Morning Comes Quickly


The night before already seems like a distant memory. Finally meeting you in person for the first time after we had talked for months- it was like meeting an old friend. I already knew so much about you, but to feel your touch and see the look in your eyes was all I needed to know for sure that you wanted me as much as I wanted you. I didn’t plan for us to be intimate on our first meeting…or did I? Surely my choice of attire hinted at what I had hoped would happen. Maybe I tempted fate just a little. I admit it :).

But here we are the next morning, our limbs tangled together between the sheets like branches on a tree. My head on your chest, your arms around me…the tender dampness between my legs serving as evidence of the night before. I love that feeling almost as much as I love waking in your arms.

And speaking of ‘waking’….The hours of sleep have only served to increase my need for you and my imagination conjures up creative ways to say ‘Good Morning, Baby.’ Stirring slowly, güvenilir bahis my hand slips from your chest to your tummy tracing a ticklish design. I linger for a moment right above your cock, watching it slowly fill and thicken. You’re still asleep, but parts of you are beginning to wake. I lick my lips in anticipation and I feel my body responding to your arousal.

Last night was frantic and carnal, it was what we both needed and wanted. But this morning I want to explore you, to learn your body and what makes you twitch.

Like the world’s greatest jungle gym, I climb upon you. Straddling your hips, I press my breasts against the broad breadth of your chest. Your neck is exposed to my lips and I sink my teeth ever-so-gently into its prickly softness. I hear you groan softly and feel your hands on my ass, pulling me closer to you.

My lips move lower, teasing your nipples and sucking them lightly until I feel the unmistakable insistence of your fingers in the tangle of my hair. You türkçe bahis guide me lower…I know what you want. Before granting your wish, I nibble at the sweetness of your tummy as the warmth of my breasts encircles your hardness. Don’t rush me, Baby…I promise I’ll be there soon :).

To prolong the madness, I slip between your legs and tease the inside of your thighs. Licking and flicking and kissing my way from one to the other, but never touching your cock. I feel the gentle pressure of your hands on the nape of my neck- you’re beginning to get impatient, Love. My breath is soft on your balls as I take them into my mouth slowly, sucking lightly. I think you’re ready for me now and I know I’m ready for you.

I look to your eyes and catch your gaze intent on the infinite distance between my lips and your cock. You read my eyes and you know what I want to do. I hear you whisper, ‘Please…’.

In one swift motion you are captured. My tongue tastes the length of your shaft while I suck güvenilir bahis siteleri with greedy insistence. Hands on either side your thighs pushing them wider apart- give me space to work my magic. One finger trails the crease of your groin and stops beneath the heaviness of your balls. I found your sweet spot, didn’t I? Slow circles with my finger, soft pressure in tandem with my tongue driving you closer to the edge…and the I hear it. The unmistakable gasp of a man at the brink.

I increase my pace, sucking harder, applying a bit more pressure. One hand wrapped on the length of your shaft, pumping faster. I know you- you can’t hold out much longer. One more gasp and a groan of release and I feel you throb as you fill my mouth. I hold your hips captive and frantically swallow my prize as you writhe beneath me.

My mission complete, I look up at your face once again, blissful and smiling at me. I lick one final drop from you and rise to meet your body. You kiss me once, then twice and wrap your arms around me- this is my reward. We return to sleep soundly with no space between our skin, craving our rest as we know we’ve only just begun.

Morning comes quickly, my Love. And if I have it my way, so will you ;).

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