Morning Glory


The bright morning sun light up the room through the open curtains of the large picture window. Its warming rays felt so nice on my body as I stretched on the king size bed. The slippery satin sheets my girlfriend Laura made me put on felt like a cool pool of liquid. My morning wood pointed straight out through the hole of the crotchless panties I wore. My pink demi bra cradled my C sized breast forms I had stuck on yesterday. I closed my eyes and played with my nipples, pinching them with my hot red painted finger nails.

Suddenly I felt a warm hand firmly grab my morning boner. It gently stroked it up and down.

“Good morning, Honey!” That’s what Laura would call me when I dressed up. “Did you enjoy last night?”

I thought of what happened.

A few days ago, I was changing to go out grocery shopping for that evening dinner I was going to make. In my dressing room as I had done on a number of times without Laura’s knowledge was to dress up in girlie underthings before putting on my stupid boy clothes. I had just finished putting on my bra (without my forms) and French cut panties and was about to clip the other black seamed stocking to my garter when Laura walked in to talk with me.

“What…?!?” Came out of her gasping mouth. Her eyes scanned me up and down trying to comprehend what she discovered.

I froze then looked at her and shied away as if I was a frightened pussy cat; my fingers still clasped my stocking top and garter strap. I reached for my dressing gown.

“Don’t!” I heard from Laura. She remained silent for a minute as she seemed to try and figure out something. She shook her head from side to side. “Do you want to explain this?”

I told her that as when I was young, I used to look through and masturbate to my dad’s Playboy and Penthouse mags and found it extremely arousing when the models wore sexy lingerie. “I came extra hard when I jerked off to those pictures.”

I continued. Then for some reason, I was rooting around my mother’s drawers. Not that I had an Oedipus Complex or anything. In fact, I never even knew or thought about being that way until I surfed for porn on the internet.”

“Okay, so you never wanted to fuck your mother. What about your father?” Laura asked.

“No, him neither.” I answered. “Anyways, I came across some of her delicate things: a black lace and satin bra and matching panties, a black lace garter belt with a small, red bow in front and black stockings with a seam up the back. Like these ones.” I turned to show them to Laura.

“You’re a fucking perverted exhibitionist, aren’t you?” Laura demanded. “I catch you dressed up like a whore and you stand there and show me your stockings?”

“Yes, Laura.” I hung my head in shame.

“Okay, at least you admit it. Go on with your story.”

“Initially I just played with her things. I can’t really tell you when or why, but since that day I started to want to wear them. The thought of being one of those fuck models was just too enticing to ignore.” I explained. “I really didn’t know how to put them on, but I was able to figure it out. Having a relatively hairless body, the lingerie felt incredible. The first time I jerked off while wearing them, I sprayed my face with my own cum.”

“Did you still wear them when we started going out?”

“Yes, Laura.”

“Did you ever wear them on a date with me?”

Yes, Laura. At least until we started having sex.”

“Did you ever wear any of my things?”

“Yes, Laura.”

“Do you have other outfits?”

“Yes, Laura.”

“Show me.”

Even though Laura just discovered my crossdressing life, she really didn’t seem angry or upset about it. She was always a bit more dominant than I was and always made decisions for both of us. But now she seemed even stronger and more domineering. I could never disobey Pendik Türbanlı Escort Laura before nor disagree with any decisions she made. I opened up my secret stash of women’s things; multiple bras, panties, garter belts and stockings. I also showed her a number of shoes I had collected. All with four to five inch stiletto heels.

“Jesus! You have some nicer things than me!” Then she asked. “What are these?”

“Those are my forms.” I told her. “I am always so jealous of you when you wear an open blouse that shows your perfect cleavage.”

“Put them on. Show me what they look like.” She handed me the custom made breasts.

I took my forms and carefully cradled them inside my bra. I adjusted them to give myself a nice deep cleavage.

“Nice…” She commented. Her eyes looked at me with lust. “How were you going to hide them when you went shopping today?”

“I only wear them at home.” I admitted. “There is no way I could wear them outside. I’d be too afraid.”

Laura stood there for a minute and seemed to be pondering something. Finally she ordered. “Finish getting dressed. We’re going shopping.”

I reached behind to start taking off my bra.

“No, I said finish getting dressed. What outer clothes were you going to wear?” She demanded.

“A loose sweat shirt and some jeans.” I told her but she said nothing else and just stared at me. I gasped. “No, I couldn’t! It will show!”

Laura crossed her arms below her beautiful breasts and glared at me. I knew better than to try and argue.

I pulled on my loose jeans which at least would hide my garter straps, but there was no way to hide my breasts even with the baggy, sweat shirt. Laura threw a pair of high ankle, spike heels that laced up the front. I put them on. At least my jeans were long enough to cover most of the heel. The pointy toes looked like men’s roach killers.

Laura drove us to the grocery store. As she did, she popped the front of my button fly jeans and played with my cock through my panties. I was hard all the way there.

As we walked, I tried to hunch over a bit to make my breasts a little less obvious, but Laura told me to “stand up straight!” She moved slowly through the different aisles as I picked up the things I needed for dinner. She made sure all the housewives there saw me.

Back at home, Laura made me stay in my “outfit” and clean the house. Then cook dinner with just my apron to protect my delicate underthings. After plenty of wine and no dinner, Laura pushed me onto the chesterfield and mounted me. We fucked all night.

Next morning, Laura told me to change the sheets on the bed. I replaced them with the satin sheets she had laid out for me. By that time, Laura had selected my outfit for the day which included my red bra with pink trim, my pink, transparent nylon panties and knee high stockings. She threw me one of her less than opaque, white silk blouses and stretch slacks with the zip in the back. The shoes were my pink pumps.

“Let’s go, Honey!” She waved to me.

“Laura. Yesterday was really embarrassing. At least I could sort of cover up with the sweat shirt, but….” I plead. “You can see my bra through my blouse!”

“My blouse!” She corrected then with a more authoritative voice said. “Let’s go!”

Again Laura drove but this time ignored me. I have to confess I was a bit disappointed Laura didn’t play with me.

We arrived in some mall. With it somewhat early, the parking lot was mostly empty. She parked in front of a Spa.

“Go in. They are expecting you.” Laura pointed to the front door. I hesitated. “Go on!”

With much apprehension, I got out of the car and entered the spa. As soon as I walked in, I was warmly and enthusiastically greeted by the hostess. I was taken to a change room and instructed to Pendik Otele Gelen Escort undress. They provided a warmed terry cloth robe for me to wear.

After a warm shower, my entire body was defoliated and shaved (not that I had much hair anyways). They ended with me on my elbows and knees so they could shave the few hairs in my crack. I was instructed to stay there.

I felt a warm slippery substance being applied to my asshole then a tube being pushed in. Suddenly I felt an increased pressure as something filled my bowels. I wanted them to stop but was reminded that Laura had instructed them to do this. Any disobedience would be disclosed to Laura for correction.

Finally they pulled the tube out. I clinched my sphincter as it felt like a gallon of liquid inside me. They pointed me to a bathroom where I was able to relieve myself. Then they repeated the cleaning process two more times.

Afterwards I have to say that I felt great being so clean inside.

They rinsed me with a rejuvenating spray and lead to a warm, dimly light room where I was given a fully body massage and a long soak in a mineral hot tub.

Totally relaxed I was lead to the salon area. Then I noticed a number of young women being tended to. They giggled when they saw me getting my mani-pedi and nails enameled a bright fire engine red then full smudge-proof make-up and a shoulder length, strawberry blond wig.

The host then returned me to the change room. All my clothes that I wore there were gone. In their place was something different. “Laura brought you these things to wear. Let us help you get dressed dear.”

They removed my dressing gown and helped me adhere my breast forms with the appropriate glue. The bra was a beautiful red satin strapless demi cup and supported my breasts perfectly. They helped me lace the back of the matching, bone, waist cincher. It held my tummy in tight and gave me a bit of curve appeal. They made sure the white-pink stockings with a red seam up the back was aligned correctly before attaching them to the dangling clips from the cincher. They held the red satin, French cut, cheekie panties at my feet so I could step into them with my pointed, painted toes.

Then one of the other hostesses opened a big box and pulled out a beautiful red sequin, strapless dress along with sparkly red strappy high heels.

After I put it all on, I stood in front of a mirror. I couldn’t believe the transformation I saw in front of my eyes. Tears started to well up, but the hostess daubed them with a tissue. “You’ll ruin your make-up!”

“You’ll need some jewelry too!” Said the other girl.

I recognized the pure white pearl necklace and anklet they put on. Laura often wore them when we went out. The contrast was amazing. I looked amazing.

“I hope you enjoyed your day here.” Said the hostess indicating my time had come to an end.

“I enjoyed it very much. Thank you. Everyone was just wonderful.” I smiled at her. I looked at the clock. It was late. “I can’t believe how much time has passed.”

I walked through the salon area. The girls that giggled at me were now gazing at me with amazement. One girl’s mouth was agape. The other smiled at me and said “You’re beautiful.”

As I started to exit the spa, I realized that I had no way of getting home. But I looked up to see Laura waiting for me. She was standing by the car holding the passenger door open for me.

It didn’t hit me at first but then I noticed how Laura was dressed. Her hair was slicked back and make-up seemed very masculine. She wore a men’s black suit with a red satin tie and a red poof in her chest pocket. The red was like my dress.

“You look very lovely, Honey.” She smiled at me. She took my hand and helped me into the car.

Not used to wearing a dress, Laura Pendik Ucuz Escort instructed me to sit down first then swing both legs in. Even then my hem slid three quarters up my thighs. High enough to show my stocking tops. I moved to cover up, but Laura said “No. Let it. It’s very sexy.”

As we drove to our next destination, Laura reached between my thighs, I parted my legs. She played with me under my dress.

We ended up at a very expensive dinner-dance place. The car hop opened my door. I forgot how I should exit and stepped out with one leg first. My hem climbed even higher, high enough to show off my panties.

Laura took my hand and whispered into my ear. “Slut!”

Dinner was amazing. Then dancing. I could have danced all night.

I guess all good things must come to an end. We drove home. Once inside, I gave Laura a huge hug. “Oh, Laura. Thank you for a wonderful day and evening. It was the best day I’ve ever had.”

“We’re not finished yet.” Laura smiled.

Laura unbuttoned her suit jacket with one hand as she pushed me to my knees with the other. I looked up at her with questioning eyes, but all she did was give me a slight nod. I reached up with both hands and unbuckled her belt. My hands trembled as I unzipped her trousers and let them fall around her ankles. My eyes popped open wide as I saw the huge lump inside her Hugo Boss bikini underwear.

As I pulled them down, her realistic silicon cock popped out and hit my face. With no hesitation, I wrapped my painted red lips around the shaft. Laura moved her hips back and forth, fucking my face with her manhood.

She threw her jacket onto the couch as she withdrew from my mouth. She stepped out of her pants but left her shirt and tie on. Coaxing me to my feet, she turned me around and forced me to spread my legs and bend over. I held my ankles as I felt her raise my hem over my ass.

Laura didn’t pull my panties down. She just pulled them aside. I felt the tip of her cock press against my rose bud. “Ready?”

“Oh yes! Please Laura! Fuck me!” I cried.

Still wet with my saliva, Laura was able to push it into me. It felt so good. The fact that I wasn’t fucking myself with my dildo exhilarated me.

We fucked in every position we could think of. I think Laura had cum a number of times but I had yet to. I had never been so happy in my life.

“I’ve got one more surprise for you, Honey.” Laura grinned. “Go change for bed.”

In my change room, I quickly changed into the new demi cup bra and crotchless panties Laura had laid out for me.

Laura was uncovered in bed. She was naked. She patted the empty place beside her and then aggressively started to kiss me. “Close your eyes, Honey”

With my eyes shut, I waited anxiously. I heard some noise before she moved between my legs. “Okay. You can look now.”

I opened my eyes. They popped even wider when I saw what she was holding: a blue Feeldoe. I watched as she pushed the bulbous part inside her hot wet cunt. She grabbed me behind my knees and pushed them to my chest. Without using her hands, she managed to guide the blue tip into my waiting hole. In three strokes, she was totally inside me.

I lost count of how many times she came or how long she fucked my ass, but I was thrashing around in orgasmic ecstasy. When she actually turned on the powerful vibrator, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Oh fuck, Laura!” I screamed loudly. “I’m going to cum!”

Laura started slapping my ass with her hips and pounding me even harder.

“Oooh! Gaaa…wd!!!” I cried out. Huge streams of white cum spewed out of my piss hole and onto my face and chest.

I don’t recall anything after that. My body went into total shock, my mind went wild filling with explosions and colours.

I awoke in the warmth of the sunlight. It took a few minutes to recollect the events of the past evening. My eyes closed. My lips smiled. I started to play with my silicon nipples. A warm hand started to stroke my hard cock.

“Did you enjoy last night?”

White cum shot out and landed on my chest.

“Yes, Laura. I enjoyed last night.”

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