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More with granny EffieSo things got crazy busy for me and I haven’t had the time to continue telling about my horny interracial granny- so here goes.After the Memorial Day weekend episode, we continued to date two or three times a week for the next month or so. After about 3 dates, we dropped the dating charade and just got together for sex, mostly at my place but twice at her house. We had been together about a dozen times, and it had all been her doing me with her mouth, rim jobs, and sucking and swallowing. Not that I was complaining, but I was getting to the point where I wanted to fuck her, and couldn’t stop thinking about fucking her in the ass.On a Thursday afternoon in late June, I came over to her place as she asked. I was surprised when an older guy answered the door. It turned out to be her husband. Effie then walked over and I was a bit shocked because she was dressed in a short piece of lingerie with stockings and a garter belt and high heeled shoes, but no bottom or panties and her pussy just out there in the open. She introduced me to her husband, Tom, and told him to get us some drinks. We sat in the living room and Tom brought the drinks over to us. After we chatted for a few minutes, Effie stood up and took my hand and said, “Let’s go on up to the bedroom.”I wasn’t sure what to do so I looked at her husband and said, “Hey man, are you OK with this?” It was Effie who answered for him. She said, “Of course he’s OK with it. nevşehir escort He has a tiny little dick, or should I say prick, pin prick. He’s my husband and he loves me and supports me in everything I want to do. Don’t you honey?” He didn’t say anything, but sort of nodded yes.We got up to the bedroom, and she helped me get my clothes off. We laid on her bed and began kissing. All of a sudden, she called down to her husband in a loud voice to get up there. We were kissing when he walked into the bedroom.Effie turned to him and said, “I’m kind of dry, why don’t you get busy down there.” So she laid on her back and kept kissing me and stroking my cock while her husband buried his face between her legs and started eating her pussy. After about ten minutes, she told him, “OK, that’s enough for now, go sit over there.” Tom got up and sat in a chair a few feet from the bed. Effie worked her way down my chest and stomach and took my cock in her mouth.After a minute or two, she held my cock in her hand, turned to her husband and said, “Would you just look at the size this fucking thing, isn’t it beautiful. And it’s hard as a rock. Come feel how hard it is.”Tom said, “That’s OK”, but she told him, “Just feel how hard it is, come touch it.” He walked over and touched me with a few fingers. “Yep, it’s hard all right,” he said.“You can leave now,” she said to him, “we’re going to fuck.” Effie laid back and spread her niğde escort legs wide. “Come fuck me now baby,” she told me. By this time my cock was starting to hurt from keeping a hard on for so long, so I knelt between her legs and pushed in. It wasn’t really tight fit, I was kind of knocking around in there, but I was so horny by then it felt pretty good. I guess I wasn’t really surprised that an old slut like Effie would have a well worn cunt.She must have read my mind because she said, “I know it’s not great for you, that’s why I kept you waiting for this.” That seemed to make it feel tighter, and I started really pounding her hard. She was moaning and begging me to give it to her harder and faster, which I did. From the corner of my eye I could see her husband standing out in the hallway watching through the open bedroom door.We kept at it for quite a few minutes, then she said, “Don’t you cum now, you know I want it in my mouth.”So I gave a few more pokes and pulled out, and laid down on my back. She knelt next to me on the bed and took my cock into her mouth and started stroking. Tom had come a few steps closer and was watching closely. It didn’t take long for me cum in her mouth. She opened her mouth with a smile to show it to me, and then turned and showed her husband.She closed her mouth and swallowed, and the turned to Tom and said, “Come over here and kiss me.” He walked over and they kissed deeply. escort bayan “Pretty good aftertaste, huh?” she asked him.Effie said, “I’m going to eat his ass now, you don’t have to watch if you don’t want to.” Tom turned and headed back downstairs. She looked at me and said, “He really hates it when I eat a black dude’s ass, so I don’t make him watch. But you turn over now, I want my dessert.”I rolled over and her tongue went to work on my asshole. She licked me there for about 15 minutes and finally laid back on the bed and relaxed. “I hope that was Ok for you today. I know it’s not great, but one day soon you’ll be fucking me in the ass, and that will be better. I just wanted you to fuck my pussy first.”After resting and talking for few more minutes, she said I probably should go, she and Tom had plans to go to a show that evening. She joked that he would handle the dating for me, and I would handle the sex for him.I got dressed and kissed her goodbye, while she laid in bed. I asked her if she was coming, and she said, “No, I’m staying here. He has to come up and finish me off with his mouth. I want to squirt. He’s really unbelievably good at eating pussy. And how do you think I learned to eat ass like that. Tom taught me everything I know about that,” she laughed.I made my way downstairs towards the front door. Tom got up from his chair and walked towards me with his hand out. I was surprised when he shook my hand and patted my shoulder. “Thanks for coming over,” he said. “You really make her very happy. You can come over whenever she asks you to.” I was the one shaking my head as i walked to my car. I sort of felt sorry for the guy, but all I could really think about was fucking Effie’s ass. Next time.

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