Mother Comes to Stay Ch. 03


When Darren woke that morning he found himself lying on his side spooning with his mother, her naked bottom pressed sexily against his crotch. It took him a few moments to figure out how that came to be, but then, remembering their midnight fuck, he reached over and cupped her breast, pulling her gently back against his chest and being rewarded with a sleepy ‘hmmm’. The contact of skin on skin and the memory of their earlier very intense session were adding to his morning hard on, making him hornier than usual, and he found himself wanting to do it all again. Squeezing his mother’s breast and tugging gently on her nipple he leaned forward and spoke quietly into her ear.

“Jenny, did you mean it, when you said anytime, anywhere?” He used her given name without thinking.

“Oh, yes darling, I meant it. You can have me whenever you want” There was a tinge of lust along with the sleep in her voice now.

Darren reached down under the duvet, threading his hand between two naked bodies until he found her buttock, stroking and fondling it’s smooth sexy roundness before moving on and sliding his fingers into her crack.

“How about right now?”

Jenny groaned softly and wriggled a little, reaching back in answer to pull open her cheek and give her son’s questing fingers better access.

“What a lovely way to wake up. Your father used to like to fuck me first thing in the morning too.”

Darren’s fingertips had found Jenny’s pussy and began to probe her, sliding two fingers deep into her tunnel, eliciting another groan of pleasure, as he gently pushed in and out. He had never before woken next to his mother, both still naked from their incestuous sex of earlier, but it seemed to him that her pussy was still damp with his cum. That impression was not going to last however, for her natural lubrication was rapidly overtaking that residual wetness and she was obviously ready for him again.

But he was not quite ready to fuck her, he wanted to play and investigate, to fondle his mother’s body and explore her crack. He pulled his fingers from her and slid them forward, pushing between her legs and trying to reach her clit. Then, just as she acknowledged his success with a little gasp, he withdrew, putting his fingers back inside her, wetting them with her juices before running the tips along her cleft until they found the dimple of her anus. There he spread the lubrication around the tight little hole and placed the tip of his forefinger right on the centre of her rosebud, as if seeking permission to enter.

“Oh, yes, do it.”

Permission was granted, but Darren was in a teasing mood and just played at the entrance, pushing forward a fraction to open her sphincter and then pulling back out. He repeated this tease several times before his mother, who was squirming with frustration, gasped out.

“Oh Darren, do it, go into me. I love being arse fucked but I haven’t had it for years, so you can fuck me there as well if you want to.”

Darren pushed his finger past her sphincter, going first knuckle deep into her arse, then wriggling his finger around before pushing deeper into her rectum. She made a little noise of appreciation deep in her throat.

“Oh, God, I love that.”

Darren shuffled forward, using his other hand to guide his cock towards his mother’s crack, finding her pussy with its tip. Then he pushed with his hips and he slid straight into her pussy, feeling his cock pass the finger he had buried in her anus through the thin membranous walls that separated the two passages. Once his cock was lodged firmly inside her pussy Darren left it motionless and began to finger fuck his mother’s arse, pushing in as deep as he could before pulling back so that only the tip remained inside her. There was not a lot of room for his hand to move in, so he had to content himself with flexing the finger itself, but the sensation was fantastic for both of them

“Oh, yes, yes, keep doing that.” Jenny’s voice was in heaven.

For a little while Darren lay still on his side, his only movement that of his finger dipping in and out of his mother’s arse, but soon his finger tired and his own needs began to make themselves known, forcing him to take his hand away and begin fucking her properly. But at least he knew that she had meant it when she said that all holes were available, and he could go there another time.

Spoons is not the position for energetic deep fucking, it comes into its own when the desire is for slow sensual lovemaking with the man reaching around the woman to play with her breasts or her clit. This suited Darren perfectly. He wanted to just enjoy feeling his cock moving in and out of his mother’s cunt and to play with her prominent dark brown nipples, and that suited Jenny too.

Darren had told her that he was okay with committing incest, so long as the attraction was purely that of the forbidden fruit. She could see that admitting to sexual attraction and affection for his mother was more than Darren could cope with, but beylikdüzü ucuz escort she needed to be wanted as a woman, and this affectionate, slow sensual spooning sex gave her that assurance.

Slowly, as Simon became more aroused, his thrusts became stronger and longer, until his cock slipped from her pussy and buried itself between her legs. Cursing he reached down, reinserted it into her and began again to fuck her slowly but firmly. Of course it wasn’t long before his strokes became less controlled and once again his cock came out of her very slippery pussy.

“Come on, darling, let’s do it doggy!” Frustration showed in her voice

Jenny was getting horny now and needed a good fuck, besides which she was fed up with losing it because of comparatively shallow penetration, and she moved onto her hands and knees. Soon Darren was kneeling behind her and his cock was sliding full length into her, now she knew she would be fucked good and hard.

Darren loved the doggy position, not just because it allowed him to really go for it and ram his cock deep into his partner, but because he could look down at his partner’s back and bottom. It was a delight and a massive turn on, he thought, to watch his cock disappearing into her tunnel only to reappear shiny and coated in lovely female juices. Besides that, unless he was actually fucking it he loved to see the woman’s anus pulse and flex with his movements in and out of the pussy below it.

He gripped his mother’s hips and began to piston in and out of her, gazing down at he arse and wondering when he would fuck that hole as well. His thrusts became strong and deep, his body slamming against Jenny’s backside and making loud slapping noises. He wondered vaguely if Debbie might hear, but then decided he didn’t care anyway. Soon he could feel the stirrings of his balls that announced an imminent orgasm and he could hear Jenny’s breathing getting ragged and loud and knew that she was getting near to cumming as well.

They both came together, fiercely and loudly, both calling out as massively intense orgasms ripped through them. Jenny pushed back hard against her son’s pelvis, determined to get every last millimetre of his cock into her and his cum as deep inside as possible. She needn’t have worried, Darren rammed himself into her, gripping her hips like a vice and hauling her back onto him as he shot his load right against her cervix.

When their climaxes were finally over they remained locked together as if simply too spent to move apart. Jenny knelt on her elbows with her head hanging and chest heaving, and Darren slumped behind her, leaning over her back and clutching at her hips to hold himself up. He was completely out of breath, but he gasped out a panting ‘thank you’ to his mother, without really understanding why he needed to do it.

Right then there was a light rap on the bedroom door and Debbie’s cheery voice called out to them.

“If you’ve both done shagging, can I come in? I’ve stood here ages waiting for you to finish.”

Darren felt his face colour up as he realised that his wife had been listening outside of the door all the time he was fucking his mother. He froze unable to cope with that knowledge and too embarrassed to move in case she heard him.

“Yes, come in, Debs.” His mother had no such inhibitions, but then she and Debbie were lesbian lovers as well, so it was a bit different for them.

The door swung open and Debbie walked calmly in with a smile on her face as if nothing was amiss. She, like the two people on the bed, was completely naked, and totally unconcerned.

“Do I take it then?” She asked. “That you two have settled your differences?”

She was referring to the tempestuous jealousy that had arisen between Darren and his mother when he had discovered that she and Debbie were longstanding lovers. Jenny had rather rubbed his face in it and he had reacted somewhat petulantly.

Jenny pulled away from under Darren, letting his flaccid cock fall from her pussy, and rolled over to lounge on the bed. Darren sat on the edge of the bed, subconsciously trying not to let his wife see his cock, still wet from the mix of his and Jenny’s fluids.

“Yes, Debs, that’s all sorted now.” Jenny smiled up at her daughter in law, not bothering to hide her cum soaked pussy.

“I think you found a good way to settle it too by the sound of it.” Debbie looked at her husband. “I heard you both fucking like rabbits in the night, and you had the door shut too, so I had to make do with my fingers. Is it my turn next?”

She was speaking light-heartedly and grinning to take away any sting, but Darren just nodded glumly like a naughty schoolboy. He was still a little taken aback that his wife could accept his cheating on her with his own mother more easily than he could come to terms with the incest it involved.

Debbie walked around the bed to Darren, stooped to take his face in her hands and kissed him on the lips.

“Its beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort okay sweetheart, I didn’t mind you fucking Jenny or sleeping with her, so long as it’s not all the time. I just want us all to live together and be happy.”

She smiled down at him again, and then gave his arm an affectionate pat before walking from the room.

“Come down as soon as you like, breakfast will be ten minutes.” She called over her shoulder.

After breakfast Debbie declared the need to go shopping and she and Darren set off for the local supermarket, leaving Jenny preparing dinner. This was a much more placid domestic scene than either Darren or Debbie had envisaged only a day or so before.

“Okay.” Debbie asked finally as they pulled out of their drive. “How did you get Jenny back to the state of mind where she would let you into her bed? The last I knew you were most likely to rip each others throats out and I’d had to ask you to make an effort to bury the hatchet with her.”

“I didn’t, she did.”

Debbie looked at her husband in astonishment, Jenny was not known for backing down.

“Well, I went to the loo in the night, and when I came out of the bathroom her door was open, and I know it was closed when I went in so I took that as a signal that she wanted to talk.”

He became silent for a few minutes while he negotiated a tricky and very busy road junction.

“Any way, I went into her room and she started crying, so I cuddled her. The next thing I knew we were in bed together and back on fucking terms again.”

“Just like that?” Debbie sounded doubtful.

“Yes, just like that! She was struggling with her conscience about us fucking just as much as I was, and that’s what caused the rift in the first place, but we talked and we’re alright now.”

“Well, I must say it did sound as if you were, I didn’t realise just how noisy either of you were when you cum until I heard you last night. Oh, and just so we’re clear, I really don’t mind you fucking her.”

Debbie was quiet for a minute.

“In fact, I wouldn’t mind watching you next time.”

Now it was Daren’s turn to be surprised, but he reacted quickly enough turn his wife’s wish to his advantage.

“Okay, I’d like that, but what say we try and arrange a threesome, and then we can all watch each other?”

“Yes, why not, I’m sure Jenny will agree.”

Debbie looked around at the traffic; it was still quiet with not many cars about.

“Darren, pull in over there a minute will you?” She pointed to a field entrance a little way back from the road.

“Yeah, sure.” He began easing down through the gears. “What’s the matter?”

“Just pull in.” Darren shrugged at his wife’s reply and swung off the road.

As soon as they came to a halt Darren turned to Debbie, but before he could speak her hand came across and made a beeline for his crotch, pulling down his zip and burrowing into his shorts.

“I’m going to have something from your cock today in private.” She looked about her and grinned at her own use of the word private. “Well, okay, perhaps not in private, but that I don’t have to share with your mother” Her fingers had wrapped themselves around his shaft and steered it into the open.

Darren felt a little concerned at his wife’s words. “Don’t get jealous Debs, you know that what we both do with Jenny won’t come between us.”

“I know sweetheart, but she has managed to have both of us while we’ve not had sex together for days.” Debbie began stroking his rapidly hardening shaft. “Wanna go for the back seat?”

Darren nodded. “Now that has been a while.”

Debbie slithered over into the back while Darren quickly hopped out and went round to the rear door, forgetting for the moment that his cock was waving like a flag. Suddenly noticing his unintentional display he covered himself with one hand and grabbed the door with the other, swinging it open and diving into the back seat red faced and laughing.

“Of course I wasn’t exposing myself, officer.” Debbie parodied Darren’s fictitious excuses. “My zip is broken and I didn’t realise anything was showing.”

“Shut up, Debs. Now you can expose yourself to me.”

Debbie unzipped her own jeans and raised herself from the seat, sliding jeans and panties over her behind together. Turning to face him, she threaded raised her near leg and threaded her foot along the seat behind him, giving a perfect view of her smoothly shaven pussy.

“Is that enough exposure, sir?” She asked laughing.

“Too much, I think we’ll have to cover it up.” Darren wriggled himself into position between her legs and leaned forward, guiding his cock towards her pussy.

The back seat of a car is never the most comfortable place for a shag, and often the best that can be said for it is that the risk of discovery makes it exciting. That was certainly the case for Darren and Debbie. Even as Darren found her entrance beyoğlu escort and thrust himself into her, she was looking around her, making sure that nobody was near, not sure if she would stop even if there was.

“God, it’s a long time since we did this.” She was breathless with excitement.

Darren didn’t reply, unless a grunt can be taken as a reply, he just increased the speed and power of his thrusts.

“Oh Christ, Darren, this is fucking wonderful.”

Their sex was hard, fast and fierce, and lasted only a few minutes, but within those few minutes they somehow reinforced their relationship, each knowing afterwards that the other person only had eyes for them, regardless of who they shared their beds with. It was a much needed confirmation of their bond, with the location reminding them of their early days together when sex at any time or place was more common.

Afterwards the pair lay together, scrunched up on the back seat of their car for a long time, until stiffness, along with the knowledge that their shopping trip was taking longer than it should, made them untangle themselves and restart their journey.

A short time later, as they pushed their loaded trolley across to their car a familiar voice called from behind.

“That wasn’t your car I saw bouncing its springs beside the road into town a while back, was it?”

“Fuck off, Paul. You’re only jealous!” Darren called back to his near neighbour as Debbie’s face flamed red. Paul was a loudmouth who irritated Darren every time they met.

“I prefer a bed, mate, I’m getting past having a quick shag in the car. Mind you, I guess having your mother come to stay has put a damper on things in the house, hasn’t it? Having to get a quick one wherever you can now, I suppose.”

Darren turned to his madly blushing wife. “He has no fucking idea, thank God.”

He turned back to his loudmouthed neighbour. “Go away Paul; get back to your right hand.” With that Darren pushed the trolley firmly towards their car.

At home Jenny wondered what had delayed them, looking at them as if they were naughty children being late home from school.

“Sorry Jenny, we ran into a neighbour and he and Darren got chatting, you know how it is.” Debbie’s story had the benefit of a sort of truth,

“Typical man.” Jenny snorted laughingly and marched off into kitchen.

No sooner had they finished lunch than Jenny reminded them that they had all promised to go and see a couple of her former neighbours and lifelong friends, and she thought that today would be a good time.

The neighbours turned out to be a nice old couple, very friendly and hospitable with a good homemade beer and an aptitude for difficult questions. Was Jenny’s presence cramping their style, the old man asked Darren with a wink at Debbie? Reassured that the answer was no, he then asked Jenny if she ever got a peaceful nights sleep with two horny youngsters in the same house. Jenny froze for a moment, thinking he knew more than he should, before realising that he was simply thinking of noises coming from the younger couple’s bedroom.

“Fergus,” She told him. “I can remember what I was like at their age, so I just wish them luck and close my ears,”

The old man guffawed and refilled the women’s glasses; Darren was driving and stuck to soft drinks. Their glasses would be refilled several times more with potent home brew before the day was over.

“How long do you expect to be with them?” He asked her on a more serious note.

“I don’t know, Gus. As long as everybody is happy for me to be there, I guess. I’m not one for being on my own, but I don’t want to get in the way, either.”

“Just you make sure that you let them live the lives they want to, and don’t outstay your welcome.”

“Don’t worry, Gus.” Debbie broke in. “She knows she’s more than welcome.”

The two women smiled at each other knowingly and Darren just hoped Gus couldn’t read between lines.

The home brewed beer packed more of a punch than they thought and the journey home became one of raucous innuendo and girlish giggling from the two women in the back seat. Darren tried to close his ears and concentrate on driving.

“One thing I regret not doing.” Jenny was saying as Darren’s attention was drawn back to them. “Is that I’ve never had a black woman.”

“Ah, so you have had a black man then?” Debbie pounced on Jenny’s slip.

There was silence for a minute as Jenny realised that she’d fallen into a trap of her own making, then. “Yes, once, many years ago, just to see if they really are, you know…!” Her sentence dissolved into embarrassed giggling.

“And are they?” Darren wanted to know that too, so he kept listening.

“That one wasn’t – but he made up for it in stamina though, God, he kept going and going.” Darren could see his mother smiling in the mirror at the memory. “I can’t remember how many times we both came, but, boy was I sore the next day.”

“Darren’s father could be a randy sod at times too, though he had one or two unusual likes and dislikes, it must be said.”

“Such as?” Prompted Debbie, casting a quick glance at Darren to see if he was listening. Darren kept his eyes on the road and his ears on the back seat.

“Well, he’s what they call a submissive when it comes to sex; you know what I mean don’t you?” Debbie nodded.

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