Motel Foursome


Motel FoursomeMotel FoursomeAs she checked into her motel for the night the woman was pleasantly surprised to be told by the receptionist that the owners were putting on a barbeque for their guests that evening. She confirmed her attendance and drove to the parking space in front of her room. It didn’t take her long to unpack, shower, make up and dress. One final look in the mirror confirmed to her that she looked good for a woman in her mid forties. While short in stature she kept herself in good physical condition. Her short cut brushed black hair framed a happy face with a full smile, white teeth and faint laughter lines around her brown eyes. The thin strapped white cotton sun dress bloused out over the heavy firm mounds of her braless boobs and adequately hung mid point above her knees, her reasonably shapely but short legs bare, feet clad in heeled sandals to enhance her height. Given her work as a company rep she was not shy and in fact looked forward to the opportunity to meet new contacts and explore possible business possibilities. It was her main motive in attending, closely followed by the fact of not having to buy her own dinner. The function had already commenced, attended by three couples, the rest of the group males, probably business people like her. Lisa gratefully accepted a cold white wine from a tall slim grey haired man, about forty she guessed, who introduced himself as Don. He was interesting jovial company, and neatly but casually dressed in shorts and collared T-shirt. They chatted for a while before two other men, Ray and Bob, joined them. The new pair also presented themselves well, and displayed both good manners and the communication skills of salesmen. Lisa had an impression the men already knew each other. Over the rim of her wine glass she examined them with casual interest, noting their clean-cut appearance and, a nice change, an absence of beer guts. She guessed Ray and Bob were in their mid thirties.The good vibes continued as they shared a table for the meal. Later in the evening it was easy to go along with Ray and Bob’s suggestion that they all adjourn to their room for coffee. Lisa was able to sit and relax in a lounge chair and chat to Don while their hosts made coffee. Her first surprise was how good it tasted, obviously laced with liqueur. Her second came some time later when she indicated to the group of men that for her it was bedtime. She’d stood and carried her cup to the sideboard. Ray and Bob had got up with her. As she put the cup down Bob stood close to her, between her and the door, and suggested she might like to stay on longer for a little “fun”. As Lisa politely declined he touched her for the first time, rested his hands on her bare shoulders and tried more verbal persuasion, assuring her she’d be fine, that they’d look after her and show her a good time. Again Lisa politely declined, but she began to have the first flutters of fear in her belly. Her fear turned to reality when she felt Ray’s hands on the back of her dress. Within a fraction of a second he’d unzipped her, opening the back of her dress to the waist, his hands sliding through the wide aperture between the fabric and her body to reach around the front of her and grasp her breasts. Lisa was shocked, so shocked she stood motionless. Bob meanwhile eased the thin straps from her shoulders down onto her arms. Now she resisted, knowing that once the straps passed her arms it was highly likely she’d lose the dress altogether. Bob was far too strong for her. And her thoughts were right. He easily manipulated the straps from her arms and the dress pooled on the floor at her feet. Lisa was left clad only in a brief pair of transparent lace white panties. It was then she noticed Don had joined the three of them, and he was naked. She felt the brush of his firm body against hers, the press of his tool against her as he took Bob’s place. Somehow Ray and Bob took turns at undressing. In spite of her resistance her panties joined her dress around her feet. Hands touched her body, all over, even in her most intimate places. Her vain protests fell on deaf ears. Three hard cocks touched her skin as the men’s fingers and mouths wandered freely over her upper body. As one they picked her up in their arms, leaving her clothing s**ttered on the floor, and carried her to the bed. She noticed that it had been folded down to the bottom sheet. Somehow in placing her, gently at least, in the middle of the bed Bob and Don ended up one on either side of her naked body, each pinioning one of her arms over her head, which rested on two pillows. Her efforts to close her legs and re-establish some modesty failed. Ray knelt between her thighs, a hand resting on each of her legs, looking at the smooth skin of her shaved snatch.Bob murmured to Don who leaned across Lisa’s body to hold both her wrists while Bob moved off the bed. He soon returned carrying a long length of towelling sash cord that Lisa recognised as probably coming from the towelling dressing gowns in each of the motel bathrooms. Bob tied her wrist with the cord; fed the spare length through the rungs of the bed head and fastened the free end around her other wrist. The knots did not hurt but were firm nonetheless. She was now helpless and the two men free to do as they wished now that they no longer had to concern themselves with holding her in place. Bob retrieved another pillow from the single bed and gave it to Ray. They lifted her lower body off the bed and inserted the pillow under her buttocks. Both easily resisted her efforts to close her legs. All too soon the three men were in their earlier positions around her naked exposed body. Bob and Don began to gently caress her big breasts with their fingers. Lisa noticed how easily her nipples seemed to harden under the men’s soft touch. She also noticed with some concern their fierce looking erections standing up between their thighs. Both organs looked large, striated with heavy veins on taut stretched skin. Ray’s touch between her thighs caught her immediate çayyolu escort attention. His fingers touched her bare pussy and opened up her slit to his gaze. He bent forward and his tongue ploughed through the open cleft of her gash. There was nothing she could do to stop him. His tongue stroked and probed. His mouth settled over her clitoris. The tongue circled and swirled. Her skin goose bumped. The nerve endings in her thighs, pussy, belly and breasts fluttered with a life of their own. Suddenly Lisa realised, that in spite of herself, in spite of her mental and physical resistance, her body might just inadvertently respond positively to all this attention. She made one last desperate effort to be free. The men, and the bonds, held her in place. She gave up. Her resistance was broken.Bob and Don kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples while their hands and fingers wandered over her belly. Ray continued to swirl his tongue over her clitty while his fingers probed, twirled and worked their way into her vagina. He liked the way her cunt muscles involuntarily clutched at his penetrating fingers. Initially he’d thought he’d need to lubricate her, but the constant copious seep of Lisa’s juices obviated this need. On each slight twist of his fingers he was easily able to penetrate her more deeply. Even though she felt abused, outraged and helpless Lisa noticed that her body had begun to involuntarily respond to the pleasant sensations in her breasts and, more particularly, her pussy. In her mind she wanted to resist these three bastards who had taken advantage of her friendliness. The twanging and jingling nerve endings in her belly, thighs, clit and nipples, and the wetness flooding her pussy gave her a different message. The persistent twist of Ray’s fingers in her cunt and the swirl of his tongue over and around her clitoris, the soft rasp of the two tongues over her nipples, initiated the surge of familiar warm feelings through her body. The surge began its inevitable climb towards her crescendo. Her belly fluttered. Her cunt muscles clasped and unclasped around the penetrating fingers. Her lower body began to rock towards Ray’s mouth. Air sucked harshly through her open mouth. Groans came from her throat. She didn’t want them to see her cum. But she couldn’t hold back the inevitable outcome.Lisa rocketed and rocked to a fierce vocal body shuddering climax. “Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! I’m cuuumming!” she cried, “Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Ooooh fuuuuuck! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh!” Her arms strained against her bonds, her breasts wobbled, her belly quivered and her legs shook. Her cunt lifted and heaved against Ray’s mouth. Pleasure permeated the pearl between her legs. Juice flooded her pussy. She peaked, remained there in the throes of her orgasm, and then gradually slipped towards the valley on the other side. Ray gave Lisa no real chance of recovery. He knelt upright between her thighs and his fat knob slipped into the pink wet crevasse formed by the parted swollen flaps of her labia. His knob snagged in the slot of her vaginal opening. He eased forward and was rewarded as his long thick prick slid easily into the depths of her cunt. Ray maintained an upright pose so the other two men could see his shaft slide into her, see the inward dip of her labia as he penetrated, note the glistening juice on the taut vein ridged skin as he withdrew and observe the drag of her flesh flaps along his shaft as he pulled outwards, before he repeated the inward plunge again. Don and Bob excitedly watched the show. Lisa looked down along her body between the deep valley of her boobs and saw the hard hunk of meat skewer into her as Ray built up the rhythm of his fuck.Don leaned over her and began to kiss her face, neck, ears, and throat. She could feel Bob’s fingers tweaking her sensitive nipples. Don’s tongue slid into her open mouth. He tasted good as he sucked her tongue. But really her attention was focussed on the big prick plunging deep into her cunt. Already she could feel the surge of pleasure soar through her loins and belly. The heat built in her skin. She luxuriated in the Ray’s efforts as he thrust in and out of her gash. Of its own volition, as the urge for self-gratification built, her body responded to the impaling tool. Her cunt clutched and ground around Ray’s cock.The climax roared through her. “Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh! I’m cuuumming!” she cried, “Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Ooooh fuuuuuck! Ooooohh shiiit! Ooooooh yeeees fuuuck meeeee!” Lisa heaved and rocked her body around Ray’s cock. He quickly lost control. He plunged his cock harder and faster into her. The spunk surged through the core of his tool and spurted again and again deep inside her clutching writhing cunt. On one final thrust he remained buried inside her while the last few drops of cum emptied and drained into her. Lisa’s body slowly relaxed back on the bed. Ray pulled out of her and lay on the bed to recover. His flaccid cock lay on his belly white streaked with cum and juice. Don immediately took his place between Lisa’s relaxed spreadeagled thighs. He looked at her cunt, gaping open framed by fanned fat flesh flaps, the vaginal tunnel cavernous, spunk dribbling out into the crack of her arse, her pleasure pearl swollen erect. Don’s thick muscle of meat curved upwards to his navel from the compact hairy sac of his balls. The foreskin was drawn back tightly along the heavily veined shaft exposing a big red knob dripping tears of clear precum. He leaned forward over Lisa and slid the knob through her wet groove. The knob penetrated the “O” of her hole, stretching it slightly as her muscles accommodated his girth. Don lay along Lisa’s body, tucked his arms under her and found her mouth with his. Without any premeditation Lisa responded to his embrace. She lifted her legs around him and rested her heels on cebeci escort his backside. Don’s cock slithered into her, opening her up, stretching her tunnel, travelling along the tight cave of her cunt, bumping and sliding over the pleasure spot deep in her belly.He fucked her. The slurp of sloppiness of her cum and juice filled cunt and the slap of his sac against her upturned arse filled the room. The continuous grasp of her muscles around his prick, her heat, and the touch of her tongue on his gave him pleasure. His length, his thickness, the movement of his flange and knob over her inner hot spot, the smack of his balls against her arse, and the embrace of his mouth on hers gave her pleasure. Their fuck became harder, faster, deeper. Soon the familiar feelings surged through Lisa’s belly. Her ankles on Don’s arse beat a tattoo of encouragement. She rocked her body under his. The orgasm flooded her body, her cries and groans muted by his mouth and tongue. He gave her no respite. He continued fucking her as her orgasm built and peaked around him. While the climax rolled through her body the pleasure never really died away. His thrusting sliding meat maintained the feelings soaring through her nerve endings. She returned to her present pleasurable predicament, and participated in the long deep fuck with Don. She focussed her mind on her cunt and his cock. She used her cunt, squeezed his shaft, and rocked her arse so that her hot spot abrased his knob. Harder and faster they fucked. Lisa felt the change in his body as his climax approached. His tool hardened, his thrusts firmed, his breath gasped. With deep heavy lunges his prick spurted and pulsed inside her. Her muscles grasped him tightly. She milked the spunk from his empting tool. His load of gelatinous hot spunk flooded her cunt. Bob did not let her recover. He undid the bonds on her wrists confident that she did not have the energy to resist and moved her into a kneeling position. At least she was able to rest her head on her folded arms on the pillow, her backside poking in the air, while he had his way with her. He moved behind her and parted her knees so that her thighs were well spread. White streaks of cum dribbled out of her cunt down each thigh. Her bald gash poked out beneath the cheeks of her backside. The swollen lips left a wide pink crevasse where her open hole provided an easy target for Bob’s hard prick. He nestled his knob inside her opening and felt her wetness. His tool easily entered her. Given that he’d waited until his two companions had finished with Lisa he boiled with lust and the need for release. His fuck was fast. Lisa for some unknown reason started to feel the need for release once more. She found she could not passively rest while Bob fucked her. Her arse rocked back at him, matching his rhythm, so that on each inward thrust his tool was completely imbedded in her. But another climax eluded her. Bob could not control himself. His prick poured forth his load. Ray took advantage of Lisa’s present position. He knelt her upright and stood on the bed in front of her. She could feel the spent spunk dribble out of her but her mind quickly focussed on the shape and size of Ray’s partially hard cock in front of her face. She liked its appearance. And she liked sucking cock. The act appealed to her sense of power. She ran her tongue over the knob and over the shaft, tasting his dried cum and her own juice. Yum, yum she thought. Ray’s cock steadily hardened into a vertical pole of meat. Lisa lifted herself on her haunches and sunk her mouth over the swollen knob, enjoying the touch of the smooth kin on her tongue. Ray could not believe her skill. He was even more pleasantly surprised when she pressed forward, taking the knob and shaft into her throat. Down she went until her nose touched the itch of his pubic hair. Up and down she bobbed her mouth, feeling the heat in the tight skin of his shaft, the hardness of the veins along his meat muscle and the first throbs of his excitement pulse in the underside of his shaft. She continued deep throating his prick while she kneaded his nuts with her hands. Her efforts were not in vain. His cock swelled and throbbed in her mouth. The first splash of spunk spurted into her mouth. She swallowed, and swallowed again as each burst sprayed over her tongue. Yes, the spunk tasted good as it always did. Ray pulled his prick out of her mouth before his was finished. In spite of her participation he wanted to add to her ongoing degradation. The last few gelatinous gobs he sprayed and squeezed over her face and breasts. He didn’t even give her the satisfaction of milking the last dying drops. He dribbled these over her lips.Bob took Ray’s place. It was his fantasy to be sucked. Watching Lisa gobble Ray had made his cock hard. Given he was the smallest of the men in length and thickness her task was easier. She willingly sucked and deep throated him, enjoying the fact that she could accommodate all of his length. Her tongue swirled over the knob and along the skin of his shaft. Again she could feel the tension build in his member. Her mouth and tongue controlled him. She took her time drawing out the pleasure for herself and him. Finally though she knew he was about to cum. She prepared herself for his spurting cock. But he pulled out of her mouth and jacked himself off. The first spurts of his cum sprayed over her face. As his load depleted he sprayed her breasts. He rested his knob on her lips and squeezed the last few droplets on her lips.Lisa rested back on her haunches. She let the spunk dribble down her body. The men discussed what they might next do to her. She didn’t care. She simply listened surprised that the strength of Don’s personality won the day. He claimed enough was enough and they would let her go home to her room. The other two reluctantly agreed. Don put on his shorts, got a towel for her from the bathroom and suggested she wrap it around herself for the short journey along the darkened veranda to demetevler escort her room. He said he’d escort her and picked up her dress, panties, sandals and his own footwear and shirt. Thankfully the veranda was deserted and dark, lit only by nightlights. As the pair reached Lisa’s door Don suggested to her that rather than be alone, and perhaps brood on the night, she come to his room for a cold drink, shower and chat. His suggestion seemed reasonable and attractive to her. His room was three doors down the veranda. True to his word he ushered her into the bathroom then went to hang her dress and pour the drinks. She agreed a cold coke would be wonderful. He returned when she was under the hot shower. She stepped out of the stream of water to accept the big glass filled with ice cubes and coke. He waited while she drank her fill and put the glass beside the sink. Don politely asked Lisa if she’d like her back washed. That would be nice she told him. He shed his shorts and stepped into the shower. He took the soak and sudsed her back. Then she turned him around and washed his back. Their care didn’t stop there. They ended up each washing the other then softly drying each other off with fresh towels. He refreshed their drinks when they moved into the living area. She noticed his bed was turned down. Somehow she was not surprised he asked her if she’d like to sleep over rather than be alone. It sounded an interesting idea. Besides, he was unaware that a fire stilled raged through her body and she had thoughts of using him to put them out. He locked the door, turned off the lights and joined her in bed. She lay on her back on one side of the bed. He lay beside her in a similar pose and they talked. He made no move to hit up on her.Lisa rolled onto her side, and rested against his body. He moved his arm and she placed her head in the crook of his shoulder. Her body lightly touched his. A breast rested heavily on his rib cage. Lisa rolled into him and placed a leg over his. He parted his legs to give her space. Her bare pussy rested on the upper part of his thigh. His free hand gently stroked her back. She ran her hands through the hair on his chest and let a finger harden his nipples. Her hand wandered down his stomach, through his pubic hair and over his cock. Her fingertips wandered softly along its length and over his balls. His meat muscle hardened, lengthened and thickened under her touch. Their restful pose gave more time to appreciate its size. Yes, she thought, his hose like prick was just the tool needed to douse the aching fire in her belly.Lisa straddled Don’s lower body. He was content to let her lead the way. With one hand she held his tool upright and used her haunches to slowly lower herself down onto him. His fat knob imbedded itself in her cuntal entrance. She was aroused enough to generate sufficient moisture to lubricate her love tunnel. Slowly she let her body ease down towards his, all the while engulfing more and more of his long thick tool with her cunt. Her swollen lips rested on his pubic hair. She had all of him inside her and ground her gaping gash over his pubic bone. Gradually she moved into her own pleasure seeking rhythm, rising and dropping over his body. In the semi darkness on the room Don lay back and enjoyed Lisa pleasuring herself on his tool. He could see the sway and swing of her heavy breasts above him. He reached upwards and grasped her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. She encouraged him to squeeze them harder. He complied.Up and down, with a grind over the base of his tool, Lisa fucked him. Her hot cunt grasped and released around his shaft. Don raised his legs behind her back and rocked himself upwards as she dropped down on him. That felt oh so good for both of them. The familiar surge flowed through her body, from her nipples firmly in his grasp to her clitoris massaged by his shaft to the inner reaches of her hot spot rubbed by his knob. Suddenly the climax burst through her body. She ground her cunt over him and wailed her pleasure to the roof.“Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! Oooooooohh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh! I’m cuuumming!” she cried, “Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Ooooh fuuuuuck! Ooooohh shiiit! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck!” Don rocked his cock up into her as she came. The muscle along the underside of his shaft flexed, throbbed then repeatedly pumped. Spurt after spurt of spunk jetted into her cunt. Lisa fell forward on top on his body. He embraced her. Together they lay there and cooled. They shared some tenderness. Yes, they both agreed that was good. No she didn’t want to go home. She was just going to lay beside him and sleep.The sun was shining through the curtains when she slowly awoke. She felt wonderful. Even the dream she was having as her eyes fluttered made her feel good. As her eyes opened she discovered why. Lisa was on her back with legs spread apart, Don on his side against her, erection pressed against her upper legs, the fingertip of his hand stirring her honey pot and pleasure pearl. No wonder she felt so good. She lay passively and enjoyed the start of her new day. Slowly but steadily he got her there. The small orgasm shivered through her body. Don moved between her thighs. He wanted her one last time. This was one morning glory he wanted to put to good use. He snuggled his knob inside her and pressed forward. His cock slid into her. Lisa raised her legs around the lower part of his back and drew his body down against hers. Their mouths meshed and their tongues probed while he pumped his big prick in and out of her cunt. She rocked her lower body in unison with him. Steadily they soared to their climaxes together. He pumped and she humped. The groans from her throat were muffled against his mouth. His prick throbbed then, in withering bursts, blasted his spunk deep into her belly. They lay together enjoying their embrace, enjoying the sensation of his spunk running out over his balls and into the crack of her arse. But it was time to stir. As Lisa crept out the door in the early dawn, wrapped around with one of his towels she clutched her belongings and his business card in her hands. He wanted her to call before her next business trip. Maybe she would too!

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