Mother and Daughter


The most wonderful sex I ever had in my life was with a woman close to my age, when we were in our early 40’s, Annette. She was a dance instructor, so she was in top shape, way better than I was. Although I did work at keeping my form. She was my height, which is to say small, under 5’6″. She had auburn hair, green eyes, slim hips and small tits. And she fucked like crazy.

All I had to do was stick my cock into her and she went crazy. I got off like never before, but her orgasms were countless. I could make her cum just sucking her nipples. More than once, I came up behind her while she was doing the dishes, pressed my hard cock against her ass cheeks, reached around and pinched her nipples, and she came. It was great.

A divorcée, she had two daughters, one 14 and one eight. I did the parent thing as much as they would accept while we dated. The little one liked me reading to her. The older one, in middle school, hated that I knew all her friends’ parents because of my job. She was going to be a clone of her mom, just dark haired and deep eyed. She was already figuring out sexy. I ignored it.

Annette dumped me after almost two years. She tried to dump me for almost six months, but couldn’t leave me because of the cock, as she later told me. Finally, we split because, alternately, I was too nice, she never deserved such a good relationship, I wasn’t responsive enough, the girls liked me too much, the girls didn’t like me enough, I didn’t understand her responsibilities, I wanted to share them too much. Whatever, I was too good and not good enough. In the end, it was over and I went on.

Some ten years later, I was working as a professional fashion photographer. I had left my small town and moved to the big city. On a shoot for teen fashions, there was a model that looked familiar. The models for teen fashions are never teens. They are always 20-somethings. I knew I had photographed this girl.

We shot all afternoon. Slowly, I realized that this was Annette’s daughter, all grown up. She was incredibly sexy. That 14-year-old had grown up and fulfilled her sexy potential. Her hips were still slim, but more rounded. Her tits were still small, but had that up front sexuality that only small breasts can have.

After the shoot, I approached her. “Aren’t you Abby?”

“Yeah, you’re Marcus. I never forgave Mom for breaking up with you. You were so cool.”

I laughed. “I didn’t think I had ever been cool in my life. Good to know. And I thought you didn’t care for me. It looks like we both grew up and moved on.” I chuckled at my joke.

“No, Mom always dated losers except for you. I just thought you’d be another one until I got to know you. Just when I accepted you, she dumped you.”

“But it’s not just me who went urban,” Abby said. “I did an online audition for this agency, and got a gig with them, full-time! When I’m not at shoots, I’m repping them at pageants and stuff. I moved here, got a studio apartment, and in three weeks Mom and Livvie were sleeping on my floor. So we’re all here.”

“Your mom gave up her dance studio? I can’t believe it. No matter how often I told her to go big time, she said she needed to bring dance and culture to the poor and the rural kids – never mind that none of them had any money.”

“Well, you know Mom is the ultimate perfectionist. She got the reputation of being hard-assed and difficult for the parents to deal with. When she left, she only had six students. She was tuning pianos to make ends meet.”

“She got anything going here?”

“You know how she is, pushy and demanding. She doesn’t make a good employee. In the six months we’ve been here, she’s worked in three dance studios. They all love her dedication to the art and her high standards. She just won’t suck up and coddle parents. So she doesn’t last.”

“Sorry. What is she going to do?”

“Well, she is going to try on her own again. She feels like, if she lets people know up front what a bitch she is, they won’t be surprised when she tells them their kid lacks talent.”

“What about Livvie?”

“She’s in the high school for performing arts. She’s discovered a talent for Escort bayan acting. She’s still singing and dancing. First semester junior, transferring in, and she got the lead in Annie.”

“That’s so cool. I’d like to get together with you all sometime.”

“Actually, we could use your help. We don’t have any money to pay you, but we need photos and video for a project we are developing. The City Modern Dance Troupe is having a contest for the most intriguing modern dance choreography of the year. Mom and I have come up with a two-woman pas-de-deux set to Stravinsky. We need images for the application. Interested in helping?”

“Isn’t a pas-de-deux a male/female dance?”

“Usually, but we have made it a mother/daughter dance. What do you think? Will you do it?”

“Count me in. Here’s my card. Just call or text me.” And we parted.

You can be busy 24/7 if you work for free, but I was thinking about how great her mom was in the sack and thinking there were all kinds of ways to pay back a favor. ——-

Abby called me the next day. “We have a deadline,” she explained. I met them two days later in the studio they rented for practice. Her mom, Annette, seemed to be genuinely happy to see me again. She kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for the work I was doing for them.

“Happy to do it. That’s what friends are for. Now just walk through the choreography for me so I know where to set up my lights.” They did so and I started to think in terms of camera angles.

“You might have to do it several times for me to get everything I need. I don’t want to do set-ups. I want to shoot as you dance,” I said.

“That’s OK, we need the practice,” Abby answered.

The women talked quietly as I set up, giggling once or twice. Maybe I imagined Annette looking at me. Finally, they went to change into performance costumes. I got my lights and cameras set and ready.

When they came out in costume, I was blown away. They wore skin-tight body suits of lavender and blue with wisps of color looking airbrushed in. Each wore a sheer cape, Abby’s shorter. There could have been no underwear, as the lines of their bodies showed no dent, ripple, fold or outline.

“Ready?” Annette asked. At my nod, she punched a button on a CD player. I was not familiar with the Stravinsky piece. It used the unusual scale of Stravinsky, but was softer than something like his Firebird suite. The women began their dance.

Really good choreography in modern dance tells a story without words. This one was amazing. I saw Abby’s birth, her childhood, her mother’s care and love, Abby’s coming of age, and the unavoidable separation of mother and daughter as she began adulthood – all in dance set to this amazing music.

It was powerful. And they did it again. Three more times for me. The last time, the mood seemed to change a little. It became more sensual. Their touches lingered a little longer, their eyes engaged more deeply.

The dance ended with a kiss on the lips, a symbol of departure. This last time through, the music ended, but the kiss did not. Soon, I realized it was a French kiss. Abby put her hands in her mother’s hair and held her face there.Annette’s hands explored Abby’s body, coming to rest cupping her buttocks. She pulled Abby’s crotch to her own.

The women’s embrace seemed to go on forever. After some hesitation, I continued to photograph. Abby brought a hand down to stroke her mother’s breast. Annette signed deeply. She moved a hand down between them and stroked Abby’s swollen mound. I photographed.

As they stroked one another, I got the impression this was new. They had never touched one another like this before. But it also seemed as if they were satisfying a desire and a curiosity long held.

Annette peeled back the shoulders of Abby’s leotard, rolled it down slowly and revealed her small breasts with the aggressively hard nipples. She bent and sucked her daughter’s nipples. Abby’s hands were now stroking her mother’s ass and rubbing her crotch against her mother’s.

Abby reached up and pulled down her mother’s leotard, revealing Annette’s beautiful tits. Hers Bayan escort were bigger than her daughter’s, but you could see they were formed from the same mold. Annette’s hand slid down the front of Abby’s leotard and stroked her daughter’s pussy. Abby bent to suck on her mother’s hard nipples.

I continued to photograph their dance.

Abby’s leotard disappeared as her mother knelt before her daughter and began to lick Abby’s pussy lips, lick her clit and push fingers up her wet cunt. Abby moaned and massaged her tits, pulling on her very erect nipples as her mother pleased her.

I set my camera down, pulled off my pants letting my hard cock spring free. As Annette worked her daughter’s pussy and Abby worked her own tits, I came up behind Annette, pulled her leotard down below her hips and pushed my hard cock up against her wet pussy lips. Still licking Abby’s pussy, Annette spread her knees and I pushed my hard cock inside her from behind.

I fucked Annette as she licked her daughter’s pussy. Abby got more and more excited as her mother knowingly probed her inner spaces and my cock explored her mother’s own inner spaces. They came at the same time. They screamed and writhed. Both got off really hard.

Abby took her mother’s face in her hands and licked her own pussy juices off her mother’s face. She looked into her mother’s eyes and said, “Mom, that was so beautiful! I’ve always known you were a very sexual person and wanted to know more about you like that. Now I know. I feel closer to you than I ever have.” And she kissed her mother again.

“Abby, I’ve had the joy of watching you grow into womanhood, seen you develop such a sexy body and persona. I never imagined we would share what we have tonight, but I feel closer to you now than I have since you were inside me.” They kissed again, tongues touching.

“Mom, when you told me about sex, I couldn’t imagine a man’s penis inside me. It seemed icky, until you met Marcus. At 14, I decided having his penis up in me would be okay. Do you care if he fucks me now?”

I was standing there, naked and still hard, Annette’s pussy juice drying on my cock, amazed by all this.

Annette replied, “He’s a really good fuck. You should have the experience.” I didn’t know if Abby would get off as easy as her mom, but I was willing to give it a try. To be honest, I’d fanticized about fucking her when she was 14, but rejected the thought as perverse. I was ready to ram my dick up her cunt now. Abby lay on her back and spread her pussy lips wide. I positioned myself between her legs and pushed my cock up into her pussy.

Annette moved around and mounted her daughter’s mouth so Abby could lick her pussy while I fucked her daughter. Fucking Abby was sublime. Her pussy was so tight, and her little titties swirled as I fucked her. It was amazing.

After a bit, Annette climbed off her daughter, leaned back on her heels and watched as her daughter and I fucked. She was watching Abby closely, rubbing her own clit and inserting a finger now and then.

I had to admit that it was captivating to watch Abby fucking, especially since it was my cock up inside her. Her slim hips came up to meet my every thrust, pulling me into her as deeply as she could. Her skin was pale. She had trimmed her pubic area as all dancers must, and formed it into a neat triangle pointing to the spot where I entered her.

Her hard nipples and tight aureoles were bright pink against that pale skin. Being a dancer, she was well muscled. And all of those muscles were being devoted to getting my dick up inside her as deeply as it could go. Her well formed legs brought her knees up by her ears, while the ankles rested on my shoulders. Her strong arms alternated from teasing my nipples to grabbing my shoulders to grabbing her head as we fucked. Her dark eyes alternately closed tightly, watched our coitus in amazement and looked deeply into mine as my penis explored her depths.

Abby didn’t cum as frequently as her mother did, but she was building for something big. Annette moved around next to us and began to suck on Abby’s nipples. Her ass was right next to me, so Escort I slid two fingers into her wet pussy as I pounded her daughter’s hungry pussy. She pushed back against my hand as she fingered her clit. And still she sucked on Abby’s beautiful breasts.

Suddenly, “Oh my god Mom, I’m cumming so hard!” Abby held her mother’s mouth to her breast and raised her hips up to suck me in. Her pussy throbbed as her hips rocked up and down to meet my pounding thrusts. Abby’s entire body pulsed and I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I shot into her hot pussy in the longest sustained orgasm I can ever remember.

“That’s incredible! I can feel you cumming inside me! Oh fuck!” she screamed. Annette stuck a finger into her daughter as I softened inside her and brought out a wet finger covered with our mingled ejaculate and licked it. Abby and I both moaned.

As the pulses subsided and the perspiration began to cool, I realized I had lost my grip on Annette’s pussy. She just smiled at me and climbed on her daughter, breast to breast and pussy to pussy as my softening dick slipped out.

I watched as the women kissed, softly at first then deeply. Slowly, they began to let their nipples dance together. Annette pushed her pussy up against her daughter’s pubic mound and they began to gently grind.

I stroked them both as an erection returned to me. I was still behind, watching two beautiful women share a great intimacy. My cock grew large. I couldn’t help rubbing it along the parallell inner thighs, then tickling Annette’s ass-crack.

Abby wrapped her arms around her mother, and in a deft move rolled them both over so Abby was now mounting her mother. “Mom, I think Marcus should fuck us both at the same time, first one cunt then another. What do you think?”

“I think I’ll cum first,” Annette replied.

“I’ll cum harder,” as Abby began to French kiss her mother.

The women explored one another as I was presented with two pussies nestled together, both wanting attention. I chose mom first. As I entered Annette’s wet, inviting pussy, I could feel that slight ridge that rubbed the under side of my cock. Once past that, I was in deep. She moaned as I progressed and I could feel Abby pushing hard against her mom, trying to feel me enter. I pumped in and out of Annette as I kneaded Abby’s slim ass cheeks.

It dawned on me as I was pounding her mom’s pussy, that I would welcome the opportunity to ass-fuck the daughter. One would see.

Annette writhed and moaned into a fine orgasm in just a few minutes. I pulled out and, wet with her mother’s juices, I plunged my cock into the upper pussy of the daughter.

I had never been in a position to compare pussies directly by pulling my cock out of one and putting it into another. Comparison was inevitable. Annette’s pussy opened wide and sucked my cock into that tight spot where the ridge was. She dripped. Abby was quite moist, but her opening was tight. Once inside she opened to take all I had.

I have to say, I loved them both.

I tried to bring each woman to the point of a deep, vaginal orgasm, then pulled out abruptly and thrust into the other one. I wanted to keep them both on the edge as long as I could.

After almost a dozen switches, I was pounding Abby and felt my inevitable orgasm mounting. She could feel it too, and shouted, “Cum inside Mom this time! fill her up!”

I pulled out of Abby and jammed my cock up her mother’s pussy and let forth with a hot stream and a throbbing cock. Both women moaned and writhed and made feral noises as they came when I did.

Our breathing slowed and we collapsed in a very damp, musk scented heap.

I ended up on bottom, both women curled up on me. After a time of quiet slumber, we all began to stroke one another. I couldn’t help but smile as I had an exquisite ass in each hand. Mother and daughter leaned across my chest and kissed as they stroked my soft cock and my balls.

Abby looked deep into her mother’s eyes and said, “We have to do this again.”

“Yes, we do. And if Marcus can’t make it, we might have to do it anyway.”

“Oh, yes Mom. But you were right, he’s a great fuck.”

“Of course, we can’t deny ourselves the cock.”

“No, we can’t,” came the reply.

I wasn’t part of the discussion, but it seemed I’d be fucking both of these women a lot, and soon. I was good with that.

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