Mormon girl


Mormon girl.

This was one of the American woman in Germany that was in my FWB group. For the purposes in this story her name will be Jean. I was 19 and at that age I hadn’t really watch a lot of porn so I didn’t know it until my girlfriend brought it up when we had our first threesome with Jean.

She was the spitting image of Alisha Klass. Look her up. Just beautiful.

I had seen her around post and occasionally in the DFAC. She was taller than me and her face was always kind of a resting bitch face before I knew the term existed. Some of my friends said they tried to hit her up, but got shot down every time. I asked my friend Karen, that was in the same unit, about her.

Devout Mormon with a fiancé that was a missionary. Fairly quiet. Get off work and then just listen to music or read on her side of the wall locker partition in her barracks room.

One Saturday morning I saw her eating by herself in the mess hall and sat across from her and introduced myself. She smiled and told me she already knew who I was. Apparently Karen had mentioned to her I might be interested. She thought I was cute and found it nice that I’d didn’t come at her with any stupid lines.

I had plans with my girlfriend, Andrea, to go to a honey festival in a town further south so I asked her if she would like to join us because after the festival we would probably have dinner and go dancing. She agreed. I told her to bring a backpack with a change of clothes since we would not be coming back on post. She gave me her room number and after eating we parted ways to get ready. I grabbed a handful of fruit in my way out the door.

I packed my overnight bag called Andrea to tell her she could start headed down and I would meet her at the station with a new friend. My girl was intrigued and asked me if she was cute I told her absolutely, but she seems religious. She laughed and said she loved me and I said it back. I then headed down to meet Jean.

Jean looked amazing. She was wearing baggy jeans and a form fitting rainbow striped shirt and a bright green hoodie over it. Very much a raver look in the 90s which made me think this is no regular Mormon girl. She didn’t have big tits, maybe a B-cup, but they were beautifully shaped.

We talked as we walked towards the train station she grew up in Utah, not SLC, but some suburb just outside of the city. Father was an engineer, mother was a stay at home mom. Only had two sisters. That caught me off guard. I always assumed Mormons and old school Catholics always had tons of kids.

We got to the station just as one of the trains pulled up and my girlfriend jumped out and gave me a great big hug and a kiss and I kissed back and reached back to squeeze her ass. She was wearing one of her dark grey pleated skirts and a white blouse with a sweater over it and her Mary Jane’s with thigh highs. She looked like a sexier more goth version of Velma. Her green eyes always made my heart flutter when she looked at me. Her appearance wouldn’t make anyone suspect what a beast in the bedroom she was Sivas Escort or how insatiable she was with me and our other sexual partners. Men and women, but mostly women.

I introduced her to Jean and they hit it off. It was a great day of eating and drinking too much. Andrea and Jean seemed to really like each other. At one point I could hear them whispering back and forth to each other as I was getting us some more mead to drink. Such a great afternoon together getting to know Jean. She was definitely engaged. The ring she was sporting looked like it was a budget ring, but I found that tends to be more meaningful than a fat rock based on the number of married women I’ve played with.

When the honey festival started to shift more into a mead festival later in the day we decided to head back to Mainz, have dinner, freshen up and then go dancing at a club a couple of my friends were going to be DJing at that night.

A great night of drinking and dancing that included grinding with both and they with each other. Jean was only 19 like us and she was drinking like it wasn’t new to her which also made me wonder about her devout Mormon status. At one point making out with both of them and even watching them make out in the velvet room together. My girl said as much as she likes Jean she didn’t want her to play with us that night because it had been almost three days since we had alone time. I agreed with her. We stumbled together back to my girlfriend’s apartment while holding both their hands. Andrea had a much nicer apartment in a better area than mine.

We showed Jean the guest room which she promptly undressed down to her bra and panties in front of us and collapsed in bed. Falling asleep almost instantly.

Andrea and I made our way to her room and spend the night making her bed a mess. I tend to not give details about our time because she was much more tied to my emotions than most women in my life.

I woke up that morning with Andrea to take a shower together as as we walked past the guest room we both admired Jean’s body. Thick ass and strong legs and nice arms. Her black hair a mess on the pillow and her body splayed out. Andrea told me I should fuck her by myself first chance I get and let her know if it’s good enough to bring back to our bed.

Andrea and I fucked in the shower then had a light breakfast of tea and pumpernickel toast and butter. Our quiet morning was interrupted by the phone ringing. This was back during land line days. I heard my girl answer the phone and say “Papa!” With a smile on her face and voice. Her dad. Nice enough guy, but very traditional and old school almost to a fault. Kind of an aristocratic family, but next exactly. I could never really get a handle on the social status nuances in the country.

After hanging up she said her father was visiting her that day to see how she was doing. I was welcome to stay, but Jean has to go. Andrea started cleaning up and then went to her room to change out the sheets. The only time I saw her outside of her relaxed state Sivas Escort Bayan was when her father would visit. It was like she was trying to live up to his expectations of her.

I went to wake up Jean and it was a task since she seemed hung over. She was finally up and looked miserable. I told her she had to get ready to leave since Andrea’s father was on his way over for a visit and he has no idea his daughter and I have an open/poly relationship. She looked at me with her dark eyes and leaned over to kiss me and gave me a little peck on the lips then thanking me for a great night. She got up and started to her ready. I helped Andrea by putting fresh sheets on the bed and sweeping the house and doing the dishes.

By the time I was done putting away the dry dishes Jean was unsteadily standing in the kitchen. I have her a cup of tea and told her we would leave soon since I didn’t think she would be able to get back to the station nearest to our post by herself if she hadn’t done it before. She drank the tea silently as Andrea and I said our good byes and made out a little by the door. Andrea went to her and gave her a hug telling her she was so glad to meet her and we would hang out again soon.

Leaving that apartment always made me sad. It was such a comfort being with her. Jean still looked a bit out of it, but the brisk morning air and the walk to the station seemed to wake her up more than the tea did. I told her when we get back to post we should get a good brunch at the mess hall and she should take a nap.

I walked her back to her room after we ate and she asked if I wanted to hang out that night after she recovered. I agreed I would swing by around 6. She said no. Later to swing by around 9. This was a Sunday and Monday PT was always pretty hardcore, but sure.

I called Andrea when I got to the barracks day room and she let me know her dad just got there and asked about me. I told her to say hi for me. She then told me I should fuck Jean as soon as possible and let her know if it was good.

That’s all I needed.

That day I spend just doing laundry and ironing my uniforms and shining my “formation” boots for the Monday formation. I had a uniform and boots specifically for first formation on Mondays and then change out to a more beat up uniform and boots to work down in the motor pool.

So around 8:45pm I made my way down the street to visit Jean. When I knocked on her door her roommate opens and let’s me in. I walk to the partitioned side of the barracks room and walk in behind the privacy curtain she has set up and she’s in bed listening to music though a head set when she sees me. Gets up and gives me a hug and a kiss on the mouth. I kiss back. She asks me if I wanted a drink. Honestly I didn’t, but she offered so I accepted. She has bought a bottle of honey whine at the festival and we drank about 2/3 of the bottle. Every time she set the bottle down I was forced to see the picture of her fiancé on the end table. He looked like a pimply faced kid with a blonde bowl cut. Escort Sivas The kind of kid that would look like every active shooter you see on the news.

We started to make out and before I knew it were were naked on her twin sized bed my mouth sucking on her clit and her roommates music turned up louder so she couldn’t hear us. I made my way to suck on her nipples and move to kiss her and bite and suck on her neck. Her lips tasted like strawberry candy. I used my cock to tease her shaved pussy. Between moving it near her clit to sliding up up and down her lips. When we intertwined our fingers together I could feel that engagement ring and it turned me on even more.

She finally told me to stop teasing her and fuck her. I asked her about a condom and she told me she was on the pill. She just needed me inside her. I thought about my girlfriend saying she wanted me to fuck Jean so I went ahead and slide into her after a few adjustment thrusts. My right hand holding her left over her head while my other hand propped me up so I could continue to slam into her. The alcohol numbed me a little so it took some time for me to cum. She just kept telling. Me to fuck her harder and deeper and I did as she asked.

I kept feeling myself bottom out in her with the deeper harder thrusts and I know it was hurting her, but she kept asking for the deep thrusts and she would wince and smile at the same time. She let go of my hand and started scratching my back and bit my ear at one point telling me I have a much better cock than her fiancé. Every time she would say what a great fuck I was I could see that kid’s face in the picture frame on her nightstand. It got tot he point that her headboard was just slamming on the wall and her legs wrapped around my waist and she kept telling me she needed to feel my cum.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. I told her I was going to cum and I slammed into her one last time and let myself shoot deep inside her as I bottomed out. She bit my shoulder and clawed my back harder with every spurt. When we finally started to come out of our afterglow we realized that the picture frame had fallen off the nightstand and the engagement ring she was wearing when we were fucking had broken.

The next day she had to go to the aid station before PT because apparently as much as she loves me bottoming out in her in the heat of the moment I bruised her cervix. We still fucked that hard in the future, but now she knew what to expect the next few days.

I didn’t know it at the time, but she wrote a letter breaking up with her fiancé the next day. She included the broken pieces of the ring. We ended up fucking a lot with and without Andrea. Even made time to find each other and fuck during a deployment in my unit’s motor pool late at night.

Andrea really liked her too and became a huge fan of eating my creampie out of Jean’s pussy when we played together.

Eventually it all ended because of different assignments, but we stayed in contact and occasionally met up to play if we ended up near each other for training or travel.

The last contact I had with her was via email. She told me she finally met a guy that her family approves of. So even though he’s boring and not good in bed he’s a good provider. She became a stepmom and wife. No contact since. It was good while it lasted.

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