because of this new living situation, you’re just letting your imagination run wild.””Misty, I found what looked like cum stains…smeared all over the sheets.”Misty giggled. “What looked like cum stains. That doesn’t mean that’s what they were.””They locked the door last night. Why would they do that?”Misty laughed, walked over and sat on her brother’s lap. “Dougie, stop! This is your wife and boy you’re talking about. Mother and son. Do you honesty think that they’d fuck?””OH FUCK, MOM!!!” Garrett stared up at his lust-crazed mother. Her huge naked tits leaped up and down wildly as she bounced on his loins.”Ohh Garrett, fuck me! FUCK ME!!”Kristen’s ass rippled as it beat against her son’s balls. His cock glistened and frothy juice dripped from his scrotum as his hard teenaged erection bored in and out of his mom’s buttery cunt.Kristen leaned forward, holding her son’s shoulders for support. Slouched back the way he was, this put Garrett’s face right between her big bobbling breasts. Shivering with excitement the young teen found himself licking and sucking the inside of one of her soft tan tits as the other one slapped against his cheek.The little SUV was rocking and SQUEAKING as Kristen humped down hard on her son’s dick. She clamped her juicy fuck-muscles around the brick-hard prick, milking the long blood engorged lance like only a middle-aged mom can. “Ohh baby, you’re gonna make me cream again!!” Kristen whined.One of her gigantic tits jiggled across Garrett’s face and he sucked the nipple into his mouth. Kristen shuddered as her son’s tongue plowed acrossed her huge areola.”OHH YES!!”Like a bitch in heat, Kristen pounded her sopping slit up and down the rigid dong, making her ass CLAP relentlessly against her son’s balls. With his mouth stuffed full and his entire face smothered in spongy-soft tit-flesh, Garrett MOANED. His mom’s cunt clamped shut like a vice, sucking and squeezing on the his throbbing fuck-muscle. “I’M CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG!!!” Kristen cried.As Garrett assaulted his mom’s nipple with his tongue, he could just peek up over the bulging breast and see her pretty face red and contorted with pleasure.Kristen’s soft luscious body jerked and convulsed on top of her teen. She was cumming hard on her own son’s big dick.Seeing his own loving mom like this sent Garrett over the top and his cock began to spit. While milky cum pulsed from his penis, Kristen went from humping to grinding. She plowed the mouth of her womb back and forth across the spungy cock-head, while her son soaked it with huge jets of cum.Garrett and Kristen arrived back home about 8:30pm. Cassie charged into her mother’s arms. “Mommy!!””Hey sweetie, what are you still doing up.” Kristen said, sharing a big hug.”Watching TV with daddy.”Kristen shared a smile with her husband. “Awww, did you have a good time with daddy today?”Cassie nodded. “Yeah, Aunt Misty came over.””She did huh?”Doug was quick to comment. “Yeah, she just uhh…stopped by earlier…just to say hi.”Kristen smiled, knowing her husband was full of shit. “Well wasn’t that nice of her. I missed you to death, young lady, but YOU need to get to bed…school tomorrow.””I know.” Cassie moped, marching towards her room.Garrett lingered for a bit, while his mom stepped over and gave Doug a kiss.”So how was the fair?” Doug asked.”It was great. The rides were really something this year…especially that last one…it had me screaming my ass off.” Kristen said, giving her son a secret wink.”Well, I don’t ever remember you being into carnival rides. It must have been pretty a thrilling one.” Doug said.Kristen fed him a quirky little smirk. “You have nooo idea.”Garrett hung out in the man cave for awhile, chatting with his friends on the computer. He didn’t even hear his mom come into the bedroom and close the door.”Garrett, love, can you help me with something?”Garrett rose from the swing and set his computer aside. “Sure, Mom.”He stepped from the man-cave and was startled as Kristen pounced onto him from around the corner. “GOTCHA!” She said playfully, pulling his polo-shirt up and over his head.Garrett giggled. “What did you need help with?”She unbuttoned his shorts. “Taking off our clothes. We’re gonna take a shower.”Garrett seemed hesistent as his shorts and boxers dropped to his feet. “Together?? What about dad…what if he sees us?”Kristen gave her son a playful smile. “Well, we’ll just have to make sure he doesn’t.”Her dress fell to her tiny feet and Garrett watched in awe as his mom stripped out of her bra and her huge hanging tits bobbled free. She pulled her dainty panties down those smooth luscious legs and as she bent forward, her big mommy-tits teetered back and forth. Garrett had seen some big tits online, but never anything this big in person.When she saw his big peter quickly rising from his loins Kristen giggled and dropped down to her knees.Garrett watched as his mom wrapped her tiny around the base of the stalk and started stroking his hot meat. She gazed up into his eyes with that cute little smile and brilliat green eyes. Son groaned…and Mom felt his prick ballooning in her fist.”Mmmmm so nice,” she whispered.Kristen slid her fist all the way to the base, making the blood engorged boner stick straight out. She leaned forward and with her free hand, tucked her hair back behind her ears, out of the way.That long pink snake slipped from her mouth and began licking at the swollen head of Garrett’s cock. She sucked the throbbing knob into her mouth and began scrubbing it with her tongue.”Ohhh shit, Mom.” Garrett muttered excitedly.As oozing spunk dribbled from the tip, Kristen’s tongue soaked it up like a fleshy sponge. The delightful taste of her own boy’s semen made her eyes roll back in her head.The cock-hungry mom licked her way down the underside of the now rigid shaft, all the way to Garret’s hairless balls. Her long strong tongue whipped back and forth across his nuts, soaking the big bag of cum filled flesh with her saliva.”Ohh Jeeez.” Garrett whimpered, his legs trembling.Kristen licked her way back up and let the teenaged dong slip into her mouth. Garrett felt his cock encased in the liquid warmth of his mom’s mouth. He felt her amazing tongue rolling and twisting around his meat as her lips slid up and back along the sturdy pole.With his big fuck-steak crammed her mouth, Kristen peeked up at her son and gave him a cute little wink. Her tongue washed away the bubbly cream as it oozed from his piss-slit.Kristen began to pump the base of his cock as she started sucking it loudly and hungrily. She let out a cute muffled whimper. She was a horny middle-aged woman, doing one of the things she loved to do more than anything…sucking dick.She felt his balls tighten and let Garrett’s cock pop from her mouth like a cork. She giggled, still clutching it with her hand.”You like that huh??””Oh God yeah,” he sighed. Kristen stood up, but kept a firm grip on the base of his erection. “Come on, loverboy…shower time.”Doug was still in the living room watching a game. Behind him, in the hallway, Kristen peeked out of her and Garrett’s bedroom. Quickly, the naked mother pulled her son by his dick across the hallway, her big tits bouncing and bobbling as she moved. Doug heard his wife giggle playfully and the bathroom door close. He glanced back, but her and Garrett were already out of site.Kristen turned on the shower, then turned and pushed her son towards the toilet.”Sit down and I’ll blow you some more while the water warms up,” she said.Young Garrett didn’t have to be asked twice. He sat down on the toilet seat, leaned back and spread his legs apart. Kristen dropped down in between them and picked up where she left off in the bedroom.Kristen watched her son’s reaction as she opened her lips and took his long strong cylinder of flesh into her mouth. “Ohh yeah, Mom…suck it.” Garrett whimpered.Kristen started lashing her long hot tongue around and around the fat purple head of his prick. “Mmmmm,” she moaned, rolling his hot spunk around in her mouth, savoring it’s taste before swallowing it down.She sucked his dick loud and sloppily, the shower drowing out the noise. Garrett’s dong was bathed in hot drooling saliva. He watched his mom’s lips fall closer and closer to his balls, her pretty brown hair waving around as she gobbled his throbbing cock.The young teen felt a lot like a King with his hot middle-aged Queen kneeling at his phallis. His eyes traveled down the tan unblemished skin of his mom’s back, the flare of the hips and the unbelievable curves of her big meaty bare buttocks. His heart pounded with wicked excitement. This was his own Goddess of a mom giving him head and she was totally falling for him.”Ohhh mom that’s amazing!” His voice trembled.Kristen clutched her son’s scrotum and messaged the tender balls with her nails. Her tongue went wild, her lips gliding lower and lower until her face was buried in Garret’s crotch, her lips plastered against the root.Garrett could feel his cock fucking in and out of his mom’s hot throat. Kristen gagged a little, but then recovered, taking him right back down to the base.”O-o-hhh shit!” The teen yelped, his cock flexing excitedly, his balls tightening in his mom’s hand.Kristen’s mouth was a hot liquidy sheath plowing up and down her son’s rigid pecker. Her lips and tongue worked in unison, hungrily licking and pulling on the throbbing penis as if trying to suck the meat from the bone.”Awwwww shit, mom, I’m gonna cum!” Garrett groaned.”Mmmmm.” Kristen moaned, encouraging him to shoot his load into her sucking mouth.Kristen felt the penis pulse in her mouth and the first delicious wad of hot cum splash against the back of her throat. She let the creamy cock-milk collect in her mouth until her cheeks bulged out, then she swallowed it down with two big gulps.Again Garrett groaned as more jizz squirted from his piss-hole and splattered around his mom’s long flailing tongue. For what seemed like forever to young Garrett his mom continued to nurse on his erupting prick, pulling every last drop of spunk that she could get.Doug wheeled by Garrett and Kristen’s bedroom, peeking his head in for a moment.”Goodnight buddy,” he called out, thinking Garrett was still in the mancave. “Garrett??”Getting no answer Doug wheeled to the edge of the hallway and called across the house. “Garrett??” Still there was no answer.Doug wheeled over to the bathroom and knocked on the door. He had to pound three different times before Kristen answered.”What is it? What’s wrong?” She asked, holding a tiny white towel over her enormous breasts.”Have you seen Garrett? He doesn’t seem to be in the house anywhere.””He didn’t say anything to me about leaving, but maybe he’s outside.”Doug decided to ask a bold question. “Are you sure he’s not in there with you?”Kristen rolled her eyes and smiled down at him. “You’re joking right? Doug I’m sure he’s fine. Just go into bed I’ll be in in a while to kiss you goodnight.” “Yeah, Okay.”Kristen closed the door, locked it, then jumped in the shower with her waiting son. “Just your father getting curious again. Just where in the world did you disappear to, young man?” She said playfully.Garrett giggled as his mom stepped forward and threw her arms around his neck. “Probably out having a miserable time somewhere.””Oh so that blow job I just gave you was miserable huh mister?””Yeah, just horrible.” Garrett joked.”Well maybe picking your mom up, pinning her against the shower wall and fucking her brains out will help liven your spirit’s a little.”Garrett got a big grin, his heart about beating out of his chest. “How could it not?”Kristen kissed him, letting her tongue dance with his. While they made out, she reached down and wrapped her hand around his teenaged dong. It was still brick hard, the big blue veins bulging obscenely along the shaft as it stuck way out from his loins.”Hold me,” she whispered, then gracefully jumped from the shower floor, wrapping those luscious mommy-legs around his waist. Garrett held onto her thighs and turned them so Kristen’s back was against the wall. Her lips were at his ear, her wet warm tits mashed against his chest. “Fuck me,” she whined.He snorted with lust as he felt her hand clutch his rod and feed it into her sopping honey-hole. A scalding liquid heat smothered the throbbing cock-rod as it searched for bottom.”Ohhh honey!” Kristen sighed as she felt her hungry cunt stretch around the unyielding length of her son’s spear.Garrett started hard and fast. His need was urgent and so was hers. Neither of them wanted to be slow or gentle. As Garrett hammered his meat into her, Kristen clung to him, digging her nails into his shoulders. She fucked right back at him, their hips moving in unison.Garrett realized he could be as rough as he wanted…his mom liked it that way. Her jerking hips signaled the brutal tempo she craved. As she panted on his shoulder, the young teen could feel her molten cream drenching his prick and trickling from his wobbly ball-sack. He hammered his cock harder…deeper…pounding against her cervix. “Ohhh God baby, just like that, don’t let up! Don’t you dare let up!” She softly cried.After about 15 seconds of lighting fast thrusting Garrett felt a sizzling burst of juice around his meat and his mom’s body began to buck and tremble against him.”OHHH GOD I LOVE YOU!!” She squealed.He felt her warm soft body tightening up around him, her motherly arms and legs constricting around his young body like an anaconda. It was like she was trying to pull his whole body into her core…trying to become one flesh, like they had once been.Her tits were plastered against his chest, but he could still feel them sloshing and rippling. Her cunt was squeezing and convulsing around his plowing erection, soaking it in orgasmic fuck-oil.His body was smothered in the glistening golden brown flesh of his own clutching mom. His cock was pounding into her slick gripping cunt. He wanted this thrilling moment to last forever, but his balls simply wouldn’t allow it. Her strong muscled cuntal tube was just milking his cock too hard.”Ahhhh fuck, shit, aaaagghhh!!” He softly roared, jetting his cum inside her.”Ohhh God baby, I’m cumming again!” Kristen whimpered, burying her face into her son’s neck.Their wet bodies jerked and writhed together as their wild mutual orgasm went on and on. Garrett felt like he fucked a gallon of cum into his mom. At this very moment there were in fact millions of tiny tad poles fighting to get inside her womb and fuck their way inside her egg.Kristen opened the door to find her husband sitting in the hallway waiting. “What are you still doing out here, numbskull?” She giggled.”Why would he think it’s okay to take off somewhere without telling one of us?”Kristen smiled and strode towards him. She had nothing but a bath towel around her and her hair was still damp and slicked back.”Doug, he’s 18 years old…he’s not a little boy anymore.””Well he’s still living under this roof, so he should have enough respect to–“Kristen cut him off. “Honey, stop! You’re getting yourself all worked up again.” She walked behind his chair and wheeled him towards the bedroom. “When he comes to bed tonight I’ll talk to him…if that’ll make you feel better.”Garrett snuck from the bathroom and stepped across the hallway.”I may be in a wheelchair, but I’m perfectly capable of having a talk with our son.”Kristen leaned over and gave her husband a peck on the cheek. “Now, now, don’t get snappy with me, Douglas.”Garrett stopped just before entering the bedroom and gawked at his mom. The was she was bent over made the towel creep up, exposing the bottom-half of her bare buttocks and her clean shaven clamshell. He could even see the puckered ring of her cute little butt hole.Kristen peeked back at Garrett over her shoulder. She hungrily swiped her long pink tongue across her top lip and gave him a teasing wink.The young teen’s heart did sommersaults. He still couldn’t believe that this was his own sweet mom fucking and teasing the shit out of him.Kristen helped her husband into bed. She crawled up onto the mattress with him and her curled her smooth tan legs to the side.”Can I ask you something?” Doug said.”Of course you can.”He seemed hesitant, but asked anyway. “Does he hold you at night?”Kristen giggled and shook her head. “Oh Doug.””No, it’s okay, it wouldn’t make me mad…I mean, I know how much you like to cuddle.”Kristen gazed into his eyes with a smile. “Do you lay down here and imagine that he’s holding me at night?””Well…honestly, yeah I guess I do.” Doug answered, then seemed to be thinking hard on something.Kristen could tell there was more. “What is it?””Ohh it’s nothing, forget it.””Doug, I will not forget it. Tell me what you’re thinking.”He still seemed to have reservations. “If I tell you what happened you’ll think I’m some sort of sicko or something.”Kristen smiled and rubbed his arm reassuringly. “I won’t think you’re a sicko.””This morning after you left I ummm…I went into you and Garrett’s bedroom. I saw his boxers laying next to your bra and panties and…I guess I just drew the conclusion that for some reason the two of you got naked together.”Kristen attempted to do some damage control. “Doug, I–“Doug cut her off. “No let me finish. I think what surprised me more than seeing that and thinking that…was the way I reacted to it. In this twisted sick way…it was sort of exciting I guess.””Exciting??” Kristen asked.”Look. I know this might sound strange to you, but I was young once and I did happen to see my own mother naked accidentally on a couple of occasions. I’m not gonna lie to you, even though it was my own mom, it was extremely thrilling at that age. It’s perverted I know.”Kristen shook her head, thinking seriously over his words. “No, it’s not perverted. It’s what boys do. It’s how boys think.””Well that doesn’t make it right.””Fuck right and wrong, Doug. It was your feelings…and you can’t deny those, even if they seem wrong.”Doug still hung his head. “I know, but…””So what you’re saying here is that when you found Garrett and I’s clothes laying on the floor, the idea that he may have been getting to see his mom, me…in the nude…that aroused you in some way?”Doug answered in an almost shameful tone. “I guess it did…yeah.””Did it make you…did it give you an erection?””Not fully, but it definitely seemed to be on its way. I’m sorry babe, I shouldn’t have told you this,” he muttered.”Are you k**ding?? Doug, sweetie, this is progress. Yes it’s a little out of the ordinary maybe, but I think whatever works at this point is what we need to focus on.”Doug giggled. “Kristen, don’t be ridiculous. I’m not gonna have you getting naked in front of Garrett, that’s just insane.””Nobody said anything about me getting naked. I do think, however, if this is helping you to come alive again down there, then it’s definitely something we should pursue further.”Doug seemed reserved. “I don’t know…we’ll have to think more on it I guess.”Kristen had the grin of a Cheshire cat. “Yes, we’ll definitely think more on it.”

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