Mom’s Secret Legacy Pt. 02


Chapter 3:
Old Habits, New Memories

Early the next day as Jenn and I were taking our routine shower together; I was lost in thought as the hot water ran down our naked bodies and Jenn wrapped her arms around me.

“Still thinking about what’s in those bags huh Robbie boy?”

“Huh? Yea I guess,” I lied, forgetting completely about last night’s mysterious bags, my mind was on the fact of whether or not I should tell Jenn about how I had fucked mom like a mad man. She had already figured out me and mom had at least fooled around in the shower.

“Well too bad for you cause I’m saving those bags for a special occasion.” said jenn.

“Special occasion?”

“Yep,” said Jenn and that’s all she’d say on the matter as she stepped out of the shower.

Later that day Jenn and I were just generally being lazy, watching TV and half heartily cleaning Jenn’s messy apartment.

“Speaking of cleaning I need to clean my own apartment; you know the one I never stay in?”

“Well it ain’t my fault that you’re a sick little fuck who can’t get enough of his big sis.”

“It goddamn is your fault for being so fucking sexy!” I said feigning anger.

“Can’t help how I was born little brother.”

“Well I’m going over to my place to get some stuff done.”

“I won’t be here when you get back cause I have to go into the office at five today.”

“Okay,” I said

“Fuck you later bro,” called Jenn as I headed for the door.

“It’s a date!” I yelled back.

Back at my cheap hell hole of an apartment I saw a rent past due notice on my door. Great another thing to worry about and I still hadn’t found a new job since I quit at a print shop down town. Which was another reason my dad and I didn’t get along. He was a firm believer that I was a lazy bum who would never amount to crap. I went inside and the smell of month old take out assaulted my senses right away.

I held my nose and began the hard work of restoring my hell hole into a slightly less filthy hell hole. Half way into figuring out exactly what was growing in the fridge my cell rang, it was mom.


“Hey baby,” replied mom’s sweet voice “Can you and your sister stay over here tonight?”

“Sure,” I replied very enthusiastically thinking it might turn out to be a repeat of the other night’s little sleepover.

“Oh no baby, not that,” said mom guessing at the reasoning behind my enthusiasm. “Your father will still be home tonight.” Her voice dropping to a whisper as she mentioned my father.

“Oh,” I replied more than a little disappointed.

“I know baby its some much I want to show and teach both you and Jennifer about the wonderful life that could be had now that we have been with one another.”

“Ok mom,” I said trying to hide the hurt in my voice thinking that mom was having second thoughts about what happened between us.

“Soon my wonderful angel, soon we will have our chance again to really show each other how much we love each other. But the reason I want you and Jenn to stay over is because I want to get an early start on painting the den and living room tomorrow and your father swears he will be too tired to help after work tomorrow.”

“Ok I think I’ve got a couple of paint suits around here somewhere.” I said

“Great then I’ll see you kids later tonight after Jenn gets off work?”


“Ok bye- bye Robbie.”

“Mom, I love you,” I said with real longing in my voice. There was a pause before the line went dead.

After the talk with mom I didn’t feel much like cleaning my shitty apartment so I went to the bar around the corner. Which didn’t do much good, all I did was down a few beers and think of mom. I love mom. I mean really loved her. I knew I did, I wanted to be her everything. I mean I loved Jenn too I really did but I loved her like a sister, an extremely hot sister who I’d fucked and would most definitely fuck again and often. Still just a sister though. Jenn had said much the same herself. She loved me like no one else but she would still want to eventually find someone else and get married.

We agreed that we would still see other people and still be together, after all we really weren’t cheating on our lovers because Jenn and I were family first and after all who would suspect that their lover was cheating on them with a family member. But somehow I just felt like mom was different, it was fine to share her within the family but I couldn’t imagine her fucking anyone else. The thought of it made my very heart ache.

I left the bar feeling as if my love for my mother had grew tenfold, like we were more than mother and son, we were truly lovers. I went back to my place to grab the paint suits and wait for Jenn to get off work. I must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes I heard Jenn’s silver coupe pull up out front. I got into the little sports car and we sped off down the street to our parent’s house. When we pulled up to the house it must have been just after 12:00 AM because dad always turned out all the lights avcılar grup yapan escort and went to bed at twelve.

As we made our way up the drive way we saw someone looking out from behind the curtains. By the time we made it to the door mom was already opening it to let us in wearing an almost translucent night gown that showed off her bare silver dollar nipples. Mom whispered “hey” and silently led us to the two guest bedrooms at the back of the house.

When we got to the first of the spare rooms mom went in first and flicked on the lights followed by Jennifer then me.

“Robbie you can sleep in here tonight and jenn can have the room next door.” said mom as she sat down on the bed next to me and put her hand on my thigh.

“Mom, Rob and I can share, I’m sure Robbie won’t mind.” said Jenn with a grin.

“I’m sure he wouldn’t”, said mom with a huge smile. “But there will be no monkey business while your father is here.”

“Ahh if you say so mom,” said Jenn crossing her arms in a pretend pout.

“I do say so,” remarked mom with forced sternness.

Mom got up to leave beckoning Jenn to follow, once she got to the door frame still with her back to me she stopped and wiggled her panties over her shapely round ass and down her sexy legs were they fell at her ankles.

“Thought these might help pass the time,” said mom as she stepped out of one leg of the panties and flicked the pair into the air with one foot where they fell delicately on my already rising dick.

“It’s been a while since you raided my hamper,” said mom as she looked back over her shoulder at my stunned face. Memories came back of me sneaking into my mother’s private bathroom after she had taken a shower and stealing the pair of panties she had worn that day and using them to masturbate.

I would take the panties back to my room and lie naked under my covers and rub the slightly damp silky smooth fabric all over my body smelling her musky feminine odor then wrapping my cock in them and masturbating thinking of her slowly riding up and down on my hard cock until I erupted into the soiled panties. Then I would sneak back into her bathroom and ball them up and bury them under some other clothes. This was almost a nightly occurrence before I moved out.

“You knew the whole time?” I asked amazed.

“A mother always knows,” said mom as she closed the door pulling Jenn out behind her.

As I was contemplating this fact Jenn burst back in saying “And don’t think you were fooling anybody when you use to pretend you had nightmares so you could sleep in my bed.”

“Damn busted again!” I laughed

“Come on Jennifer Ann Nash!” said mom as she dragged Jenn down the hall.

“Come on mom he gets those and what do I get?” I heard Jennifer ask in her best spoiled brat voice as they walked down the hall.

“Why Jenn I don’t think I’ve had the chance to properly kiss you goodnight,” replied mom in a sexily suggestive manner.

“Oh!” said Jenn in a much happier tone.

My pole shot back up to full mast as I pondered what exactly a proper goodnight kiss was as their voices faded away.

***Note this section tells of what happened after they left Robbie’s room & is told from Jenn’s POV.***

Mom opened the door to the second guest bedroom and I flopped down on the soft mattress.

“Now where is that goodnight kiss you promised?”

“Be a good little girl and get ready for bed first,” said mom in a motherly voice. So I removed my tight hip hugger jeans slowly and seductively making sure she saw every sexy curve. Then I pulled off my shirt oh so slowly taking my time with each button as mom watched me with eyes like a predator ,till I was down to my socks, bra and panties. I lay back on the bed removing each sock painfully slow.

I exaggerated each movement, showcasing my long sexy 24 year old legs. Then I slowly unclasped my bra dropping it to the floor. I ran my fingers around the edge of my panties. Before turning around and reaching ever so slowly over the bed to retrieve my over sized sleep shirt. Giving mom ample time to admire my petite shapely ass, she nodded her approval hungrily. Then I sat on the bed facing her with my legs spread wide showing her my moist panties.

“All done now mommy,” I said in my favorite little girl voice.

“Good girl, are you ready for your goodnight kiss?” said mom in her motherly way.

“Uh huh,” I answered in the same little girl voice.

“Good,” mom said as she eased me back onto the bed and lifted my shirt kissing from just below the navel up to my tits.

Then she lifted my shirt over my tits and her tongue danced around my rock hard nipples. She drew one of the hard tiny nubs into her month sucking gently at first then harder, running her tongue over it. Short gasps and moans escaped my lips as she continued this time on the other nipple while massaging the other breast. Slowly, painfully slowly she kissed her way down from between my breasts; on down my body until she reached the navel were avcılar masöz escort she ran the tip of her tongue around its rim, I bucked in anticipation, wanting so badly for her to reach the Promised Land.

After 2 or 3 more tentative kisses she eased my now soaking panties down around my knees. One final kiss at the top of my mound, which caused me to buck wildly once again. Then bliss as her tongue expertly roamed over the sensitive flesh of my womanhood. Her tongue slowly dragging over my pussy folds and then thrashing at my clit on the down stroke of her tongue. All of a sudden she closed her mouth over my whole pussy aiming to drive me home. Her mouth sucking on my pussy lips, her whole tongue gliding over my pussy the heat of her mouth and the occasional coolness of the surrounding air drove me to new heights. Just when I thought I could take no more she viciously attacked my clit. When I was about to cry out in mind blowing pleasure she jammed 3 fingers coated in her own juices into my mouth to stifle my cries of pleasure

I moaned in muffled cries as I crept closer to climax. I could feel the pressure build, I was really gonna cum now. Out of reflex alone I pushed her head away and ran my fingers rapidly over my clit. Spraying my one hell of a mother full on in the face with my girl cum.

“Delicious baby girl,” said mom as she licked her lips, wiping my cum from her face and sucking it off her fingers. Then she calmly stood up wiping her face once more and whispered goodnight as she walked out of the room leaving me spent in my afterglow.

***Story goes back to Robert’s POV now.***

In bed…alone and with a major hard-on. May as well do something about it ain’t like I can go to sleep till I do; I thought to myself. So I removed my pants and boxers and climbed under the covers just like old times, I laughed to myself. I inhaled deeply taking in the musky scent of my mother’s sex left in her satin panties. Oh god it was wonderful, my cock growing painfully erect with each whiff. The smell wasn’t quite like I remembered but it had the same effect. I held the panties to my nose breathing deeply for a while, while I stroked my cock under the covers. Then I wrapped the smooth silky material around my still throbbing cock. Feeling my mother’s residual juices as I pumped my panty wrapped cock faster and faster thinking of the first magical time I fucked her just a few days ago. I blew a considerable load in record time.

Afterwards I balled the sperm sodden panties up and fell asleep clutching the messy ball in my hand. Little did I know that they might not be there when I woke up or how I’d wake up.

It was Samantha’s and my one month anniversary and we were passionately kissing about to make love, she was stroking my cock through my pants.




Weird; Samantha began to sound a lot like mom then as the veil of sleep faded I realized it was a dream. Samantha and I had broken up several months previously and better yet it was my mother calling my name.

“Robbie wake up, Robbie, Robbie,” better still she was in my bed and she was the one stroking my cock!

“Mom?” I moaned partly out of sleepiness and partly out of arousal.

“Good morning my sweet angel,” she said in a sing-song voice still stroking my near erupting cock I was brought to full awareness as I came.

“Good I see you’re fully awake now,” said mom with a smile as she rubbed the crotch of the panties I’d had into the creamy mess I had just made on the sheets.

“What are you doing?” I asked looking puzzled but none the less intrigued.

“I like it fresh,” said mom as she slid the cum soaked panties on. She shivered involuntarily as the cold slimy goo rubbed against her hot sex.

“You’re a freak,” I said jokingly.

“And you’re a dirty little mother-fucker,” she retorted.

“And proud to be,” I said showing mock pride just before we both burst out laughing.

Mom and I walked down the hall to Jenn’s room. We both were on opposite sides of the bed watching Jenn’s slumbering form.

“How shall we wake my darling daughter today, my darling son?” Inquired mom in a mock aristocratic voice.

“Ooh I know,” I said with a devilish grin remembering something I did once when I was drunk.

I pulled my cock out; still a little coated with cum and rubbed the tip across Jenn’s lips as she slept and mom began rubbing up and down on Jenn’s uncovered thigh.

“Umm,” moaned Jenn as we continued. Then she came around sooner than we thought.

“Mom that was nice,” said jenn sleepily. “What time is it anyway?” asked Jenn.

“Around seven, come on and get up, your father left for work over an hour ago,” said mom.

“AND YOU!” Snapped Jenn as she tried to punch me. “Didn’t I tell you if you ever tried that again I’d bite it off?!”

“Sorry,” I laughed as I dodged another punch.

“You kids stop playing around and meet me in the den. We gotta lot of painting to do and very little time.”

Jenn avcılar otele gelen escort and I found mom in the den trying to decide the right shade of sky blue to paint the den.

“This is the one,” said mom holding up a can that looked to me to be the same shade of blue as the other five.

“Well suit up kids and let’s get to work,” said mom as she handed each of us one of the paint suits I had brought over.

Chapter 4:
Paint, Pussy and family fun!

We had been painting for hours now it was a bit after eleven in the morning and the sun was shining brightly through the windows making it feel that much hotter in the already sweltering room.

“Goddamnit! I can’t do this much longer, it’s too hot in here.”

“Woohhhhh, you got that right mom,” said Jenn as she flopped down on the plastic covered couch with a sigh.

“God! I can’t keep this up” exclaimed mom as she unzipped the front of her white paint suit releasing her gorgeous bra clad globes and exposing them to the cool breeze of the small boxed fan I just turned on.

“Ohh thanks honey, that’s much better,” said mom turning into the breeze.

“Oh I think Robert thinks it’s a great improvement too mom,” said Jenn grinning and pointing at the embarrassingly obvious tent I had made in my pants. Mom just laughed and pulled the two halves of her suit closer together and giggled.

“Well we are almost done. We just need to apply a coat to this last wall but I think Rob has other things on his mind at this point.” said Jenn seeing how my situation hadn’t changed much.

“Well we really need to finish this today and we can’t do anything right now your father could be home for lunch at anytime now,” said mom trying to be the voice of reason. Though Jenn being her perpetually horny and mischievous self was obviously trying to take advantage of my situation and of my own natural horniness to try to override mom’s cautious nature.

“Come on mom we just recently discovered each other and we haven’t had a chance to be altogether yet. Mom come on you’re the one that said you wanted this life so badly,” said Jenn as she took mom’s arm coaxing her out into the center of the plastic covered room.

Walking backward and pulling mom along with her, she stepped out of her already unzipped paint suit and urged mom to shed hers too. As Jenn was stepping backward she tripped over the paint tray filled with blue paint; which she promptly fell into coating her naked ass Smurfette blue.

“Ooh cold, cold…Cold!” moaned Jennifer, Mom and I both burst into fits of laughter.

“You mean either of you can resist this?” said Jenn shifting positions and smiling back over her shoulder with a raised eyebrow at mom and I. She waved her paint covered backside at us while on her hands and knees.

“Well mom?” Asked Jenn.

Well this was it, the ball was in mom’s court, I prayed that she would accept Jenn’s lewd invitation because the tent in my pants needed immediate attention.

“Actually it’s Robbie’s choice,” said mom with a wicked smile as she kneeled beside Jenn on the plastic covered floor mirroring her position, shedding the last remnants of her clothes on the way to the floor.

“Well Robbie?” said mom looking back at me over her shoulder. The pair of them looking like a mirror that reflected Jennifer’s future.

Well I suppose the ball was in my court now. I got up off the couch and stripped down to my birthday suit. I couldn’t resist Jenn’s slick blue buttocks taunting me anymore so I got on my knees behind her and effortlessly slid my aching dick into her wet and paint sodden pussy. Almost as soon as my dick head felt her soft wet inner flesh I began pumping away like a piston. I playfully slapped her ass as we really got into the rhythm and mom gently sucked on Jenn’s swaying tits. I slapped mom on her ass just like I did Jenn, leaving a big blue hand print on mom’s pale white ass. “Hey!” Mom yelped in between sucks on Jenn’s nipples.

After a few more pumps Jenn was close to her climax and that tell-tell scream of her orgasm followed by her signature water works soaking the plastic beneath us; leaving us in a pale blue puddle of water and sweat. The weird thing was I was still hot, hard and still ready to go. I slid out of Jenn and straight into mom which must have surprised her a bit because she was still focused on Jenn’s breasts.

“Well welcome home son,” said mom as I began to give her the same pounding I just gave my sexy sis. Then as jenn lay recovering next to us that same weird primal force that gripped me the first time I fucked mom consumed me again. I thrust as deep as I physically could straining my dick for every centimeter more I could muster.

“GAWWWWWDDDD!!” Baby fuck me deeper! Faster, faster. FASTER!!, FASTER!!” I was in overdrive, thrusting like my life depended on it.

“Fuck! Mom that’s good.” I grunted as I grabbed her hips with both hands pulling her up to her knees so that we were both on our knees with her leaning back on me forcing my erection in her deeper. I thrust harder and harder up into her hot sex until we were both up on our feet never losing our pace or rhythm for a moment. Next thing I knew she had her hands up on the wall I was gripping her hips just to keep me from collapsing from exhaustion and ecstasy. Mom was speechless and completely lost in ecstasy. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she bit her lip in passion.

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