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More with BattersBatters smoked whlist I layed on the sofa thinking about what just happened. He was in his white loose boxers and I was still naked. Watchin him was makin me horny again. I rubbed my foot on his leg and then nudged his heavy bulge with my toe. he wanted more so he grabbed me after he got hard again and carried me to his bedroom.He snogged me grabbin both my tight little bum cheeks and I felt his dick through his boxers. he threw me on the bed and got on top again. he spat slowly on my pussy rubbbed his dick in it making it even more wet. He was rubbing the length of his cock up and down my pussy. Proper turn on seeing him between my legs. Big meaty hard dick in his hand slapping it against my tight soakin wet pussy. It felt wel good but I wanted him to stick it in me because I was gettin proper horny.I moved my hips forward to feel it better and he started to press it harder against me and then put just the end in and shook it about inside me. I said Fuck me. He slid his dick in a bit more. Please fuck me batters I said. He had a sly sexy smile because he could see how horny he was makin güvenilir bahis me. He pushed it in a bit more and It was driving me wild. I pushed my body towards him to get more of his dick in me. Finally he slid it all the way in and my pussy was filled with his hot cock. He snogged me and started shaggin me hard straight away.He was fucking me good loved seeing his toned arms either side of me holding himself up and his firm toned body move in and out of me I was rubbing my hands over his fit chest and stomach he felt proper sexy. His dick was hard as fuck and he kept fucking me constantly I looked down and saw it going on and out of my tight pussy it was soaking from my pussy juices. it felt amazing. I was loving it he is fucking gorgeous. He stood and put my legs together. Stuck his dick back in me and carried on shaggin me hard. Was gettin made more horny by the sexy slappin sounds he made as he pounded me.I was coming already I held on tightly to his arms. he looked me in the eyes and fucked me even harder I was screaming as I came and trying to push him away coz it was gettin to much but he held güvenilir bahis siteleri me tighter and kept going. His big dick was hard as fuck and was fucking me so fast now. I’d never felt anything like it. After a bit he pulled out and rubbed his cock hard on my pussy making me come more. I grabbed the sheets as my body became stiff and I couldn’t move. He left my pussy alone while I calmed down but his hands were always on me. He snogged me and said i love shaggin you. He got on top of me his legs either side of my face and put his cock in my mouth he was still hard as fuk. Soaking wet from both our juices and tasted gorgeous His dick felt great in my mouth. I put a hand on his arse cheek as I sucked him. He put the head of his cock on my mouth and spat onto it. The spit dropped down slowly and poured off his cock into my mouth and I sucked the rest off. He leaned down. I opened my mouth and he made his spit slowly bead down into it. Wasn’t expectin that. dirty fucker. I moved his warm spit around my mouth with my tongue and swallowed it. Then he spat in my mouth again quicker and harder iddaa siteleri this time. He put his throbbing dick in my gob and I wanked it while I sucked him spit all over it.He got off me and said I want to come inside you again and I said I didn’t care just wanted him to shag me again. He put his thick cock back in me and started again this time with my legs in air wrapped around his body as he pumped and pounded. He was so good at this and he just kept going and going not slowing down once. His dick was hard as a rock and nailed me constantly. His body was so fit. I rubbed and squeezed his arse cheeks loved the way it feels it’s a well nice shape. Tight firm cheeks wet with sweat. Loved the feeling of his arse moving up and down on top of me as his dick was fucking my fanny. im moaning agen fucking in heaven fucking loving itHe put my legs over his arms and his hands behind my neck. He held me tight and fucks me hard and fast. We were so loud people must have heard us in the street. I said fuck me batters don’t stop and that made him go even faster and I came again. I clamped my body onto his and then I felt him come but he didn’t stop fuckin until all the come was out of him. He lay on top of me for a few seconds. I rubbed my hands over his firm sweaty body. We got dressed then he walked me home. He said he wanted more and I said I’d be up for that.

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