Moni on loan


Moni on loanMoni on loanMoni has agreed to submit to my commands, because her husband has given her to me for the night. She has agreed she must do what I say, and I am so very excited. She will become my cumslut and will have the time of her life! My cock is hard as I make preparations. I buy her a black push-up bra for her tits; it will leave the nipples showing whether she wants them to or not. I also get her black “fuck me pumps” and a black dress with just the right cleavage and which will come to about her mid-thighs.I arrive at her house at 8:00 p.m. She opens the door, and I see she is dressed to go out in a blue shirt and jeans with very practical running shoes. I hand her the packages I have brought as her eyes look astonished. I tell her: “Moni, these packages contain the clothes you are to wear tonight; go to your bedroom and put them on!” She takes them in her hands and meekly turns away and heads to her bedroom, without saying a word.She came out of her bedroom dressed like a tart, as I had intended. Her eyes were wide-opened and she had crossed her hands over her breasts trying unsuccessfully to prevent her nipples from showing. “I can’t go out like this Richard!” she cried. “You must, you agreed to obey!” I towered over her, and she meekly agreed to submit to my commands. “Are you wearing panties?” I asked. “Yes, of course,” she replied. “Show me.” I growled. She raised her dress to reveal white cotton bikini panties. I stepped over to her, reached my hands out to her waist, grabbed the panties and pulled them off of her body. “Now we are ready to go!” I exclaimed. I pushed her out the door in front of me and we got into my car. We went to a bar where neither of us would be known. At my request we were seated at a booth in the back and I ordered double drinks for us. I sipped mine and at the same time forced Sweetmix to gulp hers and ordered another. After two more drinks were forced down her, I set my plan in motion.I put my hand on her artemisbet yeni giriş knee nearest me and pushed up the hem of her little black dress. She put a hand over mine trying to stop me, but I forced the dress all the way up her thighs while at the same time kissing her with a deep French kiss. This action got the attention of several men at the bar we were facing, as I had planned. Moni was trying to resist when I reminded her that she must obey my commands. She said: “I didn’t agree to this Richard!” I replied: “Oh, yes you did my dear,” as reached my other hand up to her left nipple and squeezed it hard. “If you don’t do as I say like you promised, I will punish you when we get back to your place!” I whispered in her ear: “I’ll spank your bare ass red as a cooked lobster!” She whimpered in reply: “I’ll do as I promised, Richard, only please don’t hurt me.”I chuckled to myself, “Now she will do everything I command without me forcing anything. My cock was getting hard now. I commanded her: “Pull each strap off your shoulder, let your nipples show and walk by the bar to the ladies room. Do not look at the men at the bar, just ignore them and look straight ahead BUT DO NOT COVER YOUR BREAST.S WITH YOUR HANDS.” Moni bent her head down, but did as I commanded.The men whistled and commented lewdly to her as she walked both ways. When she got back to the table, I had her sit on the outside of the booth facing the bar. I told her to open her legs, as I put a hand on her dress and pulled it up to show her pussy. I kissed her as I did this. She was saying: “No, no, no, Richard. Please stop” I told her: “This is just the beginning.” Every man at the bar was staring at her. I waved the nearest man over to the table as I put a finger partially in her pussy; it was wet. Even as she resisted showing herself to the strange men, she was becoming aroused, as I had planned. When he arrived, I asked the man his name. “John,” he replied. I said: artemisbet giriş “John, sit down on he other side of my wife.” (We were not married, of course.) Moni tried to edge toward me. I took John’s nearest hand and placed it on her thigh and told him we were both going to feel my wife’s pussy. He followed my lead and each put a finger into her now sopping wet pussy. “Kiss John,” I commanded, and she did, whimpering “no” and trying to keep from being aroused. I said to her loud enough for the men in the bar to hear: “Honey, unzip his pants and take out his cock.” I felt it was safe to do so, because there were only four other aroused men in the bar including the bartender. Moni unzipped his pants, as I had commanded.“Take John’s cock out and suck it” and she did so, as I put three fingers in her now sopping pussy. Her head bobbed up and down on the shaft of his cock as I finger fucked her. John was too excited by this public display to last long, especially after I said to Moni: “Grab John’s balls and squeeze them as you suck his cock, be my little cum slut.” John came all of a sudden. She swallowed some cum, but most of it splattered all over her face. After John finished, I asked the bartender to lock the front door and bring a towel. He moved like lightening to comply.I told Moni to get up, after wiping her face. I told her to take my cock out of my pants and to stroke it gently, as it was already hard as a rock. I invited all the other men over telling them my wife was going to suck their cocks while she sat on my cock. I sat back down on the booth. Then I turned her ass toward me and pulled her little black dress off. She now only had on the little black push-up bra. I sat her down on my cock in one shove all the way in. She cried out in a little pain, but I ignored her. The men had their cocks out and were surrounding her. One put his cock in her mouth and he started fucking her mouth, in and out as I thrust my cock upward. artemisbet güvenilirmi Her pussy juices were flowing all around my plunging cock as the man was fucking her mouth faster and faster. I told her to start jacking off two other cocks with her hands and she complied.The whole scene was so erotic. Moni was being fucked in the mouth, in her pussy, had a cock in each hand and the other man was waiting his turn as she was moaning loudly. I came in her pussy and stopped the action for a second. I turned her ass toward the other men and bent her down to me and told her: “They are each going to fuck you until each cums in your pussy. I want to feel your full reactions.” I began feeling her tits and nodded to the men, who started fucking her one by one. I continued to feel her tits and kiss her sweet lips as she was being pounded. A total of five men fucked her pussy and poured their cum into her pussy.When everyone was finished, I told Moni: “Put on your dress; don’t go to the ladies room. We are leaving. Thank all these men for fucking you.” She put on her dress, bent her head down, averting her eyes, and said: “Thank you gentlemen for fucking me.” They were all grinning at her as we walked out to my car. Moni was wobbly on her feet, with cum dripping down her legs. When we got to the car, I told her: “Get into the back seat”. She complied. I got in beside her, pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. “Baby, you are now my cumslut aren’t you?” She still had her eyes averted, but she replied: “Yes, Richard.” I leaned her back on the seat, pulled up her dress, unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. It was hard as a rock. I had watched my baby fuck five men and suck two off. Her pussy was filled with cum like an obedient cumslut and now I was going to fuck her cum filled pussy. My cock slipped all he way in as her pussy made a slurping sound, she was so full of cum. I was wild with desire and fucked her faster and faster as I head her scream out: “Oh, Richard, fuck me, fuck me. I loved it, I will fuck any man you want me to, just fuck me. I am your cumslut!” Hearing her words was like an electric shock, and I had a powerful orgasm, as cum kept oozing out of her pussy.My plan had worked. I had my cumslut! I had more plans for Moni!

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