Morning in the Sun


This is my first story I every formally wrote although the second I published on the website, hope you enjoy and please send any comments/suggestions


I was tanning on my back porch when he walked into the kitchen. Oblivious to anything beyond the sun (and the neighbor’s porch door), I continued laying there on the hammock. Arms stretched over my head, I was basking in the warmth, feeling it warm my stomach, my arms, my nipples. I was yet again tanning topless in the morning, enjoying the heat before I did anything else that day. My legs dangled on either side of the hammock so I was straddling it. Thinking back on the night before, I grew excited. I could feel my nipples hardening and my blood start flowing faster through my body.

I began to rock myself side to side and moved one arm down so I could feel my nipples. I began gently squeezing one breast, pulling the nipple through my fingers before moving on to tease the other nipple and breast. I dropped my other hand to the floor and pick up the little vibrator I had left there before. I adjust it with my free hand so it is sitting right over my clit beneath the thong I wore out that morning. I sit back and turn it on, still squeezing my chest with one hand. Feeling the vibrations I begin to play with my breasts with both hands. As the vibrator begins to slide out ensest porno of place, I reach down to replace it and feel how wet I am. I slip my fingers gently between the lips and gasp with the pleasure it brings me. Not wanting to climax yet, I slow the vibrators speed and remove my finger as it is sure to send me over.

As he watched me lay on the porch, he began to grow hard. Wearing a small pair of boxer briefs, he began to feel himself through the boxers. Reaching inside, he starts to massage himself, growing harder with each stroke. Walking quietly to the door, he opened it and stepped out onto the porch. He was surprised when I didn’t move until he realized I was listening to my music and hadn’t heard a thing. Checking for the neighbors, he approached me and surprised me by moving my thong aside and stroking my pussy lips. He covered my mouth with his finger and smiled.

I pulled out the headphones and drew his finger into my mouth sucking it deeply. I would alternate between licking it from the base of it all the way to the tip, sucking gently, then with more force. He continues to stroke my lips open and slips his fingers in and out of my pussy. His other hand moves from my mouth down and finds my breasts, tugging on the nipples and massaging them deeply. I reach out and grasp the band of his boxers and pull him to me. I start to massage his escort porno shaft and balls through the material. Wanting to taste him, I pull the band of his boxers lower until he is freed and he steps out of the fallen material. As he stands in front of my open mouth, I begin to flick my tongue against the bottom of his tip. I guide him into my mouth and pull him close.

Suddenly he is pulling me up and sits facing me, both of us straddling the hammock. We kiss passionately while continuing to touch and explore. He stands me up and has me turn around facing away from him. As I sit back down, my legs braced outside his, he guides himself into me. Not expecting this, I let out a rapid moan and reach back, grasping him behind the neck. He reaches around and cups my breasts while biting my shoulder gently. He sits there as I start to grind my hips into his, trying to bury his flesh deeper into my own. Realizing my own need, I lean forward grasping the material and sit down even farther, this time making him gasp.

As I feel his fingers biting into my hips, he begins to move me up and down along his shaft. My legs wrapped around his, I feel my body contracting around him. I meet his thrusts with my own and realize the ropes are rubbing on my clit in the most peculiar sensation that was both uncomfortable and incredibly arousing. Wanting to see his face, gizli çekim porno I climb off and turn around as he lays down with his legs hanging down. I climb back on and begin to ride him. I alternate between bouncing up and down, with riding him front and back, and grinding my hips down into his. All the while, his hands are busy massaging my clit and opening my ass.

Laying forward, I whisper into his ear all the feelings happening in my body and how good it feels. Our chests rubbing together, he grabs the nearby lotion and applies some to his finger and my ass. Setting the bottle aside, he kisses me while rubbing his finger covered in lotion on the small section of tissue between my ass and my pussy, and I feel myself nearing my climax. He slips his finger into my ass and holds me still with his other arm wrapped tightly around my waist. He moves in and out of my pussy faster and faster with his finger constantly stroking and slipping in and out of my ass. Telling him I’m almost ready to cum, he asks me to tell him when.

Sitting back slightly, angling myself off his chest, I reach down and stroke my clit. As he reaches up and takes my nipple into his mouth and gently bites it, I look into his eyes and tell him “when”. He feels my muscles start to spasm around his dick bringing him to his own climax. Pulling his finger out a moment after I started only intensified my contractions. Feeling his cum shooting into me, I laid down and began to kiss him deeply, riding out wave after wave of intense pleasure. After a few minutes we went and cleaned up before meeting again on the porch to spend the rest of the morning laying in the hammock holding each other.

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