Morning Kisses


This is the second part to my “holiday love” story. This, again, is between me and Aliye. I got a lot of messages back asking about the progression of our relationship, and I felt it was only fair to update everyone. Since our meeting, Aliye has come to visit me in the UK numerous amounts of times. Up until the moment I am writing about, I never felt the importance to update, but I feel that I can now happily show our progression. Since we met, a lot of things have happened. Aliye is now the full time owner of her business and so can visit me whenever she likes. I have also started university, and am staying in halls, which has allowed us to become the couple that we want without interfering family.

I hope the story lives up to expectations. Please note again, the majority of the speech done at this time was in Turkish, and I have translated it as best as I can. Bear in mind, this is not exact words, but close enough.


I was woken by the soft sunlight coming through the window. It hit the bed where our pillows touched, as if it was sneaking a peek at us. Slowly, I opened my eyes, looking at the beautiful face lying beside me. Aliye, the goddess like girl I had first met nearly a year ago had become a permanent fixture in my life. Constantly visiting each other, a long distance relationship was not ideal. She was 23, a successful owner of a video store back in northern Cyprus, and I was a 19 year old, first year at university, studying policing, so I’m sure you will agree, our backgrounds were pretty varied. She breathed so soft next to me, eyes still shut, my heart skipped a beat. Her blonde hair cascaded over her bare shoulders, framing her. It had grown since I had last seen her, but after all this time, I was still surprised that being Turkish, she was a natural blonde. I stayed there for a moment, just watching her sleep; lips slightly parted, I could feel her warm breath on my face. I slowly moved my hand, and brushed over her cheek with my thumb; her skin was so soft. Her eyes flickered slightly, and slowly, she opened them.

“Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to wake you” I said, slightly annoyed with myself that I had woken her up from her beautiful sleep.

“No worries Gee” she said smiling, “I get to see you now”, and with that, she leaned her head closer, kissing me tenderly on my cheek.

Moving my hand to cup her cheek, I moved close enough to kiss her lips lightly. She smiled, as she opened her eyes, coming closer to me, kissing me passionately. With a playful flick of her tongue, she broke the kiss. I opened my eyes, breathless, intoxicated by her sweet kiss.

I watched her as she got up, out of bed, the white sheet falling off her back, allowing me to see her bare back, just wearing a great pair of red knickers, covering some of the tattoo on her lower back. Her hair flowed down her back, as she walked over to the bathroom. She had arrived in the UK last week, and had finally managed to sort out travel to visit me at university. I met her at the train station late in the night; stepping off the train onto the dimly lit platform, she looked like a scene from a vintage movie, hair blowing in the wind, perfectly presented. We came straight back to my dorm, where we had a very student dinner of beans on toast. The dinner was barely touched, as we couldn’t stop talking. Finally, we found ourselves in my bed; single bed may I note, which is not the most comfortable of places for spending time with another, but we managed really well, and was very comfortable. So now, I lay there for a moment, watching her walk through the bathroom door. When I was sure she was in, I quickly got out of bed, and walked quietly to where she was standing.

Holding her from the waist, I kissed the back of her neck, breathing her scent in. She was perfect in every way imaginable; long legs, a great bum, and a timeless beauty that was one of a kind. She watched me in the mirror, kissing her neck, as she slowly moved her hand up to hold my face, bringing me around to kiss her mouth. She placed her hands on my cheeks, slowly shifting them down my body; to my shoulders, breasts and then finally coming to a standstill on my hips. I moved my arms around her neck, never breaking the kiss. Finally, after what seemed like forever, we broke apart. I watched her, as she brushed the hair out of her face. She grinned at me, and I could tell her mind was thinking something. I recognised that look from when she first kissed me. A look flickered in her eyes that I have never seen in anyone before.

“What are you thinking honey?” I asked.

“Well…”she paused smiling at me, “I was thinking, how about poker oyna you pull a sickie for the day?”

I grinned. Running to my computer, I emailed the my tutor, telling them that I had a bad head cold, and was not going to be able to make it. I clicked the send button, and turned to face Aliye.

“I guess we are all set now” She smiled.

“I guess we are” I said, “Let me just brush my teeth, and I will be back”.

Brushing my teeth, I reminisced about how we met, and the events leading to this moment in time. Family holiday’s had never been enjoyable, but the most recent one, to Northern Cyprus, allowed me to meet Aliye. I had heard about her, and how she had came out in front of her entire school. I had always had a strong feeling of admiration for her, even before I met her, just thinking how brave she must be to have done that. I remembered our first meeting, and how I had been taken aback by her entire presence; her beauty, and the fact that she was so young, and yet a business owner. How I went back into the store to ask her for a date, and how she was already looking out for my interests in suggesting somewhere where no one saw, so I would not be “outed”. Our first date, our first kiss, and quickly, the first night we spent together. We had fast become inseparable, constantly phoning each other, chatting online, and whenever Aliye had a free moment, she would come visit me. I always wondered how she could do that, but she would never tell me, so I just thanked God every day that she was able to do it, but I had an inkling that it was probably because her parents were happy enough to run the store for her.

Bending over, I spat out the toothpaste, and felt a warm feeling on my back. As I straightened up, I felt Aliye’s fingers running over my back, as she now started to place soft kisses along my shoulder, just as I had done to her earlier. I wiped my mouth, and turned around to face her. I gave her a small kiss, and the playfully ran off to check my emails. My tutor was always a speedy replier to emails; sometimes I wondered if he actually had anything else to do other than academic work. I heard Aliye’s soft footsteps from the bathroom come into the room where I was. Without saying a word, she took me by the hand, and led me to the bedroom, sitting me down. I moved myself into the middle. The way her body swayed from side to side as she walked was almost hypnotic. It was one of the ways she me attracted to her from the beginning. I leaned back on my elbows, and watched her, as she started to move towards the end of the bed. She crawled onto the bed slowly, and made her way up to me as if she was a lion, stalking her prey. She pounced. Her lips met mine, and we kissed deeply. I stretched out my legs and felt her straddling me. I sat up, cupping her bum, holding her close as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

We embraced for a while. I could feel her heart beating fast against my chest, which made my heart race even more. I ran my hands up back, and back down, placing them inside her underwear. I could feel her flawless skin underneath me, so warm. She breathed in deep, and I could feel her start to let go. I placed my hands on her back and leaned into her, laying her down onto the bed, her legs still wrapped my waist. I stopped kissing her, only for a moment to catch my breath. Before I even had a chance to have two breaths, she had flipped me onto my back, and had started working her tongue over my nipples. Short flicks of the tongue turned into soft sucks, and playful kisses. My breath caught in my throat; it felt so good. I opened my eyes, and watched her. She noticed me, but never took her gaze away, still playing with my nipples. I held her back tight, running my fingertips up and down over her body, feeling her skin under mine. She brought her lips up to mine, and gave me a kiss, as she lay herself down beside me. She swept my hair away, and just watched me breath deep. I got lost in her eyes.

“Çok güzelsin” she breathed as she ran her fingertip along the side of my body.

I smiled at her, holding her close. I still got a wave of love and other sensations cascading deep within my body. She knew just what to say to make me smile. She hooked her thumb under the waistband of my underwear, pulling them off and leaving them as a black pile on the floor. I felt the cold air of the room hit me, and pulled her close again. I kissed her, as she lay above me. I could feel the warmth of her skin on mine. I leaned upwards, and we sat up. I took hold of her red knickers and pulled them off in one swift movement, throwing them by mine. I took the lead, and lay her down on her back. I placed canlı poker oyna my hand on her knee, as she let them fall apart so I could move close to her. I kissed her lips gently, and moved onto her nipples, just as she had done to mine. I curved my tongue over the soft mounds of her breasts, circling over her erect nipples. Her fingers ravelled through my hair, as I started to suck and nibble at them. Her legs wrapped around my body again, pulling me closer. I gave her peaks one last kiss, and moved up, kissing her lips.

She rolled over, and came above me. Her hands pinned me down at the wrists, holding them above my head. She grinned at me, and with a sly look, she began to leave a trail of soft, wet kisses from my cheek, over my breasts, onto my hips, and onto my bellybutton. I could feel the heat beginning to rise in my face and between my thighs. She dragged her hands over my body, holding me at the hips. She lifted me slightly, and began to kiss the top of my sex. I looked down, and saw that she was on her knees, bending down to get at me, her ass in the air. She was so sexy just like that, looking at me deeply. She took her mouth of me, and smiled.

“Tell me what you want, I want to hear you say it” she whispered.

“I want your mouth all over me” I said in a slight growl. And with those words, she started kissing the inside of my thighs. I could feel myself becoming moist. Her lips moved over every inch of me, her tongue following after. Then, I felt her hot, wet tongue on my pussy. Up until this time, I had kept quiet, let the feeling build up, but I had to let it out now.

I moaned with pleasure as she started circling her tongue over my clit. Her lips wrapped around it, and started to suck, as her tongue still flicked over it. I let out a noise again. I could see her watching me, smiling, although her mouth was preoccupied. I swept the hair out of her face again, and met her gaze with mine. The intensity of the moment was sending my heart racing, pulsing though my entire body. Aliye started to move her tongue downwards, flicking over my opening, and across the whole of my wetness. She got faster, her tongue more forceful, building up the pleasure I was getting. It felt like electricity was running through my veins, and I could feel the pulsing of my clit as I was getting nearer to climaxing. With one last suck of my clit, I had exploded in a wave of ecstasy. She released it, and licked over it, sending secondary shocks through my entire body. I opened my eyes, and looked down at her, still trying to catch my breath. Her chin rested on my stomach, as she just watched me.

“You are so beautiful when you come. It’s so sexy” Aliye smiled.

I held her cheeks, and brought her up to meet my lips. I kissed her deeply, flicking my tongue over hers, tasting me in her mouth.

We lay there for a while, small kisses interrupting our speech.

“So, what are your housemates like?” she asked. She had arrived at my house late that evening, and was still getting to grips with the fact that we were all alone in my uni dorm. We could finally do what we wanted without the fear of being cut short by someone else. I hadn’t seen her in almost 5 months, and all the longing for each other was finally coming out. She could not stop putting her hands over me, just as I couldn’t take mine off her. I leaned in, and nuzzled my face into her neck, not wanting this moment to end.

“They are really nice. A little loud, but we get along” I said to her. The sun started to peer through the curtains again, shining on her. She looked flawless in the light, making me smile so much. She kissed me lightly.

I kissed the black lines of her tattoo, which crept from her back, onto her hips. It was another thing that had got me noticing her when I first saw her on my holiday. I could smell her scent coming up from her vagina. It was intoxicating, and oh-so sensual. Like an addict, I followed the smell until I found its source. I parted her lips slightly with my thumb and index finger and looked at her beautiful womanhood. She glistened with moisture, and I couldn’t help but taste it. I took long, deep strokes from her opening, up to her clit. I felt her lift her hips towards my lips, wanting more of my touch. I gave her what she wanted; what she needed. Long, slow lick became faster and more often. I could hear soft moans escaping her lips. Her fingers ran over by back, pulling me closer into her. I encircled her now, hard clitoris with my lips, and began to suck at it, placing two fingers inside of her, playing with her sweet spot. Soft moans became loud breaths, almost animalistic, as I could feel her internet casino clenching around my fingers. The squeezing intensified, and a loud sigh came from her, and I knew she had come. It was the most beautiful moment we shared. I couldn’t stop my heart from racing. She made me feel so good. I brought my fingers up to my mouth, and tasted her once more. The sweet taste was unforgettable. I lay beside her, wrapping my arm around her. I had missed this.

After what seemed like eternity of getting lost in each other’s eyes, I spoke.

“How would you like something to eat?” I asked.

“What do you have?” she asked.

“Pancakes with syrup” I told her. She nodded.

I watched her as she got dressed, hypnotized by the sight before my eyes; slowly pulling on her underwear, buckling up her tight jeans, and sliding on her white tee, forgetting her bra. I took her hand, and led her to the shared kitchen. No one was in it; I had the place all to myself, with Aliye. I made breakfast, and poured syrup over mine. I handed her the syrup as she sat at the table. I sat beside her and we ate and talked.

I heard the door open, and one of my housemates came into the kitchen. It was Fran, a quiet girl, who was no stranger to night time escapades with various gentlemen. She always loved to divulge the details of the events to everyone she came into contact with. Not that I wasn’t a fan of listening to others stories, but she was a little too informative, and some things should be kept private. She introduced herself to Aliye, and looked at me to introduce Aliye to her.

“This is Aliye” I said.

My housemate asked Aliye where she knew me from. Aliye looked apprehensive to answer, but I nodded at her softly, giving her the okay to let her know. She told my housemate that we had met on holiday, and instantly became good friends, and then she paused. She turned and faced me, smiled, and then told the girl that I was the love of her life. I smiled, my heart skipped a beat, and I could feel myself blushing. Fran just nodded and said that was very beautiful, and she left us to get on with our breakfast.

I turned to Aliye, after I was certain my housemate had left, and asked her if she really meant what she said. She kissed me, and nodded. I didn’t need any other signs to show she was being genuine. I finally felt happy to tell her how much I loved her; without being scared that I would frighten her off. She leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the corner of my mouth. All I could do was smile. It’s cliché, but if the world was to have ended at that very moment, I would have been happy to go.


The rest of the week passed as a rush. I can remember going to my lectures, watching the clock slowly tick by, desperate for the moment when I could go back to my dorm and see Aliye again. Feel her lips on mine, her hands against my hands, our bodies close. I had slipped into a dream I never wanted to end. I wanted her to stay with me forever. We savoured every second we had with each other, kept each kiss lingering, every touch leaving the feeling of each other on our bodies. We had become imprinted in each other’s mind for all eternity. Our bodies had become as one, the way we moved against each other was like a flowing stream, calm yet with a presence. Our hearts beat as one. This was more than the holiday romance everyone had thought we had. This had become an undying love for each other that was not showing any signs of subsiding, and we couldn’t wait to explore everything we could with each other.

I loved every minute of introducing her to whoever we met. The way she looked at me when I was talking was enough to make me giddy, feeling like I was on a rollercoaster of emotions and my heart wouldn’t settle. After a week of absolute bliss, the time had come for Aliye to go back. She asked if I wanted to come with her, and I did. I sat with her on the train, an air of sadness in the air, knowing that this was the last time we would be together, until the next time we were fortunate enough to meet up. I went with her all the way up to the security check-in, where I was told I could go no further. With a flood of tears, she hugged me close. I started crying too, never wanting to let go. We kissed, between I love you’s. Other passengers insisted on diverting their looks to us, wondering what was going on, but we did not care. I felt like my heart was being torn; I hated seeing her cry because there was nothing I could do about it. After a while, we managed to compose ourselves.

“Seni seviyorum” I said to her. It meant I love you in Turkish.

“Benda seni seviyorum” she said, and with that, she stepped back into the passenger only area, where I waved her off, fighting back a new wave of tears. All I could think about was the time that we had spent, and the time that we will spend together in the future.

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